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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Following the double wedding, Jemma fainted as she was remembering things from her past. When she came too, she told Frederick she couldn't lie anymore and she revealed that Frederick raped her and she gave birth to twin girls: Daisy and Danielle! Frederick refused to accept that he raped Jemma
- Paige went into the west wing and saw the dark figure that has been lurking around the estate. When the figure got closer to Paige, she screamed. Later, Meggan saw the figure rushing out of the house into the rain storm
- Craig was floored when Lukas revealed that he hadn't come out to Frederick yet. Donovan felt bad for his ex
- Eva tried to get Felicia to forgive Frederick for brainwashing her but Felicia refused

Scene One - Riverbench Winery; The Richardson Estate; Santa Barbara

Meggan rushes to the open front door as lightning flashes across the sky, brightening the dark sky as the storm continues outside the mansion. She recalls how she was leaving her bedroom to grab Jeff more champagne so they could celebrate their wedding night when she saw the dark, black figure rush down the stairs from the west wing and into the storm. She had thought she had seen the figure before, but it had always disappeared before she could verify it was real or a figment of her imagination. Now, the fact that she saw the figure, which appears to be in black lace head to toe, rush outside, she knows that its real. The only problem now is, what and who is this person? Why are they covered in black? And why are they running out of the west wing, which is supposed to be undergoing a renovation and into a huge storm, no less.

Meggan looks outside and can barely see anything because the rain is coming down so heavily. She finds herself stepping outside and looking for the figure. She sees something move, appearing to be heading into the garden and Meggan steps outside even further.

"Wait!" she calls out to the person, her curiosity getting the best of her. "Where are you going? Who are you?"

The figure doesn't stop from rushing to the garden so Meggan leaves the front of the house and runs into the rain after the dark figure as another loud boom of thunder can be heard in the sky.


"Did you hear what I just said?" Jemma asks Daisy as they stand in the living room of the estate and Jemma just revealed that after Frederick raped her, she became pregnant with twin girls; Danielle and Daisy. Jemma has no idea how Daisy is going to react to this news, but at this point, she doesn't really care; the fact that she finally has told the truth is a relief to her. She has been keeping this bottled up for so long, it was slowly eating away at her. She feels at ease that the truth is finally out. She just hopes that now, Daisy can accept the truth and find it in her heart to forgive her.

"I…I don't understand any of this," Daisy manages to say as Vinny comes up behind his wife and puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Do you want to leave?" he asks her. "We don't have to stay to listen to anymore of this. We can go and be alone, if you want."

Daisy shakes her head and looks back at him. "Oh Vinny," she whispers back to him, as a tear falls down her cheek. "How did any of this happen?"

"This is complete nonsense!" Frederick yells at everyone, upset that everyone now believes that he raped Jemma, which is not how he views what happened that night. He maintains that he seduced Jemma. "Jemma, you need to stop right now! You were seduced!"

"I will do no such thing! I've stayed silent far too long," she yells back at him. "It's time everyone knows the truth."

"But Danielle and I," Daisy interjects, looking back at Jemma. "We had parents. We weren't raised by you."

Just as Jemma is about to reply, Lukas walks into the room, as more thunder booms. "Yes, you did. My sister and her husband took you and Danielle in," Jemma reveals to everyone. "You see, my husband, he didn't want to have my bastard children living with him. And I…" she starts to say as her voice cracks a little. "It took me a long time to get over what Frederick did to me. I couldn' even look at you and Danielle at first."

"What I did to you?" Frederick asks livid at her. "You were seduced for crying out loud! This is insane!"

"Shut up Frederick," Chris yells at him, as more thunder booms in the back ground, tired of the doctor's excuses. "Let Jemma finish."

"Wait," Lukas says outloud, causing Frederick to turn his head to his son, confused by what he walked in on. "Are you trying to tell me that Meggan and I have another sister? Daisy is our sister?"


Felicia steps outside of the living room and takes a deep breath as she didn't know how much more of the story she could handle; she can't believe that Frederick raped Jemma that resulted in the pregnancy of Daisy and Danielle. Or, she stops and thinks to herself, maybe she can; after all, this is the same man who brainwashed her for months into believing that she didn't love Dominick anymore. After she learned that about the doctor, she thought anything would be possible with him. Still, the idea of Frederick forcing himself on another pill is a hard pill to swallow.

"Seems really intense in there, huh?" Dominick asks her as another loud crackle of thunder echoes throughout the house, as he joins her. "Do you want a drink?"

"I'd love one," she replies to him quickly and he moves over and pours two brandy's. "I can't believe everything that is being said in there."

"I couldn't agree more," Dominick tells her as he passes her a brandy, as they have entered another library in the house. "Frederick Richardson is a sick man."

"I can't believe I trusted him for so long," Felicia admits to him as Eva walks into the library where they are standing. "Oh Eva, you had enough too?"

"I had to leave," Eva tells them as lightening illuminates the windows and she moves to the bar to pour herself a brandy. "I feel awful for Jemma and everything that she has been through."

"Another one of Frederick's victim's," Felicia tells her as Eva takes a sip of her brandy. "I just wonder what else that man is hiding. After all the lies he's told, there couldn't possibly be more, could there?"

Eva shrugs her shoulders and takes another sip of her drink. In her mind, she's not thinking about what other secrets Frederick may or may not have; she's thinking about how she will ever get Felicia to forgive Frederick now. And, if she can't get her to forgive him, what will happen to her marriage when Frederick reveals the truth that Eva knew about the brainwashing before the wedding?


"You seem a little antsy," Victoria notes to Robbie as they sit in another formal living room of the grand mansion, drinking some red wine. Victoria wasn't ready to go to sleep just yet because she has a hard time sleeping in storms, and with the crazy rain storm going on outside, she wouldn't be able to sleep yet.

Before Robbie can reply, a loud booming thunder bolt crashes outside. He waits before looks over at her. "Gosh, it doesn't seem to be giving out, does it?" he asks her as she shakes her head and takes a sip of her wine. "And, yea, I guess I am a little apprehensive."

"Why? What's troubling you? You're not scared of a little rain storm, are ya?" she smirks over at her fiancé.

He chuckles back to her. "I'm worried about Paige," he reveals to her.

"Paige? Why on earth are you worried about her? She seems to be okay? She held up much better at the wedding than I thought she would have," she tells him, recalling how Paige stood up for Meggan despite earlier telling Jeff that she didn't want him to marry Meggan. Everyone knows that this is because Paige is still grieving Leah and she doesn't want anyone to forget her mother.

"I know and I think she did a great job today," Robbie replies to her. "But, I haven't seen or heard from her since the ceremony. I knocked on her bedroom door earlier and she wasn't inside. It's not like her to just disappear like this."

Victoria shrugs her shoulders. "I think disappear is a very strong word," she tells him. "I mean, what have we be doing the last few hours? Exploring this house, its' huge. I'm sure she's doing the same thing. I wouldn't worry about her."

"I hope you're right," he says before he takes a sip of his wine. "I just have a bad feeling in my stomach about this."

Before she can reply, Jeff opens the door to the room and looks around in confusion. "Jeff, is everything okay?" Victoria asks him, putting her glass down and standing up to look at the newly wed.

Jeff shakes his head no, as more thunder echoes outside. "Meggan left our room to grab more champagne," he says to both of them. "And, she hasn't come back. I don't know where my wife is."


"I knew that Lukas was here," Andy tells Donovan and Craig as they nibble on more snacks in the ballroom and the two men drink some champagne while Andy nurses some water. "I texted him a few weeks ago and he told me he was here in Santa Barbara."

"And you didn't think you'd let us know?" Craig asks him, still reeling from seeing Lukas earlier in the evening, as lightning flashes again. He's not upset that he saw Lukas, it's more that Lukas is still in the same place as he was before he left Twin Peaks; not ready to come out of the close to Frederick and obviously hasn't made up his mind about which man he would like to be with, which is fine with Craig because he knows he and Donovan have moved on together.

Andy shrugs his shoulders. "What difference would it have made? Would it have changed your mind about coming to the wedding?"

"Of course not," Donovan answers the question for him and Craig. "We were just taken aback."

"Why?" Andy asks them, not understanding their negative attitude towards Lukas. "Is it because you feel bad for being together? Or is that you wanted to avoid any awkwardness with Lukas?"

Craig quickly swallows more of his champagne. "Why do I feel like I'm getting the third degree?"

"You're not," Andy replies to them. "I just think you guys shouldn't feel so weird about being around Lukas. After all, this is house. He grew up here, and you're guests in his house. So, instead of berating him for what's going on with him, maybe show him some respect."

Craig sighs as he watches Andy walk away from the ballroom. He looks at Donovan, who takes a sip of his champagne. "He doesn't seem happy with us," Craig tells his lover.

Donovan nods back to him. "I can't say I blame him," Donovan admits to Craig. "I did think you were a bit hard on Lukas earlier."

"Not you too?" Craig asks dumbfounded by Donovan's suggestion. "Well fine," Craig says. "Enjoy the rest of your night alone," he says as more thunder booms outside and walks away from Donovan, frustrated that he is being made out to be the bad guy in everything.


Lightening strikes the sky, as Vinny finishes filling Lukas in on everything that has happened in the living room. He walks over and pours himself a drink, shocked that he has a sister and a dead sister in Danielle. He never even got the chance to meet her, and now he has another grown sister that he doesn't know at all. And, on top of it all, Frederick is a rapist? He has no idea how to process any of this information.

"I can't believe this," he says as he takes a drink of scotch and thunder booms outside.

"I wish this wouldn't have happened," Frederick says to everyone, floored that the truth has finally come out.

Daisy lets another tear fall from her eye as she walks up to her father. "Why? Because you were finally caught for being a rapist?"

"I didn't rape her!" Frederick protests.

Daisy's hand finds Frederick's cheek as she slaps him hard. "Shut up! Just shut up! No one wants to hear from you. Not now, not ever!"

"Miss Daisy, come on child," Jemma tries to calm her down, but Daisy pushes her away, as more thunder booms outside.

"And you," Daisy yells at her mother as thunder booms in the sky. "How could you lie to everyone for so long? Why would you keep this a secret?"

"A black woman being raped by her rich, white boss? You know very well that wouldn' have gone over very well in dem days," Jemma explains to her. "And," she continues to say. "Frederick was giving me some money to keep quiet. But being back here, I just…I couldn' do it anymore."

"He paid your silence?" Daisy asks shocked. "I can't deal with this! I just can't," Daisy says as she rushes out of the room.

"Daisy wait," Vinny rushes off after his wife, leaving everyone in the room, as more lightning flashes.

Jemma looks over at Trenyce, who looks back at her shaking her head. "Not now, Jemma, not now."


Meggan rushes into the garden, her wedding dress soaked from the pouring rain. Lightening flashes and she sees the black figure sitting on a bench in the rain. Meggan rushes over to her, wondering why they are standing in the rain.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my home?" Meggan yells in the rain as thunder booms, determined to get more answers from this mysterious person.

The figure stands up and prepares to rush away from Meggan, but Meggan grabs the person's arm and turns her back around causing the vale to lift over the figure's head.

"You're not going anywhere, not until I get some answers!", Meggan yells at the person, trying to get a better look at the person's face. Just then, lightening strikes and illuminates they sky and the person's face.

Meggan stumbles back in shock seeing the face clearly. "No," she whispers in shock and horror, as the rain falls down on her hard. "It can't be… Leah? You're…alive?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce tells Jemma that Daisy needs time
- Andy catches up with Andrew
- Paige has a story for Robbie

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