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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim and Tyler were devastated when Blake was braindead following the car accident during the ice storm. Realizing that Blake was gone forever, they agreed to donate their son's lungs to Jacob, saving his life. In the wake of Blake's death, Kim and Tyler mourned
- Bob comforted Kim when he found her at home, despite filing for divorce from his wife
- Tyler told Dominick he would make the person responsible for the accident pay. Eva, meanwhile, told Dominick that she knew it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit Kim's car causing the accident
- Andrew & Paige went on a date that didn't go as planned
- Max told Cassie he wanted to move ahead on his crush. Cassie encouraged her son, unaware that he was crushing on Robin
- Barbara shocked Adam & Helen by revealing that she wants to send Dawn to a bible camp in hopes of making Dawn straight

Scene One - St. Joseph's Church

Andy helps Kim walk down from the altar of the church, as she just spoke at the memorial service that Felicia put together for Blake. Andy holds his sobbing sister until she get to the front pew and she sits back down. Tyler, who spoke earlier, wraps his arm around her and holds her for a moment longer.

Andy looks at his sister and then up at the crowd. "I think that's everyone who is going to speak," he announces. "Please, everyone, stay around and chat, enjoy the light lunch that is provided. Today is a time to remember and reflect on life."

Andy looks back down at his sister, who is trying to keep it together. He can't imagine what she is going through right now, he just hopes that saying goodbye to Blake in this way will be the start of the healing process for her, and for Tyler. He sits next to Kim and grabs her hand.

"Can I get you anything?" he asks her.

"No," she replies to him, as she wipes her nose with a piece of kleenex. "Thank you for ending the service. I don't think I could have gone on."

"Yea, Andy, we really appreciate that," Tyler echoes her statement.

"For sure," Andy replies to them. "I'm going to go grab some food. Let me know if I can do anything, I mean that Kim."

"How are you, really?" Tyler asks her, as Andy moves away from them.

Kim looks up at him with red eyes before she shrugs her shoulders. "I'm grateful that your Mom put this into motion," she tells him. "It hurts like hell, but I'm glad that we got to say…"

"God, I hate this," he whispers back to her. "I don't know how to say goodbye to Blake. I don't know how to go on without our son."

"I know," Kim squeezes his hand. "I didn't know that it would hurt to breathe. But it does. It really does."


A few moments later, Kim sees Felicia standing at the front of the church looking at the picture of Blake that is in a frame. She moves up to her son's grandmother.

"Felicia," Kim says as she comes up to her.

Felicia turns and pushes some of her red hair out of her face. "Oh Kim," she says as she pulls her into a hug. "I just can't believe he's gone."

Kim uneasily nods back to her as they exit their embrace. "I just wanted to thank you for organizing this," Kim replies to her. "I've been in no shape to even think of doing something to honor Blake, but this was really nice."

"It's the least I could do," Felicia tells her. "Just remember, that we all loved Blake. You and Tyler, you're not in this alone, okay?"

Kim nods as another tear falls down her cheek. "I know," she replies to her. "Thank you."


"How are you holding up?" Jeff asks Leah, coming up to her, as she grabs a small plate of the food that is on a table. Jeff looks at the woman whom he thought was dead until last summer when she showed at the winery in Santa Barbara. His life, since then, has been turned upside as everyone was dealing with her being back and having amnesia. Now that her memory is back, she revealed to him that she still loves Robbie and she wants a divorce.

Leah looks back at Jeff. "I feel like I'm on the edge of a breakdown," she admits to him. "It's just bringing up so many memories of Noah."

"Yea, for me too," Jeff tells her. "I just hope that this could be the start of a new chapter for everyone, you know? It'd be nice to have a little less heartache for a while."

"I hope I'm not adding to your heartbreak," Leah replies to him. "I know our last conversation couldn't have been easy for you."

"It wasn't easy," Jeff replies to her, unaware that Robbie, who was looking for Leah as he hasn't really spoken to her since Blake's death and he is desperate to discuss that this means for their future now that her memory is back, is listening to their conversation. He knows that he wants to tell her the truth that he is in love with Victoria; and he assumes that she will go back to Jeff, since they are married.

"I was very lost when I thought you died, Leah," Jeff continues to tell her, as Robbie listens. "Now that you want a divorce because you're in love with Robbie, it just feels like I'm that lost guy again."

"I'm not dead," Leah tells him as she grabs his hand. "I'm still here, Jeff. It's just…it's different."

"I know," he nods back to her. "I'm just trying to get my head around it, that's all."

"So, you won't contest the divorce?"

"No, not if that's what you want," he tells her as they lock eyes. "I only want you to be happy."

Robbie moves back, shocked by what he has heard. He can't believe that Leah is still in love with him and wants a divorce from Jeff. The last time he saw Victoria, he told her that they would be together now that Leah's memory comes back. "I have to find her," he whispers to himself. "I have to be the one to tell Victoria what's happened."


"I thought I saw you sitting in one of the pews," Paige says to Andrew as she comes up to him, as he is looking at one of the statues in the foyer of the church. She was surprised to see him arrive for the service, considering that he doesn't really know Tyler or Kim, therefore he wouldn't have known Blake.

Andrew turns and sees Paige. "Yea, I knew it was today," he reveals to her. "I overheard Felicia making some plans on the telephone while I was at the Sugarbowl the other day. I hope you don't mind that I came."

"Not at all," Paige replies to him. "I'm just surprised. You didn't know Blake…"

"No, I didn't," Andrew tells her. "But I know how much your family has been going through. I know how much you have been going through…"

Paige can't help but get a little smile on her face. "Are you saying you came here because of me?"

Andrew nods back to her. "I hope that's okay?" he asks her. "I just thought you could use all the support you could get on a day like today."

Paige moves up and hugs him. "You're so sweet," she whispers into his ear. "This is exactly what I needed today."


Robin sits in a pew, thinking about everything that has happened today. She can't help but get a tear in her eye, thinking about the own baby that she lost a few years ago. While, the circumstances are not the same, she can't help but sympathize with Kim and Tyler today. She can't imagine what they are going through, having had Blake in their lives for a couple of years only to have him die. It was bad enough when her baby was stillborn.

She shakes her head, hoping that she can focus on something else for a change. She wishes that Adam was with her, but he seemed to disappear right after the service to be with Helen. He said that he had to take care of something, but he didn't tell her much else. She just hopes that everything is okay.

Suddenly, she hears her cell phone buzz in her purse. She grabs it and pulls out her phone, seeing an incoming text message from Max. "Hey, I know what today is - hope you're doing okay. Thinking of you, Max."

Robin smiles at the message as she reads it. "What a sweet kid," she says to herself, as her mind quickly thinks about the kiss Max gave her on New Year's Eve. She shakes her head at the thought. "Why am I thinking about that?" she scolds herself. "I'm with Adam. I can't be thinking of his son kissing me."


Adam and Helen race out the front doors of the church, having spent the morning at the service for Blake. Adam went to support Robin, and Helen went as one of Leah's good friends. Barbara, of course, tagged along with Helen. Adam and Helen quickly saw one another and knew that they had to talk to Barbara about her idea of sending Dawn away to a bible camp, in hopes of making her realize that she isn't a lesbian. Both Adam and Helen are still reeling from Barbara's idea. They had no idea that Barbara would suggest such a thing.

"Barbara, please wait," Adam calls out, as Barbara walks towards her car that she drove over with Helen in.

Barbara stops and sees Adam and Helen coming up to her quickly. She sighs heavily, knowing that they probably have decided what they want to do with Dawn. She just hopes that they will, at least, give her idea some thought. After all, if Dawn goes to the camp and comes home still a lesbian, at least they tried.

"Sorry," she tells them as Adam and Helen reach her. "That was just very emotional. I wanted to get some air."

"I could tell that the service got you," Helen replies to her. "It's understandable. The loss of a child is a devastating life event."

"But, we had to see you," Adam tells her. "We have to talk to you about your idea of sending Dawn away to the bible camp."

Barbara nods back to her. "I hope you have thought about it," she purses her lips together. "I was just thinking myself, that even if Dawn goes, the worst thing that happens is she comes home and she assumes she is still a lesbian. But, at least we've tried?"

Adam shakes his head back to her. "No," he tells her sternly. "We aren't sending Dawn away. You have to accept that. You have to realize that this is exactly who Dawn is."

Barbara looks at Helen, furious that she's not defending her. "Over my dead body," Barbara whispers back to them. "I will not give up without a fight. I won't!"


Kim moves up to the large picture of Blake at the altar and looks at it closely. She still can't believe that she had to say goodbye to her son today. She runs her finger over the pictures' face of Blake and gasps, covering her mouth with her other hand.

"You will never know how much you have meant to me," she whispers looking at her son. "You will never know how much I have loved you."

She lets a tear fall down her cheek as she turns and walks over to the front pew. She grabs her coat and her purse, realizing that she has to get out of the church. Suddenly, the entire event, the memorial, saying goodbye to Blake, has become far too much for her. She feels like she can't breathe. She'd like nothing more than to go back to the Calimo mansion and have a stiff drink by herself. All the people wishing her well has become nauseating.

She is about to move down the aisle when a young man approaches her. "Kim Calimo?" he asks her.

"Yes, who are you?"

"You've been served," he says passing her an envelope.

Kim looks horrified, as some of the people start to look at her and the delivery man walks away from her. She rips open the envelope and pulls out the documents. "My God," she whispers in horror. "Divorce papers. Bob sent me divorce papers on the day of my son's memorial service."


"I've been meaning to talk to you, but there hasn't seemed to be a good time," Eva tells her husband, as they grab a cup of the juice that is on the table.

"Do you think now is a good time?" Dominick asks her back before taking a sip of the juice. "I have a feeling I know what you want to talk about."

"I want to talk about the fact that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that crashed into Kim's car," Eva whispers back to him. "You've been avoiding me ever since I told you that I know the truth."

"I don't know what you want me to say, for crying out loud!" he tells her back. "I didn't plan on the truck arriving the day of the storm. And, I certainly didn't plan the damn ice storm!"

"This all goes back to that feud you and Bob Calimo have!" she tells him. "It's all about business and who comes out on top."

"I'm not going to apologize for wanting my company to succeed Eva," he informs her. "And, for you to suggest that I am somehow responsible for what happened…"

"I'm not suggesting it," Eva whispers back to him. "If Tyler knew the truth…"

"He won't," Dominick warns her. "He never has to know. And, if you want me to even think about forgiving you for lying to me about Frederick brainwashing Felicia, you won't say anything either."

Tyler leans up against a pillar, trying to catch his breath, having just heard the conversation between Eva and Dominick. He feels his blood boil at the thought of a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck crashing into Kim's car, which caused Blake going braindead. He clinches his fist together.

"Damn you Dad," whispers to himself. "Damn you straight to hell."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Shane and Natasha make a decision regarding Jacob
- Simona gets new evidence in the case
- A face from the past saves Lukas from a situation

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