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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim told Andy she thought that she was being punished from her bad choices with Tyler and Bob in the past year and that is why Blake has gone brain dead. Andy then saw Shane & Natasha embracing over Jacob and realized that Kim could make things right. He stunned Kim and Tyler by suggesting they donate Blake's lungs to Jacob
- Adam & Robin almost made love before she found out about the accident
- Barbara saw Dawn and Shelley together and asked Dawn about her relationship with Shelley. Dawn covered by telling her that they are just roommates
- Donovan vowed to help Lukas get off from his murder charges
- Leah remembered Noah's death

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Kim slowly opens her eyes and looks around the hospital room in which she was sleeping in. While she is expected to make a full recovery from the car accident, Craig insisted that she spend the night in the hospital as she just got out of shoulder surgery and because with the ice storm, it was far too dangerous for her to drive home again. Plus, Kim knew that there was no way she would be leaving the hospital, anyways, as she couldn't leave Blake's side. Still, after the ordeal that she had gone through, getting some sleep seemed like a good idea.

She groans in pain a little as she sits up in the bed, her shoulder throbbing as the medication has left her body. She looks over and sees Tyler, sleeping in a chair in her hospital room. She is grateful that he is with her right now because she knows that can't go through this ordeal with Blake alone; Their son is brain dead and he will never wake up again. She still has to have some hope that something could change, despite the doctors telling her that it is a lost cause. And, she knows that this is all her fault.

"If only I didn't drive," she whispers to herself as tears fill her eyes, recalling how she confessed her affair with Tyler to Bob and how she gave Tyler the formula to the facial cream the day before and Bob demanded a divorce. "I put my son in danger. What was I thinking?"

"You're not to blame," Tyler says to her, as he opens her eyes and looks at Kim. "No one could have expected any of this to happen."

"I still shouldn't have driven in that storm," she tells him. "Has the rain stopped?"

Tyler stands up and stretches his back, which is uncomfortable from sleeping in the chair. He moves to the window of the hospital room and looks outside. Sure enough, the rain has stopped. The sun is out, and the ice has already started to melt. "The storm is over," he tells her. "The sun is out."

"It doesn't seem fair," Kim bites her lower lip. "How one night can change the rest of our lives?"

"Have you thought about what Andy said last night?"

Kim looks back at him with intent. "It was insane," she tells him. "Giving my son's lungs to Jacob? What if Blake comes back to us? What if he hears us pleading with him and he opens his eyes? I can't do it, Tyler. I can't give my boys lungs to Jacob."

Tyler moves to the bed and sits next to Kim, grabbing her hand. "I know what you mean," he whispers back to her.

"What are you thinking?"

Tyler looks up to her with damp eyes. "That maybe Andy is right," he admits to her. "I hate to say it, but Blake, he's never coming back to us. He's gone, Kim…"

"No!" Kim cuts him off as a tear falls down her cheek. "He's not gone! He's not! He … he just needs to rest. Then, he'll be back. You'll see, I'm telling you, I know him. He's my son!"

"He's my son too!" Tyler protests to her. "You don't think that I want him to open his eyes and come back to us? But, we have to be honest. He's gone and … We could save Jacob's life."

"I don't want to hear this," Kim snaps at him. "I'm going to see Blake, I'm going to see my son."

Tyler sighs as he watches Kim get out of bed and moves to the door of the hospital room. He covers his face as a tear falls out of his eye as well. He hates that Blake is done, but he realizes that if they can help Jacob make it through this ordeal, then they should. One loss of life is better than two, he thinks to himself.


"How were the roads this morning?" Robin asks Adam as they sit in the cafeteria, having a coffee together. Robin hasn't wanted to leave the hospital yet, because she knows that Tyler needs her right now. But, she can't help but think about the previous night, when she and Adam were alone together and they almost made love. While she thought that they were growing closer, neither one really had made a move romantically; now that they have, she can't deny that she is very attracted to him.

"Pretty icy still," Adam replies to her. "But, the city had a lot of sand trucks and plows out to remove as much ice as possible. They are still suggesting that people stay off the roads."

"At least the storm is over," Robin says back to him before she takes a sip of the coffee. "Thanks for coming this morning."

Adam reaches over and grabs her hand. "I'd like to think that I can be here for you during the good and bad times," he admits to her. "I mean, last night, if we didn't find out about this accident, we would have…"

Robin purses her lips together. "And, don't me wrong," she says back to him. "I'd still like that to happen, very much."

"Yea?" Adam smiles back to her. "Because, I'd like it to happen too. I mean," he starts to chuckle. "You're hot, any guy would like it to happen."

Robin laughs back to him. "I feel like I'm back in high school or something."

"I think that's a good sign, don't you?"

"Yea," Robin smiles back to him. "I've really grown to appreciate this friendship."

"You know that we are about to cross that line, though, right?"

"I'm ready," she tells him. "For so long, I was with Cory and when that ended, I guess I just needed time before I realized that I do want something, someone, else in my life. I want that person to be you."

Adam leans across the table and kisses her. "I want to be that guy for you too," he says as their lips part, unaware that Max and Cassie have entered the cafeteria, so Max can see the two of them kissing. Max fumes a little, knowing that he wants to be the one kissing Robin, not Adam.

"Is everything okay?" Cassie asks her son, suddenly realizing his change in body language.

"Yea, I'm fine," he lies to his mother, since the wheels in his head are spinning about how he can get Robin away from Adam and with him. "How are things with Jacob?"

Cassie sighs as she orders a coffee and a muffin from the cafeteria. "Well," she tells him. "If he doesn't get a transplant soon, he will…"

"God, that's awful," Max cuts her off before she can finish her sentence. "I can't imagine what Shane and Natasha are going through."

"Neither can I," she tells him. "That's why I'm so happy that you're happy and healthy. I don't know what I would do…"

"Never mind that," he says as he hugs her. "I'm fine. And, I'm about to get everything I want."

"Good," Cassie holds him closer. "That's all a mother wants to hear," she says, Max looks back at Robin and Adam sitting together.


"I'm glad that you convinced me to come this morning," Helen tells Barbara as they walk down the hallway of the hospital. Helen knew that Barbara was coming to the hospital to volunteer since there were so many accidents the previous day because of the ice storm and over breakfast, Barbara convinced her to join her. Helen knows that the hospital was overrun, so she feels like she is able to give back in a positive way.

"Me too," Barbara tells her daughter. "It's just so awful, all the devastation the storm created."

"It's true," Helen replies to her. "I mean, I feel awful for Kim, Tyler, Daisy and Trenyce. I can't imagine what they are going through."

"No one expects the end," Barbara says back to her. "Look at how suddenly my Reg was taken from us. God, though, he has a plan and none of us should question that."

"It's still hard to see people we are close to suffer."

"We have to be strong right now," Barbara reminds her. "We have to be strong for our friends and our family."

"Our family?" Helen asks her, surprised by what Barbara just said to her. "What's going on with our family?"

Barbara pauses as she thinks about the previous night during the storm when she was trapped at the Sugarbowl and she saw Dawn leave the coffeehouse with that older woman; when she confronted her Granddaughter about it, Dawn claimed that they were just roommates. However, there is something more going on between them, Barbara can feel it, she just doesn't know what it is exactly.

"I can't explain it," Barbara admits to her daughter as they look at one another. "I just have this feeling in my stomach that something horrible is going to happen."

Helen pulls her mother into a hug. "I hope it's just the storm that's got you scared," Helen tells her. "And, that's over now. The sun came out today. There'll be no more bad news, okay?"

Barbara grabs the cross around her neck and uneasily smiles back to Helen. "I hope and pray you're right."


"Dawn, I'm glad I ran into you," Cassie tells the young woman, as she approaches the nurses station where Dawn is working. She didn't think she would see Dawn today, but she is glad that she is because, Cassie knows that Dawn is still struggling with something; she's indicated as much in their therapy sessions together.

"Cassie, hi," Dawn smiles as she looks up from the large stack of files that she has to put away. She has still been working at the hospital as a candy striper, and now has hopes to become a nurse. "How are things with Jacob? I don't want to intrude because I know that I'm probably the last person Shane and Natasha want to see right now."

Cassie tries to put a brave face on. "It's not looking good, if I am honest with you," she tells her. "Look, with everything going on here, I'm afraid I'll have to cancel our therapy session today."

"That's fine," Dawn replies to her quickly. "I'm pretty swamped here today, as you can imagine. I'm glad that you were able to survive the storm."

"Yea, that accident with Kim and Jemma was bad enough for most of us, I think."

"Awful, isn't it? I'm hoping everyone makes it out okay."

Cassie smiles back to her, wondering what the change in Dawn is. She can't put her finger on it, but she can sense that something is different with her today. "Look, I know I'm not your therapist right now," Cassie tells her. "But, I also know that you're struggling with something. And, Dawn, if this storm has taught us anything, it is that life is too short not to live to the fullest. So, I'm going to tell you that whatever you're struggling with, the truth, it will set you free."

Dawn feels her cheeks blush a little. "Thank you," she manages to say back to her. "I'll keep that in mind."


"I got you this coffee," Paige tells Leah, as she moves into the waiting room where her Mom is sitting. Paige is excited to talk to her mother this morning because she recalls how the previous night, Leah seemingly had a memory flash. Paige only hopes that this means that her Mom's memory is on its way back; she could finally remember everything about her past, including giving birth to Paige.

"Thanks baby," Leah says as she accepts the coffee from her daughter. "Have you heard from you heard from Robbie today?"

Paige drinks some of her coffee before looking back at her Mom. "I think he was with Grandpa Bob," Paige replies to her. "He hasn't left, he's so worried about Jacob."

"I know, and now this mess with Kim and Blake… who knew that one night could change so many lives."

"Can I ask you something?" Paige asks her, as Leah nods back to her. "Have you had any more memories since last night?"

Leah drinks some of her coffee. "Just bits and pieces," she admits to her daughter. "All about Noah dying; It's been rough getting those memories back. My son, he was so small."

Paige grabs her mother's hand. "I know," she tells her. "But, we have to look at the positives, right? After all, your memory is coming back. Soon, that means that you'll remember everything. Isn't that what we've been waiting for?"

Leah nods back to her. "It is," she tries to smile back to her daughter. "It is what everyone has been waiting for."


"Did you get any sleep at all last night?" Donovan asks Victoria, who is sitting at her desk in her office, while Donovan sits up from the sofa. Victoria let Donovan sleep on the sofa last night, because she didn't want him driving home in the storm.

"Not much," Victoria admits to him. "There's been too much work to do. How about you? Did you actually sleep?"

"Yea I did," Donovan replies to her. "I was so tired. It seemed like one of the longest nights of my life."

"Yours and mine," Victoria tells him. "It doesn't look good for Jemma or Blake."

"My God," Donovan whispers in horror. "I can't imagine what Andy and Trenyce are going through."

"Yea, they are going to need your support. How are things with Lukas? Have you heard anything today?"

Donovan shakes his head as he checks his phone. "I was going to go see him last night, but with the storm, I thought it would be best to stay here."

"I'm glad you did that because we didn't anyone else hurt," Victoria tells him.

"Yea, but Meggan told me that Simona had set a trial date, so we are running out of time to prove his innocence."

"I'm sorry," Victoria tells him. "I wish there was something I could do."

Before Donovan can reply, there's a knock on Victoria's office door. "Come in," she says, as a courier comes into her office. "Donovan Moretti?" he asks as Donovan stands up. "You've been served."

"What on earth?" Victoria asks her brother as he opens the envelope that he just received. "What is it?"

"The prosecution," Donovan reads the paper in his hand. "They've subpoenaed me to testify against Lukas. I'm going to be testifying against the man I love."


Natasha comes out of the ICU where Jacob is still in the incubator. It is another morning, and there is still no change with her son. She knows that if Jacob doesn't get a donor soon, he won't survive. She looks up and sees Shane and Bob waiting for her in the hallway of the hospital. She takes off her face mask and moves up to her father, collapsing in tears in his arms.

"It's okay," Bob tells his daughter as he holds her. "Let it out. Let it all out."

Natasha finally stops sobbing and looks up at her father and then over to Shane. "He's so small," she says, wiping her eyes. "If he doesn't get help soon…"

"I know," Shane admits to her. "I've been trying to stay positive for so long, but there's only so long we can wait."

"I'm glad you are all here," Craig announces to the three of them, as he emerges from the ICU.

"Has something happened?" Bob asks the doctor.

"I'm afraid nothing good," Craig tells them. "I just checked Jacob's vitals, and the infection has spread into the right lung. He doesn't have much more time. I'm terribly sorry."

"Oh God," Natasha covers her mouth as more tears fall from her eyes. "My baby boy! Not my baby boy…"

Shane moves up to her and holds her as they both start to cry. "This isn't fair," Shane whispers into her ear. "This isn't fair!"

From the end of the hallway, Kim watches the scene unfold, her heart slowly breaking as she overheard Craig tell Shane and Natasha that their son was going to die. She feels her heartbreak inside her chest as she carries on towards Blake's room, however, the sight of Shane and Natasha in one another's arms, doesn't leave her mind for a second. Not even when she looks down and sees Blake laying in his hospital bed. Kim hears the respirator and puts her hand on it for a moment. Then she looks back to Blake and covers her mouth.

"Is it the right thing to do?" she asks herself as she looks at her baby. She crawls into the bed next to her son and holds him as she sobs, desperately trying to figure out what she should do.

"No," she says as she holds Blake in her arms. "You'll come back to me. You'll me my miracle," she says as tears stroll down her face. "You'll wake up and everything will go back to normal. I know you will, because you can't leave me. You are my special guy, right? Just wake up Blake, please wake up."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim & Tyler make a decision
- Chris and Helen come face to face
- Trenyce hears Andrew make a plea to Jemma

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