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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The ice storm continued causing the citizens to stay indoors
- Kim revealed to Bob the truth about her giving Tyler the formula to the facial cream and her affair with him on New Year's Eve. Bob was livid and told her he wanted a divorce
- Vinny noted Jemma's comments that she was seemingly happy that Lukas was arrested for Frederick's murder
- Dominick got a call that his new order of facial cream was arriving. He worried that the shipment was arriving during the storm

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Kim looks out of the window of the hospital waiting room and sees the rain still coming down outside. All she can see is rain and ice outside; there's no sign of anything else out there, mostly because everyone is inside during the ice storm. Still, it's like nothing she has ever seen before. She just hopes that the storm stops soon because she has to leave the hospital; she doesn't want to stay there any longer.

She turns from the window and wipes her damp eyes. She hasn't been able to stop crying since she told Bob the truth about her giving Tyler the formula for the facial cream in a moment of weakness and then giving in to his blackmail and sleeping with him on New Year's Eve. While she has seen Bob upset before, she has never seen him so cold and cruel before. He didn't even want to try to listen to her or let her explain. He just told her that he wanted a divorce and that was it. All their years together, down the drain because of a stupid mistake.

"If only I could make him understand," she whispers to herself. "If only I could make him realize that I never meant to hurt him, maybe he could forgive me."

Bob's cold words to her that she will never step foot at Roboto or the mansion again, suddenly come back to Kim. She shakes her head, knowing that he hates her right now, not that she can really blame him. After all, she did betray him with another man and with his company. Kim knows all too well how much Roboto means to Bob; the fact that she gave the facial cream formula to the rival company is almost damaging to him than her sleeping with Tyler.

"Why did I have to have that moment of weakness?" she asks herself. "Why did I have to be so stupid? I've ruined everything. Absolutely everything," she cries to herself, as she looks over and sees Blake sleeping in his stroller still.

"If Bob won't let me back in the mansion, I will have to stay somewhere tonight. I can't stay here," she says moving closer to the stroller. "Come on baby, let's go. Mommy will take care of you. We won't stay where we aren't wanted or needed. I just can't stay here a moment longer."

Without saying anything else, Kim starts to push the stroller towards the exit of the hospital, desperate to get away from Bob and the entire Calimo family, all of whom are at the hospital still because of Jacob.


"I know what time it is," Bob says into his phone, as he paces outside of another waiting room in the hallway. After hearing Kim's confession, he raced to get away from her. He couldn't stomach the sight of his wife again because of her betrayal. It's not that she just slept with Tyler again, it is that she gave Tyler and Robertson Enterprises the formula to his facial cream. The fact that she has cost him and Roboto millions in revenue and given those profits to his arch rival is unforgivable. He doesn't know if he will ever be able to look at her the same way again.

Once he got away from Kim, he made a call to his lawyer, not caring about what time of night it is, or that there is an ice storm happening outside. He couldn't wait to make this call; not after everything that has happened.

"And, yes, I know that there is a storm outside," he continues to tell his lawyer. "I need you to file divorce papers from Kimberly, tonight. I want my marriage to her to be over as soon as possible. File the papers tonight so she can be served tomorrow…Yes, I know that there is an ice storm out there but I don't care! I pay you a lot of money to make shit happen! This is one of those times."

He waits for a moment listening to his lawyer explain that he will do the best he can. "Thank you. I want her served tomorrow!"

He hangs up the phone and runs his hand over his face. He never thought that his marriage to Kim would end this way, but here they are. Now, he just wants his marriage to be over so he can try to pick up the pieces of his life, and his company. The first step is getting rid of the problem, and that is Kimberly.

"You've hurt me for the very last time," he whispers to himself. "The very last time."

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprise's; Dominick's Office

Dominick looks outside of his window from his office, nursing another whiskey as he watches the storm unfold in front of him. He shakes his head as he continues to see the town get covered in a thicker layer of ice. His mind is also, however, thinking about the phone call he received earlier in the evening from his shipper telling him that the new order of facial cream he ordered for the boutique should be arriving this evening. He wishes it wasn't arriving tonight, since the storm is so bad. The last thing he wants to have happen is his driver be injured in some form of accident, or his product being damaged in the storm.

"I should call the driver," he says to himself as he sets his glass down. "Maybe I can tell him to stop and wait until morning to drive. It's too dangerous out there for anyone to be driving, yet alone a semi-truck."

He moves quickly to his desk and dials a number quickly. "Peter? It's Dominick Robertson," he says into his phone.

In a large semi-truck, a large, balding man is talking on his blue tooth, while driving slowly as the roads are glare ice. He was thinking about pulling over, but since there are chains on the wheels, he believes that it is safe enough to proceed into the city as he is almost at the destination. "Mr. Robertson, wow, this is a surprise," Peter says back to his boss. "Us drivers never hear from the big boss. Can I help you with something? There's nothing wrong, I hope?"

Dominick sighs a little. "There's nothing wrong," Dominick tells him. "I'm hoping that you're safe in this ice storm. Your safety is the most important thing."

"Oh yea," Peter replies to him. "I'm okay. The roads are pretty icy but I'm taking my time and I'm thinking everything will be fine. There are not many people out here tonight."

"I'd feel a heck of a lot better if you pulled over and waited until the morning," Dominick informs him.

"Appreciate that, Mr. Robertson," Peter says back to him. "But the truth is, I'm almost at the boutique. It'd be foolish to stop now. I'd say another 15 minutes and I'll be there."

"Very well," Dominick replies to him. "How about I stay on the line with you, so I know that you're safe? I'm at the tower now, so I can meet you at the boutique when you arrive."

"Sure," Peter smiles through the phone. "I could use the company while I drive in this crazy weather."

Scene Three - Tyler's Townhouse

"I can't believe this storm," Felicia tells Tyler as she turns around from the window and looks at her son, who is pouring a glass of red wine. "I've never seen so much ice before."

"Would you like a glass of wine?" he asks her as she nods her head back to him. "And yea, the weather reports are saying it should stop raining by the morning. I just hope there are not too many accidents out there."

Felicia accepts the glass of wine from Tyler. "I'd hope people would be smart enough not to drive in this," she tells him before she takes a sip of wine. "But, I did hear on the news that there were a number of accidents already reported."

"I heard that too," Tyler replies to her. "The good thing is you and I have nowhere to go tonight."

"That's the truth," Felicia smiles back to him. "So, tell me, what's the latest with you and Kim? Are you going to give Blake the family he deserves?"

Tyler chuckles a little back to his mother. If he's honest with himself, he has no idea what is going to happen between himself and Kim. The last time he saw her when she picked up Blake, she still wasn't very happy with him, which he understands. He just wishes that she would realize that everything he has done is because he is in love with her and he wants to have a family with her and Blake.

"I haven't given up hope," he tells her, knowing that if Kim tells Bob the truth that he will probably throw her to the curb. And, if Kim doesn't tell Bob the truth, she will come back to him. "But, I don't know what will happen. There's still so much unknown."

"Well," Felicia replies to him as she moves closer to him. "If you love her, then everything will work out. I'm a strong believer that things happen for a reason."

"I'd like to think so," he tells her. "I just want Kim and Blake to be happy. Nothing is more important than that."

"I'll drink to that," Felicia nods in agreement with her son before they both take a sip of their wine.

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

"How are you holding up with the fact that Lukas was arrested for Frederick's murder?" Vinny asks Daisy as he comes up to his wife, holding another glass of champagne. He would have stopped drinking by now, but the fact that they are stuck at the restaurant until the ice storm is over makes him realize that he could keep drinking until that time, since there isn't anything else to do. And, with all the drama going on, something to drink is a nice escape. He is still in a bit of shock that Jemma was seemingly okay with the fact that Lukas got arrested because it she felt like he is too much like Frederick; he just isn't sure he wants to tell Daisy that since they are already not on the best of terms.

Daisy sighs and looks back at her husband. "I feel like this night is one of the worst nights in recent memory," she admits to him. "This ice storm isn't helping anything."

"That's the truth," he replies to her quickly. "But, you didn't answer my question. Are you okay?"

"Yea, I'm fine," she tells him. "I'm not that close to Meggan or Lukas yet, but that doesn't mean that I think he is the guilty party. I don't think he killed Frederick. I just wonder why Simona Lopez keeps making these mistakes."

Vinny nods back to her, knowing that Chris was just released from all charges against him. "She must have evidence to support her decision or Lukas wouldn't have been arrested."

"I know," Daisy waves her hand in the air. "It is just too bad, you know? I mean, so many people hated that man; so many of us had motives to kill him."

"But only one of us did."

"Are you saying you think it was Lukas?" she asks him, taken aback by his tone.

"Not at all," he tells her. "I just want the truth to come out."

"You and I both," she admits to him. "I saw you with Jemma a little while ago, what was that all about?"

Vinny sighs and looks back at her. "Honestly?" he asks her as she nods her head. "She was saying she is glad that Chris got off but she didn't seem upset that Lukas was arrested. She said that she thought Lukas is too much like Frederick."

"I can't believe her," Daisy sighs. "She really has a lot of nerve!"

"Daisy," Vinny calls out after his wife, who storms over towards Jemma.

"I outta thank you for throwin' this party and invitin' me," Jemma tells Trenyce on the other side of the restaurant. "It was nice to get out of that hotel room for a while. Longer than awhile with this storm goin' on."

"Of course," Trenyce nods back to her. "You know that Chris and I were thrilled that you came tonight. I'm sorry it's taking so long to get home, but with that storm."

"You have a lot of nerve," Daisy announces to Jemma as she approaches the two women. "You are happy that Lukas was arrested for Frederick's murder?"

Jemma looks back at her daughter in surprise that she is speaking to her that way. And, Jemma knows that Daisy is taking everything she said completely out of context. "I don' know what you are talkin' about."

"Vinny told me that you are happy that Lukas was arrested because all you cared about is that Chris wasn't going to jail for something he didn't do."

"I am happy that Chris isn' going to jail for somethin' he didn' do! Aren' you? Would you rather see Chris go to jail for a crime he didn' commit?"

"No, of course not!"

"Well then," Jemma snaps at her. "I'm gettin' real tired of you blamin' me for everything wrong in your life! Did I keep the truth about how you were conceived from you? Yes, I did! But I had my reasons! That was a very painful time for me, and I am damn tired of you actin' like the victim in all of this!"

"How dare you!" Daisy yells back at her. "I am trying to get over all of your lies and your deceit, and this is how you speak to me?"

"It's about time someone be honest with you," Jemma tells her. "Everyone has been walkin' on eggshells around you for far too long."

"I can't believe this!"

"Believe it, hunny," Jemma tells her. "You are a grown woman! It's time you start actin' like one and not like a spoiled lil brat!"

"How dare you, Jemma!"

"Daisy, Jemma," Trenyce cuts into their fight. "Please, can we not do this?"

"Yea, come on ladies, enough," Vinny tells them as he comes up to the group. "We are all stuck here because of the storm, we have to at least get along with one another."

"You're right," Jemma calmly says to everyone. "This ain' solvin' anything. I'm goin' to go outside and get some air. It's hot in here suddenly."

"Outside? Jemma, everything is covered in ice!" Trenyce protests to her Aunt, not wanting her to get hurt in the storm. "You'll hurt yourself!"

"I'll be fine," Jemma waves her hand in the air. "I'll just go out the door and breath in some cold air. I'll be right back, you won' even miss me. I just need to get away for a moment, that's all."

"Okay," Trenyce says as Vinny pulls Daisy into a hug. "We'll be here and we'll all calm down," Trenyce shoots Daisy an uneasy look.

Jemma moves over to the front door of the restaurant and pulls her jacket on. She looks back at Trenyce, Daisy and Vinny and sighs heavily. She knows that she was just very stern with Daisy, but she didn't know how else to get through to her daughter. It was time that Daisy heard some cold hard truths and she just gave them to her.

"I just want you to forgive me already," Jemma whispers as she steps outside. She immediately grabs on to the side of the building as the sidewalk is glare ice. She moves slowly down the side of the building, taking in some deep breaths.

Scene Five - Kim's Lexus

Kim looks in her review mirror and can see that Blake is still sleeping in his car seat behind her. After leaving the hospital, she got her son into her car and she started to drive towards the Twin Peaks Executive Hotel, where she plans to spend the night. She was going to go back to the mansion, but she didn't want to risk Bob showing up there and him kicking her out, since the mansion is so much further out of town. She knows that she shouldn't be driving in this storm but she couldn't stay at the hospital; she didn't want to risk seeing Bob again, or any member of the Calimo family since they will all be on Bob's side of things. No one will even try to listen to her point of view.

She is going relatively slowly because the roads are covered in ice, so she is trying to be as cautious as possible. Still, she wants nothing more than to get to the hotel so she can put Blake to sleep properly and have a glass of wine to help calm her nerves.

Her fight with Bob continues to play out in her mind as she drives towards the hotel. "You will never step foot in Roboto or the mansion again!" are the words she hears from her husband repeating over and over. The thought of not being able to get through to Bob really start to take its toll on her as she starts to cry.

"Damn it Kim," she whispers to herself. "You have to keep it together. You have to pay attention to the road. Up above, she realizes that she has a red light, so she starts to apply the brakes, but she feels the car start to skid a little. "Come on, stop!" she says out loud as she grows a little more panicked as the car continues to skid on the ice.


"Peter, how are the roads now? What's your ETA?" Dominick asks his driver, as they continue to chat through Peter's blue tooth as the semi-truck gets closer to the boutique.

Peter looks forward and can see a traffic light in the up ahead of him. While it's green for him right now, he knows that it could change so he starts to apply the brakes now, not wanting to have to stop suddenly. "I'm about 5 minutes away, very close to the Pampa Grill" he says as he feels the tires start to slide on the ice as he applies the breaks. He knows that the chains on his wheels should make it a little easier to stop, at least that is what he is hoping for.

"Great, I'll head down shortly to meet you. Really great work driving out there," Dominick tells him. "I'm glad you're being so safe."


Jemma looks out at the road from the edge of the Pampa Grill and can see a car coming to the traffic light, but the vehicle isn't stopping for the red light, in fact it looks like it is skidding. She shakes her head, as some rain hits her head, knowing that no one should be driving in this weather. She starts to feel a little cold, but she isn't ready to go back inside and face Daisy again. She wants to give her daughter some space to cool down and get over everything that just happened.

"I'll wait just a moment longer," she tells herself, as she watches the car continuing to drive towards the traffic light. "That car ain't stopping any time soon."

She looks at adjacent road coming up to the traffic light and can see a semi-truck also approaching the traffic light. "Jesus lord have mercy," Jemma says to herself, seeing that the two vehicles are headed for a collision. "Where's my phone, I outta call for help now. They are gonna hit one another!"


Kim feels her face go pale as she can't stop the car for the red light in front of her. She presses harder on the breaks, but it causes the car to serve and go perpendicular down the road.

"Oh my God!" she screans in horror. She presses on the breaks again, causing the car to spin around again. Thankfully, she can see the light for her is green, so she doesn't have to keep stopping, but the car has now done a complete circle on the ice. She tries to get the car back in her lane.

She takes a deep breath knowing that she can continue forward, when she sees the lights of the semi-truck coming through her driver side door window…


"There's a red light for me," Peter says into his blue tooth in a panic, to Dominick. He tries to apply the brakes again but the truck doesn't slow down at all. "I can't stop the truck…I'm going to run this red light…"

"Try to stop," Dominick says with worry in his voice, as he stands up at his desk. "Try to stop! Peter? Do you hear me? Stop the truck!""

Peter looks and sees car going through the intersection. He shouts out at the top of his lungs. "Oh God, I can't stop! I'm going to hit the car!"

Just then, the semi plows into the side of Kim's car! The impact causes both vehicles to skid on the road. The accident knocks Peter unconscious, but his foot hits the accelerator so, the truck starts pushing Kim's lexus towards the Pampa Grill. The power of the semi-truck causes Kim's car to jump the curb and go through the empty parking lot of the restaurant. Jemma freezes outside as the vehicles approach her, seemingly picking up speed. Jemma tries to start running away, but suddenly, the side of Kim's Lexus hits Jemma and pegs her up against the wall of the restaurant! The vehicles stop moving as they are pushing into the building of the restaurant.

Peter lays unconscious in the semi-truck, while Kim lays bleeding on the steering wheel of her Lexus. In the backseat of Kim's car, Blake's car seat has completely tipped over and the door where the car seat was is crushed into the vehicle. Outside, Jemma lays in a pool of blood, still pegged between the car and the wall of the restaurant. The rain continues to fall down, causing a thin layer of ice to start to cover an unconscious Jemma and the two vehicles.

Next on One Day at a Time
- News of the accident spreads
- Lukas learns more bad news about his case
- Donovan reaches out to Craig

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