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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The transplant surgery was a success; Jacob had Blake's lungs. Shane and Natasha rejoiced as Tyler and Kim were devastated by the death of Blake
- Vinny worried about Daisy, who refused to leave Jemma's side
- Donovan testified at Lukas' trial. He admitted that he was in bed with Craig the night of the shooting last fall
- Leah had memory flashes of her past
- Dawn told her family that she wanted to have a family meeting

Scene One - Wild Night

Andy opens the door to the night club and quickly moves inside, his eyes immediately scanning the bar to see if he can locate Kim. He knows that after seeing Blake in the morgue, Kim raced out of the hospital, desperate to get away from the heartache that has taken place there lately. He tried to follow her and thought he saw her uber pull into the Wild Night parking lot. He just hopes he can find Kim because the last thing she should be right now is alone. He needs to be there for his sister because he knows that she is going through the worst time of her life.

He is relieved when he sees her sitting alone in the back booth. However, his eyes immediately see a martini in front of her, and one empty glass next to the full one. He sighs heavily as he makes his way over to her table.

"Kim," he announces as he reaches the table where his sister is sitting. "I'm glad I found you."

"Are you?" Kim asks, not looking at him. Instead, she picks up her martini and takes another big gulp of it. "I'd rather be alone right now, if you don't mind Andy."

"I do mind," he says sitting across from her. "I know what you're going through, remember?"

"No you don't," Kim looks up at him, her eyes red from all the crying she has done. She feels like she could cry again, only, she doesn't know that she could produce anymore tears if she tried. "My son is dead, Andy. He's never coming back to me."

"I know," Andy nods back to her. "But, remember, I lost Reese. I lost my husband. And, what I see you doing right now, it's exactly what I did. And, I won't allow it. I won't allow you to go down the same dark path I did."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks Court House

Meggan steps out of the court room with Josh Levitt next to her, as the trial is on a quick recess. Meggan needed to get some air after Donovan's intense testimony, and Josh needed to use the restroom. He excuses himself as Meggan runs her hand through her long hair, before she turns and is surprised to see Daisy and Vinny approaching her. She wasn't expecting to see her half-sister at the courthouse, especially since she knows that Jemma is still in a coma at the hospital.

"Daisy, Vinny, this is a surprise," Meggan tells them as she greets them with a quick hug. "I wasn't expecting to see you here today."

"I know," Daisy moves a piece of her hair behind her ear. "My husband told me it would be good of me to come and show my support to Lukas. I didn't want to leave Jemma, but the doctors assured me they'd call me if there were any changes."

"I know Lukas will appreciate that," Meggan tries to smile back to her. "If there's anything we can do to help with Jemma?"

"I'll let you know," Daisy tries to smile back to her. "I never thought I'd say this, but it's nice actually being out of the hospital. It's a good change of scenery."

"I think a lot of people will feel that way," Vinny notes back to her. "Hey, what do you think of us going to Jemma's room and looking around for something that's might make her hospital room feel more homey? That might be a good idea."

"No," Daisy quickly shuts him down. "She won't be at the hospital long enough, and then she'll be upset that we've gone through her things. We'll leave it as is."

Vinny nods back to her, knowing that Jemma won't be going home any time soon. "So, Meggan, how's it going with the trial?"

"Ugh," Meggan groans. "I don't know where to begin."


Inside the court room, Lukas slowly turns around in his chair and looks at Donovan, who is still trying to get the colour back in his face after his testimony. He never meant to get so flustered, but the memories of his own trial came flooding back to him and before he knew what was happening, he was admitting that he and Craig were in bed together the night Frederick was shot. While he knows that he never actually told Lukas that he and Craig were lovers, on some level Donovan believes that Lukas had to have known that they took that step. Still, for the truth to come out on the witness stand is not exactly how Donovan wanted the truth to come out.

"We don't have much time before the trial will start again," Donovan looks back to him. "I'm sorry for what happened up there."

"Are you?" Lukas asks him, cold to his boyfriend. "I mean, I should have known that you and Craig fucked but I thought you'd have the decency to tell me instead of finding out this way."

"Why does it matter?" Donovan asks him. "Craig and I were dating, it's to be expected, isn't it?"

"I don't know," Lukas says back to him. "I thought maybe you two wouldn't have gone down that path since you were both with me. It just seems like a sick twisted circle now. And, I wouldn't have cared had you just been honest with me, but instead, I'm totally embarrassed by it in a court room."

"Lukas…" Donovan begins to say.

"No, save it, Donovan," Lukas cuts him off, as Josh comes back to his chair. "I have to focus on what's next to prove my innocence."

Donovan sighs heavily as Lukas turns around and starts whispering to Josh about the case. He knows that he should have been honest with Lukas earlier, there just was never a good time. Now, Lukas is livid with him and he doesn't know how he can fix his relationship.


"You may be seated," Franklin Ross tells Craig as he sits down in the witness chair after being sworn in.

"Dr. Benton," Lois stands up and looks at the doctor, who is looking exhausted from all of his long hours at the hospital. "Thank you for coming today."

"I didn't have much of a choice," Craig replies to her. "Nor, am I sure what I have to offer to this case."

"You were dating Lukas Richardson for a while, weren't you?"

"That's right," Craig tells her. "It didn't work out between us, but I have nothing against Lukas. He's a great guy."

"You defended him to Frederick, when he didn't approve of Lukas' sexuality, isn't that right?"

Craig continues to nod back to her. "Yea, we were all pretty taken aback by Frederick's reaction, to be honest. In this day in age, no one should be looked down upon for their sexual orientation."

"But, you and Mr. Moretti were together the night that Frederick was shot, that's why you weren't pursued as a suspect?'

Craig nods. "Right," he uneasily looks over at Lukas and Donovan.

"In the time you spent with Lukas, did you ever think that he could have been violent with someone?"

"No," Craig says back to her. "I think he could be careless and reckless sometimes, but I never saw him be violent."

"What do you mean by that?" Lois asks as Luka squirms in his seat.

"I just mean, he was indecisive. For the longest time, he didn't want to come out to Frederick, I mean, to the point that he left town so he wouldn't have too. Then, he just decided it was time."

"So, he was upset with Frederick for some time, then suddenly, he decided to do something about it?" Lois asks him.


"Sustained! Move on, Ms. Kam," Franklin warns her.

"Your witness," Lois looks over at Josh, who stands up.

"In all the time that you've known Lukas, do you think he could have shot and then killed his father?"

Craig looks at Lukas before looking back at Josh. "No, I don't think he killed Frederick. There so many people that were upset with Frederick, it could have been anyone. But, I don't think Lukas did it."

"No further questions," Josh sits back down.

"Do you have any proof that Lukas didn't kill his father?" Lois stands up back and asks Craig.

"The man I know wouldn't have done this."

"But, do you have proof?"

Craig is silent as he looks over at Lukas again. "No."

Scene Three - The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige's Home

"I got your message, it sounded urgent," Jeff announces to Leah, who is in the living room pouring herself a glass of wine. "Is everything okay?"

"No," she replies to him before she takes a drink of her wine. "It seems like I've been cooped up in that hospital for so damn long, I had to get away. Even though I know I should be there for Tyler, he's going through hell right now."

Jeff nods as he comes up behind her. "The same hell we went through all those years ago."

Leah shuts her eyes as she sets her wine down on the table before she turns around to face Jeff. "I remember, Jeff," she whispers to him. "I remember, everything."

Jeff's eyes light up, thrilled by the news that she is telling him. "You remember everything? Like, everything, everything?"

Leah nods back to him. "I remember marrying you in Lake Tahoe," she says, getting a little smile on her face. "And, then my mother kidnapped me because she was off her medication and then the explosion…"

"It's okay, Leah," he says pulling her into a hug. "It's all water under the bridge. You're back. You're finally back."

She pushes him away and slaps him hard across the face. "What?" he asks in shock.

"How could you move on with Meggan of all people?" she asks him, her hand trembling from slapping him. "The woman who killed Noah is the woman you chose to move on with?"

"It wasn't like that," he explains to her as he runs his hand over his red cheek. "It just…happened."

"No wonder Paige has been such a mess," Leah replies to him. "She's been so confused and this is all your fault."

"Come on Leah," Jeff pleads with her. "The only that that matters is that you're alive and you're memory has come back. We should just try to put the pieces of our lives back together now."

Leah laughs a little. "I don't even know what that means," she admits to him. "My feelings have changed, Jeff. Since I woke up at the winery in Santa Barbara, I've thought that I was married to Robbie. He has my heart. He has my soul."

"What are you saying?" Jeff asks her.

"I don't know," she admits to him. "I guess that I'm still in love with Robbie."

"Where does that leave us?"

Leah shrugs before she turns around and picks up her wine and takes a drink of it. "I guess that's the question," she admits to him before she turns and looks at him.

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria's Office

"Knock, knock," Robbie announces as he opens the door to Victoria's office, holding take out bags from the Riverside Delicatessen. "I thought you could use something other than hospital food."

Victoria looks up from her desk and smiles at the sight in front of her. "How did you know I was famished?"

"Lucky guess?" he says coming in and closing the door behind him. "You have been a miracle worker around here, helping with Jacob's lung transplant. I can't thank you enough for saving my nephew's life."

Victoria shrugs her shoulders. "I did what I had to," she admits to him. "Still, it was not easy because Blake was so little."

"I get it," Robbie replies to her. "It wasn't an easy situation for anyone. My heart goes out to Kim and Tyler."

"Yea, me too," Victoria says back to him. "I just hope we can all finally start putting this ice storm mess behind us. And, I hope we never have another storm like that again."

"Amen," Robbie winks back to her. "I some good news though."

Victoria looks up from her sandwich with intent. "Oh? What is it? I think we could all use some good news."

"It's Leah," he replies to her. "She's starting to remember. Paige told me that the other day Leah had a memory of Noah's death. I think this entire ordeal has triggered Leah's memory."

Victoria shakes her head in disbelief. "So…"

"So," Robbie cuts her off with a smile on his face. "If she remembers she's married to Jeff, that means you and I can finally be together again."

"Oh Robbie," Victoria gasps as she stands up and moves over to hug him. "That's what I've wanted for so long."

"I know," he whispers back to her as they hold one another. "That's what I've wanted too."

Scene Five - The Black House; Helen & Barbara's Home

"Dawn should be here any time," Adam tells Max, Helen and Barbara as he looks at his watch, knowing that Dawn has finally scheduled this family meeting to tell them what is going on with her. He doesn't know what it is, exactly, but he has hopes that the meeting is actually about Dawn requesting that she can move back home; she has been gone for such a long time, it's time to start putting the family back together.

"Max, do you have any idea what this is about?" Helen asks him, as he shakes his head no.

"I mean, I wish I did, but no, I have no idea what this is about," he reveals to everyone.

In the corner of the sofa, Barbara clutches her cross necklace, still having this feeling in the pit of her stomach that something isn't right with what is about to happen. They all stand up straight when they hear the front door open; Dawn walks into the living room and looks at her family.

"Sorry I'm late," she tells everyone. "Some of the roads are still pretty icy."

"We are just glad that you're here safe," Helen says as she hugs her daughter quickly. "So, you can tell us what's on your mind? The suspense is killing us."

Dawn uneasily chuckles as she moves over to the bar to pour herself a glass of wine, just to take the edge off. "Would anyone else care for a drink?"

"No, we are good," Adam replies for everyone. "Like your Mom said, we are eager to hear why you called this meeting."

Dawn takes a sip of her wine before she moves to the center of the room. "These last few months have been a really eye opening time for me," she begins to tell her family. "I've learned so much about myself that I don't think I ever would have discovered had I not run away. I think it is one of those situations where what started out as a negative has turned into something really positive."

"What is positive about you not living at home, Dawn?" Barbara asks her Granddaughter.

"Well, like I said," Dawn continues. "I have grown so much and learned about myself. And, that's what I want to share with you guys. What I have learned about myself."

"Okay," Helen shakes her head, wondering where Dawn is going with this.

"I've realized that I am attracted to women," Dawn slowly tells them, her heart skipping a beat about what the reaction is going to be. "I'm a lesbian."

There's a moment of silence before Max finally stands up and moves over to his sister. "Can we talk about girls together now?" he laughs as he hugs her. "Seriously, this is cool. I'm glad you finally realized the truth for yourself."

"Thanks Max," Dawn smiles as a tear falls down her cheek.

Adam and Helen uneasily look at one another before they look over at Dawn. "Are you sure about this?" Helen asks her daughter, who nods back to her mom.

"I have known for some time," Dawn replies to them. "It's just, being on my own has helped me realize this."

"We love you kiddo, no matter what," Adam says hugging her.

"So that's who that woman was," Barbara stands up, her hand in a clinched fist. "At the Sugarbowl, she's a dyke, isn't she?"

"Mom!" Helen yells at her.

"No, Helen, don't you start this," Barbara looks at Dawn. "That woman has poisoned your mind against what's right in this world. The bible, Lord, we started with Adam and Eve! There was no Eve and Eve!"

"Grandma, let me explain," Dawn tries to say back to Barbara.

"No!" Barbara shrieks. "I have to go pray for you because this will not happen. This is not the last conversation we will be having about this!"

Scene Six - Wild Night

Kim finishes her martini and uses her fingers to order another one from the bartender before she looks back at Andy. "I know what happened with you after Reese passed away," she whispers back to her brother.

"Then you can understand why I am worried about you, when I find you at the bar pounding back drinks," Andy tells her, recalling how he turned to alcohol after Reese passed away. "I don't want the same thing for you."

Kim looks up as she feels her eyes swell with water again, despite her thinking she wouldn't be able to cry anymore. "I promise you," she whispers back to him. "I won't drink too much. It's just… right now, today, I need too Andy. My son just died. My beautiful Blake…please, just tonight, let me drown my sorrows."

Andy moves over to Kim's side of the booth and he puts his arm around her; she lays her head on his shoulder as more tears come flowing from her eyes. "He's gone Andy," she sobs. "He's gone forever."

"I know," Andy holds his sister. "I'm here for you. We will get through this together, okay?"

Kim doesn't reply, she just sits there sobbing on her brother's shoulder, hoping that someway, somehow the pain of losing her son will soon disappear.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim visits Jacob
- Barbara does some research
- Meggan takes the stand

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