Episode 442 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: November 26, 2017


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie found a shot Frederick and called 9-1-1. He was placed on life support
- Detective Simona Lopez was placed on Frederick's shooting case
- Frederick noted that Felicia missed taking her medication
- Kim worried that Bob would learn the truth about her sending Tyler the formula for the facial cream. Tyler, meanwhile, reached out to Kim and told her he knew what he wanted for her silence

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I got here as soon as I could," Lukas announces to Meggan, Vinny and Daisy as they stand in the waiting room, hoping to hear some kind of news about Frederick's condition. "How is Dad?"

"We don't know just yet," Daisy replies to him, recalling how Shane called her at home and told her about Frederick being shot. Once she learned about her father, she called Meggan and Lukas immediately, knowing that they would have to get to the hospital as soon as possible. "We only just got here a few minutes ago."

"I don't understand why the hospital called you instead of me or Meggan," Lukas says to Daisy in frustration, knowing that Daisy is still brand new to their family. In fact, he isn't even sure he wants another sister. "What were they thinking?"

"Shane told me that they did try you and Meggan but it went to your voicemails," Daisy explains to him, annoyed by his tone and questions. "So, he called me. Just be glad that we found out when we did and before it's too late."

"Too late?" Meggan asks her in surprise, wondering what she means. "Does that mean you think he's going to die?"

Daisy shakes her head. "No, I just … I think we need to figure out what is going on."

Before anyone else can say anything, Shane comes into the waiting room and looks at everyone. "Hi," he tells everyone. "I am glad you're al here."

"How is he? How is our father?" Meggan asks him, desperate for some answers.

"I'm afraid he's not well," Shane replies to him. "He was shot three times in the chest. Luckily, all the bullets missed his heart, but two of the bullets punctured his lung. Right after surgery, we had him on life support. He must been drinking because his blood was very thin; it's part of the reason that he lost so much blood."

"My God," Daisy covers her mouth in shock.

"We have since pulled him off life support, but he is on respirator," Shane continues to tell them. "He lost a lot of blood and his brain lost a lot of oxygen."

"What does all this mean?" Vinny asks the doctor. "Will he ever wake up?"

Shane looks back at them. "I do believe he will wake up," Shane informs them. "But how long before he does, we have no idea. He still may not make it through this."

Meggan looks at Lukas before they hug each other. "How did this happen?" she asks him, thinking back to how upset she was with her father before she learned of the shooting.

"I don't know," he whispers back into her ear. "But I'm scared, Meg."

They exit their embrace as Daisy thanks Shane for the information. Just as Shane is leaving the waiting room, Simona Lopez comes up to the family. "Pardon me," she announces to everyone. "I'm detective Lopez, I've been assigned to this case and was hoping I could ask you all some questions."

"Is now really a good time?" Lukas asks her as he grits his teeth, realizing who she is based on her uniform. "We just learned our father may die, can you give us a moment?"

Lopez shakes her head no. "I'm afraid not," she informs them. "Someone purposely went into your father's office and put three bullets into his chest. Now, it is my job to figure out who did that. The longer I go without asking the questions, the more likely the evidence trail will get cold. I need to act and I need to act now. I would have thought you'd want to know who tried to kill your father?"

Before anyone can say anything further, Shane comes back into the waiting room. "Sorry to interrupt, but Frederick is actually waking up. I don't know how long he'll be awake."

"I need to see him," Lopez announces to everyone. "I have to see if he can give me any leads on the shooter."

"What? We should see our father, not you," Meggan protests to the police officer. "We may never get another chance!"

"Do you want me to find out who did this to your father?" Lopez sternly asks her.

"Of course I do…but…"

"Then don't question me," she states back to Meggan. "This could be the only time I have to get to th truth and I'm not going to let the assailant get away with this."


"I just can't believe that someone shot Frederick," Felicia tells Dominick and Eva as they wait in another waiting room in the hospital for some kind of update on Frederick. They all came over once they heard the news about the shooting, but they decided to go for a walk because they wanted to give Meggan, Lukas and Daisy some time alone with each other. "Who would do something like this?"

Eva looks uneasily back Felicia and then up at Dominick, thinking about her visit to Frederick the previous day and how she threatened him. "To be honest Felicia, the man did make a lot of enemies. I can't say that I'm surprise. If anything, I'm surprised it took as long as it did for him to pay."

Felicia stops in shock at hearing Eva's words. "I can't believe you are saying that."

"I agree with Eva," Dominick interjects. "That man caused so many people so much pain, it almost seems like karma."

Felicia shakes her head in shock. "But, do you think he really deserves to die? I don't know, this is all so confusing."

"Let's not worry about it," Eva tells her, trying to keep her calm. "The good news is that the police are investigating. They will catch the person who did this. I believe that."

Dominick suddenly looks a little pale at hearing Eva's words, also recalling the day in which he threatened Frederick. "Dominick, are you okay?" Felicia asks him, noting his change of colour.

"I'm fine," he lies to the women. "I'll just go to the cafeteria and grab some water."

"I'll join you," Eva smiles to her husband. "Would you like anything Felicia?"

She shakes her head no. "I'm fine, I should go find a waiting room and take my medication. It is that time of the day."

"Okay," Dominick tells her. "We'll talk to you later."

Felicia scurries off to a waiting room and sits on a chair before she opens her purse and starts digging around for her pills. Suddenly, she looks up in confusion. "My pills?" she asks herself, as he hands start to shake and she quickly recalls Frederick telling her that she can't miss taking her medication. "Where are my pills?"

Meanwhile, as Dominick and Eva walk towards the cafeteria, he looks at her while he remembers what Frederick told him the day he was shot, that Eva was keeping a secret from him.

"You're quiet, are you okay?" she asks him as she opens the door to let Dominick enter the cafeteria.

"I'm just thinking about my last conversation with Frederick," he admits to her as she arches her eyebrow. "And, he told me to ask you about a secret that you were keeping. What did he mean by that?"

Eva gulps as she knows that Frederick was tempting her by the fact that she knew he was brainwashing Felicia and didn't say anything so she could marry Dominick. She finds herself shaking her head. "Why does that man say anything? To get a reaction out of you, of course."

"So, you're not keeping anything from me?"

"Of course not," Eva lies to her husband, know grateful more than ever that Frederick was shot.

Scene Two - Twin Peaks Police Station; Robbie's Office

"I'm so glad that I caught you," Leah announces to Robbie as she stands in his doorway of his office and smiles down to him.

"Leah, what are you doing here?" he asks her as he stands up and closes the door a little bit as she comes into the office. The door never fully closes, however. Robbie, however, doesn't notice and turns his attention to Leah.

"I heard about Frederick Richardson," she admits to him, as she thinks about her visit to the doctor. "I guess I was just curious about the shooter and if you have any leads?"

Robbie shrugs his shoulders. "I actually have no idea. The chief put another detective on the case," Robbie admits to her, secretly glad he's not on the case since he also threatened Frederick the previous day. It could turn into a conflict of interest, if anyone ever found out.

"What? But you're the best," Leah smirks back to him.

"Yea, yea, that's what I've been told," Robbie smile back to her. "I have faith that detective Lopez will find the shooter, though."

"Good," Leah replies to him. "Look, that's not the only reason I stopped by today."


"I've been thinking about something," she admits to him, as she purses her lips together. "About you, Paige and I."

"What about us?" he asks her, not sure where she is going with this. Outside the office, Victoria freezes when she sees Leah and Robbie together as she had arrived to see if Robbie wanted to grab a bite to eat with her. She tells herself to keep walking and not listen in on their conversation, but she finds herself listening to her fiancé and Leah talking.

"I know I can't remember everything that has happened these past few years," she tells him. "But what I do remember, is that I love you. I love you so much. I want us to be a family together, you, Paige and I. I really think if we put our family back together my memory will come back. What do you say?"

Robbie chuckles a little, wondering how this will happen. If he agrees, then he knows Jeff will be livid because he is pretending to be Paige's father again. But, he can't stop thinking about what Shane told everyone at the hospital when Leah first came back, and that is to go with her flow so her memory will continue to come back. In the back of his mind, that should matter the most. And, Paige already still calls him "Dad" all the time.

"I think we should talk more about this," he finally replies. "But I think that could be arranged."

Leah smiles and rushes up into his arms. Victoria, meanwhile, lets a tear fall from her eye as she wonders where things really stand between her and her fiancé now, since he just agreed to be a family with his ex-wife and daughter.

Scene Three - The Calimo Mansion

"I haven't seen much of you lately, how are things?" Bob asks Andy, as he pours two glasses of sparkling water and passes one over to Andy.

"I can't complain, thank you," he replies as he takes the water. "I trust things are well with you and Kim these days?"

Bob smiles back to him. "Things couldn't be better. I'm so glad that we have our marriage back on track, finally."

"Me too," Andy admits to him. "I know she was fighting very hard for this marriage to work. The fact that you guys have been able to weather the storm is really nice to see."

"I appreciate that Andy," Bob replies to him. "I still sense that something is going on with you? What's on your mind?"

Andy sighs and wonders how things are really going with Kim. She hasn't exactly been communicating a lot with him lately and that concerns him. "I was hoping you could shed some light on what's going on with Kim right now."

"Kimberly? Like I just said, we are fine," Bob tells him again about how his marriage is doing. "Do you think something is off with her?"

Andy shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know," he admits to him. "But she does seem distant. Like something is on her mind and I'm not sure what it is."

Bob looks back at him with an arched eyebrow. "I do know we've had some security issues at Roboto," Bob reveals to him. "Perhaps that is what is troubling her?"

Andy nods back to him. "She loves her job and the facial cream project," Andy replies to him. "She told me how much the project means to her, so I could understand how that could be what is troubling her."

"Whatever it is," Bob tells him. "We need to work together to make sure this doesn't send her on a downward spiral."

"Exactly," Andy agrees with him. "We have to work together for her benefit."

Scene Four - The Pier

A light snow fall comes down from the sky as Kim walks along the pier wrapped in a scarf and a heavy jacket. She usually avoids the outdoors this time of the year but she had to see Tyler because he sent her a text message telling her that he had to see her because he has decided what he wants for his silence in the fact that she sent him and Robertson Enterprises the formula for their facial cream, which helped the company beat Roboto in the launch of the facial cream. She knows she dodged a bullet when Bob's internal audit of Roboto didn't uncover the culprit and now Tyler is the only thing standing in her way of getting away with this.

"I have to find out what he wants and make this go away," she whispers to herself, as she can see her breath in the cold air. "No one can know that I gave him the formula. My marriage would be over."

"There you are," Tyler announces to Kim as he comes up from behind her. "Did we really have to meet here?"

"I didn't know where else we could meet where no one would see us," she explains to him. "Let's make this fast because it's freezing out here."

"You look so cute, even when you're cold," he winks at her.

"Tyler," she scolds him. "Stop flirting with me and tell me what you want for your silence. Bob can never know that I sent you the formula for that damn cream."

Tyler nods back to her. "I know, you've made that very clear."

"So, tell me what you want."

"You know that I've always loved you," he starts to tell her. "No matter what has happened, you've always been in my heart."

Kim shakes her head back to him. "I'm married to Bob, that's not going to change. We won't be that family that you want us to be."

"I know that," he admits to her. "But that doesn't mean…"

Kim's eyes open wider in shock as he continues to speak to her. "…that we can't have one more night together."

"What are you talking about?" she tries not to shriek at him.

"Be with me, one more time. I want one more night with you, to hold you, to make love to you. And, if you give me that one night, you will have my silence," Tyler tells her as she looks back at him shock.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I hate that the cops are in with Dad when it should be us," Meggan tells Lukas as they wait outside of Frederick's hospital room, hoping to still go in and see him after detective Lopez is done questioning him. "This could be the last time we ever see him."

"I understand why the police need to question him," Daisy replies to her and Lukas. "They do have to find out who did this."

Lukas gulps before he looks back at them with worry all over his face. "Lukas, what's wrong? You look like you're about to be sick," Daisy observes to him.

"Forgive me for being worried about my father," Lukas covers his worry, his mind actually racing about what will be said by Frederick and Lopez. "All we can do is sit and watch this unfold and it's killing me."

"Lukas…" Meggan begins to say before he waves his hand in the air.

"Sorry, bad choice of words," he says back to her. "I just wonder what is being said in there."


Inside the hospital room, Shane moves up to Frederick, whose eyes are open. Frederick, however, is still using the respirator to help him breath.

He turns to Lopez and nods. "You have to be quick, I'm not sure how long he will be awake."

"That's fine," Lopez replies to him as she comes up to Frederick and looks down on him. "Dr. Richardson, can you hear me? I'm detective Lopez, I'm trying to figure out who did this to you. Can you blink twice if you can hear me?"

Frederick blinks twice. "Good, good," Lopez says back to him. "I will try to ask you yes and no questions. Yes, you blink twice. No, you blink once. Understood?"

Frederick again blinks twice. "You were shot, do you remember that?"

Frederick blinks twice. "Good, so you don't have a lot of memory loss. Do you know who shot you?"

Frederick again blinks twice. "You do, ah, well then, Dr. I really need you to get better so you can tell me who it is. If I showed you a picture of the gunman, would you be able to identify them?"

Frederick's eyes close and they don't open again. "Frederick? Can you hear me?"

Shane comes up behind her and looks at Frederick. "He's fall back asleep," he tells the detective. "That'll be all the questions for now, he needs his rest."

"That's okay," Lopez replies to him. "I got a good start on this. I will have to question him again."

"Okay," Shane tells her. "But just so you know, the next time he wakes up, I will have to let the family come in and see him. You can't occupy all of his time."

"Fair enough," Lopez says. "I will get to the bottom of who shot this man. And, I will make them pay the consequences. And this is just the start I needed to find the person responsible."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim wonders about her next move
- Dawn and Shelley get to know one another
- Cassie surprises Shane, and herself

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