Episode 439 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: November 10, 2017


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Frederick turned friends and family against him as all of his schemes came to light and they all seemingly had a grudge against him

7:00 pm

"I can't believe this," Frederick whispers to himself, as he finishes collecting all of his paperwork and placing it in his briefcase. He can't believe the day he has had; everyone in his life seemingly visited him today and berated him for all of his schemes and lies. He never meant for anyone to feel so strongly about him like this before, but everyone seems to really hate him.

"Everything I've done, I've done for the love of my family," he continues to tell himself. "That being said, I guess I could have done so things differently."

He moves over to the bar and pours himself a scotch, finishing what's left in the decanter. He suddenly feels a little light headed, realizing that he drank the entire decanter in a day and that he hasn't eaten anything all day.

"Well, maybe when I'm done this, I'll stop at the Pampa Grill and then head home," he tells himself.

He thinks back to the start of his day and how Lukas showed up at his office, upset with Frederick for how he has treated him since he revealed that he is gay. He wishes that Lukas would realize that he is trying to protect him, but the fact that everyone seemingly already knew about Lukas being gay makes Frederick wonder if maybe he is overreacting.

"The last thing I want to do," he says to himself. "Is to lose my son. I know it's not my first choice for my son's future, but if he's been living this way for so long, maybe he is being a little bit harsh with him. Maybe I should try to find it in my heart to accept him. I don't want to lose my children."

He takes a long sip of his scotch as his mind now moves to Lukas' friends, Donovan, Andy and Craig and how they all came and wanted him to change is tune with his son. He can't believe how they all defend him, to the point where they threatened him. It just shows that his son must be doing something right in his life if he has all of these guys defending him.

His mind then moves to Meggan, and how she is also upset with him for not only his treatment of Lukas, but the fact that he kept Leah away from Twin Peaks for two years but also sending Trenyce and Chris on a wild goose chase while they were trying to their biological child.

"I don't know how I'm going to get back into good graces," he says to himself. "But I'm determined to make Meggan forgive me. I can't lose my children, not over this foolishness. The same goes for Daisy," he continues to whisper to himself. "Somehow, someway, I have to make them realize that what I did was what I believed to be right."

"First thing tomorrow morning," he tells himself. "I'll reach out to all my children. I will make things right with them."

"And, they aren't the only ones that I have to make things right with," he continues to talk to himself as he mind moves towards Felicia. He recalls how Felicia, and all of her loved ones, visited him today and blasted him for brainwashing her into believing she doesn't love Dominick anymore and for keeping Leah from Twin Peaks for so long. He still feels justified in both of those actions because he only wanted himself to have a chance at a future with Felicia and he had hoped Leah's memory would have returned before he revealed her to her family.

"I have to make Felicia understand why I did what I did," he tells himself before he takes a sip of his scotch. "She has to realize that I did what I did because I love her. She's the reason I wake up every day, the reason for my being. I can't lose her, not after I helped save her daughter."

He wonders how he can make Felicia understand without alienating Dominick, Eva, Tyler, Leah, Robbie, Victoria and Paige any more than he already has. He knows that all of them arrived at his office today and warned him about hurting the family more than he already has.

"There must be a way to make her realize what I did," he whispers to himself. "Maybe I could take her to Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort for a weekend," he thinks to himself. "A nice weekend alone with Felicia is the perfect way for her to realize everything I did was out of my love for her."

He stands up and takes another sip of his drink, his mind again, changing from Felicia over to Chris, Trenyce and Andrew. He can't believe that he had to confess to Andrew the real way that Savannah was killed because the young man had overheard him talk to Chris about it. He had hoped that Andrew would never have to had learned the truth, but now that he does, he realizes that he can use this to his advantage.

"If I can spin this to Chris and Trenyce properly," he whispers to himself. "I can maybe get them off my back. Now that Andrew knows the truth, maybe he could cut them some slack. I would hate for that to happen but at least it would appease them."

"Then," he continues to tell himself as he drinks more of his scotch. "I can focus on Andrew. I know he's upset that I lied to him about the way in which Savannah died, but after he realizes how cruel Chris and Trenyce's plan was, he will come around. He's like my other son," he continues to say to himself. "I must make him realize why I did what I did."

He stands up and moves to the window of his office. As he peers outside, he realizes that it's still calm outside, just like the way it was first thing in the morning when he looked outside. "Despite everything I've done," he whispers. "I can make things right. I can make everyone realize that I'm not this monster that everyone thinks I am."

He turns around when he thinks he hears some footsteps on the stairs coming up to his office. His office door is close and he doesn't see the door open. "Hello?" he calls out. "Is someone there?"

He shakes his head realizing that no one is there, he is just hearing things. After all the visitors he head that day, he just assumed that someone else would be there.

But then it happens again. He hears one of the steps outside creek, like someone is slowly coming up the stairs. "Who's out there?" he asks as he sets his glass down. He walks over to his desk and picks up the telephone. As he does, he looks at the door and he can see the handle slowly turn. The door slowly opens and all Frederick can see is the barrel of a gun.

"What are you doing?" he asks as he drops the telephone on to his desk. "Please wait, don't shoot…"

But it's too late, three shots from the gun are fired! The bullets hit Frederick in the chest; he reaches out with his hand to the person standing in the doorway, but he soon finds himself slumping over his desk and then hitting the ground as the blood from his chest pools around him.

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