Episode 49 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

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Previously on One Day At A Time
-Robin admitted to Cory that she has a problem; he vowed to stay by her
-Robbie and Noah bonded. When Jeff found out, he was ticked off
-Andy interrupted a romantic dinner betwween Kim and Jeff. Kim revealed to Jeff that she is going to ask Andy to move in with them
-Daisy and Chris learned that Trenyce, Danielle’s daughter, was her on way to Twin Peaks
-Vinny discovered Meggan drunk

Scene One
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

“That’s an amazing story,” Natasha says as she sips on some coffee from the cafeteria. Across from her in the back corner table is Cory, who has just finished telling Natasha about Robin’s car accident and her dependency problem.

Cory looks up from his coffee and smiles at her. “It is. The good news is that Robin’s getting help. I’ll be there for her.”

Natasha looks down. “That’s good. She needs you Cory.”

Cory reaches across the table and touches Natasha’s hand. “I think you need me too,” he says slowly.

Natasha looks up and smiles. Cory smiles back.

“I...” Natasha begins.

“Sshh...” Cory cuts her off. “Just hear me out, please?”

Natasha smiles again, and nods her head.

“I can be there for Robin. I’ll support her through this time,” Cory reveals. “But, I want to be with you. Have dinner with me tonight.”

Natasha looks up in surprise. “What?”

“Come on. I’ll come over to your place, and we’ll have a nice dinner. Dancing by the fire. Just you and me. It’ll be....”

“...like old times,” she says slowly.

Cory smiles. “Yea. So what do you say? Come on Natasha. Have dinner with me.”

Natasha smiles. “OK, Cory. I’d love to.”

“Great,” Cory replies.

Scene Two
Setting: The Twin Peaks Sun; Kim’s Office

Kim struggles to open her door, as her hands are full with her briefcase, keys and an espresso from Starbucks. She finally opens the door, sets everything down on her desk. She returns to the doorway and looks around, hoping to see Andy. She quickly recalls her final moments with Jeff earlier in the morning.


“So, you’re asking Andy to move in, huh?” Jeff asks her.

“I hope you’re alright with that.”

“Yea...it’s just....”

“What?” Kim smiles at him.

“This,” he says walking over to her and kissing her softly on the lips. Kim responds to the kiss and moves her hand to his hand.

“Hmmm...” she moans, as he pulls away.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that Kim,” he says, looking at her.

“Oh Jeff,” Kim says. “I’ve wanted it too. I don’t see how Andy can ruin this...” she says changing the subject back.

“I don’t want him interrupting, like he did last night.”

“I’m sure that he won’t,” Kim smiles. “In fact, I’ll make sure of it.”

[End of Flash]

Kim smiles. ‘I can’t believe Jeff kissed me. It was so wonderful,’ she thinks to herself, replaying the kiss over and over in her head. She shuts her eyes, and leans up against her door, smiling.

Andy approaches her, and sees Kim smiling at her door. He gets a quick smile on his face.

“Uh, Ms. Reeves, are you ok?” he says, trying not to laugh.

Kim opens her eyes, and realizes how odd she must have looked.

“I’m...I’m fine,” she smiles at Andy. “I was waiting for you, actually.”

“Oh yea? What’s up?”

“Come in to my office, please” Kim says entering her office. Andy enters and shuts the door. He sits down on the sofa.

“So, how was work?” Kim smiles.

“Ah...it was alright. You know, not bad.”

“Good,” Kim says, feeling a little odd.

“So, Ms. Reeves? What’s up? I sort of want to get going.”

“Right. Um, Andy. Please call me Kim.”

“Cool. Kim.”

“Well, I don’t want you to be offended or anything. I...I like you. I mean you’re a great kid. And I just...well, I feel for you, you know?”

“Whoa...Ms. Reeves...Kim, whatever...listen.” Andy says standing up.

Kim gets up as well, and laughs. “Oh, Andy! I was...well, you seemed to have a nice time at my house for dinner, and I was wondering...if you needed a place to stay, you know...you could stay at my place.”

Andy sits back down. “Yea?”

“Yea. I mean we’d have to set some rules or whatever. But yea. I’d like you to stay...if you want to, of course.”

“I mean...that’d be great Kim. Really? This is for real?”

“Yes, Andy.”

Andy gets up and hugs Kim. “Thanks Kim. This is great.”

Scene Three
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo

Rebecca puts some eggs on the table and sits down drinking some coffee. Jason enters the kitchen, shirtless, just wearing his pj bottoms. He crutches over to the table and slowly sits down.

“Smells good,” she smiles, as she pours some orange juice into his cup.

“I don’t think I’m very hungry,” Jason says, drinking the orange juice.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well? We have a big day today, you’re getting your cast off.” Rebecca says putting her hand to his forehand to see if he has a fever.

“I’m fine,” Jason replies. “I missed you last night though. Your girlfriend must have had one hell of a problem. You missed the entire movie. I went to sleep, and didn’t even hear you come home.”

Rebecca looks down at her eggs. She shuts her eyes and remembers the previous night.


Shane lays in bed, beads of sweat still rest on his chest and his forehead. He has his arm around Rebecca, who rests her head on his chest.

“I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I feel like one now,” Rebecca says.

Shane laughs. “I guess that means I did my job,” he smiles.

“You’re up for a promotion, you did so well,” she teases, before looking up and kissing him.

“Hmm...girl, you weren’t bad yourself.”

[End of Flash]

“Rebecca?” Jason calls her.

Rebecca shakes her head. “Huh? Oh...yea. What?”

“Where were you? You looked like you were a million miles away,” Jason says.

“Yea. I was just thinking...about my friend. I got in late, and I didn’t want to wake you. I hope that’s alright.”

Jason smiles at her. “Of course it is. I was just feeling...” he says as he pulls her towards him. She ends up sitting on his good leg. “...you know,” he says kissing her on the lips. He moves his lips down to her neck, as his hand reaches up to her breast, and he slightly squeezes it, and feels her nipple harden.

“I missed you last night,” he says taking a break from her neck to say his words, and then returning to her skin. “hmm...you smell so good.”

Rebecca sighs a little. “Jason...we’ll be late for your appointment...” she says as her breathing increases a little.

Jason stands up and lays on the table, and slowly removes her robe revealing her naked body. “I really don’t care about being late right now...” he says, eyeing her body. “I want you Rebecca...”

Rebecca shuts her eyes, as Jason’s lips and hands explore her body. She slightly arches her back, and opens her eyes. Jason looks up and smiles as his tongue was pleasing her. Rebecca shuts her eyes again, and imagines Shane, not Jason.

The sudden impact of Jason entering her, causes Rebecca to open her eyes and she watches Jason make love to her...all the while, she wishes it was Shane.

Scene Four
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Victoria waltzes into her office with an angry look on her face. Walking over to sit in her desk, she suddenly feels the need to touch a photo of her and Adam smiling together.

She pulls her hand away as if she had no control over the sudden impulse, slamming the photo face down on her desk and then states coldly, "That life is over and I’m in control now. No one is ever going to hurt you again. Never again."

She turns swiftly, feeling as if she were being watched, her expression so ominous as if she had just been caught committing murder. Her eyes burn the surface of her office door, but no one appears to be there. However, the feeling so overwhelming to her, she decides to check the halls, but the halls are bereft as if no one had grace them in ages. Unbeknownst to her though, Andy had been watching and was now hiding behind a wall at the corner of the hallway.

Victoria still looks on with a little suspicion, but gives up the pursuit of phantom strangers and heads back into her office, receiving a throbbing pain in her head after slamming the door angrily.

"Victoria, there is no need to be afraid, Victory will make things all better. Don’t worry about a thing." She says joyously in a cryptic, yet almost soothing tone as she takes a deep breath, as if trying to relax herself from within.

She then continues, "Yes, we will get rid of those nosy wannabe white knights, starting with that disgrace you married." The evil words causes a scream to echo from Victoria’s body and suddenly her face becomes blank, as if she were now in some altered state. She looks around and is morally outrage by the decorum of the office, walking over towards her desk to fix the photo that she just minutes ago laid flat down on her desk.

"Oh, they were such a sweet looking couple," the woman says in a modernized voice, not as creepy or uncivilized as before. Andy, looking in, is baffled by the sudden transformation.

Scene Five
Setting: The Michaels House; Chris and Daisy’s Home

Chris sits at his desk in the office, typing on to the computer. As he types up his report, he thinks to himself. ‘It was nice of Bob to let me work at home today, since Trenyce will be here soon. It’s too bad that Daisy had so many meetings today. I know how badly she wanted to be here when Trenyce arrived.’

As he continues to type, he hears the doorbell ring. ‘Hmm...is that Trenyce already?’ he wonders as he gets up and walks out of the office. He quickly rushes down the stairs to the front door. He opens the door, and sees a beautiful young woman, with long flowing black hair. She turns and smiles.

“Trenyce?” he asks, taken by her beauty.”

Trenyce pushes her way into the house. “You must be Chris...I mean uncle Chris,” she smiles, turning to face him.

“Yea. It’s so great to meet you. You’re aunt and I are happy that you have come to stay with us.”

“Hmmm....” Trenyce says, dropping her bags. “Can you take those to my room? It’s been a long ride on the bus.”

Chris picks up the bags. “Come on, I’ll show you to your room.”

Trenyce follows Chris, all the while looking around the house. While she would never admit it, she liked how the house looked...or at least the value that the house looked.

“This is your room,” Chris says opening the door to the bedroom. Inside, there is a bed, a small desk and a dresser.

“The walls are white?” Trenyce says, shocked.

“Yea. We thought it would be nice for you to do your own paint job.”

“I don’t paint, honey,” Trenyce replies.

“Not you literally, silly. But you pick the colors and what not,” Chris smiles back.

“Oh, yea. Right,” Trenyce says.

“So, you want me to help you unpack?” Chris says sitting the bags on the bed. He slowly starts to open a bag.

Trenyce quickly stops him. “What are you doing?”

“Helping you unpack?”

“No. Don’t go through my stuff. Oh I see, how this is going to work. You wanna get me into bed, like you did my mother!” Trenyce yells.

Chris is stunned. “Excuse me? What did you say?”

Trenyce puts one hand behind her back and pinches herself. Tears start to flow from her eyes. “Are you trying to seduce me?” she ‘cries’.

Chris comes closer to her. “No. Trenyce no. I was just trying to make you feel welcome. You can unpack by yourself, if you want to.”

Trenyce wipes away her tears. “No, it’s fine. We can unpack together.”

Chris looks at her. ‘I’m sure she said something about my affair with Danielle. Could she possibly know?’ he asks himself.

“I’m just going to get cleaned up,” Trenyce says leaving the room.

Chris returns to the bag he started to open, and finishes opening it. He’s stunned as he removes some very sexy lace bra and panty sets, and some negligees. He takes a deep breath, puts them back into the bag, and goes into other one. Trenyce smiles at the doorway, watching Chris.

Scene Six
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Quite a bit of time had passed and the halls of the hospital were pretty much empty, with an occasional orderly passing through. Andy was getting tired of watching Victoria arrange and rearrange the items in her office, although he still couldn’t understand the calm demeanor she had now acquired. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he witness a slight change in her behavior as he saw Victoria, in a state of confusion, put down the duster she had been holding in her hands.

"What the hell am I doing? How did I get here?" She questioned, looking around the room quite perplexed. Feeling a sudden headache coming on, she decided to take a seat on the couch against the wall of her office.

Andy unable to let go the feeling that something was wrong and seeing Victoria somewhat relaxed and herself for the first time, knocks on her door before entering. She lifts her head up as Andy walks in front of her, staring down at her on the couch.

After a moment, Victoria finally speaks with an innocence in her eyes at the man’s presence,

"Who are… have we met?" She inquires. Andy looks back at her, skeptical of Victoria’s complete unawareness of him.

"Yes, we met briefly, it was a head hitter, that’s for sure," Andy remarks sarcastically.

"I don’t recall and I’m usually good with faces, "she iterates with a strange look on her face, trying to put the pieces together. She steps up from the couch and moves away from Andy’s gazing eyes. Andy turns as she walks pass him, only to face her back as she tries to sort things out.

"Well, you were pretty out of it on the docks that night." he adds.

The words jog something in her memory, but the image isn't quite clear yet. "The docks?" she cites to herself, trying to understand the horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. Andy sees her mouth move, but is unable to hear what she is saying. He extends his hand out to see if she is okay and in that split second, fragments of that night on the dock comes to Victoria.

[ Flash ]

She quickly turns about face and kicks him in the kneecap. The man falls down as she tries to make a run for it...

....The man, at this point, makes his way up and starts walking over toward Victoria, who is only a couple feet away. Victoria tries to move, but her foot is embedded...

....she screams and tries to kick him off with her other leg.

He tries to reassure her he won't hurt her, "Ma'am, I'm just going to--" he manages to let out before an erratic Victoria bashes him over the head with a medium-sized stone...

....She keeps grips of the stone as she kicks his body, but the man doesn't move. She then bends over to check his pulse, but she doesn't feel a thing...

Oh God, there is no pulse...

[ End of Flash ]

The vision ends and Victoria's eyes bug out at the terrifying reality standing behind her as she turns slowly from right to left, her hair swinging across her face and lets out a bloodcurdling scream upon setting her eyes on Andy.

Scene 7
Setting: The Victors House; Vinny and Meggan’s Home

After sobering up on her morning coffee, Meggan graces the bright and shinning afternoon as she goes to check her mail. After grabbing hold of her mail and heading back to her house, she spots the blond petite woman she saw with her husband the night before sipping on her coffee as she heads back into her condominium with the daily paper. Meggan's head begins to fill with questions after realizing how close this woman lives to her and her husband, wondering if last night wasn't the first time they had met. If they had met before, if she had been parading herself around in the delicate red silk lingerie she was wearing now. The thoughts eventually overcame Meggan and she decided to follow Patricia back to her condo.

"I have got to get to the bottom of this." Meggan states firmly.

Luckily for Meggan, she had placed on casual dress pants and a tee shirt before walking out of her home, so the neighbors were less likely to be alarmed to see her approaching another woman's condom. Once she finally reached the door and lift her fist to knock, she stopped halfway as she thought about what she was going to hear, if she really wanted to hear. However, she forced herself to relive her husband's wedding vows and the words he shared with her the day after Valentine's Day.

[ Flash ]

Vinny continues, "Look, I’m sorry that I made you spend Valentine’s Day alone, but because I do love you so very much, I wanted to make the later one even more special because you’re special to me." He says, his words causes Meggan to reface him. Vinny then picks up a remote and presses a button, which causes the lights to dim and a red light shaped into a heart to shine in the center as My Baby You by Marc Anthony plays.

Meggan covers her mouth in amazement, moved by the presentation as the music continues to play. Vinny then holds his hand out to hers, she teases him at first, but then gives him her hand and he twists her across the floor. They then meet in the center of the red heart and Vinny says to her, looking soulfully into her eyes, "I want you to know that you are my reason for everything and that my love for you too is everlasting…" he pauses and clicks the remote once more, turning her attention to a sign that flashes, "There is only one clear cloud in my sky… and I’m holding her in my arms."

[ End of Flash ]

Hearing his words repeated in her mind convinced her that this woman was obviously coming onto her husband.

"She obviously believes she's quite the midnight special in this neighborhood, strutting herself around in nothing, but a skimpy little lingerie." She thought to herself.

Her fist then pound the door twice and within seconds, Patricia open the door and her eyes nearly left it's socket at the sight of Meggan, but she tried quickly to regain control of the situation.

"I'm sorry, can I help you?" She smiled innocently.

Meggan responds bluntly, "You could let me in for starters."

Patricia is unsure of what to make of the remark and following her gut instinct, tires to ward off Meggan. "I am not really keen on letting strangers in my apartment," she responds with a hint of curiosity.

Meggan doesn't let that stop her and pushes her way inside, pass Patricia. "The name's Meggan, I will make this brief," she informs her upon waltzing in. Patricia still stunned by her audacity finally slams the door shut and looks on to an even more peeved Meggan.

"What would you have to say to me, I wasn't aware I knew any Meggans." She questions, trying to get the gist on Meggan's visit.

"Oh, but you've been getting to know my husband, haven't you? Strutting yourself around him in trashy ware, like that I'm sure." She responds in a soft-spoken voice.

"How dare you come into my home and assault my clothing and my morals. I don't hit on married men. Now, them hitting on me, that's a whole different story." She smiles.

"Not my husband. You were the one with your hands all over him in a corner booth at Wild Night." Meggan barks.

"Oh, are you talking about me and Vinny?" Patricia voice raises with the inquiry as Meggan gives her a stern look. "Perhaps if you confronted us both then, then you'd know whose really been coming on to who?" Patricia teases hoping to shake Meggan's confidence.

Scene Eight
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Upon seeing the man she thought she killed, Victoria fainted soon after screaming her lungs out. Andy helped her to the couch and manage to get his hands on some smelling salts. He waves them under her nose and she slowly begins to come through, her image of the room and Andy blurry at first, but slowly fading in.

Andy questions with concern, "Are you all right, Ma'am?"

Victoria finally regains clear reception and hears the man's voice, pushing her body upward from the couch trying to get away from him. She was still puzzled by the vision she just had, especially when the man she had them about was standing right her in front of her, or was he, Victoria pondered.

"You can't be here, you're dead," she finally voiced in a frantic tone trying to keep away from him while confined to the couch.

"I assure you that I'm here in the flesh. Of course, I did have a hard time resurfacing after you pushed me in that river." He responds.

"River? I didn't push you in any river. I hit you over the head with a stone, I felt your pulse, you weren't breathing and then... then I... what did I do next?" She questions in frustration, suddenly hearing the sound of splashing water in her head.

"No! I couldn't, I wouldn't. I took an oath and I believe in it." She stresses to herself, shaking her head in disbelief at the thought that she purposely tried to leave a man for dead.

"Strangely enough, I think I believe you. I've been watching you for a few weeks and I have to say, it's almost as if you're two different people." He concludes.

Scene Nine
Setting: Outside of The Victors Home

"Are you trying to tell me that my husband has been coming on to you?" Meggan questions, morally outrage by the suggestion.

Patricia smiles, "I'm saying that it's so easy for you work-a-holic wives to blame the other woman when it really is your own fault for not being able to satisfy your husbands. A man needs companionship and when he can't find it at home... Well, they look for it in other places." She adds with a sultry grin.

"My husband and I are very close, thank you and I'm completely secure in our love for one another." Meggan states firmly with passion.

"Are you?" Patricia quesitons, trying to give Meggan a reason to question herself.

"Yes, I am." Meggan smiles, not allowing Patricia to be successful at knocking down her confidence.

Patricia frustrated by Meggan's certainty and assurance of Vinny's love finally ask Meggan what she is doing here then. Meggan walks pass Patricia, making her way to the door, having just about enough of her as well.

"To save you some embarrassment!" Meggan declares.

Patricia scoffs with a chuckle, "Embarrassment?"

"Yes, stopping wasting your time chasing after Vinny, he is my husband and nothing, including you, will change that." She clarifies firmly and then turns to open the door, but before exiting is stopped by Patricia's words.

Patricia gloats excitedly to Meggan's back, "Oh I can stay away from Vinny, but don't be so sure he can stay away from me." Meggan keeps her head straight and walks out of her condo, slamming the door behind her.

"Oh, a lot could change Meggie dear," Patricia remarks after Meggan leaves.

Scene Ten
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Parking Lot

Cory carries Robin’s bag, as she slowly walks to the car. She puts her hood over hear ears, still ashamed of herself. Cory puts his arm around her and they walk in silence to the car.

He opens the trunk of the car and places the bag inside, while she gets into the passenger side of the car. He gets in and starts the car.

“It’s nice to be going home, huh?” he says, backing up.

Robin smiles a little. “I guess.”

As the car exits the hospital parking lot, Cory puts his hand on Robin’s. “It’s going to be alright Robin. I told you I will be there for you, and I will be. I promise.”

Robin puts her head down, and tears form in the corner of her eyes. “I know you don’t mean that Cory. I saw you with Natasha earlier.”

“Robin, just because I was with Natasha doesn’t mean I can’t be there for you. I’ll be there to support you. But I’m not going to lie to you...I want to be with Natasha. I love her. I never stopped.”

Robin tries to hide her tears from Cory. She turns her body towards the door, and cries as she looks out the window. She shuts her eyes, but all she sees is Cory’s face.


Cory arrives in the bedroom, and sits his clothes on a chair. He moves over to the bed, and sits down. He places his hands over his face, thinking about the kiss he shared with Robin. ‘Did I want her? Of course, I’m only a man’ he thinks to himself. ‘But Natasha just died. When is it enough time to move on?’

His thoughts are interrupted by the door opening. Robin enters the room.

"Robin...I thought I told you to leave"

"I know. But I can’t leave." she says coming closer to him.

"Robin, please" Cory whispers. Robin bends down and kisses Cory.

[End of Flash]

Robin continues to cry, silently, as the car moves towards the Towers.


"Do you Cory, take thee Robin to be your wedded wife?"

"I do" Cory smiles. Robin gets a tear in her eye.

"Do you Robin, take thee Cory to be your wedded husband?"

"I do" Robin says, letting a tear scroll down her cheek.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife" Father Murphy says.

Cory kisses Robin passionately, as an overjoyed Rebecca looks on.

[End of Flash]

Robin opens her eyes. ’This is it. It’s really over...’ she thinks to herself. ’I’ve lost Cory forever...’

Next on One Day At A Time
-Cassie Nova arrives in Twin Peaks
-Rebecca and Shane come face to face
-Natasha and Kim have a heart to heart, as she prepares for her date with Cory

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