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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andy suggested to Kim & Tyler that they donate Blake's lungs to Jacob, since Blake was diagnosed as braindead following the car accident in the ice storm and Jacob's lung infection was getting worse. Kim saw a devastated Shane & Natasha and was torn
- Leah had a memory of Noah dying after learning about Blake
- Eva overheard Dominick on the phone after the car accident and wondered if he was somehow involved
- Chris lashed out at Helen for her believing that he actually killed Frederick
- Trenyce asked Andrew to reach out to the family after they learned that Jemma was in a coma and would likely never wake up. Andrew showed up to support everyone, but was still cold to Chris

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Did you sleep here all of yesterday?" Tyler asks Kim, as he opens the door to Blake's hospital room and moves inside, seeing the mother of his child still sleeping next to Blake in the bed. He knows that the day before Andy and Tyler both were seemingly on the same page about the possibility of donating Blake's lungs to a dying Jacob but Kim was dead set against it. She still believed that Blake could wake up and make a recovery. While Tyler hates the fact that his son will die if they go through with this procedure, he already realizes that Blake is never coming back.

Kim sits up slowly and looks outside, seeing that another new day has emerged. "I guess I did," she tells him as she yawns a little. "I guess I've just been so exhausted by everything that has happened, I slept almost all of yesterday and throughout the night. Has something else happened?"

Tyler moves up closer to her and Blake. "There's no change with Blake," he tells her. "There will never be a change with him. He's…he's gone, Kim."

Kim bites her lip, already feeling her eyes swell with water. She hates that her son is gone because she knows that its' all her fault. Furthermore, she can't erase the images from her mind of Natasha and Shane hugging outside Jacob's hospital room the day before.

"What if…" she begins to say back to Tyler.

"There is no what if's," he tells her as he sits on the edge of the bed where she is laying with Blake. Tyler lets a tear fall down his cheek as he caresses his son's face. "He's never coming back to us. Don't think that this isn't killing me as much as it is killing you, because it is."

"Then we have to fight," she tells him as her hand finds his on Blake's face. "This is our baby, Tyler."

"I know," he gasps for some air. "That's what makes this so difficult. But, Kim, Jacob will die if we don't do something. What's the point of having two innocent children taken from this world? We could save Jacob's life. We could give Shane and Natasha the best gift in the world."

Kim stands up and covers her mouth as tears stroll down her face. "God, how can I say yes to allowing my son die? How can you ask that of me?"

"Because, he's already dead," Tyler tells her coming up behind her. "I know you don't want to hear that, but he's never coming back. He'll never be back to the little boy that we love and remember…we have let go."

"Oh God," Kim collapses in Tyler's arms sobbing. "You're right," she manages to say through her tears. "We have to do this. We have to say goodbye to Blake. I just…I have no idea how."


"You don't look like you slept at all last night," Shane announces to Natasha, as he comes up holding a cup of coffee for her from the cafeteria. He passes it to her and she takes a drink immediately of it. She grabs his hand and takes him to the chairs in the hall way, outside of Jacob's room in the ICU.

"I didn't sleep a wink," she reveals to him as they sit next to each other. "I've been thinking about something. And, I want you to know your opinion."

"It sounds serious," he says back to her. "What have you been thinking about?"

Natasha looks at him, water filling her eyes. "I don't want our son to suffer anymore," she whimpers. "I don't want him to lay in that room slowly dying because he can't get a donor."

"I don't want that either, but what option do we have? We know that he will if he doesn't get a donor."

A tear falls down Natasha's cheek. "That's what I was up all night thinking about," she begins to tell him. "We aren't going to find a donor, Shane. We aren't, there's just no lungs available for our son. I've come to accept that."

"What are you saying?"

"Jacob is going to die," Natasha says as another tear falls down her cheek. "I think we should do it ourselves though. I think we should take him off the respirator. If he's going to die, I'd rather him go out with some dignity, not because this damn infection is killing him."

Shane puts his head down, almost overcome with emotion himself. He looks up, his eyes red. "I've been thinking about that too," he admits to her, as he runs his hand through his hair. "I don't want the infection to get him. He's better than that."

Natasha nods back to him through her tears. "So, let's talk to Craig? Let's say goodbye to our little boy."

"God, this is so hard," Shane cries back to her as they hug. "How do we say goodbye?"

Natasha shakes her head. "I don't know, but I want to do it before the infection takes him."

Before Shane can reply, Craig emerges from the ICU, holding Jacob's chart. Shane and Natasha immediately stand up, looking for one final glimmer of hope.

"Any change?" Natasha asks the doctor quickly.

"I'm afraid not," Craig replies to them quickly. "He doesn't have much time."

"We've made a decision," Shane announces to Craig. "We want to remove all the machines from our son. If he's going to go, we want him to go naturally. We don't want him to suffer any more."

"Are you sure?" Craig asks back, surprised by their admission. "Once we take Jacob off the respirator, he won't last long on his own."

"We are sure," Natasha manages to say through her tears.

"Very well," Craig nods back to him. "I want you to call your family, they should be here for you because, it will happen quickly."

"But, we can be with Jacob when it happens?" Shane asks him.

"Of course."

"I'll call my Dad," Natasha tells them. "Then, we can say goodbye."

"I'll prepare my staff," Craig replies to them. "Are you two absolutely positive?"

Natasha grabs Shane's hand. "We are sure," Shane says back to him. "God help us, we are sure."


Leah opens her eyes in a waiting room of the hospital, and quickly sits up in the chair that she fell asleep in. She stretches out, trying to get the kink out of her back. She looks at her watch and realizes that she did sleep for most of the night, which is surprising because not many people have been able to sleep during this nightmare that is unfolding.

"Morning," Jeff announces to her as he comes into the waiting room.

"Jeff, hi," Leah says back to him. "When did you get here?"

"Earlier this morning," he reveals to her. "You were sleeping, so I didn't want to wake you. I thought you could use the rest."

"It's been taxing seeing my brother go through this," she replies to him. "I think some good is coming from all of this though."

Jeff arches his eyebrow. "What do you mean? What has happened?"

"I remembered something," she reveals to him, as his eyes light up with hope that maybe this charade everyone has living could finally be over. "I remembered the day Noah died."

"God, that must have been so hard on you to relive," Jeff tells as he reaches over and grabs her hand. "Are you okay?"

Leah nods back to him. "It was hard to remember those times," she admits to him. "But, like I told Paige, the good news is that my memory is coming back. Slowly, I will remember everything that happened."

"I couldn't be happier for you," he tells her as he squeezes her hand. "None of us have wanted to hurt your chances of remembering."

Suddenly, Leah has another memory flash.


"Jeff, take Leah's hand," the minister instructs Jeff, who does as he is told. "Repeat after me as you place the ring on Leah's finger. I Jeff take Leah to be my wedded wife. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live."

"I Jeff take Leah to be my wedded wife. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live," he says as he chokes on his words.

"And Leah, repeat after me as your place the ring on Jeff's finger. I Leah, take Jeff to be my wedded husband. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live."

Leah lets more tears fall from her eyes as she puts the ring on Jeff's finger. "I Leah, take Jeff to be my wedded husband. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live."

"By the power invested in me, and this witness, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!"

Jeff leans in and looks at Leah, who smiles through her tears back to him. "I love you," he whispers as his lips touch hers.


Leah opens her eyes to the sound of Jeff calling her name repeatedly. "Leah, can you hear me?"

She looks back over to him and nods her head. "I remember," she tells him. "I remember marrying you."


"Yes, of course I'm allowed to be asking these questions," Eva says into her cellphone as she sits in the cafeteria of the hospital. She can't forget about hearing the conversation that Dominick had on the phone after he learned about the car accident. He was talking to the police about the semi-truck being a total write off, but all of the products in the back were seemingly okay. Dominick, at the time, didn't seem too worry about whatever was in the back of the truck. Eva, however, can't seem to shake the feeling that whatever was in the truck will change everything.

"I'm married to Dominick Robertson," she tells the officer on the other end of the line. "And, his Grandson was in the car that the semi-truck hit, my step-Grandson is fighting for his life. Any information that you have, I want to know and I want to know now…"

There's a brief pause before Eva gasps a little. "Yes, thank you. That's all I needed to know."

She hangs up the phone and drops her phone, running her hand over her face. "My God, Dominick," she whispers to herself. "That damn facial cream was in the truck that hit Kim! Robertson Enterprises newest best seller hit the car that killed your Grandson…"


"What is all of this about?" Bob asks Shane and Natasha, as he, Robbie, Cory, Cassie and Paige all stand outside of the ICU with them.

"We've made a decision," Natasha says, grabbing on to Shane's hand. She knows that she needs his support right now otherwise she won't be able to say anything without crying. "We are going to take Jacob off life support."

Cory quickly moves up and hugs his fiancé. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks her.

"He's dying," Shane replies for a weeping Natasha. "We don't want him to go out this way. We want him to go out peacefully."

"We know he's not going to get a transplant," Natasha continues to explain. "If he hasn't had a donor by now, he never will."

"Then we support you," Bob tells his daughter, as he feels his heartbreak inside his chest. He can't believe that he is about to lose his grandchild. "You know, the best thing about this?" he asks her as he looks into Natasha's eyes. "He'll be with Sofia. She'll take such good care of him."

"Oh Daddy," Natasha sobs as she falls into his arms. "I hope you're right."

"It's time," Craig announces as he steps out of the ICU and looks at the family.

"Are you ready?" Shane asks Natasha.

"As ready as I ever will be," she manages to say to him.

"We'll be right here," Robbie tells them. "You guys aren't alone."

Shane and Natasha slowly move towards the ICU room, where Craig is standing over Jacob's incubator. As they get to the door, they hear a faint noise from the end of the hallway.

"Natasha," Kim calls out, as she and Tyler rush down the hallway. "Wait, Natasha!"

"Kim?" Natasha comes back out of the ICU. "What are you doing here? What is it?"

Kim rushes up to her friend and hugs her for a moment. When they exit their embrace, Kim can't contain her tears. "Kim?" Natasha asks her.

"Blake…" Kim manages to say through her tears. "He can be your donor. He can save Jacob."

"What are you talking about?" Shane comes up behind Natasha. "That doesn't make any sense."

Suddenly, Dominick, Felicia, Eva, Leah, Jeff and Andy all appear behind Tyler. "It does make sense," a gutted Tyler tells them. "Blake is braindead. He's never coming back to us. But his lungs, they are working perfectly fine."

"I don't want to lose Blake," Kim cries to everyone. "But the truth is, he's already gone. If he can save Jacob, then we have to at last try?"

Natasha shakes her head in disbelief as tears fall down her eyes. "My God, it's a miracle! I don't know how I will ever thank you," she tells Kim, trying to grasp everything that is happening. A moment ago she was about to lose Jacob and now there is a chance that he could be saved.

Kim doesn't say anything, as Natasha and Shane rush back into the ICU and tell Craig the news. Bob comes up to Kim, having not seen her since he told her he wanted a divorce. "I don't know what to say," he whispers to her, emotional that she is giving his Grandson a chance to live.

"I don't think there is anything to say," she manages to say.

"My God Tyler, is this really the best thing to do?" Felicia asks her son, as Dominick, Leah and Jeff surround Tyler. "Our precious Blake, gone forever? This can't be happening!"

"He's already gone," Tyler tries to hold his composure with his family. "He will never come back to us. I just kept thinking that some good has to come out of this mess. And, if saving Jacob is the way to do it, then we have to do it, right?"

"You're a brave man," Dominick pats his son on the back. "I don't think I could do this in your shoes."

"We have to do what's right," Tyler says as a tear falls down his face.

"I just heard the news," Craig tells everyone as he comes out of the ICU. "Kim, Tyler, are you guys positive about this? If you are, you have to say goodbye to Blake immediately, we have to do the surgery as soon as possible because Jacob doesn't have much time left."

Tyler grabs Kim's hand. "We are sure," he manages to say.

"We have to say goodbye to Blake," Kim looks up at him with red eyes.


"I heard about Jemma, I'm so sorry," Helen tells Chris as they sit together in a waiting room. Helen is still at the hospital volunteering to help since they are still pretty busy with everything that has happened as a result of the ice storm. She finally saw Chris and had to tell him how sorry she was to hear about Jemma's role in the accident.

"Thanks, I appreciate that," he manages to say back to her. "It's been pretty rough seeing how effected Daisy has been by this."

"I can imagine," Helen suddenly feeling a little insecure about Chris' relationship with his ex-wife. "There's no news?"

"Just that they still think that she will never wake up," Chris replies to her. "Daisy is, of course, devastated."

"I wish I could do something."

"You can't," Chris says back to her coldly.

"I guess I deserved that," she tells him, knowing that the last time she saw Chris, he wasn't happy with her because she thought he was guilty of killing Frederick. "I'm sorry about not visiting you while you were in jail."

"I could have gotten over that," Chris tells her. "But it's been a hard pill to swallow knowing that you thought I actually killed a man. I thought you knew me better than that."

"I didn't know what to think," Helen admits to him. "I mean, we haven't been seeing one another for very long and then to have all this evidence against you. I know I was wrong…"

"Yea, you had no faith in me," Chris snaps back to her. "I just don't know if we can go back…"

"Chris," Helen pleads with him as he stands up.

"Not now, Helen," he replies to her. "My family needs me."


Andrew slowly opens the door to Jemma's hospital room and moves inside. He pauses and looks at the elderly woman laying in the hospital bed lifelessly. He's never seen anyone in this state before, not even Frederick because he was under police surveillance, so it's a little jarring to see. Jemma's laying there, her face covered in cuts and bruises. Her midsection is wrapped heavily with a bandage as that is where the car had pegged her against the wall of the Pampa Grill. He can see her hospital gown and some of the wrappings.

"Jemma," he whispers to her as he moves closer to her before he sits next to her. "It's Andrew. I don't know if you can hear me or not, but I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about the entire family," he admits to her. "I don't know if you remember that day that we met in the graveyard, when I was visiting my Mom, but you gave me some advice."

At the doorway, Trenyce opens the door but pauses when she hears Andrew talking to Jemma. She's about to close the door, but something tells her to stay where she is.

"You told me not to shut people I love out anymore," he continues to tell Jemma. "And, so, I'm here, supporting people that I thought were my family because they are all so worried about you. You have to know how much they love you; they are all praying that you come back to them. So, it's my turn to tell you what you told me: you can't let these people who love you suffer. You have to come back to them. Please Jemma, don't give up without a fight."

Trenyce lets a tear fall down her face as she closes the door and she leans up against the wall outside. Daisy comes up to her and Trenyce hugs her Aunt. "Are you okay?" Daisy asks Trenyce.

"I just want Jemma to come back to us," she whispers as they exit their embrace.

"We all do," Daisy replies to her. "I'm not going to give up, and neither should you, okay?"

Just then, Chris appears in the hallway. "Am I interrupting?"

"Of course not," Trenyce says back to him as she moves up to him and grabs his hand. "Promise me something?"

"Anything," he replies to her.

"We have to find our child," she tells him as another tear falls down her cheek. "If this has taught me anything, it's that life is too short. We have to find our child. We have to have him or her in our life."

Chris pulls Trenyce into a hug and holds her for a moment. "I think that's a great idea."


"I ran some tests," Craig tells Kim, Tyler, Shane and Natasha as they walk into Blake's hospital room. "Blake is a match to donate to Jacob. There's still the chance that Jacob could reject the lungs after the surgery, but the first step is that he is a match."

"So, this is it then," Tyler replies to them before he looks at Kim. "We have to say goodbye to our son. We have to let him go."

Kim covers her face as she sobs. "We'll leave you give you guys a few minutes," Craig tells them, as he, Shane and Natasha leave the room.

Tyler turns and walks over to Blake's bed and grabs his son's hand. "Listen buddy," he says as a tear falls down his cheek. "You're going to go somewhere, where you'll be able to play again. You'll be able to run and play baseball. You'd like that right?"

Kim grabs Blake's other hand and looks over at Tyler. "But you listen to me," Kim sobs to him. "You are the most loved little boy in the world, okay? Your Daddy and I, we love you more than anything else in the world."

"It's true, Blake," Tyler cries as well. "We love you and you will always be in our hearts."

"It's time," Craig says as he opens the door to the room.

"No," Kim whispers in horror, as some nurses come in and start pushing Blake's bed out of the room and into the hallway. "No," she cries, as Tyler comes up to her and hugs her tightly. "Blake…I love you."

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