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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim & Tyler tearfully said goodbye to Blake before he went into surgery to donate his lungs to a dying Jacob. Natasha & Shane, meanwhile, prayed the surgery would be a success
- Bob offered condolences to Dominick
- Trenyce told Chris that they have to find their biological child
- Andrew and Paige seemingly grew closer while bonding at the hospital
- Eva learned that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit Kim's car
- Opening statements were delivered at Lukas' trial

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Kim slowly lifts her head from the where she is sitting on the floor in the hospital hallway, as she has been sobbing since Tyler walked away from her after Blake was taken into surgery. She recalls how she told Tyler that everything that has happened is his fault; she knows deep down that it's not true. He isn't to blame for Blake becoming brain dead and their decision to, thus, donate his lungs to save Jacob's life. It's not his fault that there was an ice storm and that Kim decided to drive in the horrible weather. If she's honest with herself, however, she doesn't know how to process everything that has happened because at the any time now, the doctors will emerge from surgery and her son will officially be dead. Her heart is in a million pieces in her chest and she feels like dying herself. What's the point of living if her son is gone?

"Kimberly, let me help you get up," Bob appears in the hallway and sees his wife on the floor in a pool of tears. He can't imagine what she is going through right now, but if her appearance is any indication, he knows that she is struggling with the events that have transpired. "You shouldn't be alone right now."

"And, you think I want to be with you?" Kim spits at him, as she slowly stands up on her own. "See, I can get up just fine."

"I can't imagine what you're going through right now," he replies to her quickly. "But, without you doing this, I would have lost Jacob. I don't know how to thank you."

"Then don't thank me," she continues to be cold to him. "If it wasn't for you…"

"Please, Kimberly, I don't want to fight with you."

"Then leave me the hell alone!" she says as tears fill her eyes again. "God, you know what? You're not worth my tears."

"If there's anything I can do to help…"

"There's nothing you can do," she says as tearfully. "I can't believe that all this time, I've been pointing the finger."

"Pointing what finger?"

More tears stream down Kim's face as she tries to composure herself. "I blamed Tyler for Blake's death," she gasps for air. "Just know, I thought, you were to blame for it. But you know what?" she continues as she uses a finger to point to herself. "I'm to blame. I'm the reason that my son is dead."

"Kim, no one is to blame for this," Bob tries to comfort her. "No one could have excepted this ice storm to have hit. No one could have predicted that the accident would have happened."

"I'm to blame,' she whispers again. "And now, I'm all alone as a result."

"You're not alone," he moves closer to her and reaches out to try to embrace.

"Don't you touch me," she moves back from him. "Don't you ever touch me again!"


In the waiting room just down the hall from where Bob and Kim are, the families of Blake and Jacob wait nervously for news that the surgery has been completed. Shane and Natasha pace back and forth in front of the window, desperate for news that Jacob will be okay and that he has Blake's lungs. For so long, they were worried that he wouldn't get a set of lungs. For both of them, this is still some kind of a miracle. However, they are quickly reminded of the reality of the circumstances when they see Tyler, Felicia & Dominick in the room.

"I wish we would hear something already," Shane finally says as he looks at Natasha, who for the first time in weeks has a glimmer of hope in her eyes. "It feels like his surgery is taking forever."

"All in good time," Cassie stands up from her chair and stretches a little. "Sometimes miracles take some time."

"For once, I agree with Cassie," Natasha admits to everyone. "I am getting antsy though. I'd love to know what is happening."

"Blake is dead, that's what's happening," Tyler says from his chair. "Look, I know that you guys are thrilled for Jacob, and I know that Kim and I agreed to this, but … this is really the most difficult time of my life."

Before anyone can say anything else, Craig and Victoria emerge in the doorway of the waiting room. Everyone immediately stands up. "How is Jacob? Was the surgery a success?"

"It was," Craig breathes a sigh of relief as Shane and Natasha hug one another as Felicia collapses in tears in Dominick's arms. "Blake's lungs are in Jacob; there's a still a chance Jacob might reject the lungs, but for right now, all is well."

"So it's official," Kim says behind the doctors. "My son is dead."

Neither Victoria or Craig say anything back to her. "He's a part of Jacob now," Natasha tells her best friend as she comes up to Kim. "We owe you and Blake our son's life. If we can do anything to help you through this time…"

"There's something you can do," Kim turns and looks at Craig. "I want to see my son."

Tyler looks at Kim nods his head. "I want to see Blake too," he says as a tear falls down his cheek. "We want to see our son."


"I just heard that transplant was a success," Trenyce announces to Chris, as she sees him sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital. She came for some coffee and couldn't help but approach him when she spotted him sitting alone.

"Wow," he says back to her as she sits across from him. "I can't imagine what Kim and Tyler are going through."

"I can in some ways," Trenyce admits to him. "I felt that way when Savannah took Andrew from me all those years ago."

"It's not exactly the same," Chris tells her. "After all, Andrew is still alive and well. He wasn't killed."

Trenyce nods back to him. "I know, I get that," she says back to him. "But, at the same time, I know the pain of losing a child. So, I can appreciate what they are going through. I wouldn't wish it on anyone that I know."

"Yea, it was a rough time for all of us."

"And you know, this entire thing with Jemma and Jacob and Blake," she continues to tell him. "It's just made me realize that we really do have to focus on our child. I know I mentioned it to you earlier, but Chris, we have to find our daughter. We have to know what happened to her."

Chris reaches over and grabs her hand. "I agreed to help you because I know that we have too," he agrees with her. "These last couple of months, first with being in jail and then with this chaos of the ice storm, it's made me realize too that we need to find our child. Life is too short for us not to do this."

"I'm so glad that you see this my way," she says, trying not to get tears in her eyes. "Because, I've been thinking ,we should approach Meggan again. I know she was sending us on false leads because of Frederick, but I still think that she is the best PI out there. I think she could help us find our child."

Chris nods back to her. "Okay," he tells her. "How about we approach her when she has a moment? I suspect she'll be pretty busy with Lukas' trial."

"With everything else going on, I completely forgot about that."

"I did too, I just read it in the Twin Peaks Sun today," he tells her. "So, how about it? We'll call Meggan as soon as she's free?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks Court House

"Ms. Kam," Judge Franklin Ross announces to the court room as he looks over at the D.A. as Lukas' trial continues. "Please call your first witness."

Lois stands up quickly and looks over at Donovan before turning her attention back to the front of the court room. "The people call Donovan Moretti."

Donovan stands up and looks at Meggan before he looks at Lukas, who turns around to look at his boyfriend. Lukas uneasily nods back to him, subtly telling Donovan that everything will be okay with him taking the stand. As Donovan starts to walk towards the front of the courtroom, however, he can't help but think back to a few years ago when he was on trial for killing his father, Ernesto. Donovan can't believe how similar the situations are: both his father and Frederick didn't accept the fact that their sons were gay and then they ended up murdered. Donovan was found guilty and just before he was about to receive the death penalty, Victoria and Robbie saved him. He knows that he can't allow Lukas to go through what he did; he has to make sure his boyfriend is saved before it gets to that point.

He sits down after he is sworn in and looks over at Lukas, already feeling his heart racing at the situation. It's all too familiar for him.

"Mr. Moretti, what is your relationship with the defendant, Lukas Richardson?" Lois asks her first question as she moves out from behind her desk.

Donovan gulps a little. "He's my boyfriend. We are in a relationship."

Lois nods back to him. "And, for how long have you been together?"

"We dated years ago when we both lived in Europe," Donovan explains to the court. "Then, we separated when I moved here to be closer to my Mom and my sister. When Lukas came to Twin Peaks, we ended up back together."

"Such a nice love story," Lois purses her lips together. "The time you have been together, was Lukas open and honest about his sexuality with his father, Frederick?"

"Lukas always knew who he was."

"That isn't the question, Mr. Moretti."

"Lukas only came out to his father last fall," Donovan tells her. "So, I guess, he wasn't open the entire time, no."

"Before I continue with that," Lois pauses and looks at Donovan. "Did you know that the Richardson's had a gun in their estate?"

Donovan nods back to her, feeling his heart race pick up a little. "Yes, I did. It had been in the family for years."

"So, would Lukas have had access to the gun if he required it?"

"The entire family would have had access to it, Ms. Kam."

"Thank you," Lois smiles back to him. "Now, you mentioned that Lukas came out to his father last fall?"


"How did Frederick react to the news?"

"Objection!" Josh stands up from his chair. "The witness can't presume to know how the deceased felt about his son's sexuality."

"Sustained," Franklin announces to everyone. "Rephrase, Ms. Kam."

"In your opinion, how did Frederick take the news?"

Donovan shakes his head. "Not well at all," he admits to everyone. "He was not happy that his son was gay."

"You're close to Lukas, you're his boyfriend. How was Lukas following coming out?"

"He was devastated," Donovan says as he looks over at Lukas. "He wanted his father's approval more than anything else. Of course, he was upset when he didn't receive it."

"Upset enough to go to the estate, grab the gun that he had access to and shoot his father?"


"Sustained!" Franklin smashes his mallet down.

"No further questions, your honor," Lois smiles, knowing that the damage was already done.

Donovan puts his head down and tries to catch his breath. He knows that Lois did some major damage with his testimony. He closes his eyes and can't help but think back to when the Judge announced that he, himself, was found guilty those years ago. He looks up when he hears Josh ask his first question.

"Sorry, can you repeat?" Donovan ask as he tries to calm himself down.

"Sure," Josh looks at him to make sure he's okay. "In all the years that you've known Lukas, has he ever have had violence tendencies?"

"No," Donovan quickly answers back to him. "He has a good heart. He wouldn't hurt anyone."

"The gun that Ms. Kam pointed out," Josh moves on. "To you knowledge, was the gun kept in a locked drawer? Or anywhere that was protected?"

Donovan looks over at Lukas again. "It was in a cabinet in the living room. But the doors weren't locked to the cabinet, anyone could have used it."

"Lastly," Josh moves closer to Donovan. "You were also questioned by the police about Frederick's shooting, isn't that correct?"

Donovan feels the beads of sweat form on his forehead. The questioning, it's all too much for him as he knows he went through this already. "Everyone that visited Frederick the day he was shot was questioned. I happened to visit him that day, so yes, I was questioned. But, the police didn't think I was a prime suspect."

"But, there were many of you questioned?"

"Yes, a lot of people were upset with Frederick."

"So, any of those people could have had used the Richardson's gun to shoot Frederick?"

"I suppose so, yes."

"No further questions," Josh moves back to his seat.

"Redirect," Lois quickly stands up and looks at Donovan, which makes Donovan even more nervous. He had hoped that it was over and he could move on from this. "You said you were questioned by the police."


"Why didn't they pursue you as a suspect?"

"I had an alibi," Donovan informs her, still feel hot under the collar.

"Where were you?"

Donovan shakes his head. "I was with a friend," he tells her.

"Maybe the friend also wanted Frederick to die?"

"No," Donovan tells her. "I was with my boyfriend at the time."

"Craig Jenkins?" Lois asks him, as Donovan wipes his brow. "Wasn't he a suspect too? How exactly did you to get off? Maybe you wanted to show Frederick who was boss for mistreating Lukas?"

"Objection!" Josh stands up furious at Lois.

"We were in bed! Okay? Craig and I were making love the night Frederick was shot!" Donovan yells out, immediately feeling his face go pale as he looks over at Lukas, who is mortified. Franklin smashes his mallet repeatedly.

"Order in the court! That's enough, Ms. Kam!"

"No further questions," she purses her lips together, as Donovan and Lukas continue to look at one another.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Paige," Andrew calls out to his new friend as he sees her emerge from the chapel, her eyes red from tears. He had heard that the transplant surgery was finished, so he knows that one on hand Paige must be happy that Jacob is alive, but devastated that Blake is dead.

"It's not a good time," Paige manages to say back to him. "I should go back and be with my family."

"Yea, that's understandable," Andrew replies to her. "I just saw you and thought I would let you know that I'm really sorry about Blake. This is such an awful tragedy. There are no winners here."

"Well except for Jacob," Paige replies to him. "It's a miracle that he was able to get a set of lungs after all. But my uncle Tyler…"

Andrew pulls her into a hug, which surprises Paige. She hesitates for a moment before she hugs him back. "If there's anything that you need from me, feel free to ask, okay?"

"I appreciate that," Paige says as they exit their embrace. "One day I guess I will understand what all of this means. Until then, thank you for your support."

"Sure," Andrew nods back to her. "I won't keep you; go be with your family right now."


"Darling, are you sure you want to do this?" Felicia asks Tyler, as she pulls him aside, slightly mortified that he wants to go to the morgue with Kim to see Blake. She knows that he must be devastated that his son is dead, but she doesn't believe that seeing Blake in this state is the best thing for Tyler; she wants him to remember Blake as the bright and energetic little boy that he was, not the carcass that will remain. She looks at Tyler with intent, having never seen him look so distraught before.

Tyler looks back at his mother and feels his lip start to quiver. She immediately pulls him into a hug, knowing that he is going through hell right now. "Oh baby," she says as she holds him, letting a tear fall down her cheek. "I wish I could do something to make this pain go away."

"There's nothing anyone can do," he whispers back to her. "I just think being with Blake one more time will give me peace of mind."

"It very well may," she replies to him as they exit their embrace. "But you have to listen to me, you can't look at him. You can't see the state your little boy is in now. Those images will haunt you for the rest of your life…please, believe me when I tell you that."

Tyler nods back to her. "I just want to be near him," he says back to her. "I just want to tell him that I love him one more time."

"He knows," Felicia tells him. "Blake knew how much you and Kim loved him. He'll always know that."

"I just think," he gasps for some air. "I'll feel better telling him one more time."

"Of course," she nods back to him. "Just remember what I said, okay?"


"Kim, are you sure you want to do this?" Andy takes his sister aside, sort of shocked that she requested to see Blake after the transplant. He knows that she is obviously not thinking well, because he knows that seeing Blake in this state would kill Kim even more than everything else already has. "You can't be serious about wanting to see Blake now. You know what they did to him, right?"

"I don't care what they did to him!" Kim protests quickly, a mix of sadness and anger coming out of her. "That's my little boy! And he's dead Andy, do you know that means? He's never coming back to me!"

"I know, I know," Andy pulls her into a hug as tears follow from her eyes. "I know how cruel this twist all was for you. But, the Blake now isn't the Blake you remember. He's not going to look the same way. I don' t want you to torture yourself."

"I just need to be by him. I want to be near my son one more time. The final time…"

"Kim, I wish…"

"Please Andy," Kim protests to him. "Don't try to change my mind. Just be there for me when I come out of the morgue. Please…."

Andy uneasily nods back to her. "Of course."


"Dominick, I'm glad that I have a moment with you," Eva tells her husband as she comes up to him, everyone still reeling from the aftermath of the ice storm. "I think we need to talk."

"I don't think now is the best time," Dominick replies to her. "I know you've been very supportive throughout this mess, but Eva, it doesn't change what you did to Felicia. I haven't forgotten."

"Oh Dominick," Eva waves her hand in the air. "Really? After everything that has happened, you don't think you can find in your heart to forgive me? Doesn't all of this chaos make you realize what is actually important and what is not important? Love, marriage, family, that's what's important."

"I've learned that the hard way," he replies to her quickly. "My Grandson, I can't believe my precious Blake is gone."

"I know," Eva shakes her head. "And, my Grandson was saved as a result. It feels awkward. My heart is breaking for you, Tyler and Felicia but I can't help but…"

"Be happy?" he asks her as she uneasily nods back to him. "It is fine, Eva. Really. You should go be with Natasha and Shane, they would like your support right now."

"I will, but first, I wanted to talk to you about something. It's important, it can't wait."

"What could be so important at a time like this?" he asks her, looking at her shocked. In his mind, Blake is dead and Jacob is alive; what else could be relevant right now?

"I know the truth about the accident," she reveals as he turns away from her. "I know that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit Kim's car."

There's silence between them for a moment. "Did you hear what I said?" she asks him, when he doesn't reply to her.

He turns around livid with his wife. "I heard you," he says in a yelled whispers. "How dare you snoop into this? Don't you realize that our families are going through hell right now?"

"Of course I do!" she tells him. "I just … I had to know the truth."

"So you know," he crosses his arms over his chest. "Now, what are you going to do?"


"Looks like we had the same idea," Shane says as he approaches Natasha, who is standing outside the ICU window where Jacob is laying post-surgery. They can see their son laying in the incubator, only there is no respirator this time. He's breathing on his own, however he does have bandages wrapped around his chest, as the surgery was intense for someone his age. They will keep him in the ICU until they know he is out of the woods.

"I had to come and see him," Natasha says with a slight grin on her face. "It's crazy how a few hours ago we were about to pull the plug on him…"

"Don't go there, Nat," Shane stops her as he puts his arm around as they look at Jacob. "We've been given a miracle. Look, he's breathing on his own."

"I know," a tear falls down Natasha's cheek. "I asked if we could go and see him, but it's too soon."

"The sight in front of me is the best sight I've seen in a very long time," Shane smiles, as they continue to watch Jacob breath. "He's alive, Nat. He's alive."

Cory and Cassie slowly walk into the hallway and see Shane's arm around Natasha as they look at Jacob in the ICU. Cory gulps as he looks over at Cassie, who arches her eyebrow. Cory immediately starts thinking about Cassie's words that this ordeal has pushed Shane and Natasha closer together than ever before. If that's true, he wonders, where does that leave him?


"I agreed to let you guys see Blake," Craig announces to Kim and Tyler as they walk into the morgue. "But, I have to advise against removing the sheet covering Blake's body. The surgery is pretty intense, I don't want you to see Blake's chest that way."

Kim nods back to him. "Andy told me the same thing. I just…I want to be near him."

"Me too," Tyler says grabbing Kim's hand. "Come on, let's go see our son."

They walk slowly towards Blake, who is laying on a table, with a white sheet over his small body. They reach the table and Kim sees Blake's little fingers peeking out from under the white sheet. She grabs his hand and kisses it, startled by how cold he feels already.

"He's so cold Tyler," she says as she looks up to him. "God, what have we done? My baby is cold."

"I'm so proud of you," Tyler whispers to Blake, as he gets choked up a little. "I asked you to be brave and you were. You saved Jacob's life, you're a hero."

Kim looks up at him and finds herself nodding. "That's a nice way to think of it," she tells Tyler. "Blake is a hero. He saved someone's life. He'll forever be remembered a hero. Do you hear that, Blake? You're a hero."

"Your Mom and I," Tyler continues as he comes over and puts his arms around Kim. "We love you so much, Blake. We'll never stop loving you."

Kim is unable to stop her tears from flowing. "I love you Blake," she says through more tears. Tyler throws his body over Kim's back and holds her as they sob together, Kim's hand never leaving Blake's.

Next on One Day at a Time
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