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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim arrived at the hospital after learning about Jacob's condition and started to tell Bob the truth about her affair with Tyler on New Year's Eve
- Shane and Natasha were devastated when Jacob took a turn for the worse
- Lukas was arrested for killing Frederick
- Dawn and Shelley admitted they enjoyed their night of passion together
- Max grew fed-up of Adam interfering in his attempts of getting close with Robin
- Dominick ordered more of Robertson Enterprises facial cream

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Kimberly, this sounds serious," Bob tells his wife as they move into a waiting room that no one else is occupying. Once in the room, Bob can see the window is covered in a thick layer of ice as the ice storm continues to rage on outside. He still has never seen anything like the storm that is unfolding; he just hopes that everyone is safe, although that is the last thing on his mind right now as Kim has just told him that she has something to tell him about the facial cream. He hopes that, maybe, she has finally learned who gave the formula to Robertson Enterprises because Roboto has been impacted by the lack of competitive product. "Please, tell me what's going on."

Kim looks into the stroller and sees that Blake is still sleeping, which is a relief because the last thing that she wants is for him to hear the conversation that is about to unfold. She has been dreading telling Bob the truth, but she can't put it off anymore. She realizes that the timing isn't ideal with Jacob being in the hospital but now that she has started, she can't go back. She might not get the nerve again. And, she knows that Bob has to hear this from her. She can't allow Tyler to show him the video of them having sex on New Year's Eve.

"It is serious," Kim finally replies to her husband as she looks him in the eyes. "It's about the facial cream."

"Yes, yes," Bob replies to him. "You said that much already. What about it? Did you finally learn who gave Robertson our formula? Have you uncovered the mole?"

Kim shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath. "I did," she says looking at him. "But, I want you to listen to me, okay? Don't interrupt me with anything until I'm done the entire story. Can you do that?"

Bob crosses his arms over chest, already dreading what she is about to tell him because he can tell that he won't like it. Still, he has waited for this moment for so long; he knows he has to hear what his wife is going to tell him.

"I can try," he tells her, as it takes everything in him to stay calm.

"I gave Tyler the formula to the cream last spring," she reveals as Bob's eyes open wider out of his head. "It was right after you learned the truth about Robbie and I sleeping together," she continues to tell him. "You threw me out, remember? I thought I was going to lose you. I had been played for a fool from Robbie and then you didn't accept it right away…so, I lashed out in the only way I knew how. I wanted to hurt you the way I had been hurt."

"I don't believe this," Bob whispers in horror, stunned that his own wife has betrayed him. He never imagined that it was Kim who gave Robertson the formula. "All this time, you've been lying to me?"

Kim wipes her eye from a tear. "I'm so sorry," she tells him. "I've been working overtime trying to get our product out to compete with Robertson. It just seems like there was always a delay."

"Because of you! You did this!" he finally yells back to her, unable to hide is anger any longer. "Do you know what you've done?"

"I know," she says calm, knowing that she doesn't want Blake to wake up.

"Wait," Bob stops his previous thought. "Why are you telling me this now? Why after all this time are you telling me this, Kimberly? What else has happened?"

"It's Tyler," she says looking at her husband. "He was blackmailing me, or he tried to."

"My God," Bob grits his teeth together. "What did that son of a bitch want in return for your silence?"

"Me," she bites her lower lip to prevent herself from crying. "He told me if I had sex with him one more time, he would keep quiet."

"And you told him to go to hell, so that's why you're telling me the truth?"

Kim puts her head down as she starts to sob. The fact that Kim isn't saying anything makes Bob realize that Kim did sleep with Tyler again. "I can't believe this!" Bob yells at her. "You slept with that son of a bitch, again, didn't you? You gave him my formula and then you had sex with him!"

"Yes!" Kim cries to him. "On New Year's Eve, we had sex. I thought he would keep quiet after that…"

"But, what? He wants more? He wants to have you again? How many times did you spread your legs to keep him quiet?"

"It's not like that!" Kim finally yells at Bob. "I only slept with him once. But, he taped us having sex on New Year's. He told me if I didn't leave you for him, he would show you the tape."

"And, so here you are. Confessing everything to me," Bob nods to her, finally realizing everything that has happened. "You couldn't have waited until we know if my Grandson was healthy or not? You had to tell me this tonight?"

"I'm sorry Bob," Kim says as she moves closer to him. "There's never a good time to tell you something like this. I just hope that you can understand why I did everything I did. I hope you can forgive me."

Kim waits for a response from Bob, but he doesn't say anything. He puts his head down for a moment.

"Bob," Kim whispers as she puts her hand on his shoulder. "Please, say something. What are you thinking?"

"Don't you fucking touch me," he glares at her as he lifts his head. "Not now, not ever again."


"So, the infection has moved over to Jacob's right lung," Shane explains to Victoria and Eva, both of whom are listening to the latest on Jacob. Eva immediately looks over at Natasha, who is watching her son through the large window that looks into the restricted ICU. "Craig basically said that it's only a matter of time now."

"This can't be happening," Eva gasps as she moves up to Natasha and puts her hand on her daughter's back. Natasha doesn't even move from looking at Jacob. "Baby, is there anything I can do? Anything at all?"

"I think she's in shock," Shane admits to Eva and Victoria.

"Natasha, baby, please, let me know you're okay," Eva pleads with her daughter.

Natasha finally slowly turns around with red eyes. "What do you want me to say?" her lip quivers. "My son is dying and there's not a thing anyone can do about it. Is that good enough for you?"

Eva doesn't reply, she just pulls Natasha into a hug. Natasha slowly puts one arm around Eva back before she exits the embrace and turns back around to face Jacob again. Eva looks back at Shane, who nods in agreement that Natasha isn't doing very well.

"I'll go see Craig to see if there's anything else at all that we can do," Victoria tells them.

"Thank you, Victoria," Eva tells her daughter before Victoria walks away, trying to locate Craig.

"I wish there was something I could do for Natasha," Eva whispers to Shane. "If this damn ice storm wasn't happening, I think even a walk would help her."

"I know," Shane nods back to her. "My heart is breaking, but Natasha is really taking this hard. I just hope that we have a miracle and soon because otherwise it will be too late."

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"What was that all about?" Vinny asks Jemma, who moves up to the bar to grab another glass of champagne. While the ice storm continues to wreak havoc outside, the party to celebrate Chris being freed of all charges in Frederick's murder continues to go on. In truth, the party has mostly wrapped up but all the guests are staying around until it is safe to leave. Vinny just saw what appeared to be Lukas leaving the party in handcuffs and he wanted to get the scoop before he approached Daisy.

Jemma takes a sip of her champagne before looking at her son in law. "Lukas was just arrested for killin' his Daddy," she reveals to him.

"What?" Vinny asks in surprise. "I can't believe that the day after Chris has all the charges dropped that the police have already collected enough evidence to make another arrest."

"Believe it," Jemma replies to him. "That detective ain' foolin' around on this case. She drove here in this storm to make the arrest. Can you believe that? It is icy as heck out there, and she came to arrest that boy."

Vinny arches his eyebrow, surprised that Jemma is taking this well. She would have thought that she'd be upset that one of Daisy's half-siblings was just arrested. "You're taking this news well."

"Am I?" Jemma asks him before she takes another sip of her drink. "I wasn' about to let Chris take the blame for somethin' I knew he didn' do. But Lukas? I don' owe him anythin'. If the police think he is guilty, then so be it. He is more like his father than anyone even knew."

Vinny shakes his head, perplexed by her attitude. "I'm going to see how Daisy is handling this. After all, her half-brother was just arrested."


"I wonder what the police have on Lukas that they could have arrested him," Daisy tells Trenyce and Donovan, as they still stand near the entry way of the restaurant all still reeling from the fact that Lukas was just arrested. "It must be something pretty big."

"Once Meggan is off the phone, we will know more," Donovan tells her. "Until then, we have to band together to support Lukas. There's no way he could have killed Frederick."

"I agree," Trenyce chimes in. "He might have hated Frederick for how he treated him, but he wouldn't have killed his own father."

"Well, Simona Lopez seems to think that he did," Daisy tells them.

"She thought the same thing about Chris!" Donovan reminds her. "Look, I know Lukas, maybe better than anyone, and I know that he didn't do this. He couldn't have."

"Okay," Daisy nods back to him. "Then, I agree. We have to help him. God, I just wish this storm would end already so we could carry on with our lives. We aren't going to be any good to him here."


"Yes, thank you," Meggan says as she hangs up the phone, having gotten all the details on Lukas' arrest. She still can't believe that her brother was arrested for killing their father; she knows that there is no way that Lukas could have done anything to Frederick, despite everything that they were going through as a family. And, to make matters worse, she can't leave the restaurant because of the ice storm, so she can't be with him right now because it's too dangerous to drive. She can't imagine what Lukas is going through being alone at the hospital. She looks over and sees Donovan, Daisy and Trenyce talking, obviously, about what just happened. She sighs knowing that she should fill them in on what she has learned.

"Meg, hey," Jeff says rushing up to her, from the back door. "I just got here, what did I miss?"

Meggan looks back in shock that Jeff drove to the party. "You just got here? You drove in this storm? Are you crazy?"

Jeff looks a little pale from the experience. "I wanted to see you," he shrugs his shoulders. "I am stuck here with you now because there's no way I'm driving again. I was like so slow because there's no way to stop."

"I hate you for putting yourself in danger," she scolds him. "But at the same time, I need you so much right now," she continues to tell him as she pulls him into a hug.

He embraces her back and feels her tremble in his arms. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asks her as he holds her.

"It's Lukas," she whispers into his ear. "He was just arrested for my father's murder."

"What?" Jeff gasps in shock as they exit their hug. "That doesn't make sense. There's no way Lukas would have killed Frederick."

"I know," Meggan nods back to him. "But I'm still scared for him. The police do have evidence against him, I just got off the phone with the station. I was just on my way to tell the others."

"I'm right here, Meggan. I'm not going anywhere. Whatever you need from me, you have it. I'll be behind you 100%."

Meggan grabs his hand and squeezes it. "Thank you for that. Come on, I only want to say this once to everyone."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Police Station

"You have to at least tell me what you have on me that makes you think that I killed my father!" Lukas says as he sits in a chair in Simona's office, as he is waiting to be processed into the system. "What evidence do you think you have that makes me look guilty?"

Simona chuckles a little behind her desk. "There's more than one thing, Mr. Richardson. If you'd like, you can have your lawyer present, or I can tell you without one present; it's up to you."

"Tell me," Lukas grits his teeth at her. "There's no way I will get any lawyer here tonight in this storm. The drive over here was dangerous enough. Even if I could get a lawyer tonight, I wouldn't risk their life."

"Very well," she says back to him. "Like I explained, there's more than one thing," Simona replies to him. "First, the day that I called you here to question you about the day your father was shot, you were not very cooperative. That's a big red flag."

"You can't arrest me because I didn't want to answer your stupid questions!"

"Second, the gun that I found in your family home, the bullets that gun uses are the same bullets that were used to shoot your father," Simona continues to explain to him. "And, finally, those gloves that you claimed you wear all the time, the ones that were hidden in the bottom drawer of the your desk; well, they have gun residue all over them. I have another search warrant to search the gun cabinet again to see if any bullets are missing. If any are, it's just another nail in your coffin. Still want to wait to call a lawyer?"

Lukas rolls his eyes at her, even though he is terrified about everything that she just laid out to him. All the evidence that is building does make him look guilty, especially because he knows that he had the motive to want Frederick dead.

"You're not going to get away with," Lukas spits at her. "I didn't kill my father. I won't be punished for something I didn't do."

"Time will tell Mr. Richardson," she purses her lips together. "Ah, it looks like the front is ready for you. Come on, put your best face on, you're about to have your mug shot."

Scene Four - The Sugarbowl

Dawn opens the door to the coffee house and manages to make it inside without slipping on the ice that is covering the sidewalks. She looks around as she tries to compose herself. She recalls how she was at Shelley's apartment, making love to her again, and in the afterglow, they wanted a hot chocolate, so she volunteered to walk to the coffeehouse to get some. Little did she know that she would almost die in the process, although she feels like that might be an over dramatization. But at the same time, the sidewalks are so icy, that if she had fallen she didn't know what would have happened to her.

"Hey, what are you doing out in this storm?" Max asks his friend as he comes up to her, surprised to see her coming into the coffeehouse.

"Oh Max," she hugs him quickly. "I was with my roommate and we wanted hot chocolate, so here I am."

"You must really like your roommate, it's crazy out there!"

Dawn chuckles a little. "You want to sit and chat for a moment? I'm not in a rush to get back out there."

"Yea, I don't blame you. I was at Robertson and I came in here to get out of the storm. The walk home was horrible. I can't imagine anyone driving tonight."

"No one should be on the road," Dawn tells him as they sit at the back booth across from one another. "But, of course, I saw like three pile ups just on my walk over here."

Max shakes his head in disgust. "What makes people think they should drive in this?'

Dawn shrugs. "What's up with you? Other than being stranded here during the storm?"

Max thinks back to how he and Robin have got nothing but praise for their print ads that are being featured in the new Robertson boutique, but when Robin suggested they celebrate, she revealed that she was going to with Adam. Max hates that his father is constantly coming between him and the woman he wants to be with.

"Busy with work," he tells her, not wanting to reveal too much about the Robin and Adam situation. He will deal with that in his own time and way, he realizes to himself. "Dominick really likes the photos in the boutique, so I've been put on more campaigns throughout the company."

"That's really awesome to hear," Dawn smiles back to him. "I'm glad that we are seemingly out of that bad place we were in for a while."

"We were in a bad place?"

"Smoking weed every chance we got?" she asks him. "I'm not saying it's bad, but it feels better to not have to numb our pain all the time."

Max nods back to her. "Yea, I guess so. What's new with you? You have this glow about you, if I can say that."

Dawn chuckles a little. "Yea, you can say that," she smiles to him.

Before she can reveal why she has her glow, Barbara comes up to the table. Barbara recalls how she saw Dawn leave with the older woman earlier in the evening. Because of the storm, Barbara hasn't left the coffeehouse yet. "Dawn," Barbara announces to her granddaughter. "You haven't said hello to me, twice now, today."

"Hi Grandma," Dawn stands up and hugs her quickly. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you here. How are you?"

"I've been better," Barbara admits to her. "I really wanted to go to my church group tonight, but I'm stranded here because of this storm."

"It is not pretty out there."

"I saw you earlier with an older woman," Barbara tells her, as Max arches his eyebrow. "Who was she? What did she want with you? Why did you leave with her?"

Dawn blushes from all the questions, knowing that she doesn't want her family to know that she has been sleeping with a woman. It's all so new to her, the last thing she wants, is for her family to know and have their own say on the situation.

"Oh," Dawn manages to finally say. "That was my roommate. She has been letting me stay with her."

"I see," Barbara replies to her. "Well, I think it's high time you come home. Your mother and I would love to have you at the house. It's far too empty without you. You'll be much more comfortable than with that stranger!"


"Don't question me," Barbara replies to her with a sharp tone. "Just come home. It's time, Dawn Marie."

Scene Five - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"Jesus," Dominick whispers to himself as he sips a whiskey and looks out his large office window and the falling rain that is turning into ice as soon it touches something. As he is on one of the top levels of his building, he can see how the entire city has become a large icicle. "I've never seen anything like this before. I hope no one is driving tonight."

He takes another sip of his whiskey as he thinks about seeing Tyler earlier in the evening, before the storm began and his son revealed that Kim is the one who gave him the formula for the facial cream all those months ago. Tyler, then, used it to his advantage to try to get her back and that included taping them having sex on New Year's Eve, which Dominick thought was brilliant. He knows that Bob will feel completely betrayed when he learns the truth, which means Tyler could still have a chance with the mother of his child.

"What's wonderful about this situation," he whispers to himself. "Is that Bob's own wife gave us the formula for the product that is making Robertson the most profits we've seen in years. I should send him a bottle of champagne," Dominick chuckles to himself.

Suddenly, his phone rings. He sets his whiskey down on the table and moves to his phone, wondering who could be calling him at this hour. The only reason he is still at the office is because he doesn't want to drive home in the storm. "Dominick Robertson," he says as he sits at his desk. "Yes, I did place another order for facial cream the other day …. What? You're kidding me? Do you know what the weather is like here right now? … I understand that the order was already placed, but there is an ice storm happening! … Fine, fine! Just tell the drive of the truck to be careful, it's dangerous out there!"

He hangs up the phone and runs his hand over his face, knowing that he did order more facial cream because they have been flying off the shelves, but he didn't realize the order would be arriving on the night the ice storm was happening. He just hopes that the truck driver knows to be safe in these conditions, or better yet, to not try to drive in them at all.

"God, be careful out there. We need that facial cream to sell, not cause anyone any harm," he says as he finds his whiskey glass and takes another sip.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Bob, please don't do this," Kim pleads with Bob, who has just rejected her touching him. "I just told you everything. There are no more secrets!"

Bob laughs at his wife. "That's the thing, Kimberly. There's always another secret with you," he sneers. "First you slept with Tyler when he was our pool boy, and you lied to me about it. Then, you lied about me being the father of your baby, when I knew there was no way I could be the father. Then, you slept with Robbie behind my back. Now, you gave Robertson Enterprises, the company that I am in competition with, the formula to my product and you fucked Tyler again! Have I missed anything?"

Kim lets tears fall down her cheek. "Bob, please," she says as she comes up to him and puts her hands on his forearms. "I can make this up to you!"

"Get off me!" he throws her off him and she crumbles to the floor. "We are over! I can't forgive you, not this time! Not when it has impacted Roboto this way!"

"Bob, please, please, listen to me," Kim crawls up to him and begs him to listen to her. "You have to forgive me. I love you! You're my husband!"

"Not for much longer," he looks back at her and grits his teeth. "I want a divorce. I want nothing more to do with you or this shame of a marriage!"

"You don't mean that!"

"I do," Bob yells at her. "I never want to see you again. And don't you dare think that you're ever steeping foot in my house or my company again! This is OVER!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Jemma and Daisy have a heated encounter
- Felicia tries to support Tyler
- Kim wonders if she can get her life back on track

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