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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Jacob was admitted to the hospital as a lung infection collapsed his left lung and was moving to his right lung. Natasha & Shane learned that he would require a lung transplant or he would not survive
- Simona dropped all the charges against Chris in Frederick's murder case. She looked around the Richardson Estate and found Lukas & Meggan's family gun, and Lukas' gloves, that were hidden
- Trenyce threw Chris a party at the Pampa Grill to celebrate his release. Chris realized that Helen thought he was guilty
- Kim realized that she had to tell Bob the truth about her giving Tyler the facial cream formula and sleeping with him on New Year's Eve
- Victoria saw Leah and Robbie embrace
- Paige learned Andrew was with Leah while she was in Santa Barbara
- The ice storm hit Twin Peaks!

Scene One - The Twin Peaks Police Department

Simona Lopez sits in her office looking over the file she has created on Lukas in hopes of building more of a case for Lukas murdering Frederick. Now that Chris has been discharged and all the charges against him were dropped, she wants to pin the murder on Lukas because she already has some evidence pointing towards him. Simona recalls how Lukas, when she was questioning everyone who visited Frederick the day he was shot last November, didn't want to answer any questions and has had a short fuse around her. While she can't prove anything, yet, she knows that his behavior is typically of someone who has something to hide.

"The question is," she whispers to herself, as she can hear the tattering of rain outside as the ice storm continues to rage on. "What are you hiding, Lukas?"

She looks at her notes and sees that Lukas has a great motive for wanting his father to be dead since Frederick didn't take the news that Lukas is gay very well. In fact, Frederick threatened to disinherit Lukas. Simona knows all too well the lifestyle that Lukas, and Meggan, have become accustomed to because of Frederick's success as a doctor. The fact that Frederick threatened to take that all away could have been what pushed Lukas over the edge.

"That could have been the straw that broke the camel's back," she continues to theorize to herself. "Now, all I need is to get some concrete evidence."

Which, she knows, is why she is gunning forensic tests on the gun that she found at the Richardson estate and on Lukas' gloves, that looked like were being hidden on purpose. If she can get something, anything, to nail Lukas, she will.

Before she can think of anything else, there's a knock on her door. She looks over and sees another officer standing in her doorway. "Results on the Richardson murder are back," he tells her as he passes Simona an envelope.

"Already? That was fast," she accepts the document.

"You wanted it as a rush."

"I can't believe this," she says with a grin on her face as she continues to read the document in front of her. "I got him. I got Lukas Richardson."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"You're still here?" Paige asks Andrew as she moves into the cafeteria to grab a light snack of some kind. She has been at the hospital for hours supporting the family with the news of baby Jacob, and now that the ice storm has hit, she doesn't want to leave because it is too dangerous to do so. So, she feels stuck at the hospital.

"Yea, I don't want to leave while the ice storm is happening. It's too dangerous to drive" Andrew replies to her as he takes a sip of his coffee, before he makes a sour face. "I don't recommend the coffee."

Paige giggles a little back to him. "Yea, my Mom got me one earlier and I couldn't finish it. Not the best, hey?"

"Far from it," he agrees with her. "Look, I know I've been a jerk to you the few times we have encountered one another and I just want to say sorry. I've been dealing with a lot and I guess I take it out on people."

"You owe my Mom the acceptance of your apology."

"Your Mom? Why would you say that?"

"Because," she tells him. "I didn't want to have anything to do with you. But, you were with my Mom while we all thought she was dead. I can't be mad at anyone that helped her come back to me. She means the world to me," Paige admits to him.

"I can tell," Andrew replies to her. "I hope her memory comes back soon so you can guys can all pick up where you left off."

Paige can't help but smile at his remarks. "I hope so too. So, if you don't recommend the coffee, what do you recommend?"

"Maybe stay safe with the apple juice?" Andrew suggests back to her. "Have you looked outside? The storm is unreal."

"I was looking outside earlier. I can't believe all the ice that is out there. I hope no one drives in this."

"I heard on the radio earlier that there's already some pile ups," Andrew admits to her. "That's why I decided to stay here. I didn't want to be in an accident."

Paige nods back to him. "Let's hope everyone has the same idea."


"God, this is the worst," Leah tells Robbie as they sit in the waiting room, hoping to hear something about Jacob soon. "I mean, we are so helpless. We can't do anything to help Jacob here and because of this damn storm, we can't really leave here. I don't remember a time when I felt so lost."

"I do," Robbie admits to her as they look at one another. "This is how I felt after I thought we had lost you."

"But you didn't lose me," she purses her lips together and looks at the man she believes is her husband. "And, you'll never lose me again."

Robbie grabs her hand and squeezes it. "I'm going to hold you to that," he winks back at her, as Victoria sees the close moment.

For the second time in a few hours, Victoria has witnessed a closed moment between Robbie and Leah. She doesn't know how much she can take of them being so close together. She knows that Robbie is pretending to her loving husband until her memory comes back but she wishes that something would happen to make this charade end. She hates that she can't be with Robbie all the time. And, seeing him with Leah is just a reminder of what they did share for so many years. She turns to leave when Eva comes up to her daughter.

"Victoria, are you okay?" Eva asks her before she looks into the waiting room and sees Robbie and Leah together. "Ah, I see. The same old problem, huh?"

Victoria bites her lip as she tries to fight the tears swelling in her eyes. "I feel so dumb, Mom. I mean, here I am worried about Robbie and Leah's relationship and how much more I can take of it when there's a little boy fighting for his life. Makes me seem pretty petty, huh?"

"Not at all," Eva replies to her quickly. "You love that man. Seeing him with another woman is torture. Anyone can understand that."

"I just wish this damn storm would be over so I can leave here," Victoria admits to her. "I'd like some space from the situation."

"I know Natasha is glad that you're here. Your sister could use all the support she can right now."

"Yea, she does," Victoria sighs back to her Mom. "I just can't be around Robbie and Leah. It's too much for me."

"Come on, let's go for a walk. Maybe when we get back the storm will have passed or we will have news about Jacob."


"Did you hear anything from your contacts?" Cory asks Bob, as he comes up to him at the nurses station where Bob was on the phone trying to make some calls about seeing if anyone could help Jacob.

Bob hangs up the phone and looks back to Cory, his heart heavy. "I wish I had better news, but the truth is, you can't buy a pair of lungs for a 3 ½ year old boy."

"Damn," Cory whispers back to him. "I knew it was a long shot, but I was hoping you'd be able to pull a string or two."

"Me too," Bob admits back to him. "But, I'm not giving up. There's no way I'm going to let Natasha lose that little boy. She has been through enough, she won't be able to handle losing her son."

Cory shakes his head back to Bob. "No one should have to lose their child, especially not like this. I just hope this storm passes soon. The last thing we need is anyone else we love getting in a car and hurting themselves."

"I couldn't agree more," Bob tells him. "Come on, let's go find Natasha."


Shane and Natasha stand next to each other wearing yellow protective gear as they stand over Jacob's cubical in the restricted area of the ICU. He's wrapped in blankets, trying to keep him warm and he is breathing with the assistance of a respirator. Natasha caresses sleeping Jacob's face as she tries to fight back the tears in her eyes. She looks over at Shane, and can tell his heart is breaking just as much as hers is. She reaches over with her other hand and grabs Shane's. Shane moves closer to Jacob and bends down and kisses his forehand, never taking his facial mask off.

A nurse comes up to the parents and nods, giving them the indication that they have to leave the restricted area as she has to administer Jacob's medication. The nurses have told them that they have to do everything in isolation, including giving Jacob his medication, to prevent any further infections getting to their son.

Outside the room, Shane and Natasha take off their face masks and immediately hug one another. "I can't get over how fragile he is," she whispers to her ex-husband. "It was just yesterday he was playing on the floor like a normal 3 year old boy."

"I know," Shane agrees with her as they exit their embrace. "I keep hoping for some kind of miracle to happen, Natasha."

"I'm hoping my father will have good news for us. If anyone can get us a donor, it would be my father. We have to keep praying for that."

"That's true," Shane nods back to her. "It's still such a horrible thing to think about. If Jacob gets a donor it means that someone else's child is going to die. Is there a real winner in that situation?"

Natasha shakes her head as she runs her hand over her face. "I never thought of that," she admits to him. "But, God help me, I want my son to live. I don't know that I'll be able to handle it if I lose him."

Before Shane can reply, they see Craig rush into the restricted area where Jacob is. Natasha and Shane rush up to the window and watch Craig start giving Jacob more drugs to calm his heart rate down, which is going off the charts accordingly to the monitor that is next to Jacob's cubical. "What's happening?" Natasha asks Shane, as she grabs his hand, worried about Jacob. She knows that Shane might know because he is a doctor.

"I don't know," Shane admits to her. "Maybe Jacob is having a reaction to something. His heart rate was just way up. You can see that on his screen."

"That doesn't make sense," Natasha shakes her head as a tear falls down her cheek. "He was just fine! What is happening?"

Craig soon emerges from the restricted area and removes his face mask. "What is it, Craig? What happened?" Shane asks the doctor in a panic.

Craig shakes his head. "He's taken a turn for the worst, I'm afraid."

"What does that mean?" Shane asks him, needing more answers.

"The infection, it's moved into the right lung," Craig reveals to them as they gasp in horror. "If he doesn't get the transplant soon…"

"No!" Natasha cries as Shane hugs her, devastated by the answer that Craig just provided them. "No, he can't die! He just can't die!"


"Darling, what on earth are you doing here?" Bob asks Kim, as she pushes Blake's toddler stroller up to him. He can't believe that his wife showed up at the hospital, considering the ice storm is going on outside. With all the rain turning into ice immediately, the last thing Bob wanted is for Kim to drive in the weather.

"I got your call about Jacob," Kim replies to him, as she arrives to him. "You didn't think I'd stay away, did you?"

"Yes, I did," Bob admits to her. "There's a crazy ice storm outside right now, I didn't want you driving in this weather!"

"Yea, it was pretty touch and go," Kim admits to him, thinking about the drive. She also knows that she has to tell Bob the truth about the facial cream and her night with Tyler on New Year's Eve, but she realizes that this isn't the time or place. "But I took my time and I was fine. How's Jacob? How is he?"

"No change," Bob admits to her. "But we are all doing everything we can to help Natasha right now. How's Blake?"

"He's sleeping," Kim says to him as she looks at her husband. Before she has time to think about what she is doing, she finds herself saying more than she realizes. "We have to talk, Bob. There's something I need to tell you. Something I should have told you a long time ago."

Bob arches his eyebrow. "It sounds serious, Kimberly. What else could possibly be going on?"

"It's about the facial cream," she tells him as she feels her heart move into her throat, realizing that she is about to tell her husband the entire truth.

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

The party for Chris having all the charges against him dropped continues to be in full swing at the restaurant, mostly because no one wants to leave because of the storm happening outside. The ice storm is forcing everyone to stay, which isn't a bad thing because driving would be a scary proposition.

Daisy looks outside and sees the rain still coming down pretty hard, and as soon as it touches something, it freezes into ice. The roads look like a skating rink and the trees are completely covered in ice. "It's something else, huh?" Trenyce asks her Aunt as she comes up to her.

"It's like nothing I've ever seen before," Daisy replies to her. "I just hope everyone is safe tonight."

"Yea, me too," Trenyce nods back to her. "I saw you talking to Vinny earlier, is everything okay?"

"Its fine," Daisy waves her hand in the air. "He was trying to get me to forgive Jemma, but I told him that I need more time. I just need to get my head around how I was conceived."

"Makes sense," Trenyce tells her. "Just remember, that life is short. We don't have all the time we think we do."

Before Daisy can reply, Meggan, Lukas and Donovan come into the restaurant. "Donovan?" Trenyce says as she hugs him. "What are you guys doing here? I can't believe you drove in this storm!"

"Yea, I wouldn't do it again," Donovan replies to her, looking a little pale from the drive. "The roads are glare ice."

"We wanted to come and get out of the house," Meggan chimes in. "I hope that's okay. We didn't want Chris to think there is any hard feelings since he didn't kill our father."

"It just means that someone else did," Lukas tells everyone. "We can worry about that after this storm passes."

"I'm sure the police will continue their investigation," Daisy replies to everyone. "But you're right, after the storm passes. Our first priority is to keep everyone safe the rest of the night."

"Well, this is nice," Jemma announces to everyone. "I can't believe ya'll drove in this weather. Are ya nuts?"

Meggan chuckles. "We wanted to wish Chris well."

"That was awfully sweet of you," Jemma replies to her.

Before anyone can say anything else, Simona comes into the restaurant. "Ah, Mr. Richardson, just the person I was looking for."

Lukas turns around, surprised to see Simona so soon again. "Detective. Did you need something else from me tonight? I'm surprised you continue to drive in this weather."

"Actually, I'm glad you asked," she says coming up to Lukas. "Because, you have the right to remain silent, you're under arrest for the murder of Frederick Richardson…"

Lukas looks back in horror and Meggan and Donovan as Simona finishes reading him his rights and starts to take him out of the party that he just arrived too.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim drops a bomb shell on Bob
- Jeff comforts Meggan
- Lukas realizes how much trouble he is in

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