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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah got her memory back and told Jeff that she is still in love with Robbie. She asked Jeff for a divorce and then told Robbie that she wanted them to be together, unaware that Victoria overheard
- Shane and Natasha agreed to go to New York to allow Jacob to go to a rehabilitation center. Cassie told Cory that the exes might get back together while there
- Daisy and Vinny learned from Simona that they found Jemma's hair on Frederick's hospital pillow. Daisy refused Simona access to Jemma, claiming that she wouldn't know anything
- Eva worried that Felicia was skipping her medication before the ice storm
- Tyler overheard Dominick and Eva discussing the fact that a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck hit Kim's car during the ice storm

Scene One - MW Investigations; Meggan's Office

Meggan sits at her desk, reviewing the file that she just opened for Chris and Trenyce as they asked her to try to locate their biological child that went missing when Andrew was born as a part of a baby switch. She knows that it will be a difficult challenge trying to find the child, but she will do whatever she can. She is, actually, surprised that they came back to ask her to try to find the child since last year, she sent them on a wild goose chase while trying to locate the child. Of course, she knows that she only did that to appease Frederick, and now he is dead. Her mind immediately wonders to Lukas and wonders how he is doing in jail. She still can't believe that her brother was convicted of killing their father because she knows that her brother couldn't have killed someone; it's not who he is.

"I have to go see him," she whispers to herself, knowing that Lukas is probably struggling in jail. She just hopes that he will make it, and eventually, some kind of evidence will turn up to support him getting released. "I have to make sure he's doing okay."

"Talking to yourself?" a voice calls out at her doorway. Meggan looks up and sees Jeff standing there. "How are you?"

Meggan shrugs a little. "I'm okay," she admits to him. "There's been so much going on, you know?"

"I do," he says coming into his office. "I'm glad I was able to catch you though. I have some news for you."

Meggan stands up and moves over to pour herself a glass of water. "Good news, I hope. I don't think I could take any more bad news right now."

"I think it is good news," he tells her. "Leah got her memory back. She remembers everything."

"That's great," Meggan replies to him, thinking that it means that Jeff and Leah have reunited. "So, you're moving back into the house with your wife and Paige, I'm guessing?"

"Nope," Jeff tells her, as she turns around to face him in surprise. "Leah told me that even though she remembers, but her feelings haven't changed; she still loves Robbie."

"Wow, I didn't see that coming."

"Neither did I," Jeff says back to her. "She wants a divorce."

Meggan shakes her head in surprise. "What does Robbie think about all of this?"

Jeff shrugs. "I don't even know, nor do I care," he admits to her. "I mean, I know I was torn, Meggan, when Leah came back, but being there for you after Frederick died and helping you during Lukas' trial, it's just made me realize how much I love you. I always have."

Meggan feels her eyes swell with water, hearing his words. She has longed for him to tell her that he still loves her. She sets her glass down and moves closer to him, grabbing his hands. "Tell me that you still love me?" he asks her, looking into her eyes.

"You know that I do," she replies to him. "Maybe this means that we could…"

"What?" he smiles back to her.

"Actually get married, for real this time? You know I still want to be your wife, but legally this time?"

Jeff leans and gives her a kiss on the lips. "I'd like that very much," he whispers back to her as their lips part. "Let's put this year behind us and move forward."

"Oh Jeff," she closes her eyes and kisses him again, thrilled that this is finally happening for them. Finally, some good news has come into their lives.

Scene Two - The Calimo house; Robbie, Leah & Paige's Home

"You've been pretty quiet the last couple of days," Leah tells Robbie, as she pours herself a glass of red wine at the bar in the living room of the house they share together. She takes a sip of her of her beverage as she looks at Robbie as she recalls telling him that she wants to divorce Jeff so they could be together. While she did regain her memory, she hasn't had a change of her feelings: she is in love with Robbie.

Robbie turns to face her, knowing that he has to be honest with Leah. He was waiting for her memory to come back because he believed that she would go back to being with Jeff; the fact that she has told him that she loves him and wants to be with him, is not something he expected.

"I guess our night at the Pampa Grill has left me with a lot to think about," he admits back to her, as he moves up to pour a glass of wine for himself. "I always thought that when your memory came back, you'd go back to your husband. I thought you'd go back to Jeff."

"You were my husband once an upon a time too," she reminds him. "We had a great thing going for so many years, Robbie."

"I can't deny that," he replies to her. "And, a part of me will always love you Leah."

"Why do I get the feeling there's a but coming?" she asks him before she takes another sip of her wine.

"Because," he chuckles. "I don't want to hurt you, but while you and Jeff were being happy together, I had moved on too."

"I remember," she tells him. "You were with Victoria. Are you telling me that you still have feelings for her?"

Robbie takes a sip of his wine before he nods back to her. "The truth is, right before our trip to Santa Barbara last summer, Victoria and I, we got engaged. We were planning our future together. That was all put on hold when you came back because the doctors told us not to disrupt your memory or it might not come back. Victoria, you know, she's been suffering all this time while you were getting your memory back."

Leah puts her head down, not realizing that she was causing someone else pain. "I'm sorry that she's had to go through that. We've all been through a lot."

"I know we have," Robbie replies to her quickly. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I'm just explaining to you why this has been so difficult for me. I told Victoria as soon as your memory came back, we would be together. I told her that the future we had been planning would come true."

"I know that's what you told her," Leah says back to him as she puts her wine down and moves closer to Robbie. "But, this could be our chance Robbie. This could be our time to put our family back together. After all this time, isn't that at least worth a chance?"

Robbie uneasily smiles back to him as she pulls him into a hug. "We've been through so much together, Robbie. Tell me that you'll at least think about it? For me?"

Scene Three - The Mandarin Oriental, New York City; Room 607

"Are you settled?" Shane asks Natasha, as he opens the door to her hotel room in New York City. They have been in the hotel for about 30 minutes, as they took Jacob to the rehabilitation center as soon as they landed. After Jacob was resting comfortably, they came to the hotel to check in. Shane, luckily, is the room next to Natasha. After he showered and changed, he decided to come see her to see if she wanted to go out for a bite to eat. They are, after all, in Manhattan.

Natasha looks back at her ex-husband and smiles to him. "Yea, I'm glad my Dad was able to get these rooms on such short notice. This is a great hotel."

"One of the best," Shane agrees with her. "I have to admit, I feel a lot better seeing Jacob at the center too. They seem to really know what they are doing there."

"I agree," Natasha purses her lips together. "I think we definitely made the right decision for our son."

"It's a miracle that he's still with us, hey?"

"Yea, our little Jacob is a miracle. I'm glad we are here together."

"Me too," Shane puts his hands in his pockets. "How about we go get something to eat? I know it's been a long day, but we are in the big apple, we should do some exploring?"

"I'd love that," Natasha smiles back to him as she grabs her purse. "Let's go!"

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

"Eating alone?" Cassie comes up to Cory's table as he sips on a bourbon. Cory looks up and is immediately unamused with her; he knows that she has been telling him that while Shane and Natasha are in New York, they might get back together. He trusts Natasha and their relationship, and he knows that Shane and Cassie have been growing closer, so he isn't sure what kind of game she is playing.

"Yea," he finally replies to her. "I tried to call Robin to see if she wanted to get together, but she had other plans."

"Ah," Cassie sits across from him. "Your current fiancé goes out of town so you call your ex-wife?"

"Robin and I have stayed friends," Cory tells her. "We will always be close."

Cassie picks up his glass and takes a sip of the bourbon. "Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 20 years?" Cassie purses her lips together. "Good choice."

Cory nods back to her with a chuckle. "You know your bourbon?"

"It calms me down after a long day," she replies to him. "Many things calm me down, though."

"Oh yea?" he smirks back to her. "What else?"

"Probably the same as you," she looks back into his eyes. "Blowing off steam."

Cory chuckles. "What are you doing Cassie? You know I'm engaged to Natasha, why are you flirting with me?"

"Am I?" she acts coy. "I just think, if Shane and Natasha get to have some fun din New York, why can't we have some fun here?"

"I trust Natasha," Cory replies to her. "And you, you should trust Shane."

Cassie picks up his glass and finishes the beverage inside. "Trust has nothing to do with it," she tells him, swallowing it down. "It's about human needs; we all have them."

"I don't have time for this," he replies to her, standing up and throwing some money down onto the table. "Have another one, on me."

"Thank you," Cassie giggles as he walks away. She turns and watches him walk away, before she turns and looks at the empty glass, clearly enjoying trying to create havoc in Natasha's life.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Hey, there you are," Vinny says opening the door to the hospital chapel and sees Daisy sitting in the front pew. He moves up to his wife, worried about her as she ran off after she told Simona Lopez that she wouldn't have access to Jemma after the detective found a piece of Jemma's hair in Frederick's hospital room after he was killed. Vinny knows that Daisy doesn't believe that Jemma killed Frederick, nor does he, but the fact that she wouldn't allow Simona to ask any questions, is troubling. "I was worried about you when you ran off."

Daisy shuts her eyes as a tear falls down her cheek. She can't believe that after everything that has happened, Simona thinks that Jemma could have answers about Frederick's death. She knows that the mother would not have killed a man, or have any information regarding Frederick's death. How could she? She was ill around New Year's Eve, and now she's fighting for her life. The last thing Jemma needs is to be harassed by the police.

"I wanted some time alone," she replies to him, as she wipes her eye dry. "I wanted some peace. I'm trying to pray for Jemma."

"I know," Vinny sits next to her. "And, I understand why are got so upset with Lopez."

"Do you?" Daisy asks him. "It seems like when it comes to my mother, we are on opposite pages."

"That's not true," he replies to her. "I want what's best for Jemma. I want her to wake up, I just don't think it's realistic. And, if she knows something about Frederick's death, I think we owe it to Lopez and Lukas to find out what that is."

Daisy looks at him in surprise. "How can we find out anything? Even if Jemma does know something, she's in a coma! She can't tell the police anything."

"I know," he puts his hand on her leg, trying to support her. "But, we can still try to answer any questions Lopez might have. And, we can give her access to Jemma's belongings and hotel room. Who knows what she will find. I think we owe it to Lukas, don't you?"

Daisy puts her head down. "My brother is in jail," she whispers back to him, as more tears come into her eyes. "My God, how did my family get to be in such a bad place? And you know what the worst part is? I feel like this is all my fault."

Vinny puts his arms around his wife as she starts to weep. "It's not your fault," he whispers back to her. "We just have to start doing the right thing for everyone. We have to do what's right for Lukas and Jemma. Their lives depend on it."

Scene Six - Tyler's Townhouse

Felicia paces back and forth through the townhouse, her mind racing a million miles per second. She feels like her world is spinning right now; she is still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that Blake, her beautiful grandson, is dead. To make matters worse, she has no idea how to really support Tyler, who is clearly devastated.

"Damn it," she says to herself, as she continues to pace back and forth. "I wish I could do something to help my son. I know he misses Blake so much. We all do, there must be something that I can think of to make this better for him. But what?"

Suddenly, Felicia hears her phone start to chime, which is her alarm to take her medication. She moves over to her phone and she quickly silences the alarm. She shakes her head, knowing that she has to stay clear headed right now so she can help Tyler. That means she won't be taking her pill.

"Once everything calms down, I'll be better," she tells herself. "Right now, I need to focus on helping my son. I need to help him get control of his life again."

She turns around when she thinks she hears Blake crying. In front of the fire place, Felicia sees Blake playing with his toy trucks. Tears come to her eyes as she sees her grandson playing. "Blake?" she calls out. "Is that really you?"

She rushes over into the living room but when she arrives, she just sees the carpet. There is no sign of Blake. Felicia covers her mouth as tears rush from her eyes. "Oh God, Blake," she kneels down to the floor. "Blake!"

Scene Seven - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

Dominick moves to the bar in his office and pours himself a whiskey. He takes a sip before he pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and presses the screen button. He still doesn't see a missed call or a text message from Tyler, which is starting to concern him. He has tried to call his son numerous times since Blake's memorial service, but Tyler hasn't called him back. He knows that his son might need some space right now, but he wishes that Tyler wouldn't shut him out. What Tyler needs right now is support, Dominick says back to himself.

"I need you to call me," Dominick whispers to himself as he takes another sip of his whiskey. He sets his phone down and turns his head when he hears his office door open. He is surprised to see his son standing there. "Tyler, my God son, it's so good to see you."

Tyler slowly moves inside the office. "Is it?" he says back to his father before he looks over at Dominick's desk and sees a pile of files waiting for his review. "Work is busy, I see? I assume profitable?"

"We don't have to talk business right now," Dominick replies to him. "Can I get you a drink?"

"I don't want a fucking drink," Tyler snaps at him. "I want answers!"

Dominick looks back at him in shock, as Tyler has never taken that tone with him before. "Son, I know…"

"You know what I know?" Tyler cuts him off, glaring at his father. "I know that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit Kim's car the night of the ice storm. I know that your company killed my son."

"What did I just hear?" A shocked Kim asks as she stands in the doorway of Dominick's office. "You did this? You killed my son?" she asks as she looks at Dominick.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dominick feels the wrath of Kim and Tyler
- Adam and Helen make a decision
- Treynce supports Daisy

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