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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Frederick was waking up and asking to see Simona Lopez. On New Year's Eve, someone went into his room and smothered him
- Dominick released his facial cream, leaving Bob livid
- Adam surprised Max and Cassie on Christmas Day. Max, meanwhile, vowed that if he couldn't have Robin, no one would
- After seeing Cory and Natasha kiss on New Year's, Shane kissed Cassie
- Donovan and Craig had sex. Lukas, however, asked Donovan if they could get back together

Scene One - Twin Peaks Police Department

"Hold all my calls," Simona Lopez instructs the officer outside of her office at the police station, before she grabs her coat and starts to head towards the front door. "I have to get to the hospital and talk to Frederick Richardson again before he falls back into a coma."

"You haven't heard?" the woman says, not standing up from her desk.

"Heard what?" Lopez asks her as puts her coat on.

"Sorry, I just assumed you would have heard by now," the officer says standing up. "Dr. Richardson, he died on New Years Eve."

"What?" Lopez asks shocked. "He finally died from his injuries? How am I only finding this out now?"

"I don't know," she replies to Simona. "But, he didn't die from his gunshot wounds. He was smothered. Someone went into his hospital room and killed him."

Lopez feels the blood drain from her face at the news. "My God," she whispers as she moves back towards her office. "That means, whom ever shot him knew that he was waking up and decided to finish the job."

"What are you going to do?" the officer asks Lopez as she reaches the door to her office.

Lopez turns back and looks at her. "I have to start questioning everyone that was at Frederick's office the day he was shot. Every single person. I don't care how long it takes me, but I have to get to the truth. Do me a favor, start calling the list of suspects so they are here first thing tomorrow morning. I need to start questioning them."

"What are you going to do?"

"Head back to Frederick's office," Lopez explains to her. "To see if I missed anything in my initial search of it. There has to be something that I can use to help me narrow down the suspect list."

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

"I'll go grab the booth at the back?" Andy asks Donovan, who is still waiting for his latte. Donovan nods back to him before Andy takes his coffee and moves to the back booth.

Within a moment or two, Donovan receives his latte from the barista and quickly moves over to the coffeebar to put some sugar in his beverage. He picks up his cup and is about to move over to Andy, when Craig comes up next to him.

"Hey, you," Craig says with a grin on his face, thrilled to see his lover. He hadn't seen Donovan since the holidays, so he is happy to see him now, since he believes they are moving in the right direction together. "How have you been? I've missed you lately."

"Have you?" Donovan asks him before Craig gives him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'm about to sit with Andy, would you like to join us?"

"I wish I could, but I have a shift at the hospital, rain cheque?" Craig asks him, as Donovan nods back to him. "What is it? You're quiet. Have I done something to upset you?"

Donovan looks back at Craig and can't help but think of New Year's Eve when Lukas kissed him and admitted that he still loves Donovan. Donovan knows that Lukas wants them to get back together but he also knows that he has been sleeping with Craig; Donovan is the type of guy that only sleeps with a man unless there is some kind of commitment. He feels like he's torn between the two men, which is a feeling he doesn't like at all.

"No, you haven't done anything wrong," Donovan quickly tells him. "But, I do think we are making a mistake by sleeping together behind Lukas' back. If he found out…"

"What?" Craig stops him. "We are two men, who are into each other are enjoying each other's company. Lukas, more than anyone, should know that. We aren't doing anything wrong. He left town, leaving us both, remember?"

"Of course I remember. It just feels like we are doing something wrong.?"

"Where is this coming from? I thought you were enjoying our time together?"

"Of course I have been," Donovan replies to him. "Look, I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sorry."

Craig arches his eyebrow. "I have to get to the hospital, but I feel like this conversation isn't over. We'll talk later?"

"Sure," Donovan smiles back to him before they share a quick kiss. Donovan watches Craig leave before he makes his way to the back booth where Andy is sitting. "Sorry about that."

"Don't apologize," Andy takes a sip of his coffee. "Craig couldn't join us?"

"He had to go to the hospital," Donovan replies to him quickly.

"Ah, too bad. It looked like a pretty intense conversation," Andy notes his observation to his friend. "Is everything okay between the two of you?"

Donovan uneasily takes a sip of his latte before making eye contact with his friend. "You know Craig and I have been seeing one another?" he asks as Andy nods back to him. "I guess I just hate that we haven't told the entire truth of our relationship to Lukas. I'm not sure how he would take it. I mean, he dated me for so long in Europe and Craig last year."

"Does it matter how he would take it?" Andy asks him. "Lukas made his decision when he left town last year. Why do you care now?"

Donovan sighs and looks back at Andy, making him realize that Donovan must still have feelings for Lukas. "Oh, Donovan," Andy sighs. "Look, if it's bothering you that much, then you only have one option."

"What is that?"

"Tell the truth," Andy tells him. "Tell Lukas everything."

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises

"Robin, darling," Dominick calls out to Robin, who is walking from her office towards the elevator. She needs to get back down to the studio to plan the next photo shoot, but she stops when she hears her father's voice.

"Daddy," she turns to smile at her father. "I'm running a tad late, is this urgent?"

"It is," Dominick tells her. "I want you to look at this numbers quickly," he says as he passes her a file folder.

Robin arches her eyebrow and looks inside. "Wow, the facial cream is a huge success. It looks like we have a hit on our hands," she smiles as she looks up to her father.

"I couldn't be more thrilled," Dominick nods back to her. "Not only is this facial cream making Robertson a ton of money, but I'm also sticking it to Bob Calimo."

"What is the next step, Dad?"

"I need to get another shipment of the cream on the shelves immediately," he reveals to his daughter. "And, I want to have a new photo shoot done ASAP as a winter re-launch of the cream. How quickly can you and Max set that up?"

Robin passes him back the file folder. "I was just on my way to the studio now to set up another photo shoot with Max. I can make sure we do the relaunch of the facial cream first."

"That's what I wanted to hear," he winks at her. "I want to see the proofs on my desk by the end of the week? And then, I'll talk to you about the next phase of my plan."

"I'll get right on it."


In the studio, Max looks over some prints from his most recent photo shoot. He still can't believe that he is working at Robertson with Robin; the more time he spends with her, the more he wants to be with her. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life. He can't help but remember kissing her on New Years Eve; she was going to protest, but he stopped her and told her that it was a gift from him. He can still taste her lips on his own, he smirks to himself at the thought.

"I know she liked our kiss just as much as I did," he whispers to himself.

"I'm not interrupting, am I?"Adam< announces to his son as he comes into the studio.

Max looks up at his father and immediately wonders why he is there. Is Adam there to see him or to try to see Robin? Max knows that Adam and Robin have been growing closer but the last thing he wants is for his father to be with the woman he has his sights on.

"Not if you're fast," Max replies to him quickly. "I have a lot of work to do today."

Adam nods back to him. "I can see that," Adam smiles to him. "Look, Max, the reason I wanted to see is because I thought we had a good time on Christmas Day, and I was hoping that we'd get to continue that into the new year. I know we haven't seen eye to eye on everything, but I only want what's best for you and I want you to succeed."

Max uneasily gets a grin on his face, wondering if Adam means that he wants him to succeed in getting together with Robin. "Thanks Dad," Max replies to him. "I appreciate that."

"I can't believe it," Adam gets a huge smile on his face.


"You just called me Dad," Adam winks back to him as Max secretly scolds himself.

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"No message, I'll stop by his office and leave him a note," Cassie< smiles to the nurse at the nurses station, as she was going to leave Shane a message. Ever since she New Years Eve, she hasn't been able to get him out of her mind because he kissed her. Every time she shuts her eyes, she feels his lips on hers again. It had been so long since he kissed her that she had almost forgotten why she fell in love with him in the first place.

She starts to move towards Shane's office when she sees Natasha walking down the hallway. She quickly turns to avoid Natasha, but Natasha spots her. "Cassie? What are you doing here? I thought your office was on Main street?"

"My office is on Main," Cassie rolls her eyes. "I was here to see Shane."

Natasha arches her eyebrow. "What are you doing here, Natasha?"

"That's none of your business," Natasha replies to her. "Why are you here to see my husband?"

Cassie turns around and looks at Natasha, crossing her arms in the process. "Shane isn't your husband, you're divorced, remember?"

Natasha fumes. "How dare you throw that in my face? I'll ask you again, what are you doing here and why does it involve Shane?"

"I don't think that's any of your business. Do you run every appointment you have by Shane? I didn't think so. Now if you'll excuse me," Cassie starts to move past her, but Natasha blocks her.

"Not so fast," Natasha fumes. "If you hurt him, you will answer to me."

Cassie laughs a little. "You just want it all, don't you, Natasha? You wanted Shane, but you slept with another man while you were married to him. Now, you're moving on with Cory and you still want Shane. You just can't seem to make up your mind."

"Where do you get off?"

"Shane kissed me," Cassie reveals to her, as Natasha gasps in shock, unable to not throw something more in Natasha's face. The way Natasha is behaving, Cassie couldn't help herself.

"You're lying! He would never touch you like that. Not after everything you've done to us!"

Cassie laughs at her. "You see, you just think that every man just waits for you to want them again. Well, guess what, Shane is moving on and he just happened to kiss me. What's wrong Natasha? Does that make you jealous? Well, too damn bad. Now, get out of my way!"

Natasha moves so Cassie can walk by her, as she tries to calm her own nerves. She shakes her head in confusion; Shane wouldn't really want to be with Cassie Nova, not again, would he? She covers her mouth in shock. "No, this can't be happening. It can't be!"

Scene Five - Frederick's Office

Lopez scans Frederick's office one more time, trying to look around to see if she can find anything further that will help her track down the killer. The office is now a police crime scene, so there's yellow tape blocking the door and she has to wear gloves to touch anything and everything. She moves to his desk and slowly opens a drawer, but she doesn't see anything out of the ordinary.

"Damn it," she says, getting more and more frustrated with the fact that she isn't any closer to getting to the truth. "There is has to be something in this office that will give me a clue."

She stands up from his chair moves over to the bar. She looks at the half empty decanter of brandy and arches her eyebrow. "Someone liked to drink on the job," she tells herself, before something catches the corner of her eye. Under the bar, there is a piece of paper. She bends down and grabs the paper, which is slightly crumpled up.

"What is this?" she asks herself as she reads the piece of paper. It reads, "Eva knows."

Lopez arches her eyebrow. "What exactly does Eva know? I guess I'll have to find that out."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Simona begins to question suspects in Frederick's murder
- Dominick feels the heat
- Felicia tells a lie

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