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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce revealed to Chris that Andrew told Simona Lopez that he threatened Frederick before he was shot. Lopez, later, discovered that Chris was trying to get rid of his gun. Helen, after hearing all the evidence, wondered if Chris actually did kill Frederick
- Tyler shocked Kim by revealing that he taped their love making on New Year's Eve. He told her that he wanted her back
- Leah had a memory flash of Frederick talking on the phone to Eva in Santa Barbara
- Dominick told Eva that Felicia has been taking her medication
- Robbie told Victoria that they will be together once Leah has her memory back
- Natasha learned that she couldn't have more children

Scene One - The Pampa Grill

"Are you sure I look okay?" A nervous Daisy asks Vinny as they sit next together at a large table in the restaurant. Daisy knows how much this evening means to her; she has invited Lukas and Meggan to dinner so they can try to get to know one another better. Despite everything that has happened since last summer when everyone learned that Frederick raped Jemma resulting in the birth of Daisy and Danielle and then Frederick's murder, Daisy does still want to get to know her siblings better. It's just that everything has happened so quickly, no one has really had time to adjust.

"You look beautiful, as always," Vinny smiles back to his wife. "I'm glad that you're doing this. It's long overdue."

Daisy nods back to him. "That's what I thought too. Frederick is dead, we can't bring him back. But that doesn't change the fact that I have a brother and sister that I didn't know about. I'd like to try to make these relationships work."

"I think you'll be surprised by their reaction," Vinny admits to her. "After all, they just learned about you as well."

"We aren't late, are we?" Meggan asks as she and Lukas approach the table. She looks back at Lukas, who gives her a look of concern. Neither one of them were sure how this night would play out.

"Not at all, please have a seat," Daisy smiles back to them. "I'm glad that you two could join us tonight."

"We've been meaning to reach out to you," Lukas admits to her as they sit across from Daisy and Vinny. "We got the flowers you sent for our Dad's memorial service; that was very sweet of you, thank you."

Daisy shrugs her shoulders at the gesture. "It was the least I could do," she tells them. "I know that I'll never have the chance to get to know Frederick the way you knew him, but I still want to get to know you two. We are family, after all. I just want to try to start to put this mess behind us."

Meggan nods back to her. "We'd both like that," she tells her as Lukas nods back to him.

"If our father's death has taught us anything, it's that life is too short," Lukas chimes in. "We have to make the most of it while we can."

"I say we order some sparkling cider and make a toast to that," Vinny notes to them, looking at Meggan, since she doesn't drink.

"How about champagne and I'll have a glass of the cider?" Meggan winks back to him. "We can celebrate moving forward together."


At another table, Trenyce and Jemma sit across from one another, despite seeing the table with Daisy, Vinny, Meggan and Lukas. Trenyce notes Jemma's mood change from seeing Daisy together with her sibilings.

"Does it upset you?" Trenyce asks Jemma as she takes a sip of her red wine.

"Does what upset me, child?" Jemma asks her back, not wanting to look at the table. Jemma knows that she has been reaching out to Daisy in hopes of them moving forward in their relationship but she hasn't had much success in that regard lately. She knows that Daisy needs time, and that's exactly what she is going to give her.

"Daisy having dinner with Meggan and Lukas?" Trenyce asks her, knowing that Jemma is trying to be cool about it, but she knows it must upset her. "I know how you have been trying to get back into Daisy's good graces."

"I have, yes," Jemma nods back to her. "But the fact of the matter is, she needs time, and I ain't gonna rush her. I know that she loves me, and love concurs all."

Trenyce smiles back to her, as she looks past Jemma's shoulder when she sees Chris and Helen walk into the restaurant. Trenyce quickly takes a sip of her wine, causing Jemma to wonder what's going on. She looks behind her and sees Chris and Helen move into the restaurant.

"Ah," Jemma sighs as she turns back around to Trenyce. "Chris is still seein' that woman, huh?"

"Yea, I think they are getting pretty serious."

"I can tell how you feel about that."

Trenyce shakes her head in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"It's written all over your face, Miss Trenyce. You have feelings for Chris, and don't ya even try to deny it."


"I'm glad you were able to get out with me tonight," Chris tells Helen as they sit across from one another at a table in the middle of the restaurant.

"It was good timing when you texted me," Helen admits to him. "Barbara had a church group tonight, so I would have been eating alone."

"Glad I reached out to you then," Chris says back to her. "I haven't seen much of you lately, how are you?"

Helen smiles back to him. "Things are really good. Dawn keeps reaching out to Adam and I, which is nice. I really think I'll have my daughter back soon."

"I'm so glad to hear that."

"Thank you," Helen takes a sip of her wine. "What about you? Have the police dropped the investigation of you being Frederick's killer yet?" She asks him, and then holds her breath. She knows that all of the evidence that Chris has told her about really does make him look like he could be the one who killed Frederick, but she hopes that she is wrong about all of this.

Chris shakes his head. "No, they haven't dropped the investigation. I think Simona Lopez is feeling pressure to make an arrest, but I'll be damned if I let her convict me of this crime when I didn't commit it."

Before Helen can reply, Chris sees Andrew walk into the restaurant and he can immediately feel his blood pressure start to rise since he knows that Andrew is the one who told Simona Lopez that he threatened Frederick last November.

"Excuse me for a moment, I have to take care of something," Chris tells Helen as he stands up from the table and walks towards the front door where Andrew is standing. Chris approaches Andrew. "Hey," he says to the younger man.

"Hey, Chris."

"We need to talk," Chris folds his arms across his chest. "What's this about you telling the cops that I threatened Frederick?"


At a table in the back of the restaurant, Victoria and Eva sit across from one another, having dinner together.

"I'm sorry that we haven't had time to do this more often lately," Eva tells her daughter before she has a sip of her wine.

"I know, things have been so busy for me," Victoria replies to her. "I'm just glad that Natasha will be okay from her fall."

Eva uneasily nods back to her, knowing that Natasha won't be able to have any more children, but she isn't going to make that public knowledge until Natasha shares it with everyone.

"I was worried about her too," Eva nods back to her. "When I was at the hospital the other day, I happened to see Robbie. He's looking good."

Victoria rolls her eyes back to her. "Yea, I guess he is."

"Oh darling, are things still not working out?"

"Well, you know, Leah's memory still hasn't returned, which means Robbie is still pretending to be her husband. I don't know how much more I can do this, Mom," Victoria admits to her. "I mean, how much more am I supposed to take?"

Eva reaches over and grabs her daughter's hand. "Do you love Robbie?" She asks Victoria, who nods back to her. "Then, you'll fight for him. Trust me when I tell you that Leah's memory will return, and when it does, everything can go back to normal."

Victoria tries to smile on her face. "The problem is, I have no idea what normal is anymore. And, I don't think Robbie does either."

Scene Two - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory's Home

"Are you sure you're comfortable?" Cory asks Natasha, who is sitting on the large sofa in the living room with her feet up and a hot cup of tea next to her. Since being released from the hospital, Natasha has agreed to stay with Cory until she's back to being 100%. And, he has been waiting on her hand and foot.

Natasha chuckles a little back to him. "I'm positive," she tells him. "You have given me anything I could possibly need and more."

Cory moves over to the sofa and sits next to her. "I just want to make sure that you're okay. You have no idea how scared I was when I heard that you fell on the ice."

"It was a careless mistake on my part," Natasha admits to him. "I went to go after Cassie and I didn't even look at the sidewalk where there was ice."

"You're sure she had nothing to do with this?"

Natasha waves her hand in the air. "I'm positive," she admits to him. "I wish I could blame this on Cassie, but this is all my fault. And now, I'm going to pay for it for the rest of my life."

Cory arches his eyebrow at her comment. "What does that mean? How will you pay for the rest of your life?"

Natasha puts her head down; she has been dreading this conversation since Craig told her the news that the fall left her with the inability to have more children. She knows that Cory would love to be a father, so she hopes that this news wont' derail their relationship. When she looks up, she has tears in her eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong? What's with the tears?"

"You promise you love me, no matter what?" She asks him, as he nods back to her. "The fall, it caused some damage; Damage that can't be undone."

"I don't understand," Cory admits to her. "I thought Craig said that you would make a full recovery."

"I will," Natasha says as a tear falls down her cheek. "Except for one thing."

"Tell me, what's happened?"

"I..." she begins to say. "I can't have any more children. The fall...it means that I can't give Jacob a little brother or sister."

"Oh Natasha," Cory pulls her into a hug. "I'm so sorry. I know how much you love being a mother."

"I do," she cries back to him. "But, Cory, I know how much you wanted to be a father. I know we are still new and trying this relationship out again, but if this is a game changer for you, I'll understand completely."

Cory leans in and kisses her on the lips. "I love you," he whispers as their lips part. "I'm not going anywhere."

Scene Three - Tyler's Townhouse

Eva stands outside having finished dinner with Victoria. She hopes that Victoria and Robbie are able to work out their relationship after Leah gets her memory back, but in the meantime, she knows that she has other issues that she has to deal with. As she knocks on the front door of Tyler's, she recalls how Dominick told her that he spoke to Felicia and she admitted that she has been on her medication since Frederick's death. Eva has no reason to think that Dominick is lying, but she still wants to check in on Felicia and ensure that she's okay.

"Eva, this is a surprise," Felicia announces as she opens the front door. "Please come in."

"Thank you," Eva says as she moves past Felicia. "I know it's late, so I won't stay too long. I just had to come in and see how you're doing."

"I'm fine," Felicia replies to her. "Why would you think otherwise?"

"Because, I know how much you've been through. And, with Frederick dying, I can't imagine these past few months have been easy."

"No, they haven't," Felicia admits to her. "But you know what? I'm getting through. Being back here with Tyler and Blake and having Leah back, it has made it all much more manageable."

"Well good," Eva smiles. "I'm glad I don't have to worry about anything with you then."

Felicia shakes her head. "No, you don't," she tells her. "But, I do appreciate the concern."

Before Eva can reply, the alarm on Felicia's phone goes off. "What's that?" Eva asks her.

"It's just a reminder for me to take my medication," Felicia tells her as she shuts the alarm off.

"Then you should take your pill," Eva arches her eyebrow, wondering why Felicia isn't moving over to her pill bottle. She has long suspected that Felicia hasn't been taking her medication.

"Yea, of course," Felicia puts a smile on her face. She walks over to the where her pills are and she puts one in her mouth. Eva watches as Felicia pours herself a glass of water and swallows the pill down. "See Eva, you have nothing to worry about. Nothing at all."

Scene Four - Robertson Enterprises; The Boutique

"I'm not sure I understand," Dominick looks back at Leah, who has arrived at the new boutique at Robertson Enterprises that will sell Robertson products exclusively. He was showing Robin the space when Leah arrived and told him that she had a memory. "You have your memory back? Darling, this is great news!"

Leah sighs and looks back to him. "Well, not all of my memory is back yet, but I did remember something. So, this has to be a good sign, right?"

"I think so," Dominick comes up to her and hugs her. "I am so happy for you."

They exit their embrace and Leah looks back at him. "I don't know," Leah admits to him. "The memory is a little bit hazy."

"You mentioned Eva's name. What does my wife have to do with this?"

"Well," Leah braces him for the reveal. "Brace yourself, Dad. Because, I know Eva's secret. I know what she has been hiding."

Scene Five - Roboto; Bob's Office

Bob sits at his desk typing into his computer furiously as he is trying to get his facial cream out sooner rather than later. The fact that Robertson Enterprises was able to get their facial cream out before Roboto, using their formula, still boggles his mind and makes him livid.

"I will still find out the truth," he whispers to himself as he pauses from typing and stands up. "I need to find out who leaked that information. My internal audit found nothing and then when Kimberly interviewed the staff, she wasn't able to uncover anything either. But, someone in this office is a mole and I have to find out who it is."

He reaches his bar and pours himself a brandy before taking a sip. "I have to ensure that I get my facial cream out now though," he tells himself. "As soon as the product is on the shelf, I can go back and figure out who the mole is in my office. Right now, I have to be able to compete with Robertson Enterprises. Dominick will not win this war. I refuse to allow to let this happen."

Before he can say anything else, he hears a loud pin from his computer that indicates he just got a new email. He sets his drink down and quickly walks back to his desk. He looks at his email and feels his blood boil at what he is reading: Robertson Enterprises has ordered a second launch of their facial cream.

"Damn you Dominick," Bob grits his teeth together. "You won't get away with this. In fact, I will make sure you don't get win this war. I will crush you, even if it's the last thing I ever do."

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion; The Guesthouse

Kim looks around the guesthouse, a place she hasn't been in a very long time. She knows that she was staying there when her and Bob were having a rough patch in their marriage, but that was a long time ago. Now, she is here because she is trying to figure out what she is going to do about Tyler.

She knows that she slept with him on New Year's Eve in order to keep him quiet about her being the one who gave him the formula for the facial cream that Robertson Enterprise used to release their product before Roboto. After the act, she told Tyler that they couldn't be together anymore, but then he surprised her by revealing that he taped them on New Year's Eve; she can't believe that he recorded them without her knowledge. Not only that, but now he is claiming that he wants her back, and if she doesn't give them a try, he will show Bob the video.

"What the hell was I thinking?" She asks herself as she paces around the living room. "I can't believe Tyler would do this to me. How could I have been so stupid?"

Before she can say anything else, the doorbell rings and Kim rushes over to the door. When she opens it, she sees Tyler standing on the other side. "Is this the place you thought of for us to reunite?" He smirks as he walks into the guest house. "Right under your husband's nose? You're a bad girl, Kim."

"Shut up," she tells him as she shuts the door behind him. "I asked you here because we need to get a few things straight."

"Let me guess, you can't believe that I taped us having incredible sex?"

"How could you?" She asks him, trying not to raise her voice. She has decided to try to stay calm in hopes of getting through to him. "You told me that one more night together and you would drop everything. Why did you lie to me?"

"Because," he starts to tell her. "I love you, Kim. We can be together as a family, you, Blake and I. Doesn't that sound amazing?'

She shakes her head no. "I don't love you," she admits to him. "I am in love with Bob. I want my marriage to work."

"The same man who forced you to decide between him and your son? That's the man you love?"

"He made a mistake," Kim replies to him. "We've all made mistakes. My God, the biggest mistake of my life was ever sleeping with you!"

"Oh Kim, don't say that," he tells her. "Because, if you regret sleeping with me, it means that you regret your son."

"How can I not regret it?" She asks him. "You're blackmailing me into leaving my husband to into a relationship with you! You don't think that's disgusting?"

"I think it's me doing what I have to do to make us a reality again."

"God, you're amazing," she laughs at him. "I don't love you, Tyler! I will never love you!"

"You did once," he reminds her. "And Blake is proof of our love."

Kim's hand finds Tyler's cheek. "Don't you dare mention my son's name again," she yells at him. "You will never see him again if I go to Bob with this!"

Tyler laughs back at her. "But that's the thing Kim, you won't go to Bob with this. I'll forgive you for hitting me this time, but it will be the last time."

"I hate you!"

"I love you," he winks back to her. "So, what's it going to be? When are you coming back to me?"

Scene Seven - The Pampa Grill

"Now isn't the time to talk about this," Andrew tells Chris, as the stand in the entry way of the restaurant.

"If not now, then when?" Chris asks him. "Look Andrew, I know you meant well, but you really caused me a lot of grief by telling Simona Lopez about my conversation with Frederick."

"If you didn't do anything wrong, then it shouldn't matter," Andrew replies to him quickly, as the various guests in the restaurant turn to watch the confrontation take place.

Back at Trenyce's table, she looks at Jemma. "I wonder if I should go say something."

"No child," Jemma interrupts her. "Leave them be. You just stay out of this."

Meanwhile, Daisy looks at Vinny and wonders why Chris and Andrew are getting so heated with one another. "Do you think I should say something?"

"No," Lukas interjects. "Let's leave them hash it out together."

Back at the foyer, Andrew looks back at Chris with intent. "Well? Did you do anything wrong?"

"Of course not," Chris quickly replies to him.

Before Andrew can reply, Simona Lopez enters the restaurant and immediately sees Chris. "Ah, just the man I was looking for," she says as she purses her lips together.

"Detective," Chris snaps back at her. "This isn't a good time."

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice," she tells him. "Chris Michaels, you're under arrest for the murder of Frederick Richardson. Anything you say can, and will be used against you in the court of law...."

Andrew, Daisy, Vinny, Meggan, Lukas, Jemma, Trenyce and Helen all watch in horror was Chris is handcuffed and escorted out of the restaurant. Helen gasps and quickly turns around, so no one sees her watching the man she was just eating with being arrested.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Chris yells to Simona Lopez. "I'm not the killer! You have the wrong person!"

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Dominick confronts Eva
- Dawn has a confession for Cassie

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