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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Lukas was arrested for the murder of Frederick. Simona informed him that his gloves they found at the mansion had gun residue on them and the bullets from the family gun were the same bullets used to shoot Frederick
- Jemma and Daisy had a heated encounter where Jemma told her daughter to stop playing the victim
- Kim told Bob the truth about her affair with Tyler. He was livid and filed for divorce. Kim was devastated
- Dominick ordered another shipment of facial cream. The driver of the semi-truck t-boned Kim's car while driving in the ice storm and pushed the her vehicle into the Jemma, who was outside of the Pampa Grill
- Natasha & Shane learned that Jacob had taken a turn for the worse

Scene One - The Pampa Grill

The scene of the car accident comes to a still as the rain continues to fall as the ice storm continues to create chaos in Twin Peaks. The rain immediately freezes, causing a thin lay of ice to build over Jemma's unconscious body, the semi-truck and Kim's Lexus. The semi-truck's engine, however, starts to smoke a little, causing the ice to melt some. There's no movement or sign of life in either vehicle, or from Jemma, who is laying in a pool of her own blood.

Daisy, Trenyce, Chris, Vinny, Meggan, Jeff and Donovan all rush to the doorway of the restaurant, having heard the loud crash into the side of the building, and all gasp at the sight of what they see: the semi-truck pushed into the side of Kim's car, which has Jemma pegged between it and the Pampa Grill.

"My God," Daisy screams in horror. "Someone call 9-1-1!" She starts to rush outside, but Vinny grabs her hand, knowing that it's too dangerous for her to go outside with the weather being what is. "Let me go!"

"You can't go out there," Vinny tells his wife, hoping she'll come to reason. "It's so icy, I don't want you to get hurt!"

"Jemma is hurt! She's caught between the car and the building! I have to go see if I can help her! I have to do something! She could…she could be dead!"

"She can't be dead," Trenyce shakes her head, still trying to understand what happened as she tries to keep it together. The sight in front of her, however, is like a movie scene. She can't believe that it is real. "She can't be!"

"Yes, this is Donovan Moretti," Donovan says into his cell phone, turning away from the others. "There's been a major accident at the Pampa Grill. We need help now! We have no idea if anyone is alive or dead, but a woman is trapped between a vehicle and the building! Please, hurry!'"

"I have to go, Vinny," Daisy says back to her husband. "I have to go see if Jemma is okay. I can't just wait for help to arrive!"

"Fine, but I'll come with you. You can't do this alone," he replies to her, realizing that he won't be able to change her mind. "We'll go together."

"Okay," she says before she turns to Trenyce. "You stay here and wait for the ambulance, please?"

Trenyce nods back to her Aunt, even though she is scared to death about Daisy leaving the restaurant. Still, she knows she would feel better knowing that someone is with Jemma. She looks outside at where her Aunt is laying and she sees so much blood pooling over the ice. She looks back at Donovan, knowing that if her Aunt has survived it will be a miracle.

"Everything will be fine," Donovan whispers as he comes up and puts his arms around Trenyce. "We have to have faith."

"My God," Trenyce gasps as she lets a tear fall down her eye. "This is a nightmare."


"I'm almost there," Daisy yells back to Vinny, who is behind her as they walk slowly towards the accident, not wanting to slip on any of the ice. They are both using the side of the building to help guide them to Jemma because the sidewalks have so much ice covering them. "God, Vinny, there's so much blood."

Vinny looks up for a brief moment and blinks quickly, trying to keep the cold rain out of his eyes. "This doesn't look good Daisy."

Daisy reaches Kim's Lexus and looks inside, trying to see any sign of life. "God, Vinny! It's Kim, she's unconscious! And, Blake's car seat is flipped over. I don't know if he's in there or not! But, if he is, he will be hurt too."

"Why would Kim be driving in this storm?" he asks as he reaches Jemma. He bends down and puts his hand on her neck. "She has a pulse. It's weak, but we have to get her un-wedged from the car. The longer she's here, the worse it will be. And, we have to get her some blankets to keep her warm."

Daisy bends down with him and grabs his hand. "I can't lose her," she says, as a tear falls down her cheek. "I just found her. I just got my Mom back. I can't lose her. Do you hear me Jemma? Fight! Help will be here soon, you'll be just fine," she continues to tell Jemma, as she can hear the sirens of the ambulance and firetruck approaching.

Soon, the flashing red lights surround them in the otherwise white surroundings. "Over here, there's a woman wedged between the car the building!" Vinny yells to one of the firefighters.

He rushes over and looks at the mess. "We have to move the truck and then the car before we can remove her," he tells them, knowing that the only way to get Jemma out from her current position is to move the vehicles out of the way.

"Hurry, please, she is alive but barely," Daisy says standing up and looking at the fireman. "I can't lose her, she's my mother."

"We'll go as fast as we can," the fireman replies to her. "In the meantime, you two head back inside. We don't need any more injuries. And, if you know who these people are, please call their families and tell them they will be at the hospital as soon as we can get them there."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"So there hasn't been any more word from Craig on an update about Jacob?" Bob asks Natasha, as he passes her a coffee from the cafeteria. He takes a sip before he looks back at his daughter, who looks beaten up pretty badly. It is clear that she hasn't slept since Jacob was brought to the hospital, which he understands completely, but he also knows that it will catch up to her sooner or later.

"No," she replies to him as she sits next to him. "We haven't heard anything yet. Other than that the infection is moving into his right lung. If we don't get a donor soon…"

"Let's not think about that," Bob grabs her hand. "We have to stay positive. We have to think that somehow, some way, a donor will appear."

"I hope you're right," Natasha bites her lower lip. "Where is Kim? Why isn't she here with you?"

Bob sighs knowing that he shouldn't burden Natasha will the news of his break up with Kim right now, or at least all the of the details. But he does have to tell her something. He looks over at her and tries to put a smile on his face. "I don't want to trouble you with anything else right now," he tells her as she arches her eyebrow.

"Daddy, what is it? What's happened?"

"I've filed for divorce from Kimberly," he reveals to her. "The details don't matter right now. Just know that I'm fine and this time, the marriage is over for real. There's no going back this time."

Natasha pulls him into a hug. "I'm so sorry," she whispers to him. "I don't know what else could go wrong with this family right now."

"We are Calimo's," he replies to her as they exit their embrace. "No matter what happens, we will get through this because we are strong. And, we are all in this together."

Natasha nods back to him as Bob's cell phone starts to ring. "I wonder who that could be," he says as he pulls his phone out of his pocket. "Daisy?" he asks as he sees her caller ID on the phone. "What is it? What's wrong? …. My God! Yes, I'm at the hospital. I'll call Andy right away. Thank you for telling me."

"What's happened?" Natasha asks him looking back at her father in concern.

"It's Kimberly," Bob slowly reveals. "She was in a car accident. And, Blake was with her."


Andy rushes into the hospital and looks around for the Calimo's. He knew that he shouldn't have driven in the storm but once he got word that Kim was in an accident, he knew that he had to rush over to the hospital to make sure that his sister was okay.

"Where is she? Where is Kim?" he asks in a panic as he comes into the waiting room where Bob, Natasha, Shane, Victoria, Robbie, Eva and Tyler are all standing in. "How did this happen?"

Bob moves up to Andy. "We don't know all the details just yet," Bob tells him. "I got a call from Daisy Davenport and she told me that a semi-truck t-boned Kim's car and then pushed the vehicle into the side of the Pampa Grill, pegging Daisy's Aunt Jemma in the process."

"Good Lord," Andy gasps in shock before he shakes his head. "Why was she driving in this storm? What could have happened that would make her get behind the wheel?"

"That's what I want to know," Tyler replies to everyone. "How is my son? Has anyone heard about Blake? Thank you, Andy, by the way for calling me. I wouldn't have known about this if you hadn't."

Bob looks at the man who caused all of this to happen. He knows that Kim's entire confession earlier was because of Tyler blackmailing her; if he hadn't done that, none of this would have happened. Still, Bob knows that he can't lash out at Tyler, not when no one knows how Kim or Blake are doing.

"We don't know anything yet," Bob replies to him. "Daisy told me that they had to move the vehicles to unsure Jemma was freed, then everyone would be here at the hospital."

Tyler shakes his head in horror as the waiting is already killing him. "How did this happen? How is it that my son was even driving in this storm? Or do I have even have to ask?" he asks gritting his teeth at Bob.

"Now is not the time or place Tyler," Bob replies to him, not wanting to have a fight with him right now. The most important thing is Kim and Blake being okay."

"He's right Tyler," Andy tells him. "We'll have answers soon enough," Andy moves up to him and hugs him. "We have to stay strong, for Kim and Blake."

"I'm trying," Tyler replies to him. "I'm just scared."


Donovan rushes into the hospital and goes to the nurse's station immediately when he spots Craig there. "Craig," Donovan says almost out of breath. "Have you heard anything about Jemma, Kim, Blake or the driver of the truck yet?"

Craig looks back and knows that he was already called about the incoming accident. He wishes he could give the family more information but without seeing anyone he has no idea what shape any one is in.

"I wish I could tell you more information," Craig replies to his ex-boyfriend. "Without seeing any of them, I can't say how they are. They should be here soon, though. The entire staff is on alert for when they arrive."

"What a night," Donovan whispers back to him.

"Tell me about it," Craig says back to him. "It seems like this ice storm has created enough chaos to last a life time."

Donovan nods back to him. "You've been at work all night?" Donovan asks him as Craig nods back to him. "Then you don't know."

"Know what?"

"Lukas," Donovan replies to him. "He was arrested for killing Frederick."

"That's crazy," Craig gasps.

"I know," Donovan says back to him. "If you can think of anything, anything at all that would help him that would be great"

Craig shrugs his shoulders. "Sorry, Donovan, I can't help at all. I don't know anything that you wouldn't already know and, with all the accidents this storm has caused, I'm going to be putting in a lot of extra hours at work."

Donovan uneasily nods back to him. "Yea of course," he forces a smile on his face. "Look, keep me posted on the status of everyone, okay?"


Scene Three - Twin Peaks Police Department

Simona slowly walks down to the holding cell where Lukas is staying. After she brought him into the station and she revealed the evidence that she has against him, he was booked and taken to the cell where he will stay until he stands trial. She's not wasting anytime like she was when she had Chris as the prime suspect; she wants to have Lukas tried and convicted as soon as possible.

"I'm surprised to see you again tonight," Lukas tells her as he stands up from the cot he was sitting on in his cell. "Did you come to gloat?"

Simona chuckles back to him a little. "I don't gloat," she replies to him. "Regardless of what you believe, I don't like arresting people. I see the ugly in people. It can be a difficult job."

"Forgive me if I have no sympathy for you," Lukas says back to her. "I hope you and the police department have a good lawyer. Because when I prove my innocence, I'm going to sue all of you for this!"

"Well, that's why I'm here," Simona informs him. "My squad did another search of the mansion and guess what? Three bullets are missing from the gun cabinet in your house. How many bullets were used to shoot your father last fall?"

"You think that's proof?" he laughs back at her. "That gun has been in the family for years. Bullets are used from time to time."

"It's just, we confirmed that the bullets from your family gun were the bullets used to shoot your father," she replies to him. "Where were you on New Year's Eve?"

"At the Pampa Grill," he tells her. "But, I left before midnight."

"And then where did you go?"


"You didn't stop by the hospital first?"

Lukas rolls his eyes back to her. "Of course not," he grits his teeth together. "I didn't kill my father! I didn't do anything wrong!"

"First thing in the morning, you should call a lawyer," Simona tells him. "You're going to need it, Mr. Richardson."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I got here as soon as I could," Dominick announces as he rushes into the waiting room to see the group of people waiting for some kind of news on the accident victims. He recalls how he was on the phone with Peter, the driver of the semi-truck when he heard the accident. He knew that he had to get to the hospital ASAP to ensure that Peter, and everyone else, were okay. "The roads are brutal out there."

Tyler looks back at his father in surprise that he is there because he didn't call him to let him know that Kim and Blake were in an accident. "How did you know about the accident?" Tyler asks him, as Dominick comes up to him.

Dominick gulps. He doesn't want to reveal that his semi-truck was the vehicle involved in the accident because he knows that everyone will blame him for what has happened. He doesn't want to cause more heartache right now; he will tell everyone once they know that Kim and Blake are okay.

"I heard it on the news," Dominick lies to him. "There have been so many accidents tonight. Have we heard anything?"

"Nothing yet," Andy tells him. "We are waiting for everyone to arrive from the scene."

Before anyone can say anything else, Daisy, Vinny and Trenyce come into the waiting room. The crowd rushes around them to see how they are doing.

"What happened?" Bob asks them. "How did this happen?"

Daisy shakes her head in confusion. "I wish I knew. We were all inside the restaurant."

"We couldn't leave because of the storm," Trenyce interjects.

"Then suddenly, we heard this loud crash," Daisy continues to explain to everyone. "When we went to see what happened, a semi-truck had t-boned Kim's car and pushed into the side of the building, where Jemma had stepped out to get some air."

Donovan comes into the waiting room, holding some blankets for Daisy and Vinny. "Put these around yourselves," he tells them as he passes them the blankets. "You were outside for a long time, you must be freezing."

"I am cold," Daisy admits to him. "I didn't realize it until just now."

"My God," Tyler gasps, thinking about what Daisy was telling him about the accident. "My son? Do you know how Blake is?"

Daisy shakes her head as she starts to cry. "The driver of the semi-truck was killed on impact," Vinny informs them all, as Dominick gulps a little. "Kim, Blake and Jemma were all unconscious and they were being rushed to the hospital. They should be here any time."

Before anyone can say anything else, they can hear Craig start talking to the paramedics as Kim, Jemma and Blake are rushed into the hospital. The crowd rush to the door. Tyler and Bob rush up to Kim, who has blood all over her face.

"Where's Blake?" Tyler asks Craig, desperate to know how he is doing. "How's my son?"

Before Craig can reply, an unconscious Blake moves back Tyler. "Blake! Blake!" Tyler yells out as Craig pushes him back, as Victoria comes up to the child and starts checking his vitals.

"You have to let us do our job," Craig tells him.

"I don't care what you have to do, you have to save my son!"

Dominick comes up and puts his arms around Tyler. "It's okay, let them figure out what's wrong. They'll be able to make everything."

Tyler turns around and hugs his father tightly, as Bob looks on with intent, worried about what has happened as well.

"This is a nightmare," Eva whispers as she looks at Natasha and grabs her hand. "A horrible nightmare."

Daisy, Trenyce and Vinny then watch as Jemma is brought into the ER. Daisy rushes up to her mother and grabs her hand. "Please, Jemma, wake up. You have to tell me that you'll be okay."

"Excuse me," another doctor tells Daisy. "We have to get into the ER now so we know what we are dealing with."

Vinny holds Daisy as she watches her mother get taken into a hospital room. A tear falls down Daisy's face as Vinny wraps his arms around her.

"She has to be okay," Daisy whispers to him. "She just has to be okay."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dawn has an admission to Shelley
- Daisy gets horrible news about Jemma
- Kim awakes

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