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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Detective Simona Lopez started to investigate Frederick's shooting and realized that she had 20 potential suspects
- Felicia missed taking her medication on more than one occasion
- Cory and Natasha shared a kiss after sharing stories of their respective marriages failing
- Lukas finally came out to Frederick. Andy, Donovan and Craig defended Lukas to Frederick when he threatened to disinherit him

Scene One - The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory's Home

Cory lays on his back and looks up at Natasha, who is on top of him grinding down into his body, before he grunts to an explosive climax. Slowly, her sweaty, naked body collapses down on top of his muscular chest as they catch their breath.

After a moment, she finally moves her hair behind her and smiles up to him. "That was…unexpected but really amazing."

He looks back at her and can't help but agree with her. "Who knew that having you over for wine would lead to a kiss which would lead to this…"

"You're not upset are you?" she asks him as she rolls over to the empty side of the bed, still looking at him

He rolls to his side and looks back at her as he caresses her face. "Not at all," he admits to her. "Are you upset that we took this step?"

She shakes her head as she bites her lip. "Nope," she replies to him. "I've been thinking about this for a while now."

"Have you? And you never made a move?" he laughs back to her.

"How could I? You still had hopes of getting back together with Robin," she teases him. "But now that your marriage is over and mine is too…"

"We can do this all the time?" he asks her as he leans in and kisses her again.

"All the time," she says in between kisses as she feels him getting aroused again. "Make love to me again, Cory."

Scene Two - Tyler's Townhouse; Tyler & Felicia's Home

Tyler opens the door to the townhouse and quickly moves inside, desperate to get warm. The weather outside is definitely reflective of the winter season right now. As he takes his coat off, he looks over and sees Felicia enjoying a cup of with a fire going on in the fireplace.

"I'm glad you have a fire going," he announces to her as he comes into the living room. "It's freezing outside."

"Yes, it is," she tells him, looking into the flames. She almost seems to be in a daze looking at the fire.

"Did you go out today?" he asks her. "I didn't think you had plans."

"I was at the hospital for a while," she reveals to him, her eyes still locked in the flames. "Frederick Richardson was shot."

Tyler sits next to her and notices her hand start to shake a little, causing her to put her cup of tea down. "I heard," he admits to her. "I also heard that it's not looking good for him. He will likely die."

"That's what I heard as well," she tells him before she looks back at him. "I know that what he did to me was awful and I know that what he did to Leah was awful, but I can't help but feel bad for him. No one deserves to have three bullets put in him."

Tyler shrugs his shoulders. "He made a lot of mistakes," he tells his mom. "And you're far too caring of a woman if you think he didn't deserve what he got."

"I spent a lot of time with Frederick," she ignores his comments. "I know he made mistakes but I do believe deep down he was a good man."

"He may never get the chance at redemption now."

Felicia's hands continue to shake, slowly increasing in pace. "Mom, are you okay?" he asks her, his voice filled with worry. "What's going on with you?"

She holds her hands to stop them from shaking. "I'm fine," she purses her lips together. "I guess I'm just tired. I'm going to turn in. I'll feel better after a good nights sleep."

"Okay, sleep well," Tyler tells her as he watches her move to her bedroom. He can't help but think that something is going on with his mother though; why would her hands suddenly start shaking.

He walks over to the bar and pours himself a brandy and quickly takes a sip. "I have to figure out what's wrong with you," he whispers to himself. "I won't let you suffer anymore because of Frederick."

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

"Are you sure it's okay if I have a beer?" Lukas asks Andy as they sit at the bar of the restaurant together.

"Of course it is," Andy replies to his friend. "Just because I don't drink, doesn't mean you shouldn't."

"Thanks," Lukas replies to him, taking a sip of his drink. "I need this."

"I can only imagine," Andy says back to him. "Is there any update on your Dad?"

Lukas quickly shakes his head no. "He woke up once," he reveals to Andy. "And the police detective that is on his case got to see him. Apparently, she wanted to get some answers."

"I thought your Dad was on a respirator?"

"He is," Lukas explains to him. "I don't know how they communicated, but Lopez seemed to think that she got some answers."

Andy gulps to himself, wondering what Frederick told the police. He can't help but think about his visit to Frederick the day he was shot. "How are you holding up with all of this?"

"Honestly?" Lukas asks him back as Andy nods. "I hate how everything played out with my Dad. I hate that he wanted me to get help when I told him I was gay; I hate that he wanted to disinherit me and I hate that he couldn't accept me for being who I am. It just sucks that he can't love me for who I am."

Andy grabs Lukas' hand and squeezes it. "You know that you have a lot of friends and family who do love you for who you are, right?"

Lukas manages a smile on his face. "I know," he tells him. "It's just not the same as the acceptance of your Dad, you know?"

"I get it, I do."

"So," Lukas manages to say back to him. "For that reason, part of me can't help but be glad that my Dad was shot."

"Lukas!" Andy says in a hushed whisper, shocked by Lukas' admission.

"No, I mean it," Lukas tells him as he grits his teeth. "He sort of had this coming."

"You can't say that too loud or the police will think you had something to do with this," Andy replies to him.

Lukas doesn't respond, instead he takes another drink of his beer. Andy watches him and secretly wonders if Lukas might have had something to do with Frederick's shooting. He quickly scolds himself, realizing that Lukas would never shoot Frederick…or would he?

Scene Four - The Sugarbowl

"Craig, hey," Donovan announces to the doctor as he comes up to the booth where Craig is sitting. "Can I sit with you?"

"Of course you can," Craig smiles back to him. "I haven't seen much of you lately. How have you been?"

Donovan shrugs his shoulders. "Alright, I guess," he tells him. "I can't believe everything that is going on with Lukas though. I mean, Frederick's reaction to his son being gay was not what I was expecting."

"None of us expected it," Craig replies to him quickly. "I feel bad that I pushed Lukas into coming out. I guess he had good reason to not tell Frederick for so long, huh?"

"I'd say so," Donovan agrees with him. "I just hope that Lukas can now find the peace and happiness he deserves."

Craig arches his eyebrow. "I'm not sure that is possible, considering what is happening with Frederick right now."

"How is he? Do you know any information since you're a doctor?"

Craig shakes his head. "I don't know anything that you don't already know," Craig reveals to him. "I just know that it's bad and the odds are, he won't make it."

"Wow," Donovan manages to say back to him as he thinks about his visit to Frederick's office the other day when he threatened the doctor. "I wonder if they will find out who did this to him."

"I hope they do," Craig tells him. "So I can thank them for ridding us of that monster!"

"Craig!" Donovan gasps in shock.

"I mean it," Craig nods back to him. "After everything that man has done, he got exactly what he deserved."

Scene Five - Twin Peaks Police Department; Simona's Office

Simona Lopez looks at her long list of suspects and then up at a white board with everyone's picture on it. She knows that she has a long list of suspects that include Lukas, Andy, Craig, Donovan, Andrew, Meggan, Victoria, Jeff, Robbie, Dominick, Felicia, Eva, Paige, Leah, Daisy, Vinny, Chris, Trenyce and Jemma; All of the suspects were caught on tape at Frederick's office the day of the shooting and now she just has to start piecing together who had motive to wanted him dead.

"Let's start with Lukas," she whispers to herself as she looks at his picture on the white board. "Word is, Lukas just came out as being gay to Frederick. If Frederick didn't take that news very well, maybe Lukas snapped and confronted his father."

She looks at some of the guys on the board next to Lukas' face. "That could also give a motive to Andy, Donovan and Craig," she realizes. "If his friends realized that Frederick didn't handle Lukas coming out well, they all could have wanted to defend Lukas' name and honour."

Lopez nods to herself as she moves back to her desk and starts making notes. "Piecing this together will be a challenge, but I will find out who shot you Frederick. And these men, they all now have a motive and it revolves around Lukas coming out."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Frederick lays in his hospital bed asleep as a nurse gives him some medication in his IV. She grabs his chart and documents that she just gave him his drugs. She puts the chart back and is about to leave the room when she notices Frederick's eye start to twitch.

"Dr. Richardson?" she asks out loud as his eyes open slowly. "You're awake!"

Frederick looks around in confusion, not realizing where he is. "You're in the hospital," she explains to him. "You've survived surgery, do you remember anything at all?"

Frederick slowly moves his hand to his oxygen mask and tries to take it off. "Slow down, slow down," she tells him as she helps him take the mask off. "Are you going to try to speak? Do you want me to call your family?"

He quickly shakes his head no. He opens his mouth to speak but it doesn't come out quickly. "Llll-ooo…" he starts to say in a raspy voice. "Lopezzzzzzzzzz."

The nurse looks back at him in confusion, wondering who or what Lopez means. "Lopez?" she asks him as he nods and reaches for his mask again.

"I'll get you Lopez?" she asks him as she puts the mask back on his face. "Detective Lopez, right?

Frederick nods as his mask goes back on his face. "Okay," she tells him. "You hang tight. I'll call Detective Lopez right now and tell her you're asking for her."

Next on One Day at a Time
- After hearing Bob's plans, Kim makes a decision
- Leah, Robbie and Paige have family time
- Jeff and Meggan get shocking news

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