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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dawn came out to her family as a lesbian. Adam, Helen and Max were supportive, but Barbara was upset by the news. She suggested to Adam and Helen that they send Dawn to a bible camp to "reform" her. Dawn, meanwhile, asked Andy to speak to her family for her. He agreed
- Robin was touched when Max sent her a message of support on the day of Blake's memorial service
- Lukas encountered Tony, another inmate in jail, who indicated that he wanted to have sex with him
- Chris and Trenyce agreed to try to locate their biological child again
- Simona Lopez learned that a piece of Jemma's hair was found in Frederick's room after he was smothered on New Year's Eve

Scene One - The Pampa Grill

"I can't believe that Barbara suggested a bible camp," Chris admits to Helen as they sit across from one another as they are having lunch together. Chris takes a sip of his whiskey sour, still reeling from the news that Barbara asked Adam and Helen to send Dawn to a bible camp in hopes of reforming her from being a lesbian. Chris can't believe that Barbara, in this day in age, still can't accept Dawn for who she is, and realizes that sending her away won't change who she is.

"I know," Helen takes a sip of her red wine. "Adam and I were pretty taken aback. At the same time, I understand where my Mom is coming from. She grew up in an era where people didn't admit that they were gay."

"Yea, but its 2018," Chris chuckles back to her. "Are you really telling me that Barbara has never encountered a gay person in her life?"

"Of course she has," Helen replies to him. "But, you know, every time she has been around Andy, or Lukas, or even Reese Wilkins before he passed, she was very up tight. She never really was comfortable with them."

Chris shakes his head in surprise. "I mean, if you want my opinion, I think it's a bad idea. I wouldn't send Dawn away."

Helen looks back at him. "I appreciate that," she purses her lips together. "Adam and I talked and we agreed that sending Dawn away probably isn't the best idea."

"Probably isn't?"

Helen shrugs. "I've just been thinking about it, that's all. I mean, my frame of mind is, if we send her and she comes back, she'll still be who she is. But at least we are making Barbara feel better. I mean, it might help her come around."

"No offence," Chris cuts her off. "But, this isn't about Barbara. This is about Dawn. If you send her away, think about how that will make her feel."

Helen shakes her head back to him. "I just want my family to come together. I don't know that Barbara will do that without sending Dawn to this camp…"

Chris takes another sip of his drink, thinking Helen might be making a mistake. "Okay," he tells her. "You do what you think is best, but think about how Dawn will feel. She's the one that will be impacted by this."

"I know, I know," Helen says back to him. "I just want everyone to be okay with who Dawn is. You know? This might be the only way."


"Thanks for coming out for lunch today, it's nice to get out of the office sometimes," Robin smiles over to Max, as they sit across from each other and she recalls how they were at the studio when he suggested they come for some food. They have been so busy lately, that most of the time, they just end up eating in the studio.

Max looks back at her and can't help but feel like maybe they are on a date. He knows he can't get ahead of himself because they are just on lunch, but he still feels like it is a step in the right direction. He has wanted this moment to happen for so long, he's thrilled that it is. "Of course," he says back to her. "I'm glad that you agreed to come out. And, that we weren't busy enough for you to say no."

Robin chuckles. "Yea, things have been rather busy lately, huh?"

"I just hope that we can get back to normal now," he admits to her. "The ice storm really changed things for everyone."

Robin puts her head down as she thinks about Blake going braindead and donating his lungs to Jacob. She still can't believe that her nephew is gone and in the manner in which it all happened. "How are you holding up? I mean, really holding up? You don't have to sugar coat it for me," he tells her, before he takes a sip of his mineral water.

Robin looks back at him and tries to put a smile on her face, even though there are tears in her eyes. "Honestly?" she says, biting her lip. "It's been really difficult. Mostly, because it has brought up memories of my own child."

Max looks back at her in surprise. "I didn't know you had a kid," he admits to her.

She shakes her head. "I don't," she tells him. "This happened a few years ago now, but I was pregnant. But, when I gave birth, my daughter, she was stillborn."

"My God, I'm so sorry," Max replies to her quickly, hearing this for the first time. "I wouldn't have asked had I known…"

"No, no," she waves her head to him. "It's fine. I mean, it happened a long time ago. It's just, Blake's passing has made me think of my own experience lately, that's all."

"That's understandable," Max says back to her, as he reaches over and grabs her free hand. "You know, if you ever need anything, I'm here for you, right? I'll do anything for you Robin."

Robin wipes the single tear that falls down her cheek away before smiling back to Max. "I really appreciate that," she tells him. "I say, we change the subject and order. I'm starving!"

Max chuckles back to her. "Me too," he says, looking at her as she scans the menu.

Scene Two - The State Penitentiary

Donovan sits in the visitor's center waiting for Lukas to arrive. He hopes that his boyfriend has cooled down since the trial, where Donovan had to admit that he was removed from the suspect list of killing Frederick because he was in bed with Craig the night of the shooting. Donovan, now, wishes that he had actually told Lukas the extent that his relationship with Craig, even though he would assume that Lukas knew that they had become lovers, because he knew how upset Lukas was when the truth came out. In his mind, Lukas should have known; after all, he and Craig are two gay men. It seems natural as to what would have happened.

Donovan also hopes that Lukas has been able to settle a little in jail; he can't imagine what is going through Lukas' mind right now being sentenced to jail for a crime he didn't commit. He can't imagine the anxiety Lukas is feeling; and how they can possibly prove his innocence now. Donovan knows that he can't let Lukas stay in jail forever.

Donovan stands up when the door opens to the visitor's room and Lukas appears. Donovan feels his heart break seeing Lukas in his orange jump suit; he doesn't belong here, Donovan thinks to himself.

"Hey," Donovan says to him, as Lukas comes into the room. "I came as soon as I got the okay."

"You shouldn't have," Lukas replies to him. "I mean, I'm fine."

"You don't have to pretend with me. Tell me how you really are."

"Why?" Lukas sits across from him. "Do you know how embarrassed I was in court to hear you say you were in bed with Craig the night my father got shot? I mean, I suspected you two had become lovers, but I thought you would have the decency to tell me to my face."

"I'm sorry," Donovan replies to him. "If I could go back and do it all over …"

"But, you can't," Lukas cuts him off. "In some ways, being in here is a good thing."

"Don't say that," Donovan tells him. "I will still do anything I can to help you get out of here. I will still fight for you, Lukas. Because, I believe in your innocence."

Lukas can't help but feel himself warm towards his boyfriend. He doesn't have many people in his life who will continue to fight for him, when no one else will. "Thanks," he replies to him. "I guess I don't deserve you."

"I love you," Donovan tells him. "Now, tell me. How are you doing in here? Are you okay?"

Lukas shrugs a little. "I guess," he whispers looking over his shoulder, as he doesn't want the guard to hear him.

"You guess? Have you made any friends or anything?"

Lukas nods. "One guy, yea," he admits. "He kinda saved me."

"Saved you?" Donovan asks him, arching his eyebrow. "From what, exactly?"

"It was stupid," Lukas whispers back to him. "Three guys made some comments about me being gay and how they'd like to have me in the shower. You know, stupid jail talk."

Donovan shakes his head in concern. "You have to be careful. Guys in here, they can be ruthless. Tell me that you'll be careful?"

Lukas nods back to him. "I'll try to be careful."

Scene Three - The Black House; Helen & Barbara's Home

"Sorry I'm late," Helen announces as she walks into the living room and spots Adam and Andy sitting on the sofa, while Barbara is in an arm chair. "My lunch with Chris ran a little late."

"Its fine," Barbara replies to her. "Adam and Andy were just catching up."

"Yea, I'm glad you guys agreed to see me today," Andy smiles to them, even though he can sense Barbara's apprehension with him being in the house. "I was rather surprised that Dawn reached out to me, if I am honest."

"I'm glad she did," Adam replies to him. "She needs all the support she can get right now."

"I couldn't agree more," Andy tells him. "You know, when I came out, I didn't have as much support as Dawn does. I mean, Kim, was great, but she's the only family that I have. It can be a very scary thing, coming out, because you sometimes don't know the reaction. And, it's something that only gay people have to do. Straight people don't announce their sexuality to the world."

Andy hears Barbara mumble something under her breath. "What was that, Barbara?" he asks her.

"Nothing," she waves her hand, speaking out loud for everyone to hear. She doesn't want to create a scene with what she was mumbling under her breath. "I just think that Dawn is confused right now. She's been hanging out with that …woman…she's the reason that she is in this state right now."

"Barbara seems to think that if we send Dawn to a bible camp, she will come back…straight," Helen explains to Andy, who looks shocked at the suggestion.

"Well, take it from me," Andy tells everyone, as he looks at Barbara. "You can't change who you are. It's not like one day, Dawn will turn a switch on and be attracted to men. It doesn't work that way."

"How do you know if you've never tried it?" Barbara asks him.

"That's a good question," Andy replies to her. "How do you know you don't like being with another woman if you've never tried it?"

"Ah!" Barbara shrieks back to him. "How dare you speak to me this way! I'm sorry, but I'm not going to stand for this any longer. Adam, Helen, you know my thoughts on this! We need to send Dawn away. There's no harm in her reconnecting with God for a couple of weeks this summer! None what's so ever!"

Before anyone can say anything else, Barbara storms out of the living room. Andy stands up and sighs heavily. "Sorry, I didn't mean to attack her, I just wanted her to understand."

"I know, we appreciate you coming," Adam tells him. "And, thank you, for supporting Dawn. We really appreciate that."

"Anytime, I'm glad I could help," Andy nods back to them. "If I could give you a piece of advice, though?" he asks as they nod back to him. "Sending Dawn away might appease Barbara, but she will come home a lesbian. No camp will change who Dawn is as a person."

"Thanks for that, Andy," Helen smiles to him, as she looks over at Adam.

Scene Four - MW Investigations

"Sorry I'm late," Chris announces to Trenyce, who is sitting in the waiting room of the MW Investigations, as they agreed to meet so they could see Meggan about helping them find the biological child. "My lunch with Helen ran a little late."

Trenyce feels a pain of jealous hit her as she hears the words that he was with Helen. She recalls how before the ice storm hit, Chris was rather upset with Helen because of her lack of support while he was arrested for killing Frederick; she, on the other hand, was very supportive of him. She doesn't know why she thought things could have changed for them, but she had.

"I see," she purses her lips together. "Its fine, I think Meggan is running a little late herself."

"Good, you weren't waiting long?"

"Nah," she lies to him. "I just got here myself."

"That's good," he tells her. "Are you ready to do this? I mean, we are here to find our child."

"I am ready," she nods back to him. "Jemma's accident has just made me realize that life is so short. I want to find our child. I want to know him or her."

"I know," Chris nods back to her. "And, this time, Frederick is alive to try to stop us from finding our child."

Before Trenyce can reply, Meggan opens her office door. "Sorry for the wait, please come in," she tells them as she turns and walks back into the office.

Chris and Trenyce move inside the office and sit down across from Meggan. "I'm so sorry to hear about Lukas," Trenyce tells her. "If there's anything we can do to help with his case."

"Thanks," Meggan puts a brave smile on her face. "Let's discuss you two, though. What brings you here?"

"We want to find our child," Chris tells her. "I know we came to you before and we know how that turned out, but we still want to find our child, Meggan."

"And, you're the best PI we know," Trenyce explains to her. "Please, tell us that you'll help us find our child?"

Meggan sighs and looks back at them, surprised that they've asked her since the last time she tried to find their child, she sent them on a wild goose chase because Frederick convinced her to do so. "I'm surprised you asked me," she admits to them. "I wasn't exactly the best PI last time, thanks to my father."

"That's water under the bridge," Chris tells her. "We trust your skills and abilities."

"I appreciate that," Meggan nods back to him. "I'd be happy to try to find your child, but like I told you last time, it might take a while. It won't be an easy task."

"We understand that," Trenyce replies to her. "We just want to try."

"Then, let's find your child."

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Don't even ask me," Daisy tells Vinny, who approaches her, as she sits outside of Jemma's hospital room. Daisy can see her husband coming up to her with a coffee, but she already knows that he is going to ask if there is any change with her mother. The fact is, there isn't a change with her. Daisy is slowly getting more frustrated with the fact that Jemma isn't improving. She just wants her mother to wake up so they can put all of this behind them. "There is no change with Jemma."

Vinny sighs as he passes her the coffee. "I wasn't going to ask you that," he admits to her. "I was going to ask you how you are doing? You look tired."

"My mother is fighting for her life in that room," she replies to him. "My half-brother is in jail for killing my father. How do you think I'm doing?"

"I'm not trying to be a pain," Vinny tells her, not happy with her tone. "I'm only trying to help."

"I know, I'm sorry," Daisy looks back at him. "I don't mean to take this out on you. I'm just…I'm finally starting to lose hope with Jemma. I'm beginning to think that you're right…she's not coming back to me. I just found my mother, and I'm going to lose her."

"Daisy," Vinny reaches over and grabs her hand. "I know this has been difficult to accept but…"

"No but's, please," a tear falls down Daisy's cheek. Before either one can say anything else, Simona Lopez appears in the hallway and looks at Daisy and Vinny.

"I'm glad I've found you," Simona comes up to them.

"Detective," Vinny stands up to greet her. "What is it? A break in Lukas' case?"

"I'm not sure," Simona admits to them. "But I have news. After Frederick was smothered, we had his entire hospital room searched for any evidence. I finally got the test results back."

"What?" Daisy asks her surprised. "Why did the results take so long to come back? My brother is already in jail…"

"I understand that," Simona nods back to her. "The hospital was delayed in sending us the contents of Frederick's hospital room because of the ice storm."

"Well, what did the results uncover?" Vinny asks her, realizing that the cause for the delay makes perfect sense. The entire town was shut down while the ice storm was happening; it was chaos.

"A piece of Jemma's hair was found on Frederick's pillow. She might have been the last one to see him alive…I'd like to question her, if you don't mind."

"You can't!" Daisy cries back to her. "She's in a coma, and they are saying she will likely never wake up. But, it's fine," Daisy continues to tell her. "Because, there's no way my mother would know anything more. She's not a killer, for crying out loud! She couldn't help your case at all!"

"Daisy, please calm down," Vinny tries to tell his wife. "Detective Lopez wasn't suggesting that Jemma was guilty, she just wanted to ask her some questions."

"I don't care," Daisy fumes back to them, before she looks at Simona. "You already convicted my brother, you will not harass my mother, not while she's fighting for her life, do you understand me?"

Simona uneasily nods back to Daisy before she looks over at Vinny, who shrugs, knowing that there will no changing Daisy's mind about this, even though his mind is now racing about what Jemma could have been doing in Frederick's hospital room.

Scene Six - The Black House; Helen & Barbara's Home

"I was hoping Andy would be able to get through to Barbara," Adam admits to Helen, as they stand in the living room alone, since Barbara is upstairs and Andy left the house. "She still seems to think that sending Dawn away would be the best option."

"Yes, she does," Helen nods back to him. "I've been thinking," she continues. "I mean, I know that Dawn will still be a lesbian when she gets back. But, like Barbara said, what is the harm of Dawn going to a camp for a couple weeks this summer? It would settle my mother down and then, when Dawn comes back still gay, we can have the conversation with Barbara that the camp didn't work. It seems like a win-win?"

"If I'm honest, I was thinking the same thing," Adam replies to her. "I've been thinking about it since the memorial service for Blake. My only concern is that Dawn won't be happy about this. She won't want to go to a camp; she will think we are all against her."

"I will make her understand," Helen tells him. "If we stand ground together, we can make her understand that this is for Barbara's peace of mind. We can do this, if we do it together."

"Okay," Adam agrees with her. "I guess we have to tell Dawn."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cassie continues to fill Cory's head with doubts of Shane and Natasha
- Tyler confronts Dominick
- Vinny tries to reach Daisy

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