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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Meggan overheard Jeff tell Paige that his divorce with Leah was on hold for 6 months. Paige was unable to hide her excitement that her family would be together again. Meanwhile, Leah told Robbie the update and he advised her she deserved to try to make her marriage work. Victoria, however, threw Robbie out when he told her that he was in love with both her and Leah
- Kim and Tyler were livid with Dominick for his role in Blake's death. Felicia, meanwhile, was horrified to learn that it was a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck that hit Kim's car
- Tony continued to tell Lukas that he would get him for mouthing off to him in jail
- Vinny went through Jemma's hotel room and found the garbage bag, full of black clothing. Daisy, meanwhile, started to come to terms with the fact that Jemma may never wake up

Scene One - MW Investigations

"You rushed away from the Sugarbowl before I could explain," Jeff announces to Meggan as he opens the door to her office and moves inside, closing the door behind him. He was with Paige at the coffeehouse informing her about the Judge's decision to deny his and Leah's divorce request because they weren't married very long before the explosion occurred causing Leah to be presumed dead; when they saw Meggan, who had clearly overheard what happened, she rushed out upset by what she learned. The Judge wants to Jeff and Leah to try to make their marriage work for 6 months and if it is still not working, they can divorce. Paige was excited that her family would finally be together, but Jeff knows that Meggan would be devastated to learn this information. Jeff had to rush after her, because the last thing he wants, is for Meggan to be upset. "I'm sorry you had to find out that way."

"What do you want me to say?" Meggan looks up to him from her desk, unable to hide her emotions. She had hoped that this was the start of her and Jeff finally being together after everything they had been through. The last conversation she and Jeff had, they had spoken about maybe getting married once his divorce from Leah was finalized. That seems so very far from reality now. "You and Leah are staying married for at least 6 months."

"The Judge denied the divorce request," he explains to her. "He thought that Leah being presumed dead so quickly after our wedding meant that we never actually had a chance to be married."

Meggan shakes her head as she feels her eyes swell with water. "Paige seemed very excited by your news," Meggan remembers the encounter with him. "I don't know what this means for us. If there even is an us anymore."

Jeff looks back at her. "You know that I still care about you," he tells her. "I meant everything I said to you the other day. I do want to marry you."

"But, you're married to Leah," she replies to him. "And, you have to try to make it work or you won't get a divorce. I'm not sure where that leaves us."


"No," she cuts him off. "I want you to go. I think I need some time."

Jeff moves closer to her, but she puts her hand up to stop him from coming closer. "Just go," she whispers as a tear falls from her cheek. "Please."

Jeff slowly turns around and leaves Meggan alone with her tears, unable to think about what this means for her future with Jeff, if she even has a future with him anymore.

Scene Two - The Tower's, Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

"I'm not sure why you're here," Victoria looks at Robbie as she opens the door to her condo and sees him standing there. She thought she had made it clear the last time he was there that she didn't want to see him. "The last time I saw you, I asked you leave. Nothing has changed, Robbie."

"If you will give me the chance to explain, I think you'll see that something has changed," Robbie replies to her. "But, if you want me to go, I won't stay."

"You have 5 minutes," Victoria moves out of his way so he walks into the condo. After everything they've been through together, she feels like she owes him at least 5 minutes.

"Thanks for hearing me out," he replies to her as he moves into the living room and he turns to face her. "Leah and Jeff went to the Judge about their divorce."

"God, I need a drink," Victoria moves over to the bar and pours herself a brandy, trying not to sound to catty but the last thing she cares about is Leah and Jeff's marriage. "Do you want one?"

"No," he replies to her. "I won't stay long. I just wanted you hear this from me."

She turns around to him as she takes a sip of her brandy. "I'm listening. Are Leah and Jeff divorced now?"

Robbie shakes his head no. "No, the Judge denied their request."

Victoria breaks out into laughter. "Of course," she shakes her head at him. "So, let me guess, you're here because you want us to have another chance? Because, Leah and Jeff didn't go through with the divorce?"

"They have to try to make it to work for 6 months," he continues to explain to her. "The Judge felt like Leah was presumed dead so quickly after the wedding, their marriage never had a chance. He wants them to at least try to make their marriage a reality. And, I don't know what I want now. I just wanted you to hear this from me."

Victoria raises her glass back to him. "Thanks?" she quickly replies to him. "I'm glad I know. I still feel like I am your second fiddle. And, you know what? I refuse to be that person for you anymore."

"Vic," he starts to protest, knowing that she is not his second place.

"No Robbie," she cuts him off. "Whatever we had, it's over. I'm not doing this anymore. I can't do this anymore."

Robbie nods back to her. "Okay," he says upset by her words. "I get that. I'll see you around."

Victoria watches as he walks out of the living room and then she hears the front door close. She quickly gulps down her brandy before she runs her hands through her long hair, trying to prevent herself from bursting into tears.

Scene Three - The Graveyard

Kim kneels down at the tombstone that has her son's name engraved on it and slowly caresses Blake's name. She then moves her hand to cover her mouth as she and tries to prevent herself from crying. It's been a couple of months since the ice storm that ended up killing Blake, but the pain of his death is still very raw and real for her. The fact that she and Bob have signed the divorce papers only adds to her pain because it's something else that she has lost. And, of course, learning about Dominick's role in the accident, is something else weighing on her mind. She hates that he is the one responsible; and now, she wants him to pay.

"Guess we had the same idea today," a voice calls out behind Kim, causing her to stand up and look behind her. "It hasn't gotten any easier, has it?" Tyler asks her.

She shakes her head quickly. "Not at all," she whispers back to him. "I still can't believe he's gone. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking that I hear him cry out. I only then realize that I was dreaming."

"It's funny," he replies to her, as he looks down at the tomb. "The other day, I found one of his toy cars lodged between the sofa cushions. I got so excited to show him what I found but was then reminded that he is gone."

"What are we going to do, Tyler?" she asks him as she leans her head on his shoulder. "I don't know how to live without him?"

"We will get through this," he whispers back to her, as he grabs his hand. "We can do it together."

"I owe you an apology," she says looking into his eyes. "At the hospital, I said some pretty rude things to you; Things that weren't fair and that were uncalled for."

"You don't have to apologize," he replies to her. "I know that you were lashing out because of what was happening. Honestly, I didn't handle it the best, myself."

"It doesn't matter," Kim stops him. "We were both losing our son. I had no right to blame you or say those horrible things to you."

"It's forgiven," he tells her. "We are in this together. No one else knows what we are going through right now."

"You're right," she nods back to him. "Besides, your father is the one we should be blaming. I can't believe it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit my car and he didn't say anything."

"I know," Tyler agrees with her. "I told him that he was dead to me. I don't think I will ever forgive him. I think it's impossible to look at him the same way again."

"Nor will I," Kim says as she hugs him. "If anything, I want him to pay for what he has done to this family."

Tyler holds her for a moment as he listens to her. "I agree. My father should pay. He needs to pay for taking Blake away from us."

A few feet away, Bob holds some roses that he was going to place on Blake's gravesite. He sees Kim in Tyler's arms and feels his heart move into his throat. He turns around and quickly leaves, having not been seen by his ex-wife or the father of her dead child, but wondering what the status of their relationship is now, especially since Kim has signed his divorce papers.

Scene Four - Tyler's Townhouse

"I'm surprised you called me after the other day," Dominick admits to Felicia, as he moves into the living room of his son's home. He recalls how the last time he was at Tyler's house; Felicia learned that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that his Kim's car during the ice storm and Tyler kicked him out, still livid with him. He still wishes that everyone would realize that the events were nothing more than a horrible, tragic accident. No one is to blame for what happened to Blake, Kim or Jemma.

"I had to see you," Felicia replies to him, trying to keep her hands from visibly shaking as she hasn't taken her medication again. "After everything that Tyler said, I think you owe me some kind of explanation."

"I gather Tyler isn't home?" he asks her as she shakes her head no.

"He wouldn't be pleased knowing you were here."

"I get that," Dominick replies to her. "I just wish that he would understand that everything that happened was an accident. I didn't mean for anything like to happen. Nor did Kim when she got behind the wheel of her car. Nor did Jemma Davenport when she went outside for a walk."

"How could you let your staff member continue to drive in those conditions?" Felicia asks him, ignoring his plead that it was an accident, as her hands start to tremble a little big more. "You should have stopped him!"

"I know I should have," Dominick tells her. "But he wouldn't listen to me. I didn't know this would happen!"

"Our grandson is dead!" Felicia starts to cry more hysterically. "Because your truck hit Kim's car!"

"Damn it Felicia," Dominick pleads with her. "This was an accident!"

Felicia slaps him hard across the face as tears stroll down her cheeks. "I don't care! Blake is dead! Do you hear me? He's dead! Do you know that I imagine him playing right there, where you're standing, but that will never happen again! And, it's all your fault!"

"I'm going to forget that you just slapped me," he whispers back to her as he looks at her. "I'm leaving. And, I don't want to hear from you again until you've come to your senses!"

"Good, get out!" she screams at him. "You killed our Grandchild! That's on you, Dominick!"

He slams the door shut as Felicia crumbles to the ground in a pool of tears, trying to get her head around the fact that she slapped Dominick and that her grandson is still dead. She looks at her hands, and can't stop them from shaking even more than before.

Scene Five - The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige's Home

"How'd it go with Meggan?" Leah asks Jeff, as he comes into the living room of the house that they lived in before they were married. She knows that he was going to talk to her about the fact that they couldn't get a divorce; while she has come to terms with the fact that she has to give her marriage a chance, she knows that Jeff's conversation with Meggan couldn't have been easy for either one of them.

Jeff looks back at her and shrugs his shoulders. He doesn't really want to get into Meggan with Leah, since it is a sensitive subject. "As well as to be expected."

"Sorry," she whispers back to him. "I hate that this is causing so much pain for everyone."

"Yea, me too."

Before she can reply, Paige comes into the living room wearing an apron. "I'm glad you're both here."

"Paige, what is going on?" Jeff smiles to his daughter, surprised by her attire. "Why are you in an apron?"

"I've made dinner," she announces to them. "Our first family dinner in, I don't know in how long. I thought it was cause for celebration."

"I can't believe you cooked!" Leah chuckles back to her daughter as she comes up and puts her arm around Paige's waist, excited by her enthusiasm.

"I'm not promising that it will be good," Paige laughs back to her. "But, I thought it would be nice for us to spend some time together. After all, we have the next 6 months to see if this works, right?"

Jeff and Leah look at one another and nods back to her. "That we do," he replies with a grin on his face.

"Well, start by holding Mom's hand," Paige winks back to them, as she scurries off to the dining room. "Come on, I'll go pour you two some wine."

Jeff and Leah look at each other before he grabs her hand. "You heard our daughter," he whispers to her. "Let's go have a glass of wine."

"I'd love too," she purses her lips back to him, locking her hand in his.

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I'm glad you came back tonight," Daisy tells Vinny, as they sit beside one another outside of Jemma's hospital room. She needed her husband after her visit with Jemma earlier in the evening; finally, the reality of Jemma not waking up any time soon is starting to get to her. "I was with Jemma earlier and…"

Vinny stops her by grabbing her hand and squeezing it. "It's okay," he whispers back to her, knowing that her coming to terms with the fact that Jemma isn't waking up has been difficult for his wife. "I know how difficult that this has been for you."

A single tear falls down Daisy's cheek as she squeezes his hand back. "I don't know what I'm going to do."

"It's fine," he replies to her. "We don't have to know what to do right now. But, I do have to tell you something."

Daisy looks over at him in surprise, wondering what he could possibly have to tell her. "What is it? It is about Jemma?"

Vinny uneasily nods back to her, as he recalls finding the garbage bag full of black clothing in her hotel room. He's worried about how Daisy will react since he knows that she was against him going into Jemma's room; but this, it could change everything.

"Well, don't keep me waiting. What is it?" Daisy asks him.

"I went into Jemma's hotel room," he reveals to her, as she gasps in shock. "I know you were opposed to it, but I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had to satisfy. And, I found something."

Before he can continue, Donovan appears in the hallway. "Hey guys, sorry to interrupt. I was having dinner with Trenyce earlier and it made me realize that I hadn't come by to see how Jemma was. Is there any change?"

Daisy stands up and hugs him. "Thanks for coming," she tells him. "There's no change. But, Vinny was about to explain to me why he went through her things."

"Daisy, please," Vinny stands up, pleading with her to listen to him. "I found a garbage bag under the bed in her hotel room."

"In Jemma's room?" Donovan asks, hoping he's not interrupting a private conversation. He just wanted to come and see how Jemma was doing. "That doesn't make sense."

"No, it doesn't," Vinny replies to them. "The bag had black clothing in it. Why would Jemma be trying to get rid of black clothing?"

"I have no idea!" Daisy snaps at them. "And, it doesn't matter! I've asked you a number of times to drop this, Vinny."

"Daisy," Vinny pleads with her. "What if this has something to do with the hair that was found in Frederick's hospital room?"

"What hair?" Donovan asks him, as it is the first he is hearing about the hair.

"They found a piece of Jemma's hair in Frederick's hospital room," Vinny explains to him. "And, now this."

"This means nothing!" Daisy shrieks back to her husband. "You need to let this go."

Before Donovan can reply, his cell phone starts to ring. "Excuse me for a moment," he says looking at Daisy. If they found Jemma's hair in Frederick's room, maybe it is something that could get Lukas out of jail, after all. "But, we have to talk about this."

He moves away. "Hello…Meggan, wait slow down …. My God…"

"What is it?" Daisy asks him, as he hangs up the phone. "What's happened?"

"Meggan," he whispers slowly, trying to comprehend what he just learned. "She got a call from the prison."

"About Lukas? Is he okay?" Vinny asks.

Donovan shakes his head. "He was attacked in jail," Donovan reveals to them. "Some guys jumped him and roughed up! I have to go and make sure he's okay. But Daisy, my God, this information about Jemma…it might be the only thing to save Lukas. Now, I have to go see him. I have to get to my boyfriend."

Vinny and Daisy watch as Donovan rushes off. Vinny looks at his wife and is about to say something when she cuts him off. "Don't you dare say anything to me," she warns him. "Jemma had nothing to do with Frederick's death, do you understand me? Get that notion out of your head. Now."

Vinny sighs heavily, wondering how he will get through to Daisy about this. If Jemma had nothing to do with his death, then they have nothing to worry about. And if she did, Lukas' life could depend on it.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dawn and Cheresa bond
- Vinny goes behind Daisy's back
- Adam and Robin grow closer

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