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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The double wedding happened. After the ceremonies, Jemma, who was feeling the pressure of her past with Frederick, fainted
- Lukas left Twin Peaks and in the midst, Craig and Donovan hooked up
- Paige and Meggan saw a dark figure lurking around the estate

Scene One - Riverbench Winery; The Richardson Estate; Santa Barbara

A loud crackle of thunder booms throughout the living room of the mansion as the storm continues to rage outside, as Jemma lays on the sofa, with Daisy, Vinny, Trenyce, Frederick and Chris all hovering over her. Right after the double wedding ended, Jemma collapsed and has been resting on the sofa ever since. Frederick has ensured everyone that she is fine, she simply fainted, but the longer Jemma stays unconscious, the more worried Daisy becomes. She can't get it out of her mind that Jemma revealed that she had been in the mansion before; instead of pressing her Aunt for more information, she went ahead with her wedding and now her Aunt is in a medical crisis. Now, she is also left wondering if she can trust Frederick at all.

"Can I get you anything at all?" Vinny asks his new wife as he rubs her back. He can tell that she is on pins and needles waiting for Jemma to wake up, and this isn't exactly how envisioned spending the first few moments of being married.

Lightening streaks across the sky causing the large window to be illuminated as Daisy walks over to the bar and pours herself a brandy. "I never thought that my first moments of being your wife would be spent worrying about Jemma like this. This is all my fault," she says to everyone as she takes a sip of her brandy.

"You can't blame yourself," Trenyce tells her Aunt. "You had no idea that Jemma was feeling ill."

"But I did," Daisy replies to her. "Yesterday, she wasn't feeling well and when I went to check on her, she was having another nightmare."

Frederick turns and arches his eyebrow, knowing that Jemma had been suffering from nightmares about their past together. He's interested to know what Jemma could have told Daisy about her latest dream. He had hoped that Jemma would be able to keep it together but this just proves that it's not the case.

"When she woke up," Daisy continues to tell everyone, as she recalls the previous day. "She admitted to me that she had been here before. Can you believe that? She's been here. When was she here? Frederick, surely you know the answer to that. When was my Aunt at your house before?"

All eyes turn to face Frederick, who blushes in embarrassment. He knows very well what happened all those years ago but he doesn't want to reveal anything; in fact, he knows that everything will change if he does reveal anything about his past connection to Jemma. Before he can say anything, Jemma stirs on the sofa, which makes him feel relieved.

"She's waking up," he says to everyone, dodging Daisy's questioning. Daisy pushes past Frederick and sits next to Jemma.

"Jemma, are you okay? Can you hear me?"

Jemma slowly opens her eyes and nods back to her. "Imma fine," she tells Daisy, slowly coming out of it. "A lil parched, some water would be nice."

Trenyce quickly passes Daisy a glass of water and Jemma drinks it, as thunder booms in the back ground. "What happened, Jemma? Can you tell us why you fainted?"

Jemma looks around and sees Frederick, the fear from her nightmares quickly comes back to her. She drops the water glass and it shatters. "I can't stop this from happenin'," she whispers to Frederick, unable to contain her fear anymore. "I can't keep this secret anymore. What you did to me…"

"Jemma, enough!" Frederick yells back at her as thunder booms.

"No," she whispers back to him as a tear falls from her eye as lightning illuminates the sky. "That night, all those years ago," she continue to say as a loud boom of thunder can be heard. "You…you violated me in the worst possible way," she continues as more tears fall down her cheeks. "You …. You raped me!"


"Sure was a surprising way to end the wedding, huh?" Meggan smiles to Jeff, Robbie and Victoria as they stand in the ballroom, each holding a glass of champagne, with the exception of Meggan, who has sparkling water. She never imagined that her wedding would be interrupted by a woman fainting; she just hopes that Jemma is alright. And, she still wants to celebrate the fact that she is married.

A lightening bolt flashes across the sky outside causing the windows to light up before Victoria takes a sip of her champagne. "I'm glad that there are doctor's here in case anything is seriously wrong with Jemma," she tells everyone.

"Well, the fact is, you two got married today," Robbie tells Jeff and Meggan. "I know we haven't always seen eye to eye Jeff, but I really thought we came together at the trial earlier this year and we buried the hatchet. Because of that, Victoria and I are here at your wedding and I couldn't be happier for the two of you. I mean that, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you two have a life time of happiness together."

Jeff feels his cheeks flush knowing that he and Robbie have come together after a year of turmoil after Leah's death. The fact that they are standing together right after his wedding to Meggan shows just how far they have come. "I really appreciate that, Robbie," Jeff replies to him as he reaches out his hand for Robbie to shake it.

Robbie rejects the hand to moves in and hug Jeff. "I think we can hug it out now, don't you?"

Jeff chuckles as he pats Robbie's back. "I think so."

"It's really nice to see you guys coming together," Meggan tells them as they exit their embrace, knowing how much hurt and anger was passed back and forth between the two men.

"I couldn't agree more," Victoria replies to them. "Look, it's still your wedding night, you two should celebrate. Come on Robbie, let's go explore more of this beautiful estate. You two go and enjoy your wedding night!"

"Don't get lost," Meggan chuckles as another loud boom of thunder can be heard before she turns to her attention to Jeff. "What do you say Mr. Claus? Should we celebrate the fact that we are husband and wife?"

"I have a few ideas on how I'd like to celebrate," he whispers back to her before he leans in and kisses her passionately.


Outside the ballroom, Robbie and Victoria walk hand in hand through the grand hallway as another loud clap of thunder booms throughout the house.

"What are you thinking?" he asks her as he takes a sip of his champagne.

"I'm just realizing how amazing our wedding could be," she smiles back to him. "I mean, this double wedding was great, up until the shortened end and this rain storm. But being here, this house is amazing."

"I agree it is," he replies to her. "And, I'm really glad that you're thinking about our wedding because I've been thinking about it too."

"Have you now?" she arches her eyebrow with a sly grin on her face. "And, what have you decided?"

"That I want to marry you as soon as possible," he admits to her. "I don't want to wait anymore. I want to marry you!"

"I'm glad you feel that way," she says back to him. "Because I feel the exact same way. I want to be your wife more than I can express."

Before he can reply, Andrew appears from around a corner. He clears his throat so the couple notice that he's standing there. Robbie looks at the young man and immediately recognizes him.

"Andrew?" he asks him surprise by how much the young man has grown up. "It's really good to see you. I had heard that you were at the estate."

"Yup," Andrew agrees with him. "I've been working here during the summer. I wanted to remind you that the west wing is off limits," he tells them, noting that the staircase to the west wing is right in front of them. Robbie and Victoria hadn't realized how far they had walked while they were talking. But, both recall that the west wing was undergoing a renovation.

"Oh right, of course," Victoria says back to him. "The renovation. How is it going, by the way?"

"I can tell you about it, if you'd like," Andrew informs them. "Let's go this way," he says pointing them into another hallway that they had never been in before as another loud boom of thunder echoes throughout the house.

As soon as they are out of sight, Paige emerges from behind a large pillar. She gulps a little, knowing that she shouldn't be going up into the west wing, but she is determined to figure who and what this shadowy figure is that she keeps seeing around the house. She can't help but wonder what it is and her curiosity has got the best of her. She takes a deep breath and then moves up the stair case, trying to stay strong. She turns the corner as the stairs spiral at the mid-way point and she keeps walking up, her heart racing.

When she reaches the second floor, she can see a long hallway that is quite dark. Lightning flashes in the raging storm causing part of the hallway to illuminate. Paige can see a window open at the end of the hallway as the curtains are blowing in the wind. She feels her heart racing, partly due to nerves and partly due to wonder, wondering what is at the end of the hallway. She slowly walks through the hallway, every few minutes the lightening gives her more light. She finally reaches the end, where the open window is and she manages to close the window, getting a little wet in the process. Once that is done, she turns and sees a room because a door is slightly ajar.

Seeing no evidence of a renovation happening, Paige opens the door and moves into the room as thunder booms. There's a large bed and a makeup counter in the corner. The lightning flashes again, and Paige turns her head, seeing the blacken figure standing in the corner. She tries to run, but the door slams closed. Paige turns around and sees the figure approach her. Thunder booms loudly and then a flash of lightening strikes that allows Paige to see the face of the dark figure and then Paige lets out a blood curling scream.


Donovan grabs a glass of champagne as he stands in the ballroom, still hoping there is some kind of reception to the wedding's. He knows that Jemma's fainting kind of put a damper on any sort of reception afterwards but he does want to have a good time. He looks over and sees Craig nibbling on some food. He hasn't really had time to discuss with Craig the fact that Lukas is here in Santa Barbara; he would love to know how Craig feels about having their mutual ex show up when they were here on a vacation. A part of him also wonders how Lukas will feel when he finds out that he and Craig have become lovers.

"I sure hope there is still a party later on," Craig tells Donovan as he comes up to his lover with a fresh glass of champagne.

"Yea, same," Donovan agrees with him. "It's nice that we have this moment alone though."

"Is it?" Craig asks with a wink back to Donovan. "Do you want to go upstairs again?"

Donovan can't help but smile back to him, knowing that the sex they've had is amazingly good. "Actually, I was hoping to talk to you about something."

"Let me guess, Lukas?" Craig asks him as Donovan takes a sip of his champagne, reading his lover's mind. Craig can't deny that it has been on his mind as well.

Before Donovan can say anything else, Lukas walks into the ballroom and looks at both men whom he has feelings for. He hasn't seen them in months because he came to Santa Barbara to get away from the heartache of trying to decide which man he wanted to be with. Seeing them together now, has brought up a lot of the pain he was feeling back in Twin Peaks. He almost wished that they hadn't seen him because he would turn around and leave unseen.

"Lukas, hi," Donovan says, unable to stop his heart from fluttering at the sight of his ex. "We were just talking about you and how it's a nice surprise to see that you're in Santa Barbara."

"Is it?" Lukas asks them, not sure how to approach the men. He is still surprised to even seen them here. "I was terrified yesterday when I saw you two."

"Terrified is a pretty powerful word," Craig says back to him. "Why would you be scared to see us?"

Lukas sighs. "Because while I've been gone for awhile, nothing has really changed. My father doesn't know that I'm gay and this is his house. I would hate to see what he would do if he found out."

Craig shakes his head in disgust. "So, first you run away from making a decision of whom you'd like to have a future with and then you run to a place where you can't be yourself? Basically, what you're saying is that you're in no better of a position then you were before. Here we thought you were getting away to sort all of this out."

Donovan looks at Lukas and feels his heartbreak for his ex. He hates seeing Lukas so torn about who he really is. "That's not fair," Donovan tells Craig, who looks back in surprise, as more thunder booms outside.

"It's fine Donovan," Lukas tells him, not wanting a fight. He doesn't expect either man to understand. "I just came to get a glass of champagne. I'll see you around, hopefully before you leave."

"Yea, maybe," Craig spits at him, not pleased that Lukas hasn't made more of an effort to change his life since he's been gone. Donovan, meanwhile, watches Lukas leave and can't help but want to go to him to tell him that's it okay. He refrains, however, and just watches Lukas leave the ballroom with his champagne as lightning glows through he window.


Meggan giggles as Jeff kisses her neck and his hands find the zipper on the back of her dress, as they lay on the large king size bed in their room. She looks at him and kisses him passionately for a moment before she pulls away, hearing thunder echo outside.

"I don't want to rush our wedding night," she tells him as a loud clap of thunder can be heard. "I want it to last forever."

"We can make this go for awhile," he winks back to her. "How about more champagne and sparkling water?"

"I have a full bottle of sparkling water on the dresser," she tells him he stands up and moves over to the dresser to get her another glass. "I'll go downstairs quickly and grab you some more champagne."

"You don't have too," he insists.

"Yes, I do," she teases him, as lightning flashes in the sky. "Zip me back up, and I'll be right back."

He zips her dress back up and then kisses her passionately. "Don't be long Mrs. Claus," he grins as their lips part. "I hate being alone in a storm."

Meggan opens the door and walks into the hallway. She moves toward the stairs but sees something coming down the adjacent staircase. She does a double look and it's the same dark figure that she saw before in the west wing turret window and the other day when they arrived in the ballroom. The previous times, the figure disappeared after she saw it once, but this time, she can see the person dressed in long black lace rushing towards the front door. She freezes wondering what's going on. Who or what is this figure? And what are they running from? And why are they dressed in a long black dress?

The front door opens and the figure rushes out into the rain. Meggan rushes down the flight of stairs and looks at the open door. "Wait," she calls out. "Where are you going? It is raining out there!"

Lightning strikes the sky causing the doorway to illuminate and Meggan finds herself rushing outside after the blackened figure.


"You did what?" a shocked Vinny asks Frederick as Jemma's confession has left everyone in the room stunned.

Frederick shakes his head in confusion. "No, Jemma, that is a very strong word. How dare you suggest that I forced myself on you! I … I seduced you!" he proclaims to everyone.

"Jemma, are you sure you're okay? Maybe we should take you to lay down for the evening," Daisy tells her Aunt, her concern ever growing for what Jemma is now talking about. She has never heard that Jemma and Frederick had been sexually active yet alone her saying he forced himself on her.

"I'm fine!" Jemma says as she sits up. "This lie has been goin' on long 'nough! I'll tell you everything that happened."

"Jemma, what are you doing?" Frederick asks her quickly.

"What I should have done a long time ago," she replies to him.

"This is a mistake!" he warns her.

"Would someone explain what is going on, please?" Trenyce asks confused by everything that is happening.

"I will baby girl," Jemma says as she stands up and walks over to grab herself another glass of water. She takes a drink of the water before she turns around. "You see, a long time ago, I used to work here. I was Miss Meggan and Mister Lukas' nanny; I practically raised those sweet children. My husband, he was the winemaker, though we ain' allowed to say that because in those days, havin' a black winemaker would have bankrupted the winery."

"Jemma, please," Frederick interrupts her.

"Let her speak," Vinny interjects to him.

"Yea, save it Frederick!" Chris yells at him, furious by what has come out. He knew it was wrong to trust the doctor and this just proves it even more.

"One night, all hell brook loose, and it happenen' on a night just like this, in a big storm" Jemma continues to tell them as lightning flashes across the sky again. "You see, Frederick caught his wife and my husband in bed together. Yup, my husband was havin' sex with Frederick's wife. It was a shock, for sure because I treated that man real well. Frederick, though, he was real devastated that his precious wife did that to him. You see, I had just put the children to bed and Frederick came to see me," she says, her voice starting to tremble a bit. "He kept coming closer to me and closer to me," she gasps as she covers her mouth and a tear falls down her cheek. "I kept pleadin' with him, beggin' him to stop, I kept sayin' no, but he raped me. Probably as some sick revenge on his wife," she reveals as a tear falls down her cheek.

"I swear you wanted it too!" Frederick protests to everyone.

"Shut up Frederick," Daisy yells back to him as she runs up to Jemma and hugs her.

"It doesn' end there," Jemma whispers as another loud boom of thunder can be heard outside. "I got pregnant afterwards."

"What?" Daisy asks shocked. "You had Frederick's child? You never said you had a child!"

"Twin girls," Jemma replies to her looking Daisy deep into her eyes as Daisy finally lets a tear escape her eye. Daisy shakes her head not able to understand what Jemma is saying to her. "You and Danielle…you're my babies from this horrific ordeal. Your my baby girl Miss Daisy," Jemma cries to her, as another crackle of thunder can be heard throughout the house.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy struggles with the truth
- Lukas is stunned to learn he has more family
- Eva worries about her plan

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