Episode 46 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Shane and Natasha made love
-Victoria’s odd moods continued, as shee thought a man was going to rape her. She accidentally killed him and dumped the body in the river. The man, a young janitor named Andy, turned up alive and working at The Sun. Kim became worried about him when she saw a bruise on his head
-Jeff agreed to move into Kim’s apartmeennt
-Helen accepted Adam’s proposal
-Daisy learned that Danielle had been killed, and that her daughter wanted to come live with her and Chris

Scene 1
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Cory opens the door to the penthouse. He slowly enters, and drops his keys on the desk. He takes off his jacket. He puts the Wild Night files on the desk as well.

His mind continuously thinks back to Natasha. Beautiful Natasha.


Cory sits next to her. "You’re my wife, legally," he says. "And I can’t stop thinking about you, Natasha."

Natasha starts to get a little teary. "Cory, please..."

Cory puts his hand on her face. "Don’t cry Natasha. I still love you, and I know you still love me too."

"I guess love isn’t enough," she says. Cory moves closer to her and kisses her. The kiss is long and passionate. Natasha finally breaks away. "Please go Cory," she says, with a tear scrolling down her face.

[End of Flash]

‘I have to stop thinking about her,’ Cory scolds himself, as he opens the balcony doors. He steps out on to the balcony, and looks off the edge or the rail. Cory looks at the view. He can see the entire city. Slowly his eyes move towards the mountains, just outside the city. He quickly stops the Calimo mansion, which is located just outside the city.

"Damn it!" he says aloud. "Why can’t I get my mind off you Natasha?" he asks himself. "I love Robin...I should be happy with her," he says. He quickly turns and re-enters the penthouse. He shuts the doors to the balcony and walks upstairs. "Robin!" he calls. "Honey, are you home?"

He opens the door to the bedroom, and sees Robin fast asleep in the bed. "Odd, she’s never sleeping at this time of the afternoon," he says to himself. "I hope she’s not sick," he says closing the door.

Robin stirs in the bed. She shifts, opening her left hand. The empty bottle of anti-depressants falls from her hand and on to the floor.

Scene 2
Setting: The Legal Firm; Natasha’s Office

Natasha sits behind her desk, smiling. ‘Today is a good day‘, she thinks. ‘I got my favorite pink and white suit back from the cleaners. I’ve got a lot of work done...and Shane,’ she smiles again as she thinks of the previous evening.

She sits back in her chair and lets out a sigh. She looks at her desk for a moment and her eye catches the photo of her and Cory on their wedding day. She sits up and picks up the photo. She smile quickly fades away. "What have I done?" she asks herself slowly. ’I still love my husband,’ she says to herself, as a tears dwell in her eyes. "My God...what have I done?"

Natasha quickly puts the photo down and wipes her tears as her office door opens. Shane comes in, with a big smile on his face. "Hey beautiful," he says smiling. He leans over her desk and gives her a kiss. Natasha pulls away quickly.

"Shane, what a surprise. What’s going on? I thought you had patients all day?" Natasha says, trying not to look him in the eyes.

Shane sits down. "I cleared my schedule so I could some see you."

"You really shouldn’t have," she says.


"But what?" Natasha asks.

"Last night. We..."

"We," Natasha blushes.

"It’s alright." Shane laughs.

Natasha laughs as well, but she quickly stops. "But it’s not alright Shane. I still love Cory. I still want to be with my husband. We....we shouldn’t have made love," she says with tears flowing from her eyes.

Shane sits there in silence. Natasha looks at him. ’My God, I’ve devastated him,’ she thinks. "You are with Rebecca right? I won’t tell her about this, and you guys can still be happy," Natasha says, then realizing Shane isn’t with Rebecca.

Shane gets up and walks to the door. "I’ll see you around," he whispers before leaving. Natasha cries as Shane leaves.

"What have I done?" she asks herself.

Shane quickly leaves the legal firm. He gets into his car, and quickly smashes his fists on the steering wheel. "Damn! How stupid could I be!?" he asks himself. "Why did I get my hopes up?"

Scene 3
Setting: The Twin Peaks Sun; Kim’s Office

Kim sits in her office, trying to type her article for tomorrow’s edition. Her mind, however is some where else. And for the first time in a long time, it’s not on Jeff Claus. Instead, she thinks of another man.


Kim doesn’t notice the young person who enters her office to grab her recycle box. She snaps out of it enough to look on the young man. He has a large bruise on his head. Kim becomes worried. She looks at his name tag. "Andy", it reads. She smiles. Andy looks over at her.

"Is there something wrong?" he asks.

"I was going to ask you the same thing," she says pointing to his bruise.

"Ah, that. Nothing. It’s nothing," he says quickly.

[End of Flash]

Kim shakes her head. ‘How did Andy really get that bruise?’ she wonders to herself, fearing that the young man is a victim of physical abuse. "I need to find out for sure," Kim says getting up from her chair and walking out of her office.

She walks down the stairs to the main floor and approaches the front desk. The secretary smiles at Kim.

"What can I do for you Ms. Reeves?"

"I need all the information on the janitorial staff we have here," Kim says in a slightly demanding tone.

The secretary looks a little confused.

"Is something wrong?" Kim asks.

"No, it’s just this is a very unusual request."

"I need the information. And I needed it yesterday," Kim snaps, walking back upstairs as the secretary begins to type on her computer.

Scene 4
Setting: The Victor’s Home; Vinny and Meggan’s Home

Vinny flies through the door with a lighter in his hand, catching site of Meggan gearing to take a seat as she turns to the sound of the door closing, but immediately turns away at the site of her husband. Vinny, meanwhile, sticks the lighter in his pockets and heads over to greet his wife with a kiss on the neck.

"Baby I didn’t expect you…" he starts but is cut off as Meggan moves her neck away from his lips disappointedly as she stares at the blank television screen.

Vinny notice her stand offish behavior and questions his wife. "Is it me or did the temperature just drop below zero?" Meggan remains quiet as the sound of the clock becomes incessantly present in the foreground. Vinny becomes agitated by the sound and realizes that his wife is upset with him.

"All right, obviously something is wrong and we both know the silent treatment won’t solve it," he states. Meggan then says firmly, "Nothing is wrong, it’s just obvious you don’t love me as much I love you."

"What? How can you say that?" he asks, aghast by the question.

Meggan then sticks her hand down under the sofa and pulls up a gift, beautifully wrapped, surrounded by hearts. She opens the box to reveal a huge heart-shape candy box and written on the candy box is ‘Comprising this heart is an infinite amount of dots because that’s how I love you… ever lasting.’

A tear drops down her eye as she holds the gift out to her husband and she speaks, "This is what I had the company of spending Valentine’s Day with because my husband obviously had something much more important to do than spend the day of love with his wife."

"That is simply not true, I tried like hell to get back here to celebrate with you, but by the time I arrived home, you had already fallen asleep." He voices to his wife, who removes the tear from her eye.

"What time did you get home last night?" she asks.

"What? Why are you even asking me that?" he reciprocates the question.

"Why are you avoiding the question, is it perhaps because you’re lying? I was up to the wee hours of the morning, I know that you didn’t come home last night, obviously you forgot all about Valentine’s Day and the fact that you can stand here and lie about it makes it all the more worse." Her assertion leaves Vinny speechless. "I guess your silence speaks volumes, doesn’t it?"

She phrases with pain in her voice.

"I just can’t believe you’re letting some holiday dictate how much I love you. We don’t need…" he says, but Meggan cuts him off.

"This holiday was a commemoration of our love, the anniversary of the first time we made love. Of course it means something to me, I thought it meant something to you." She voices, looking on disappointedly at her husband.

"Of course it does, sweetheart." He says, trying to hug his wife, but she pulls away.

"Don’t! Just leave me alone, I’m going to catch up on the sleep I lost waiting up for you." She concludes, leaving the room.

Scene 5
Setting: The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Adam gleefully whistles as he arrives at the door of his apartment, where he finds Helen standing waiting for him. "Hey, I wasn’t expecting you. You haven’t been waiting long, have you?" he asks as he inserts the key into the doorknob, propping the door open and showing her the way in.

"No, I arrived just a few minutes ago." She states as she enters the apartment and turns back to him as he closes and locks the door.

"So what’s going on, you seem amazingly cheerful." She remarks.

"Well… why don’t we sit down?" He suggests, the two then immediately take a seat on the couch in front of them, he then continues. "I was at Twin Peaks High earlier, I’ve been offered the chance to start up a new course there going to be having in mid- Spring."

"That’s wonderful, I know you have been wanting some kind of change." She adds, folding her hands with a smile.

Adam continues, "Yeah and I really think this is the stepping ground my career needs, you know? Everything is going so great, I mean, for the first time since I’ve arrived in Twin Peaks, I feel like everything is just right." He concludes as he pulls a case from out of his pocket.

"Well, almost right." He says, opening the case to reveal a 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond ring, which leaves Helen unable to catch her breath.

"I know, it’s almost as beautiful as you. I realize that we can’t really officially be engaged until I’ve put a ring on that finger and I want everyone to know that this finger…" he pauses and grabs her finger, smiling along with her. He then continues,"…and everything along with it belongs to me." He smiles once more and slips the ring on her finger.

Helen smiles and then takes a look at the ring, invoking a flash where her hair color is much lighter and a man slips a ring on her finger, but the flash quickly fades.

"Hey, you alright?" Adam questions as Helen shakes off the thought.

Scene 6
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo

Rebecca sits the large bowl of popcorn on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Jason enters the room using crutches. He finally sits next to Rebecca and puts his arm around her.

"I can’t wait to see this new Angelina Jolie movie," he grins at her.

"Yea. I know why you like her," Rebecca teases.

The two quiet down as Jason pushes the play button the DVD remote. As the first preview begins, the telephone rings from the kitchen.

"Someone has terrible timing," Jason says as Rebecca gets up.

"Start without me, I’ll get rid of whoever it is," Rebecca says walking from the living room.

She enters the kitchen and picks up the phone. "Hello," she says.

"Hey," Shane’s soft, depressed voice replies.

"Shane!" Rebecca says surprised. Rebecca quickly looks over her shoulder to make sure Jason isn’t listening. She proceeds to talk quietly, "What’s wrong? You don’t sound so great."

"I’m....alright. I was...hoping to see you, tonight." he says slowly.

Rebecca cringes. She and Jason has been waiting for some alone time for awhile...but Shane really sounds desperate. She has no choice.

"I’ll be right over," she says.

Scene 7
Setting: The Twin Peaks Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Victoria sits at her desk, reviewing some of her patient’s files. "Elliot… 32, Caucasian male… complaints of discharge and pain during urination…" she pauses, thinking of her last encounter with Adam.

[ Flash ]

Her voice then escalates, "This has to do with more than that stupid pre-reception and Helen Mills, this is about..." she barks at Adam before he intercedes.

"Us... it isn’t working!" He concludes as Victoria shakes her head in distress.

[End of Flash]

"…Oh god," she sighs heavily, dragging both her hands over her mouth. She takes a deep breath and takes a look at another file as Andy passes by her office and peers through her window.

"Peter Delby… 19, Caucasian male… head pains, possibly due to a blow to the head a couple years back."

Saying those words, she recalls being on the docks last night.

[ Flash ]

The man makes his way over to release her foot embedded in a loose board on the docks, but she mistakes the action as that of a rapist. When he finally reaches her and starts to pull at her leg, she screams and tries to kick him off with her other leg.

He tries to reassure her he won't hurt her, "Ma'am, I'm just going to--" he manages to let out before an erratic Victoria bashes him over the head with a medium-sized stone. The man falls on top of Victoria as her foot props loose from the board on the docks.

[ End of Flash ]

"Why can’t I concentrate and who the hell was that man, my god, did I kill him?" She questions as Andy watches from the window, but impeding footsteps cause him to scatter.

Scene 8
Setting: The Twin Peaks Sun; Kim’s Office

Kim looks over Andy’s file.

"Andy Spinnes....18 years old," Kim reads from the faxed information. She quickly skims down. "Hmm...interested in being a reporter. Good place to start cleaning floors," Kim thinks. "Both parents killed when Andy was 16."

Kim puts the file down. "How tragic. He’s been on his own for years now. He’s must have got the job to support himself, and he just likes the reporting business," she concludes.

For some odd reason, Kim feels connected to Andy. "I have to help him," she thinks to herself.

Scene 9
Setting: The Victor’s Home; Vinny and Meggan’s Home

Vinny reaches the door of his and Meggan’s bedroom, where he finds Meggan standing holding rose petals. "I guess you’ve discovered my surprise." He says, Meggan then turns her head away.

Vinny continues, "Look, I’m sorry that I made you spend Valentine’s Day alone, but because I do love you so very much, I wanted to make the later one even more special because you’re special to me." He says, his words causes Meggan to reface him. Vinny then picks up a remote and presses a button, which causes the lights to dim and a red light shape into a heart to shine in the center as My Baby You by Marc Anthony plays.

Meggan covers her mouth in amazement, moved by the presentation as the music continues to play. Vinny then holds his hand out to hers, she teases him at first, but then gives him her hand and he twists her across the floor. They then meet in the center of the red heart and Vinny says to her, looking soulfully into her eyes, "I want you to know that you are my reason for everything and that my love for you to is everlasting…" he pauses and clicks the remote once more, turning her attention to a sign that flashes, "There is only one clear cloud in my sky… and I’m holding her in my arms."

Meggan finally speaks, "I cannot believe you did all this…"

Interceding, "Hey, with love on my side, how can I go wrong?" he remarks and kisses his wife. "I think we know what comes next." He concludes, moving his lips down her neck.

Scene 10
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Robin looks at herself in the mirror. She hates to admit it, but she looks terrible. Dark circles surround her eyes. Her skin is extremely pale, and her hands are slowly shaking.

"I need to look better before Cory gets home," she realizes as she splashes some cold water on her face and returns to the bedroom. She quickly spots the pill bottle on the floor. She walks over and grabs it. She shakes it, and realizes it’s empty.

"How is it empty? she asks herself. "Shane just filled the damn thing!"

She walks to the other side of the bedroom and grabs her coat.

"I need something before Cory gets home."

Scene 11
Setting: The Glubbs House; Shane’s Home

Rebecca parks her car in the back alley, just be sure that no one will see her car. As she walks to the back door, she recalls the lie she told Jason. ‘A girlfriend is having guy problems,’ she recalls to herself.

As she enters the yard, she continues to feel guilty about lying to Jason, but she keeps telling herself ‘Shane needs me’.

She says it to herself one final time before she rings the doorbell.

Shane emerges at the door, wearing gray sweat pants and a white tank top. The tight top shows off his muscular arms and chest.

He briefly smiles, as he lets her in.

"I’ve been worried about you," she says as they make their way to the living room. "You didn’t sound so great on the telephone. What’s up?" she says turning to him.

"This," he says grabbing her and kissing her passionately. His hands quickly remove her jacket and find her body.

Rebecca lets out of sigh. "Shane...we can’t," she finally gets out. Shane moves his lips from her mouth to her neck.

In between kisses, he says "If you didn’t want this you wouldn’t have come here tonight. You want me, and I want you..."

Rebecca pulls Shane off her neck. "Take me upstairs," she smiles. He lifts her in his arms and kisses her as he carries her upstairs.

Scene 12
Setting: Patricia’s Condo

Patricia drops her keys on the counter as she enters the house and takes a seat on the her kitchen stall. "Vinny, you owe me big for saving your ass today and I have no doubt all my hard work will pay off…" she expresses to herself before the ringing of the phone intercedes.

She picks up the phone and answers, "Hello?" she replies. No one answers on the other line. "I said hello, is anyone there?" she reiterates. The sound of the voice causes her eyeballs to nearly leave its socket.

"Dave? How did you get this… no, of course I’m not hiding from you." She says with a contrary look on her face, gritting her teeth. "If I were… what does that mean?" She inquires as he continues to talk.

"No, you can’t… of course, we would love to… but it will only confuse matters, you simply cannot… hello? Hello? Dave?" She voices until she hears a clicks, leaving her to question his presence on the phone until she hears the dial tone.

She drops the phone on the receiver and mutters to herself, "Oh god!" She sits on the couch for a moment and then picks up the phone again. She punches the number in and the phone continues to ring, "Come on Vinny, pick up your cell." She voices in agitation.


Meanwhile, Vinny’s ringing pair of pants leads to the shower, where Vinny has his body pressed against Meggan’s backside, her breast pressed against the shower glass door, cleverly covered by Vinny’s hands as he extends his head over, kissing her under the neck and then moving his lips down to her right breast keeping her left one covered. Their moaning distracts them from the sound of Vinny’s cell ringing.


"Shit!" She shouts, throwing the phone back down on the receiver. "I guess that means the bastard got lucky." She says, shrugging the thought off in disgust.

Scene 13
Setting: The Twin Peaks Hospital

Robin walks off the elevator, and walks slowly out. She looks around and sees no one, as it’s after hours. Her large black coat and sunglasses hide her appearance well. She arrives at a door and looks up. The plaque reads "Dr. Shane Glubbs". Robin smiles as she pulls out a bobby pin. She enters the pin into the door handle and wiggles it around, until she hears the door unlock. She enters, and quickly shuts the door before anyone sees her. She walks over to the desk and turns on the lamp. She scans the desk top until she finds Shane’s prescription pad.

"Perfect," she says.

Scene 14
Setting: The Michael’s Home; Chris and Daisy’s House

Daisy opens the dishwasher and puts some dishes in. Chris comes into the kitchen with the remaining dishes from supper.

"We have to talk about it sooner or later," Daisy says looking up at him. "We have to decide whether we want to take in Danielle’s daughter."

Chris looks at her. "I know. I guess my biggest concern is you, honey."

"Me? Why?"

"Danielle was your twin sister. You guys should have been close, but you weren’t. She hated you. She held you hostage. Do you really think you could learn to love her daughter?"

Daisy looks at Chris. He has a good point. Could she?

"I think I could," she says slowly. "This girl, this young woman isn’t Danielle. We can’t blame her for Danielle’s mistakes. I....I think we should do it," Daisy says.

Chris smiles. "Really? Cause, I do too."

Daisy hugs her husband. "I’ll call the agency in the morning."

Scene 15
Setting: Robin’s Car

Robin puts the new bottle of pills in her purse. ‘Thank goodness the pharmacy was open late,’ she thinks as she drives home.

She puts two pills in her mouth, and opens her bottle of water and takes a quick drink. As she puts the water bottle down into the cup holder, the car swerves out of control! The car moves towards the ditch. The sudden movement of the car towards the edge of the road, causes the car to flip over. The car rolls into the ditch, leaving Robin unconscious inside.

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