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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Chris was arrested for Frederick's murder, even though he claimed he was innocent. Natasha told him she would look into clearing his name by verifying he was at the shooting range on New Year's Eve. Trenyce, meanwhile, supported Chris. Helen, however, wondered if Chris could be guilty
- Natasha & Shane were horrified to learn that Jacob had a lung infection causing his left lung to collapse. Should he not get a lung transplant, Jacob could die
- Victoria wondered where she and Robbie stood since he continues to play the good husband to Leah
- Paige and Andrew continued to clash

Scene One - Twin Peaks Police Station; The Visiting Room

Chris sits at the table under the florescent light waiting for his visitor to arrive. He doesn't know who is coming to see him today, but he secretly hopes that it is Helen. Since he has been arrested, she hasn't come to visit him once. He can understand that she is confused about everything that is happening but he would really appreciate her support right now because he is innocent in all the charges that have been filed against him. He still can't believe that he was arrested for killing Frederick; he just hopes that Natasha will be able to clear his name. He isn't the guilty party, and the longer he sits in jail, the longer the real killer is free.

He looks over to the doorway when the door opens and a guard lets Trenyce inside the room. Trenyce gets a small grin on her face when she sees Chris; she can't imagine what he is going through having to be in jail for something that he didn't do. She is just glad that she can support him.

"Hey Trey, thanks for coming," he says to her as he stands up. He knows that he would hug her, however, there isn't any touching allowed but it doesn't mean that he can't let her know he appreciates her.

"Of course," she says as she sits across from him. "How are you? I mean, other than the obvious."

Chris sigs a little, knowing what she knows how he is doing. "As well as to be expected."

"Why do I get the feeling that you were hoping that I was someone else?" she asks him, noting that he is still down a little.

"I was hoping that you were Helen," he admits to her. "She hasn't come by once since I was arrested. Not that I mind seeing you."

"What? Why hasn't she come to see you? I can't believe her."

Chris shrugs. "I am assuming she is just confused by what is happening."

"Here you are, arrested for something you didn't do and you're worried that she's confused? You're being way too generous," Trenyce tells him. "If I was you…"

Chris chuckles back to her. "You'd what? Tell her she's crazy?"

"Pretty much," Trenyce giggles back to him. "You know I believe in your innocence, right?'

"Of course I do. I really appreciate that, Trenyce. More than you'll ever know."

"I'm glad," Trenyce nods back to him. "I ran into Andrew the other day."

"How did that go?"

Trenyce tries not to roll her eyes. "He's such a confused kid, you know? I'm not sure he will ever be the kid that we raised together."

Chris shakes his head. "I get why he is confused. He thought we were his parents only to learn that Savannah was his mother. Then she passed away so quickly and he was raised by Frederick. Anyone would be upset and confused."

"I know," Trenyce agrees with him. "I was just hoping that he would come around."

"Maybe he still will."

"Man, you're something else," Trenyce smirks back to him. "First you make excuses for Helen, now Andrew. And, you're the one in jail fighting for your freedom."

Chris smiles back to her. "I'm hoping I'll get out soon. Natasha said she was going to ask the shooting range to verify that I was there on New Year's."

"That would be amazing!"

Before either can say anything else, Simona Lopez enters the room and looks at Chris and Trenyce. Chris looks over and sees the detective there. "Oh man, I wonder what she wants."

Simona arrives at their table. "I'm glad I found you Mr. Michaels. I have news about your case. And, it's something you're going to want to hear."

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

"It was a nice surprise to hear you wanted to have coffee today," Adam tells Helen as they sit in the back booth of the coffeehouse, each having a coffee. "We don't do this nearly enough."

Helen smirks back to him before she takes a sip of her coffee. "We are divorced, but I still care about you. I'd like to think we can stay friends?"

"I couldn't agree more," Adam nods back to her. "Have you heard from Dawn again?"

Helen shakes her head no. "Not recently, but I believe that we are headed in the right direction with her, don't you?"

"I think so, yes," Adam replies to her. "How's Barbara?"

"Oh, you know, busy with the church group. It's good that she has kept herself busy since my Dad passed away. How are you? How are things with Max?"

"Getting better each day," Adam tells her before he takes a drink of his coffee. "I think one day, I will have a real relationship with my son."

"I'm really happy for you," she tells him as she puts her head down.

"What is it, Helen? What's wrong?"

"It's Chris," she reveals to him. "You heard that he was arrested for Frederick Richardson's murder?"

"Of course," Adam nods back to her. "It's been all over the news. How is he holding up?"

Helen shrugs back to him. "I haven't gone to see him."

"You haven't? Why not? I'm sure he could use the support."

Helen puts her head down again and swirls the coffee around her cup. "Helen? You don't think that he did it, do you? Is that why you've stayed away?"

"Does that make me a horrible person?" she looks up into his eyes. "Am I wrong to think that he might have been the one who killed Frederick? I mean, he hated the man. And, the police wouldn't just arrest someone if they didn't have evidence. I don't know...I'm confused about the entire situation."

Adam reaches over and grabs her hand. "I get it," he tells her. "But, you will only be confused until you have a conversation with Chris to get his side of things. If you hear him out, you might understand what's happened. And, if you still think he did it after that, then maybe it tells you everything you need to know."

Helen nods back to him. "You're right. I do have to talk to him. I should find out what he is thinking."

"Good, I hope it goes well. And if you need anything, you know where I am."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I can't believe that you had that memory of Eva and Frederick," Robbie tells Leah as they slowly walk from the cafeteria back to the waiting room, where they have arrived to support Shane and Natasha as they wait for some kind of news about Jacob. Robbie still can't believe that Leah had a memory; he just hopes that it means that soon her entire memory will come back and she will remember that she is married to Jeff, not him.

"Yea, I know," Leah takes a sip of the coffee in her hand, even though it's not that great tasting. "And, I can't believe how Eva was lying to my Dad for so long."

"I don't want to get into that," Robbie admits to her. "We've all made mistakes; I'm sure Eva felt like she had her reasons."

"I suppose that's true," Leah replies to him. "But, she didn't just lie to my Dad, but she was hurting my Mom. I don't know that I will be able to look at her the same way again."

"That's fair," Robbie says back to her. "Have you had any other memories at all?"

Leah shakes her head. "Nope," she admits to him. "Something has to give though, right? Having one memory must be a good sign."

"I'd like to think so," he smiles. "One day at a time, right?"

"How are you holding up? Hearing about Jacob must be hell for you too."

"It is," he admits to her. "I just hope that they find a donor. I can't imagine what Natasha will go through if she loses her son."

"We have to stay positive," Leah tells him. "We have to believe that Jacob will make it through this."

Robbie pulls her into a hug and holds her tight for a moment. "Have I told you how happy I am that you came back to us?"

"Once or twice," she smiles as he holds her. "But I never get tired of hearing it."

Just then, Victoria walks by as she heads to the nurses station and sees them in their embrace. Victoria takes a deep breath and continues towards the station when Robbie happens to see her. "Hey, why don't you go find Paige so she can have her coffee? I'll catch up with you after."

"Will you be okay?" Leah asks him.

Robbie nods. "Yea, I'm going to go pray."

"Okay, you know where to find me."

Robbie watches Leah walk off before he looks over at the nurse's station and sees that Victoria is still standing there. He quickly walks up to her, hoping to see her for a moment.

"Vic, hey," he says as he arrives at the nurses station.

"Hi," she coldly replies to him. "I'm sorry, I heard about Jacob. I hope he'll be okay. I tried to see Natasha but she was with Craig."

"Yea, we are all here just trying to help her and Shane keep it together."

"I'm sending positive thoughts your way."

"I appreciate that," he tells her. "Look, this entire thing has made me realize that we have to focus on what is important. We have to remember how much we love one another."

"I wish I could remember that," she replies to him. "The truth is, the longer this charade goes on, the less I believe that we will make it."

Robbie grabs her hand and squeezes it. "Just remember that I love you, okay? That hasn't change and it will never change."

"I'm trying Robbie, I really am. I'm just losing hope."

"Leah had a memory," Robbie reveals to her as Victoria's eyes light up. "I'm hoping that it means she will get her fully memory back. We just have to be patient."

Victoria uneasily nods back to him. "Thanks for telling me. Look, I have to make my rounds. I'll check in soon about Jacob, okay?"

"Okay," Robbie forces a smile on his face. "Don't forget what I said, I love you."


Paige looks out the window in the waiting room, trying to stay positive about Jacob. The truth is, the entire family is worried sick that the little boy won't survive this ordeal. She turns around and sees Andrew walking by and immediately feels her blood boil, knowing that the young man has been completely rude and disrespectful to her the few times they have encountered one another.

Andrew moves into the waiting room having spotted Paige as he was walking, having been here just for a check-up. "What are you doing here?" she asks him, knowing that the last time they saw one another she asked him to avoid her.

"I had a check-up," he replies to her. "Look, Paige, I'm not here to be a jerk. I heard about the little kid in your family and I wanted to apologize to you. No child should go through anything like this."

"Ha!" Paige laughs at him. "Forgive me if I don't I believe anything you have to say."

"Paige, what's going on?" Leah asks her daughter as she comes into the waiting room. "I brought you a coffee."

"Thanks," Paige walks by Andrew towards her Mom. "Have you heard anything?"

"No," Leah replies to her before she looks at Andrew as he turns around. "Oh, Andrew! How are you?"

"I've been good, how are you?"

"Wait," Paige interrupts them, surprised by their conversation. "You two know each other? How the hell did this happen?"

"Andrew was at the winery with me in Santa Barbara," Leah explains to her. "We grew pretty close while we were there. He's a good kid."

"Thank you, Leah. I appreciate you saying that. I'm going to take off, but like I said Paige, I hope everything is okay with your family. See you around, Leah."

"Bye Andrew," Leah smiles to him as he leaves the waiting room.

Paige closes her eyes and can't believe that her mother thinks Andrew is a good guy. All the encounters she has had with him show the opposite. "What was that about?" Leah asks her daughter.

"Never mind," Paige says to her. "Let's focus on how we can help Jacob."


"So, what are the odds of finding a donor?" Natasha asks Craig as she and Shane sit in the doctor's office, still reeling from the fact that Jacob's left lung has collapsed because of his infection and the infection is moving to his right lung. If Jacob doesn't get a donor, he will not survive. Now, they are trying to get as much information as they possibly can so they know what they have to do to save Jacob; neither Natasha nor Shane can accept that their little boy might not make it.

Craig looks back at them, his face grime. "Honestly, they aren't great. I'm not going to sugar coat this for you guys, I'm just going to be as honest as I can be. Jacob is so young, he's only 3 and a half. There aren't many kids his age that donate their lungs."

"But there is a wait list, right?" Shane asks him. "We have to do something; we can't just watch our son die."

"There's a wait list, yes," Craig replies to him. "I've already put Jacob's name on it and have stressed how dire it is. The fact remains though: there just aren't many donors in his age range."

"And, the donor, they have to be exactly 3 and a half?" Natasha asks him. "That doesn't seem fair."

"No, not exactly," Craig informs her. "We could use from an age range of 2 ½ to 5, maybe. 5 would be a stretch because they are further advanced than a 3 year old, so the lungs of a 5 year would have to be much smaller so they would fit in Jacob, or another 3 ½ year old. Again, it comes down to how many possible donors there are. A person that young would have to be brain dead for a family to consider donating."

"I can't believe this," Natasha fights tears in her eyes. "Basically, there's nothing we can do other than to sit back and watch Jacob die?"

"No, we will fight for him," Shane tells her as he grabs her hand. "We can't let our son go, now without a fight."

"I'm so scared," Natasha admits to him. "I'm so scared that we are going to lose him."

"We need to talk to your father," Shane tells her. "Maybe he could pull a string or two."

"It might not be a bad idea," Craig chimes in. "Until then, I'll do everything I can to prevent the spread of the infection to the right lung. That should bide us some more time."

"Thanks Craig," Shane tells him as he squeezes Natasha's hand. "Can we see him? Can we see Jacob?"

"Of course," Craig tells them. "Just know that he's sleeping. And you'll have to wear protective wear so no other infections can get to him."

"God, I hate this," Natasha finally lets a tear fall down her cheek. "But, I want to see my son. I have to be with him."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Police Station; The Visitor's Room

"What is it, Detective? What news do you have about Chris' case?" Trenyce asks Simona, after she just revealed to her and Chris that she has news for them. Trenyce hopes that it's finally some good news.

"Your lawyer had your story about being at the shooting range on New Year's Eve investigated," Simona replies to them. "I had tried to do this too, but I never got a phone call back from them."

"What are you saying?" Chris asks her.

"They verified your story," Simona admits to him. "They said that you were at the shooting range on New Year's Eve."

"Which means," Trenyce gasps in pleasure. "You have an alibi!"

"Yes," Simona nods as Chris gets a huge smile on his face. "I'm sorry Mr. Michaels for all of this, but you are a free man. You're free to go."

Chris stands up and looks at her. "All the charges are dropped?"

Simona nods back to her as Chris jumps over to Trenyce and hugs her. "My God, this is amazing," Chris laughs. "Thank you, thank you so much for believing in me!"

"Always," Trenyce laughs back to him. "Come on, let's get you out of here!"

"I thought you'd never ask," Chris smiles back to her.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy announces that the ice storm has arrived
- Cassie comforts Natasha
- Jemma's words worry Vinny

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