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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Frederick was shot in his office by an unknown assailant. Cassie found him and rushed him to the hospital
- Dawn ran away from home after she saw Chris and Helen about to make love again. Adam was livid with Helen. Max, meanwhile, saw Dawn living on the streets
- Max continued to flirt with Robin at Robertson Enterprises. Cory tried to get Robin to move back in with him but she revealed that she wanted a divorce
- After Robertson Enterprises launched their facial cream before Roboto, Bob had an internal audit of his company to see if there was a spy. Kim, meanwhile, worried that the truth about her giving Tyler the formula would be revealed

Scene One - Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

Max opens the door to the studio and slowly walks in, hoping that Cory and Robin have finished their conversation. He recalls earlier when Robin was giving him feedback on his first photo shoot at Robertson Enterprises when Cory arrived and wanted to speak to Robin; Max agreed to leave them in peace, even though he wishes he could have stayed and assisted Robin with back up if she needed it. He hopes that everything went okay with the couple, but he will be there for Robin if she needs him; and, he secretly hopes that she does.

"Is it safe to enter?" he asks her as he sees Robin standing looking over some prints.

Robin looks over and Max and nods to him. "Yea, the coast is clear. Cory has left."

"Are you okay?" he asks her as he comes up to her and she nods. "I don't know what's all going on, but I've heard that you and your husband aren't in the best of places right now."

"We aren't," she admits to him. "And, I just told him that I wanted a divorce."

Max's eyes open wider in surprise, but also he can't help but feel somewhat glad that this is happening. It means that she is a free agent again. "Wow," he replies to her. "How are you holding up?"

Robin turns around and bites her lip fighting tears in her eyes. She knows that she has to end her relationship with Cory but that doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt none the less. They have been through so much together, but she can't get over the fact that he slept with Rebecca. If it was any other woman, she could have possibly forgave him but the fact that it is her sister, she can't let that go.

He comes up behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. "Robin, it's okay if you're upset. It's the end of your marriage, it's only natural that you're upset."

She turns around and smiles at him as a tear falls down her cheek. "Thanks, Max."

He wipes the tear from her face. "I'm always here for you if you need anything," he whispers to her. "A beautiful woman like you shouldn't be sad."

She smiles back to him as he caresses her face. Before he knows what he's doing, he leans in and is about to kiss her when she pulls back. "Max," she says as she turns away from him. "We can't do this. You're a sweet kid, but we are co-workers and friends, okay?"

Max feels his face blush with embarrassment. "Yea, I know. I'm sorry if I crossed the line. I guess I just got caught up in the moment."

"It's okay," she tells him. "Shall we get back to work?"

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"Has there been any word at all on Dawn?" Adam asks Helen as they sit across from each other at the restaurant. Adam asked his ex-wife over so he could get an update on Dawn's whereabouts. He knows that his daughter has runaway, again, this time because she was upset that Helen was moving on with Chris. He just hopes that this daughter is found sooner rather than later.

Helen shakes her head nervously back to him. "No, and I don't know what to do. I know we should call the police, but I'm scared because of the court order that told her to come home."

"I know," Adam sighs back to her. "There has to be something we can do."

"I called the Calimo mansion and I spoke to Rosario," Helen reveals to Adam. "She confirmed that Dawn did not go back to the guest house."

"Damn," Adam whispers before he runs his hand over his face. "If she had gone there, at least she'd be safe."

Helen nods to him in agreement. "I'm worried Adam. I don't know what else to do."

"You're worried?" he manages to say back to her with half a chuckle.

"You say that I shouldn't be?" Helen asks him back.

"It's just…" he starts to tell her. "This is your fault, Helen. You have Chris Michaels in your bed, in our bed, and this is what happens!"

"That's not fair!" Helen replies in shock that he is blaming her for this. "I'm allowed to have a life, Adam. Dawn is old enough to realize that and except that!"

"Whatever," he spits at her, disgusted by her actions. "All I'm saying, if anything happens to our daughter, it's on you and only you."

Scene Three - Barcode

"Lukas, doll, you doing okay?" the female bartender asks him as he sits at the bar and takes another drink of his scotch. He looks down at his hands and feels them shaking a little; he has had a rough 48 hours, with coming out to his father then confronting him after Frederick threatened to disinherit him if he didn't agree to get him, which is insane because there's nothing wrong with him. He only hopes his father comes around.

"Hun, you don't look so well," the woman tells him again when Lukas doesn't reply. "What's going on?"

"I'm fine, Shell, thanks," he tells her as Shelley Hamilton arches her eyebrow, not sure if she believes him or not. "Just been a long couple of days."

"Well, make sure you don't drown your sorrows too hard, it's still early in the day," Shelley tells him. "But don't you tell my boss that I said that because I could be in trouble for not selling more," she winks at him before she gives a loud chuckle.

"You're the best Shell, thanks," Lukas tells her. "I should get going."

"If I'm the best, why hasn't an honest woman come and scooped me up yet?" she chuckles back to Lukas. "You need me to call you a cab?"

"Nah, I'll be fine."

"Okay, see you around sweetness," Shell smiles to him. She looks around the bar and realizes that it's empty, which is good because she can take out the garbage that has been piling up. "No time like the present," she says as she goes under the bar and picks up the large black bag. She moves quickly to the back door and throws the bag in the large dumpster outside.

She turns around to head into the bar when she hears a noise. She turns around, not scared of the noise that she heard; being a bartender, she has dealt with her share of people looking for a fight.

"Who's there?" she asks as she puts her hands on her hips. No one answers her but she hears a noise again. "I said, who is there?"

A freezing cold Dawn slowly moves out from behind the dumpster and looks over at Shell. "Sorry, I wasn't meaning any harm."

Shell arches her eyebrow. "Why is a young girl like you living back here?" she asks her as she moves closer to her. "Come on, come inside. You can have something to eat and get warm. It's too cold for you to be out here. It's winter, you know?"

"I've noticed," Dawn smiles back to the stranger. "And thanks, some food sounds good right about now."

Scene Four - Roboto; Bob's Office

"I got here as soon as I could," Kim announces to Bob as she walks into his office and throws her purse on the sofa before she moves to the bar and pours herself a vodka. "Blake was not cooperating this morning and he did not want to go to daycare."

"He's at the age where he thinks he can get away with everything," Bob chuckles back to her. "But it is nice to see you."

She takes a drink of her vodka before she walks up to him and gives him a kiss on the lips. "It's nice to see you too," she replies to him. She knows that she has to ask him about the internal audit that he had completed in the company to see if he could uncover the spy that he believes gave Robertson Enterprises the formula for their facial cream. She just hopes that there was nothing connecting her to the crime, because she knows that Bob would never forgive her.

"Have you heard from the auditor's?" she asks him as they part from their embrace. She moves back over to her drink and takes another sip, almost scared of his answer.

"I have," he reveals to her. "That's why I'm so glad that you're here. I have news for you."

She arches her eyebrow as she waits to hear more from him. "I'm waiting," she replies, trying to keep her cool. "What did they find?"

"Nothing," he replies to her quickly. "Not a damn thing and that's a problem."

She secretly tries to breathe a sigh of relief but she takes another sip of her vodka. "So, what are you going to do now?"

Bob shakes his head. "I'm sure that someone inside this company gave Robertson our formula. There has to be something more I can do, the question is, what? How the hell do I found out the truth now?"

Before Kim can reply, she hears her phone buzz. "Excuse me for a moment," she tells him as she walks over to purse and grabs her phone. She reads a text from Tyler. "We have to meet, about the formula."

She feels her face blush, wondering what he could possibly want. She knows that he must want something for her silence … but what could it be?"

Scene Five - The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Cory looks out the window from his penthouse as he reflects on the conversation he had with Robin this morning where she told him that she wanted a divorce because she can't get over the fact that he slept with Rebecca. The fact that Rebecca was plotting with Melissa to fake the pregnancy doesn't matter to her; the fact that he slept with her sister in the first place is the driving factor in her decision to leave him.

He can't help but feel stupid for even sleeping with Rebecca all those months ago. He knows that that the time he was just lonely because Robin was away at the mental hospital, but she even told him not to come see her. The lack of response from his wife was a factor in his decision to sleep with Rebecca; however, he also knows that Rebecca wanted to seduce him. He just wishes he had been wiser to catch on to Rebecca and Melissa's plan.

He sighs and turns moving to his bar to pour himself a gin and tonic. He takes a drink and then let's out a sigh. "We've been together for so long Robin," he whispers to himself. "I don't know how I will handle not being with you. But, I've got to try. I can't force you to stay with me if you don't want to be."

Before he can say anything else, he hears his doorbell ring. He sets his gin and tonic down and moves over to the door. "Hello," he says to the young man.

"Cory Calvin?" he asks him back as Cory nods. "You've been served."

Cory receives the package and moves back into his penthouse. He opens the file and sees divorce papers. "Wow, she's moving quickly," he whispers to himself. "But, I guess I knew that. This is it, Robin. This is where we end."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane's Office

"I brought you a coffee," Shane announces to Cassie as he comes into his office and sees Cassie sitting on the sofa. He asked her to come into his office so she could collect herself after she found Frederick shot earlier in the day. He knows that she isn't used to seeing someone in that state, so she is in a state of shock.

"Thanks," she manages to say as she stands up and moves towards him. She takes a drink of the coffee and immediately makes a sour face. "I had forgotten how awful hospital coffee tastes."

"That's why I don't drink it," he smiles back to her. "How are you doing?"

She sighs and turns around from him. "I don't know," she admits to him. "There was just so much blood everywhere. Who would do this? Who would want to shoot Frederick?"

Shane comes up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "I don't know, but that's what detective Lopez will find out."

"Every time I shut my eyes, I see him laying there," she tells him as she gets tears in her eyes.

"This was a traumatic experience," he continues to tell her. "Do you want to talk to someone about it?"

She shakes her head no. "I just need to be held," she admits to him before she turns around and he opens his arms and they hug.

Outside the office, Natasha comes up, hoping to see Shane since she was with him when he got the call that Frederick was shot. She wanted to see how he is doing. She opens the door to his office and freezes in her tracks when she spots Shane and Cassie holding one another in their arms.

Scene Seven - The Victors Mansion; Vinny & Daisy's Home

Vinny looks into the living room and sees Daisy about to pour herself a glass of red wine. He watches his wife for a moment as he tries to block from his mind that he went to see Frederick the previous day and they ended up having a heated encounter, where Vinny threatened him. He hates that he had to go to such extremes with Daisy's father, but he can't get over how much hurt Frederick has actually caused his family.

"Rough day?" he asks as he moves into the living room, catching Daisy off guard and causing her to jump.

"You scared me," she admits to him as she turns to her husband.

"I could tell, it looked like you jumped when I came in," he replies to her. "Why are you on such edge?"

Daisy gulps and thinks back to her meeting with Frederick the previous day. She went to see her father and ended up threatening him. She hates that he is her father and she will never accept him into her life, not after all the damage he has done. She just wants him to stop hurting her family.

"I don't know," she replies to him. "Guess I'm just on edge with all this stuff going on with my family."

Vinny arches his eyebrow. "I have a feeling that things may be calming down now."

"Why would you say that?" she asks him, wondering what he means.

Vinny shrugs. "I just think that it's only a matter of time before Frederick comes around, that's all."

Before Daisy can reply to him, she hears the telephone ring. She moves over to the phone and answers it. "Hello," she says. "Oh, Shane, hi," she says to the doctor. "What? My God? Yes, I will tell Meggan and Lukas. I'll be right there."

She hangs up the phone and looks back at her husband as she feels herself feel faint. "What is it?" he asks her. "What's happened?"

"It's Frederick," she whispers in shock. "He's been shot."

Scene Eight - Barcode

"How is that clam chowder?" Shell asks Dawn as she comes up to a booth where Dawn is sitting and eating the soup.

Dawn finishes the mouthful. "It's amazing," she smiles to Shell, happy to have gotten something hot in her system.

"You're almost done, you must have been hungry."

"I guess I don't even remember when I ate last," Dawn admits to her.

"Look kid," Shelley begins to tell her. "You're too young to be out on the street, especially in our winters. What are your plans once you leave here?"

Dawn shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know," she admits to her. "I hadn't even thought of it."

"Well, I gotta extra room at my apartment," Shell tells her. "You wanna crash there for a bit? Just until you get on your feet?"

"I don't know," Dawn replies to her, thinking she doesn't even know this woman.

"It beats the streets, and I make a good chowder," Shelley winks at her.

Dawn finds herself nodding back to her. "Okay, but just until I figure something out. Thank you, Shelley."

"Don't mention it, okay?"

Scene Nine - The Pampa Grill

"I'm so sorry about you and Cory," Adam tells Robin as they sit across from each other. After getting emotional with Max at the studio, Robin left for an early lunch and she happened to see her friend sitting by himself. Adam could see that she is upset so she revealed that she and Cory are divorcing.

"It's fine," she tells him, trying to convince herself of the same thing. "The truth is, my marriage has been over for a very long time. It is now just official, you know?"

"It still never easy," Adam replies to her. "Trust me, I know having just gone through this with Helen."

"Speaking of, is there any word on Dawn?" she asks him, knowing that Adam is worried sick about his daughter.

"None," Adam informs her. "And, I do blame Helen for this. If she wasn't so desperate to move on with Chris Michaels, Dawn wouldn't feel like she had nowhere to go."

"You will find her," Robin says as she reaches across the table and grabs Adam's hand. "And things will get back to normal."

Adam smiles back to her. "From your ears…"

Max enters the restaurant and moves towards the bar, hoping to grab a quick lunch himself. He happens to see Adam and Robin sitting together, and holding hands. He quickly recalls how Robin told him that they couldn't share a kiss earlier at the studio; seeing her now, touching Adam's hand, almost makes his blood boil.

"If I can't have her," he whispers to himself. "Neither can you, Dad," he spits to himself. "I'll make sure of that."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy and Bob speak about Kim
- Daisy, Meggan and Lukas rally around Frederick at the hospital
- Victoria overhears a conversation between Leah and Robbie

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