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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob, Andy & Tyler learned that Kim would make a full recovery following the car accident. The family worried that something was seriously wrong with Blake, as it took the medical staff a long time to provide an update on him. Tyler & Kim were then devastated to learn that the car accident caused Blake to be brain dead
- Meggan asked Lukas if he killed Frederick; she believed him when he said no. Donovan, meanwhile, vowed to help his boyfriend
- Daisy was horrified to learn that Jemma was in a coma and would likely never wake up. Chris urged her to be positive. Trenyce, meanwhile, encouraged Andrew to support the family in their time of need
- Felicia skipped taking a pill due to the stress of the crisis
- Eva wondered if Dominick had something to do with accident after hearing him on the phone talking about the semi-truck being a total loss but the products were okay

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Kim sits in her wheel chair unable to take her eyes off Blake, who is sleeping in the hospital bed in front of her. The sound of his respirator helping him breath is the only sound in the hospital room right now, other than the odd whimper that Kim makes. She still really can't believe the last 24 hours of her life; everything is completely different for her now and it will never be the same.

She arrived at the hospital after hearing from Bob that Jacob was ill and could be dying. She barely remembers driving in the ice storm from the Calimo mansion but she managed to get to the hospital safely. When she got there, however, she saw her husband and she told him the truth about giving Tyler the formula to the facial cream last year and that Tyler had been blackmailing her ever since, to the point where she slept with him to keep him quiet. She knew all along that Bob would be upset by this, but she was hoping that he would understand why she did what she did. After all, when she gave the facial cream formula Tyler, she thought she had lost Bob because Robbie used her to get revenge on his father.

But it didn't go that way. Bob was livid and demanded a divorce from her. Kim was so distraught that she left the hospital with Blake in her car. The ice storm had created even more treacherous driving conditions and that's when the semi-truck t-boned her car. She doesn't remember anything after that point, because she fell unconscious and dislocated her shoulder. Now, she's awake and she will make a full recovery. But Blake, he isn't so lucky. His car seat flipped over and Blake hit his head badly, causing him to have no brain activity. Victoria's words to her and Tyler that Blake is, for all intensive purposes, dead continue to play in her mind over and over again.

"This is all my fault," she whispers as a tear falls down her cheek, thinking that everything that has happened is because of what she did to her marriage. She feels like she is being punished for her behavior.

"I thought I'd find you here," a voice says from behind her. Kim slowly turns her head and sees Andy standing at the door way. "Tyler filled me in. How are you holding up?"

"How do you think I'm holding up?" she turns back around to look at her little boy. She doesn't want to see anything else but Blake's face right now. "They told me that my son is practically dead. But, that can't be real. This has to be wrong."

Andy puts his hands on Kim's shoulder. He wishes he could say or do something that will make her feel better, but he knows that there is nothing he can say to make this better. All he can do is be there for Kim.

"This is all my fault," she whispers as another tear falls down her cheek. "I'm being punished for all of my choices that I've made this past year."

Andy shakes his head no. "Don't say that," he tells her. "You couldn't have predicted any of this happening. Certainly, not to your own son."

"I just hate this," she replies to him. "How am I supposed to accept that my son is…never waking up? How am I supposed to believe any of this is real?"

Andy doesn't say anything back to his sister, knowing that he can't say anything to make her feel better. "How about we go get a coffee? A change of scenery might be nice for you?"

"I can't leave him," Kim whispers back to her brother. "But, if you go get a coffee and come back here, that would be nice."

Andy nods to her. "Okay, I'll be back. Hang in there, and no more thoughts that this is your fault, okay?"

But Kim can't tell him anything back because she continues to blame herself for the state that her little boy is in right now. And, nothing will change that in her mind.


"Have you heard anything at all about Jacob?" Natasha asks Shane as they stand outside of the ICU room where Jacob is still in his incubator. Natasha had been with Bob waiting to get news about Kim, Blake and Jemma that she has been away from Jacob for what seems like days. In reality, it's only been a couple of hours. Still, she hopes that they will get some kind of positive update about Jacob's condition. Whether it is that he is improving or that they have found a donor and they can have the lung transplant. Natasha has to hold on to some kind of hope.

Shane looks at his ex-wife and then drops his head down. The longer they all go without hearing something, the more dire Jacob's situation becomes. He knows that he has to be strong for Natasha, but he can't help but actually be terrified of what is going to happen to his son if he doesn't get the transplant soon.

"I wish we had heard something," he replies to Natasha. "I don't know how much longer he will fight. He's so little and …"

"Please," Natasha stops him and grabs his hand. "Don't talk that way. We have to stay strong for him, Shane. I just saw my Dad and he told me that we have to be positive and he's right. I have faith that something good will happen for us. I can't believe that God would take that precious little boy away from us."

Shane moves closer to her and they embrace. "I hope you're right," he whispers into her ear as they hold one another. "I just feel like time isn't on our side."

"Oh Shane," Natasha lets a tear fall down her cheek. "Our precious Jacob, he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. We can't lose him. We won't lose him."

Andy, whom is walking towards the cafeteria, looks down the hallway and sees Shane and Natasha in each other's arms. He had been so worried about Kim, Tyler and Blake that he had seemingly forgotten what Shane and Natasha were going through with Jacob. Andy stands there for a moment longer before he turns around and starts to head back to Blake's room, completely forgetting that he was going to get Kim a coffee.

"What do you think they are talking about?" Cassie asks Cory, as they sit on some chairs that line a wall that is close to the ICU, where Jacob's room is.

Cory looks over and sees Shane and Natasha hugging each other before he looks back at Cassie. "I don't know," he admits to her. "Probably something about how Jacob is doing. They have both taken a real beating from this crisis. Not knowing if or when Jacob will die; I can't imagine what that's like for a parent."

Cassie uneasily nods back to him. "I've been texting my son that I am so grateful that he is alive and well," she tells him. "This ice storm has really created a mess of things, huh?"

"At least the rain is starting to stop," Cory tells her. "Maybe things can finally get back to normal."

Cassie looks back over at Shane and Natasha, who are holding their hands as they watch Jacob through the large window. "I wonder what normal is."

"What do you mean?"

Cassie nods over towards Shane and Natasha again. "I mean, for years, Shane and Natasha were each other's normal," she tells Cory. "They were married and supported each other for years. Maybe normal is them getting back together."

Cory gulps as he turns and watches Jacob's parents, clearly bonding over their son's crisis. He knows that he and Natasha are engaged to be married, but he can't help but wonder if Cassie is right: are Shane and Natasha growing closer as a result of this crisis? And if so, where does that leave him?


"Brain dead? How is this possible? There must be something we can do! That precious little boy cannot be taken from us this way!" Felicia cries in a waiting room, as Tyler has just finished telling her and Dominick the latest update about Blake. Tyler, himself, can barely believe that his son will never wake up again. He looks at his parents and feels like now that he has told them what has happened, he could collapse into their arms. He feels completely gutted by the turn of events.

"Tyler, son," Dominick puts his hands on Tyler's shoulders, as he can tell Tyler is looking pale. "Are you okay? Do you want to sit down for a moment?"

"Yea," Tyler admits to him as Dominick helps him find a seat. "I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me. I…I can't believe this."

"Neither can I," Felicia cries as she sits next to Tyler. "How did this happen?"

"Felicia, please," Dominick tells his ex-wife. "We have to be strong for Tyler right now."

Felicia shakes her head. "You're right, I'm sorry, I'm just…I can't believe this is happening."

"What do you want to do, son?" Dominick asks Tyler. "Can I do anything to help? Anything at all?"

"I don't know if there is anything to do," Tyler replies to him, his eyes red. "My son is brain dead. What else is there to fucking do?"

Felicia pulls him into a hug as he finally starts to sob in his mother's arms. "Oh baby," Felicia holds him close to her. "I'm so terribly sorry."

Dominick stands up as Robin comes into the waiting room. "I got here as soon as I could," she whispers to her father as they hug. "The roads are still pretty disgusting out there."

"I'm just glad that you're here," Dominick replies to her. "Tyler is not doing so well."

"So, it's true?" she asks him as they part from their hug. "Blake is brain dead? There's nothing that can be done?"

"I'm afraid not," Dominick says back to her. "God, what a horrible mess this is."

"What can I do to help?" Robin asks him back. "Water? Should I go him something to drink?"

"Yea, water would be good. I think he almost fainted earlier," Dominick tells her, as Robin nods ad scurries off.

"Tyler," Dominick turns back to see his son. "Robin went to get you some water. Do you want anything else?"

Tyler looks up from being in Felicia's arms and nods. "Yea," he says through his tears. "I want to go back to Blake's room. I want to see my son."


"What is the latest?" Trenyce asks Chris and Vinny as she walks up to the hospital room where Jemma is. Trenyce still can't believe that Jemma was pegged between the Pampa Grill and Kim's car and is now in a coma and may never wake up. The entire scene playing out is like a horrible dream; she's ready to wake up from it though. She wants all of this to go away, even though she knows that it will not happen that way.

"Daisy is in with Jemma now," Vinny tells her as he stands up and hugs her quickly. "You know that we love you, right?"

Trenyce nods back to him as they part ways. "I know."

"It just feels like we should be telling one another, now more than ever before," he replies to her.

"That's the truth," Chris stands up and joins them in the conversation. "Daisy needs our support, more than ever. She's really beating herself up over the accident."

"She didn't do anything wrong," Trenyce tells him.

"We know that," Vinny replies to her. "But, she just had that huge fight with Jemma. So, she's feeling responsible for everything that has happened as a result."

"That's crazy," Trenyce says. "But, I get it. She has to know that she isn't the one to blame for this."

"Hey guys," Andrew announces to the group as he comes up to them. Andrew and Trenyce quickly make eye contact, as they recall how Trenyce asked him to support the family right now because they all need to band together. Trenyce knows that Andrew seemingly reached out to her, but she didn't know if he would listen to her advice. The fact that he is here, means the world to her.

"Andrew," Chris moves over to see the young man. "I'm glad that you're here."

Andrew looks back to Vinny and Trenyce, ignoring Chris. Andrew will support the family, the way Trenyce asked, but he knows that he will never forgive Chris for his treatment of Frederick before he died. "Where's Daisy?"

"I'm right here," Daisy says as she slowly closes the door to Jemma's room. "It's nice to see you, Andrew."

"Yea, I just thought that if you needed anything, I'd let you know that you can ask me. It's really tragic everything that has happened."

"Thank you for that," Daisy tries to smile back to him. "Actually, if you could go grab me a coffee? I don't want to leave Jemma's side."

"Of course," Andrew nods back to her. "Does anyone else want anything?" he asks as everyone says no. "Okay, cool, I'll be right back."

Andrew turns to leave and starts to walk towards the cafeteria, when Paige emerges and is next to him. "That was really cool of you," she tells him as she purses her lips together.

"You think so?" he asks her as they stop for a moment and he looks at her. For the first time, he sees how pretty of a girl Paige is. They've spent so much time in disagreements, that he never noticed her: until now.

"Yea," Paige replies to him. "It's no secret that you haven't been very close to your family for a long time, so the fact that you're reaching out now, it's good of you. They appreciate it, I can tell."

"This ice storm has created a lot of chaos," Andrew tells her. "I'm just trying to do my part to make things better."

Paige smiles back to him, before she can see Robin and Leah walking behind him. "I see my Mom over there," Paige tells him. "I'm going to go catch up with her. Like I said, Andrew, you should be proud of yourself. See you around, okay?"

"Yea, see you around," he manages to crack a small smile on his face before he turns and watches her walk away from him.

"Mom, wait up," Paige rushes up to Leah and Robin. "What is the latest news?"

"It's not good," Robin replies to her, as she holds some bottles of water. "Blake is brain dead."

Paige feels the blood drain from her face hearing that baby Blake is brain dead. She shakes her head as tears start to form in her eyes. "No," she cries as Leah grabs her daughter. "This can't be happening."

"I know sweetheart," Leah holds her daughter. "It's horrible. We just have too…"

Before Leah can reply, she shuts her eyes as she a memory flash.


They walk slowly into the room, and Leah sits next to Noah, and takes his hand. She slowly kisses his hand. Jeff stands over his son, and fixes his hair a little.

"Your hair was a little messy, buddy," Jeff says to his son. "Just wanted to fixed it for you," he says trying to fight his tears.

"We love you Noah. And you'll be fine," Leah says. "We are here, if you need us."

"Don't be afraid buddy, like your Mommy said, we won't leave you."

Suddenly Noah's monitor's start making a beeping noise. The young boy's body starts shaking. Shane and two nurses enter.

"He's going into shock, Doctor," a nurse says.

Shane looks at the monitor, and turns around "You guys need to leave, now," Shane instructs Leah and Jeff.

Leah becomes hysterical. "What's going on? Shane!" Jeff pulls Leah out. A nurse shuts the door. Leah and Jeff stand at the window watching Shane try to help Noah.

Suddenly his heart monitor flat lines.

Leah and Jeff watch, helplessly. Jeff starts crying. Leah stops crying, in shock of what's happening. Shane looks over at the parents through the window. He turns back and records the time of death. Leah sees the nurse slowly pull a sheet over Noah. "No!" she cries, falling to her knees in tears. Jeff moves down with Leah, holding her as they cry together.


"Leah? What is it? You stopped mid-sentence," Robin's voice forces Leah to come back into the present. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Yea, Mom, do you want to sit down?" Paige asks her, concerned with whatever is happening with her Mom.

"I…I had a memory…" Leah tells them, as she tries to put the pieces together. "I remembered Noah dying…"


"You look like you could use a drink," Donovan says to Craig as he comes up to the nurses' station, where Craig is putting some files down on the counter. Donovan can see the stress and exhaustion all over Craig's face; on nights like this, Donovan truly has an appreciation for Craig's line of work because Donovan knows there is no way that he could deliver all of this bad news to families of loved ones who are near death.

"A very stiff one at that," Craig replies to him quickly. "How are you holding up with all this chaos?"

Donovan puts his head down. "I feel awful for Andy, Kim and Trenyce," he tells him. "This storm has turned their lives upside down. But, if I am honest, I can't stop thinking about Lukas being in jail. He is also going through a rough time right now."

"Yea," Craig admits back to him. "I guess I forgot that he was arrested, with everything else going on around here."

"That's understandable," Donovan tells him. "I just hope that something happens to clear his name, the way it did with Chris Michaels."

"So, you think Lukas is innocent?" Craig asks him, catching Donovan off guard.

"Of course I do," Donovan quickly tells him. "Do you think he's guilty?"

"Nah, of course not," Craig shrugs his shoulders. "It's just, I saw how upset he was last fall when Frederick threatened to disinherit him when he found he was gay. Lukas was more upset than I've ever seen before."

"That doesn't mean that he killed his father," Donovan tells him. "You dated him for a while, you should know him better than that."

"Yea, I know, I'm sorry I said anything," Craig replies to him. "I'm on your side. I want this to go away as quickly as possible too."

Before Donovan can say anything further, his cell phone starts to ring. He looks up at Craig before he grabs his phone from his pocket. "Meggan," he says as he answers the phone. "How's Lukas? … What? Already, that's crazy … Yea, okay. Hopefully the storm stops soon and I'll try to be there when I can be … Okay, give him my best."

"What was that about?" Craig asks him, curious by the phone call with Meggan.

"They've set a trial date," Donovan tells Craig, who gasps a little. "They aren't wasting time. They want to put Lukas away, which means…"

"Which means," Craig finishes his sentence. "You don't have much time to prove Lukas' innocence."


Andy rushes down the hallway of the hospital, desperate to get back to Kim and Blake. He didn't know why he didn't think of this sooner; a way for Kim to make things right in the world again, if she really feels responsible for everything that has happened. He reaches Blake's room and opens the door.

"I'm glad you're still here," he says, almost out of breath, as he sees Kim and Tyler in the room, hovering over Blake.

"You know I'm not going anywhere," Kim tells him, as she turns to see her brother. "Where is my coffee?"

"Tyler, I'm glad you're here because you should listen to what I have to say because it impacts both of you."

"What are you talking about?" Kim asks him.

"Yea, Andy," Tyler replies to him. "What do you have to tell us?"

"I have way you can make this right, Kim," he reveals to her. "If you really feel guilty about what's happened and your role in it, I have a way you make something good happen out of this mess."

Kim uneasily looks over at Tyler before Blake and then back to Andy. "Well, what is it? What can I do?"

"Give Blake's lungs to Jacob," Andy says slowly, as Tyler and Kim gasp in horror by what they just heard.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy makes his case known
- Barbara sends a cryptic message to Helen
- Donovan gets a shock

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