Episode 449 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: January 09, 2018


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Simona Lopez learned that Frederick was murdered on New Year's Eve. She realized that he had to start questioning the suspects in the case. She found a note in Frederick's office that read "Eva knows".
- Felicia missed taking her medication on more than one occasion
- Meggan tried to support Lukas after Frederick lashed out at him when he came out to their father

Scene One - Twin Peaks Police Department

Simona Lopez sits at her desk and reviews some notes that she has jotted down on a note pad. She knows that she has to get to the truth of who killed Frederick. She's basically looking at two horrible deeds happening to the same man; first he was shot in his office and then on New Year's Eve, someone smothered him. In her mind, the culprit is the same person. Whomever shot Frederick must have gotten scared with the fact that he was waking up and asking to speak to her so he could reveal the truth about his shooting; they must have wanted to silent him, for good this time. Now, she has to piece it all together, which will be easier said than done, because there is a long list of suspects and there isn't a ton of evidence right now.

"But," she whispers to herself before she takes a sip of the coffee that is on her desk. "I will ask each and everyone of them what they were doing at Frederick's office that day in November. I will get to the bottom of this. A doctor's life was taken and that's unacceptable. I will get justice."

Before she can say anything else, there's a knock on her office door. It opens and Felicia stands there. "Good morning," Felicia uneasily says as she moves into the office.

"Mrs. Robertson," Simona stands up to greet Felicia. "Thank you for coming this morning. Please have a seat. Can I get you anything? A coffee or a glass of water?"

"No, I'm fine, but thank you," Felicia sits down across from Lopez. "I'm assuming this has to do with Frederick Richardson?"

"That's correct," Lopez replies to her. "I am not sure if you know this, but Frederick died on New Year's Eve."

Felicia nods back to her slowly. "I heard," she admits to the officer. "I knew he wasn't doing well because of the shooting but I still always believed he would make it."

"He didn't die from the gunshot wounds," Lopez informs her. "Someone smothered him."

Felicia looks up in surprise. "What? I can't believe this. As if the shooting last November wasn't enough."

"You do have an alibi for New Years Eve, don't you?"

"Are you suggesting that I had something to do with Frederick's death?" Felicia asks her in shock.

"I have a video tape showing you went to see Frederick the day he was shot last November," Lopez informs her. "What did you say to him that day?"

Felicia shakes her head as she tries to control her hands from shaking too. "You have to understand," Felicia tries to catch her breath. "Frederick, he was my doctor for so long and he did some horrible things to my family."

"I heard that he brainwashed you and was keeping your daughter at his estate in Santa Barbara."

"He did! He kept Leah from us for years! We thought she was dead. He watched me and my family grieve and he never said a damn thing! So, did I visit him? Did I tell him how upset I was? Yes, I did! But I didn't shoot him, Officer Lopez. And before you ask again, yes, I do have an alibi for New Year's Eve. I was with my family."

"I only have one more question," Lopez makes eyes contact with her. "Have you been taking your medication on a regular basis?"

Felicia looks down at her trembling hands and gulps. "Of course I have," she lies to Lopez. "I know what's at stake if I go off my medication. Now, if you don't mind, I don't want to answer any more questions until I have a lawyer present."


Felicia has left the office and Lopez sits at her desk writing done some notes from her visit. She can't place what it was about the way Felicia reacted to the news that Frederick had died, and the question regarding Felicia's medication, but she senses that Felicia wasn't being completely honest with her. She just has to figure out what Felicia was hiding.

"I will have to brace myself," she tells herself. "Most of the suspects will probably have something to hide regarding their visit with Frederick. They all won't be honest with me."

Before she can say anything else, Dominick appears in her doorway. "I hope I'm not late," he announces to Lopez, causing her to look up and then stand up.

"Not at all," she says to him. "Thank you for coming."

"When the police investigator leaves you a message to come see her, I follow those orders."

"That's good to know," she tells him as he sits down in front of her desk and she shuts her office door. "I am assuming you've heard about Frederick Richardson's death?"

"I have," he admits to her. "Can't say that I'm devastated though. After everything that man has put my family through, I think he got exactly what he deserved."

"Careful Mr. Robertson," Lopez sits back down at her desk. "If you keep saying stuff like that, I might suspect you had something to do with his death."

"I can assure you, Detective," he replies to her. "I had nothing to do with Frederick dying. But, that doesn't mean that I have to be sad to see him go. He brainwashed my wife and he held my daughter hostage for two years; can you blame me for disliking him?"

"The day Frederick was shot, you paid him a visit, didn't you?"

"Indeed, I did."

"And, what did you tell him, exactly?"

"Basically everything I just told you. I asked him how he could have done those things to my family. Felicia, in particular, since he claimed to love her," Dominick explains to her.

"Did you see him again that day?" Lopez asks him.

"Of course not," Dominick replies to her. "And, before you ask, I was with my family on New Year's Eve. There are witnesses to back that claim up."

Lopez grins back to him. "I have one more question for you," she tells him before she holds up a plastic bag with the note that she found in Frederick's office that reads, "Eva knows."

"What is that?" Dominick asks her.

"I found this in Frederick's office," she explains to him. "I thought I'd ask you, what could your wife possibly know? What is she hiding?"

Dominick freezes for a moment when he thinks back to his discussion with Frederick the day he was shot; he mentioned to Dominick that Eva was keeping a secret from him. When he asked Eva, she said that Frederick was making everything up. At the time, he had no reason to believe Eva was lying, but now that the police have found this note, he is left to wonder if something is going on.

"You're not saying anything," Lopez notes to him. "What is your wife hiding?"

Dominick shakes his head. "I wish I knew, officer," he admits to her. "But, I have no idea."


Just like she did after Felicia left, Lopez sits at her desk and writes some notes about her visit with Dominick. While he admitted that he hated Frederick, Lopez did believe him when he said that he didn't shoot Frederick. What's more alarming, to her, is that he didn't seem to know what his wife, Eva, could know about Frederick.

"A wife keeping a secret from her husband," she whispers to herself. "What could that mean? I will have to grill Eva about it when she comes in."

She looks up from her notes when she hears a soft knock on the door. She looks over and sees Paige standing at the door way. "Ms. Claus, please come in. I'm glad you could make it today."

Paige nervously comes into the office and sits across from Simona. "What is this about? Am I in some kind of trouble?"

Lopez uneasily smiles back to her. "I hope not," she tells the younger woman. "The reason I asked you here is because I know that you went to see Frederick Richardson the day he was shot last November. I just have a few questions for you."

Paige feels some beads of sweat form on her forehead as her heart race picks up a bit. "I…I didn't do anything other than talk to him," she manages to say.

"Okay, okay," Lopez tries to calm her down. "What did you talk about?"

Paige tries to take a deep breath. "I just…" she starts before she pauses. "I just tried to understand how he could keep my mom away from me for so long. He knew that she was alive, he knew that my family was mourning her and he didn't care. I just tried to understand."

"And what did he say back to you?" Lopez asks her.

Paige shrugs her shoulders. "He didn't really have an answer other than that he thought he was doing the right thing, which is total b.s. Sorry, I shouldn't say that."

"You're fine," Lopez replies to her. Suddenly, Lopez reaches down to her belt and pulls out her gun and places it on the table. The sight of the gun makes Paige jump a little. "Does the sight of a gun scare you?"

"I don't like violence," Paige admits to her, unable to hide how uneasy she is.

"Noted," Lopez tells her. "You're a good kid Paige. You're free to leave."


Lopez can tell by her visit with Paige that she can rule the young woman out as a suspect from the murder list. The way she tensed up by seeing her gun was proof enough for Lopez to know that Paige couldn't have used a gun, yet alone put three bullets into Frederick's chest.

"That doesn't mean that I don't have a lot of other suspects to sort through," she tells herself as she looks over and sees Leah come into the office.

"Leah, I'm glad that you could make it today," Simona smiles up as Leah knocks on the office door.

Leah uneasily moves inside the office and closes the door behind herself. "I was rather surprised to get this phone call, if I am honest. I'm not sure what you would want with me."

"Please have a seat," Lopez tells Leah, who listens to the officer. "I don't know if you've heard, but Frederick Richardson died on New Year's Eve."

Leah feels the blood drain from her face hearing the news. "I knew he wasn't doing well from being shot, but dead? I can't believe it."

"He was killed on New Years Eve, he didn't die from the gun shot wounds. That's why you're here today, I know you went to see him last November on the day he was shot. I need to know what you spoke about that day."

Leah gulps before nodding back to her. "You know he was keeping me at the winery in Santa Barbara?" she asks as Lopez nods back to her. "I basically just asked him why he would keep me from my family for so long. The pain I see in my daughter's eyes because I can't remember her is almost too much to bear. I blame that on Frederick. If he had brought me home, I might remember everything today."

"Did you threaten him at all?" Lopez asks her.

Leah shrugs. "I might have," Leah admits to her. "But I didn't do anything to hurt him. I would never do that to anyone."

Lopez nods back to her. "For what it's worth, I believe you. Just do me a favor, and don't leave town in case I have to ask you more questions, okay?"

Leah manages a real smile. "Thank you, detective. If I can do anything else, please let me know."


Lopez looks at her notes that she just wrote from her visit with Leah; like Paige, Lopez feels like she could rule out Leah as a future suspect. There just wasn't enough evidence that would suggest Leah would be capable of shooting Frederick. She is far too focused on trying to regain her memory and getting her life back, Lopez thinks to herself as she hears a knock on her door.

"Ah, just in time," Lopez says to Meggan as she comes into the office and closes the door. "Thanks for coming."

Meggan uneasily nods back to her. "I don't think I had much of a choice," she admits to the officer. "I'm assuming this is about my father."

"You are correct," Lopez nods back to her. "First of all, I'm sorry for your loss."

Meggan tries to bit her lip to prevent herself from crying. She still can't believe that her father was killed on New Year's Eve. It was bad enough that someone shot him but the smothering of him is almost too much to bear.

"Thank you," she manages to say back to the police officer. "I'm assuming I'm here because you know I saw my Dad at his office the day of his shooting in November."

"You're clever."

"I used to be a cop, I know how this works," Meggan winks back to her. "I can tell you though, you're wasting your time. I had nothing to do with my father's death."

"You are responsible for Noah Claus' death, aren't you? And, you hit Victoria Franky with your car?"

Meggan looks back in shock that Simona would mention those situations to her. "How dare you! I was struggling with my sobriety then!"

"When was the last time you had a drink?" Lopez asks her next. "Did you have a drink the day you went to see your father in November?"

"No, I did not! And, I resent that you asked me that!"

"Well, what did you and Frederick speak about that day in his office?"

Meggan sighs as she recalls the conversation from that day. "My brother had just come out of the closet and my father didn't take it very well. I asked him how he could treat Lukas that way. Lukas is my best friend, I hated seeing the pain he was going through as a result of my father's hatred. And that's what it was, hatred."

"How did that make you feel?"

"How do you think it made me feel? I couldn't believe that my father would be so cruel, so cold."

"Your father was also keeping Leah Robertson hostage for a while, wasn't he? While she was presumed dead, didn't you marry Leah's husband?" Lopez continues to ask Meggan questions.

Meggan puts her head down.

"Yes, I did," she admits to her. "I can't believe he would do that."

"You can't believe a lot of the actions that your father was doing before he died."

Meggan nods back to her. "I suppose that's true," she replies to her. "That being said, I didn't kill my father. I wouldn't do that. I was trying to put our family back together, not rip it apart."

"if that's true, Ms. Richardson, you won't object to me searching your family estate."

Meggan feels the blood drain from her face at the request to search the mansion. "Did I ask for something too much?" Lopez asks her.

Meggan finds herself shaking her head no. "No, of course not," she tells Lopez, even though she's rattled. "You can search my family home. I have nothing to hide."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Simona continues to question suspects
- Eva feels the pressure
- Tyler has to relive his past

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