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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dawn arrived at the Bible camp and met another lesbian, Cheresa Lawson. She also met, Jonah Carter, a "life coach" at the camp
- Adam admitted to Cassie he felt bad for sending Dawn away
- Max vowed to keep Adam and Robin apart
- Shane and Natasha almost kissed in New York. They learned, however, that Jacob was improving and that they could go home
- Cassie continued to tell Cory that Shane & Natasha might reunite in New York. Adam told Cory not to listen to Cassie
- Daisy was horrified when Vinny revealed he went into Jemma's hotel room and found the garbage bag of black clothing. Donovan was present and then learned that Lukas was attacked in jail

Scene One - The State Petitionary

Donovan and Meggan sit in the visitor's room waiting for Lukas to arrive. As soon as Donovan got the phone call from Meggan that Lukas had been attacked in jail, they raced over together to ensure that he is okay. Donovan wishes he had done something to prevent this because he recalls Lukas telling him that there were some men that threatened him while he visited his boyfriend before. Now, this has happened and Donovan can't help but feel guilty.

"I hate this waiting," Meggan says something to Dononva, as they look at one another. "I just hope he's okay."

"Me too," Donovan replies to her. "Especially, with the information coming to light."

"What new information?" Meggan asks him, not sure what he is talking about. "Do you know something that could save Lukas?"

"I don't know," Donovan admits to her, thinking about Vinny revealing to him that they found a piece of Jemma's hair in Frederick's hospital room and then he found a garbage bag full of black clothing in Jemma's hotel room. He didn't get to ask any further questions because he got the call from Meggan reagrding Lukas. "It happened so quickly, I didn't get all the details. But trust me, I am going to get to the bottom of this. I won't let Lukas suffer anymore."

Before Meggan can reply, the side door opens and a bruised and battered Lukas appears in the doorway. "My God," Meggan cries as she stands up at the sight of her brother. "Are you okay? Can I get you anything?"

Lukas shrugs his shoulders. His eyes are black and blue, he has a swollen lower lip and he has a variety of small cuts on his face. He sits down as he recalls after working out earlier in the day, Tony approached him in the locker room and end up beating him up because he was fed up with how Lukas was speaking to him. His two goon friends kept the guards out of the room until Tony came out, in which he claimed Lukas fell in the shower. In Lukas' mind, however, things could have been far worse because Tony didn't try to rape him, which is what he was worried about.

"I'll be fine," he tells them, trying to stay strong. The last thing he wants is for his loved ones to be worried about him. "You shouldn't have come. You shouldn't have to see me like this."

"We had to come," Donovan reaches out and grabs his hand. "I know you're trying to be brave, but you don't have to with us. You have no idea how scared I was when I heard that you got attacked. How can we help?"

Lukas shakes his head. "You can't," he replies to them. "I have to learn how to handle this on my own. I know you guys mean well, but it's time to face reality: I'm not getting out of here any time soon. If you try to pull some kind of special treatment, it will only make things worse."

Meggan looks back at her brother with concern. "Well, I'm not going to stand by and watch this happen to you. Do you know who did this to you?"

"I'm not talking," Lukas tells her, standing his ground. "You guys think it's easy, but in here, it's not easy. People will come for me. It will make things worse. I appreciate your concern, but like I said, I have to handle this my way."

Before either one can reply, Lukas slowly stands up and walks to the door. He pushes a button and a guard soon appears to take Lukas back to his cell. Donovan looks at Meggan before covering his face with his hand and sighing heavily.

"What are we going to do?" she asks him, her voice filled with worry.

"I'm going back to the hospital," he replies to her as they lock eyes. "Daisy and Vinny might be the only way we can save Lukas' life."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks Police Station

"It's rather late for a social visit," Simona Lopez looks up from her desk and sees Vinny standing in her doorway. She hasn't seen much of him lately, despite her revealing to him and Daisy that she found a piece of Jemma's hair in Frederick's hospital room; she had hoped that Daisy would be a little more co-operative, so now she is in the process of getting a court order to go through Jemma's belongings. She just wishes it wasn't taking so long.

"It's not a social call," he says moving into her office. "I'm here on police business."

"Does this have anything to do with Jemma Davenport?" she purses her lips together as he nods. "Because, your wife didn't seem to want to cooperate with me."

"She doesn't know I'm here," he reveals to her. "And, I will probably be in the dog house when she finds out. But, the fact of the matter is, Jemma isn't waking up and we have a potentially innocent man in jail for killing Frederick."

"I'm not sure what you're saying," Simona admits to him. "Have you learned something more than I have?"

"I don't know yet," Vinny replies quickly. "But, this garbage bag was found in Jemma's hotel room under the bed. It's filled with black clothing."

Simona arches her eyebrow. "Why would she want to throw away black clothing?"

"That's what I want to know," Vinny tells her. "Can't you run some kind of tests to find out more information? Just let us know the outcome."

"I don't know what to say," Simona admits as she takes the bag from Vinny's hand.

"Don't say anything," Vinny quips to her. "Just run these tests immediately. Lukas' life depends on it."

Scene Three - Monutment Lake Bible Camp

"How did you like craft time?" Cheresa asks Dawn, as she hopes down from the top bunk bed and sits next to Dawn on the lower bunk. She recalls how their first day at the camp, they got together as a group and had to make a craft. It wasn't anything special, just a cross made out of popsicle sticks that they got to decorate.

Dawn picks up her flimsy cross and chuckles back to her. "I don't know, I felt like I was back in kindergarten, if I am honest with you."

"Right?" Cheresa laughs back to her. "And, Jonah, man he's so preachy. Jesus this, Jesus that…"

"That's why it's a bible camp," Dawn says back to her. "I mean, it could be worse. They could be worshiping Satan!"

"Ha!" Cheresa agrees with her. "I would kill to see my Dad's face knowing that they sent me to a devil loving camp."

"So, your family, they didn't take the news well that you're gay?" Dawn asks her, standing up and moving through the cabin to the small fridge. She opens the door and pulls out two bottles of water and passes one to Cheresa.

"My Dad is a big shot doctor," Cheresa reveals to him. "He was the one that didn't like the fact that I liked girls. I mean, my sister and brother already know other gay people, you know? So it didn't bug them. And my Mom, she's so wrapped up in her career that she barely noticed. Anyways, I asked not to come but because I'm a minor, I didn't have a choice."

"Sounds so similar to my family," Dawn admits to her. "My Grandma is the one that wanted to send me here and my parents went along with it. I didn't have a choice because I'm a minor too."

"I can't wait to be 21," Cheresa laughs back to her. "I can get away from my Dad."

"Is he that bad?"

Cheresa shrugs back to her. "He's just not supportive," she reveals to him. "My siblings are cool though. And when my Mom is around, she's cool too. What about you? Is it just your Grandma that's not supportive?"

Dawn nods back to her. "Yea, I have a half-brother," Dawn reveals to her. "He's really cool and my parents were seemingly okay with my sexuality. My girlfriend helped a lot too…"

"Wait," Cheresa cuts her off. "You have a girlfriend?"

Dawn blushes. "Yea," she admits to her. "Her name is Shelley. She's older than me, but she's taught me so much about life and she's helped me come into my own, you know?"

Cheresa pauses before she looks back at her. "Yea, she's lucky. I mean, you're lucky."

Dawn blushes at her comment. "We are both lucky," she says, looking back at the attractive young girl. "And don't worry, you'll find someone too."

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

"Welcome home, darling," Bob smiles as he kisses Natasha's cheeks, welcoming her home from New York. He looks back at her to get a good look at his daughter, making sure that she is still doing well since he knows how rough her last weeks in Twin Peaks were. "Jacob is doing well?"

"Better than okay," Natasha nods back to him, before looking over at Robbie, Cory, Cassie and Eva. "He is still in New York, they want him to stay at the rehabilitation center for a while longer, but they gave Shane and I the green light the okay to come home. He's doing well, and getting strong and stronger every day."

"Are you sure coming home was the right thing to do?" Eva asks her, wondering how they will get updates on Jacob if they are in Twin Peaks rather than New York. "Jacob is still so far away."

"We plan to head back on the weekends," Shane informs everyone. "The truth is, he's so busy each and every day with various forms of therapy, we hardly had time to see him anyways. The doctors were right in telling us to come home and carry on with our lives."

"I actually spoke to the doctor there myself," Bob reveals to everyone. "And, she assured me that Jacob was in the very best of hands. I don't think we have anything to worry about. He will make a full recovery."

"Thank God," Eva covers her mouth, still reeling from all the loss the ice storm created. "After all the loss we've been through, this is finally some good news."

"It is," Natasha comes up and hugs her mother. "I can't wait to catch up with all of you, but first, I'd love to see my fiancé."

Natasha moves up to Cory and hugs him before they share a quick kiss. "Thank you all for coming and welcoming Natasha home, but if you don't mind, I'd like to have her to myself," Cory chuckles to everyone, as Bob, Robbie and Eva all come and hug and kiss Natasha goodbye.

"That's more than reasonable," Robbie waves to them. "Nat, we'll do lunch soon?"

"Of course," she smiles back to them, as they leave. "Well, Shane, I'll let you know if I hear anything, you do the same?"

"Absolutely," he nods back to her, as he comes up to her and hugs his ex-wife. "And, we'll talk about travelling back to NYC?"

"Yea, I'd like that," she says as they exit their embrace. "Thanks for everything."

"Hey," Shane winks to her. "Don't mention it."

Natasha turns to Cory and smiles to him. "Shall we grab a glass of wine before we go?"

"Sure," Cory replies to her quickly. "Because, I'd like to know what happened between you and Shane in New York."

"What do you mean?" Natasha asks him as they sit across from one another at a table in restaurant.

"I want to know what happened between you and your ex-husband," Cory looks back at her with intent. "I think you owe me that much, don't you?"


At a table near the front of the restaurant, Adam and Robin sit across from one another, sharing a bottle of wine. Adam takes a sip of his wine and looks at the woman he has fallen for, feeling lucky that he has her in his life.

"So, are you feeling any better about the Dawn situation?" Robin takes a sip of her wine. She knows that sending Dawn to the bible camp has been weighting on Adam's mind because he was wondered if it was the right thing to do. She gets why he would be second guessing himself, but she just wants to support him fully with whatever he has decided to do.

"Honestly?" he asks her back, as she nods. "No, I'm not. I'm feeling like I shouldn't have listened to Helen and Barbara. I shouldn't have sent her to that damn camp. I should have found a way to get Barbara to accept Dawn for who she is."

Robin reaches over and grabs his free hand. "You can't beat yourself up over this," she replies to him. "At the time, you were doing what you thought was right. And really, it's a bible camp for a couple more weeks. Dawn will probably enjoy the peace and quiet and come back refreshed. I don't think a camp bible camp will cause her any harm."

"I hope you're right," he winks back to her. "You know, as nice as this is, I can think of something else that would be nicer."

"Oh yea?" she giggles back to him. "What, exactly, did you have in mind Mr. Black?"

"Hmm," he replies to her. "How about we go back to your place and you show me what's under that dress that you're wearing?"

"This old thing?" she asks him as their eyes continue to fill with lust. "I thought you'd never ask."

"I'm asking," he laughs back to her. "Come on, let's go…I want you."

"Good," she stands up and grabs his hand, leading him to the door. "Because, I want you too."

At the bar, Max quickly spins his chair around, not wanting Robin or Adam to see him. He couldn't help, however, overhear their evening plans. His blood is boiling at the thought of Adam touching Robin's body instead of him. He clutches his fist as he wonders how he can keep them apart.

"Damn you," he whispers to himself. "I won't let you have my girl, Dad. I will stop you from being together. I have too."

Scene Five - The Black House; Helen & Barbara's Home

Barbara stirs in her bed as she starts to mumble something in her sleep. The thrashing continues for a moment, as small beads of sweat start to form on her head.

"No, no…" she starts to say louder and louder. "No, Dawn!"

Suddenly, she shoots up in the bed, wide awake as something triggered her reaction from her nightmare. She looks around as she tries to catch her breath, realizing that she is safe in her bedroom. Her hand quickly finds the cross on her necklace, as she finds comfort from God.

"Dear God," she whispers to herself as she starts to calm herself down. "I had a nightmare. It was just a nightmare. Dawn is fine, she's not in danger … God, why would I dream that she was in danger? She's at a bible camp. She'll be fine. She'll be just fine."

She slowly lays back down into her bed and tries to get her heart rate back to normal. She lays there, however, wide awake, unable to shake the feeling that her granddaughter is in trouble.

Scene Six - Monument Lake Bible Camp

"Who could that be at this hour?" Cheresa asks Dawn, as they hear a knock on their cabin door. "I thought it was supposed to be lights out 20 minutes ago?"

Dawn shrugs. "I'm not sure," she replies to her. "Stay in bed, I'll get it."

Dawn walks up to the door of the cabin and opens it, seeing Jonah on the other side. She looks at the young man for a moment, and has to admit that he is a good looking young man. She wonders how he go so involved in the church, as most guys she knows are not into the church scene.

"Dawn, hi," Jonah flashes his smile to her. "Just making sure you and Cheresa are okay in the cabin?"

"Yea, we are," Dawn nods back to him. "We were just heading to bed. I know we have that early start tomorrow."

"We do," Jonah replies to her. "Good thing you remembered. God, he does his best work first thing in the morning!"

"He does, does he?" Dawn can't help but chuckle back to him. "Have a good night, Jonah."

"Before you go," Jonah stops her from closing the door. "I got news tonight; I'm going to be your personal life coach while you're here. So, starting tomorrow morning, it's you and me! Great news, hey?"

"Yea, great," Dawn uneasily smiles back to him. "Can't wait to get started!"

"Me either," Jonah smiles back to her. "See, God's work is already awesome by putting us together. Anyways, sleep well, tomorrow is a big day."

"Good night," Dawn replies to him quickly, closing the door. Once the door is shut, she takes a deep breath and wonders what exactly he will be working on her with tomorrow.

Scene Seven - The Pampa Grill

"I'm not sure I know what you are suggesting," Natasha admits to Cory before she takes a sip of her Merlot. "What do you think happened between Shane and I in New York?"

Cory looks back at her before he shrugs his shoulders. "Sorry, I don't mean to come across like I'm attacking you. It's just…well, if I'm honest, Cassie kept saying things to me like you and Shane being in New York could leave you two to reunite or something like that."

Natasha shakes her head in disgust. "That woman, she's always looking for ways to make my life a living hell," she replies to him before she looks over at Cory. She reaches over and grabs his hand. "Nothing happened, Cory. I promise you that. We were so focused on Jacob that we didn't have much time for anything else. And besides, I love you. I want to marry you, remember?"

"I know," he admits to her. "I don't know why I let her get to me."

"Don't worry about it," Natasha smiles back to him. "How about we get out of here and I'll show you how much I missed you?"

Cory chuckles. "Yea, I'd like that a lot."


At a nearby booth, Shane and Cassie sit next to one another. "So, Jacob is doing better?" Cassie asks him, trying to sound supportive. If she's honest, however, she's less than thrilled that he's back so quickly. She had hoped that Shane and Natasha would have gotten back together. She's really only growing closer to Shane because she knows Natasha is bothered by it. She got over him many, many years ago. She doesn't want to go down his path again.

"Yea, much better," he replies to her. "How about you? What did you get up to while I was away?"

"I was busy with Max, work and just life," she tells him. "It really went by fast."

"It really did," he agrees with her. "But, it's good that you kept busy while I was away. I was worried that you would be lonely."

"Nope," she laughs back to him. "But, it is nice to see you."

She suddenly sees Natasha and Cory leaving the restaurant together. Natasha happens to look over at Cassie and Shane, so Cassie quickly leans over and kisses Shane on the lips. "I'm glad your home," she says, having caught Shane by surprise by the kiss before they hug.

"I'm glad too," Shane replies to her as he continues to hold her in his arms, as Cassie and Natasha look at one another with intent.

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I can't believe that you went to the police," Daisy says, horrified by Vinny's news that he gave the clothing he found in Jemma's room to Simona to run her tests on. "What, exactly, do you think that they are going to find? Evidence that she killed Frederick? That's insane!"

"I don't know what they will find," Vinny replies to her, trying to ensure that Daisy keeps her cool. "But, we won't know unless we run some tests. Lukas' life could be depending on what they find, Daisy."

"And what about my mother? Doesn't she count for anything?"

Before she can reply, Donovan arrives in the hallway and rushes up to Daisy and Vinny. "Hey," he says to them. "I had to come back and find out what is going on with Jemma."

"How is Lukas?" Vinny asks him, as Daisy wipes her eyes dry.

"He's in pretty bad shape," Donovan reveals to them. "The guys jumped him in the locker room. He's acting brave, but I don't know how much more he can handle."

"I'm sorry," Daisy whispers back to him. "But, this is crazy! Jemma couldn't have done anything to Frederick. She doesn't know anything to help save Lukas."

"Actually, I have some news," Simona Lopez announces to everyone, as she appears in the hallway. "I had some tests run on her clothing on a rush basis…"

"I don't want to hear this…" Daisy cuts her off and rushes into Jemma's hospital room. She closes the door, so no one else can come inside. The last thing she wants to do is hear more of this disgusting rumor that Jemma could have had something to do with Frederick's death; it just doesn't make any sense. Daisy slowly moves up to Jemma and looks at her mother. She shakes her head at the idea that the woman in front of her could have killed another man.

"There's no way you killed Frederick," she whispers. "Mom, please, you have to wake up. You have to set the record straight. Please, I'm begging you."

Daisy again wipes her eyes from her tears, but her face soon drops as she hears Jemma's heart monitor start to flatline. "No," she screams out. "Somebody! Somebody help me!"

She turns when she sees Craig jump into the room. "I need you to leave," he yells at Daisy, as some nurses come in behind him. He starts ordering the nurses around as they try to save Jemma's life, as Daisy slowly moves back to the door, horrified that her mother might be dying.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy's life is turned upside down
- Tony approaches Lukas again
- Shane wonders about Cassie's behavior

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