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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Daisy was devastated when Jemma died. Simona, then, revealed that preliminary tests on Jemma's clothing that Vinny located in her hotel room had gun residue and Frederick's DNA on it; she announced that she believed that Jemma was responsible for Frederick's death
- Tony attacked Lukas in jail and beat him up. Lukas refused to accept help from Donovan and Meggan and was later cornered by Tony once again
- Barbara had a nightmare that Dawn was in danger
- Dawn learned that Jonah was going to be her "life coach" at the bible camp
- Kim signed Bob's divorce papers
- Natasha and Shane returned home from New York

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Did you get any sleep at all?" Trenyce asks Daisy, as she comes up to her in the cafeteria with a hot cup of coffee. Trenyce looks at her Aunt and can see how exhausted she looks as the previous night took a lot out of everyone, but especially Daisy as she lost her mother when Jemma passed away. Trenyce just hopes that after Simona's announcement that she believes that Jemma is the one who killed Frederick based on the preliminary tests that were run on Jemma's clothing that Vinny located in her hotel room leads to some kind of closure. If it's true, they have to release Lukas from jail as he is innocent. But, she also knows that Daisy will be the first one to defend Jemma.

"No, I didn't," Daisy admits to her she takes a sip of her coffee. "I feel like my head is spinning."

"Losing Jemma is hard on all of us," Trenyce tells her. "But, if what Simona is saying is true…"

"How can it be?" Daisy looks back at her with intent. "How can I believe that my mother killed my father? After everything that has happened, this is the last thing that I need."

"I know it is difficult to grasp," Trenyce replies to her. "But, we have to remember that Lukas, your half-brother, is in jail. If he didn't kill Frederick…"

"I know," Daisy waves her hand in the air. "I just don't know how to get my head around it."

"You have all the time in the world to understand and process this," Trenyce continues to tell her. "But, Lukas, he doesn't have all the time in the world. We have to act quickly. And, if you think about it, ever since Jemma came back into town, she had been traumatized by what Frederick did to her all those years ago. Maybe, your reaction to learning the news finally made her snap and want some sick revenge on him?"

A single tear falls down Daisy's cheek as she listens to Trenyce's theory. "My God, you're right," she whispers back to her. "We have to go to Simona and tell her to free Lukas. It's the only option we have…"


Donovan slowly stands up from the chair in the waiting room where he, Meggan and Vinny are sitting half asleep. None of them wanted to leave the hospital until they knew that they could use the information from Simona to save Lukas from jail. Vinny also wanted to make sure that Daisy was going to be okay, since he knows that his wife is going through hell right now having just lost Jemma.

"I hope Daisy comes back soon," he says slowly, as Meggan and Vinny look at him. "We don't have any time to waste on getting Lukas out of jail. It's clear, to me, that Jemma killed Frederick."

"She just lost her mother," Vinny replies to him quickly. "She has a lot to process."

"I know, it's just…" he starts to say, as Trenyce and Daisy come into the waiting room. "Daisy, hi," Donovan locks eyes with Daisy. "Look, I'm sorry about your loss…but…"

"Don't say anything," Daisy cuts him off. "Trenyce has helped me realize that you're right; if Jemma killed Frederick, then Lukas is in jail and he shouldn't be. We have to get him out. We have to save Lukas."

"Thank you," Meggan bites her lip to prevent herself from crying as she moves up and hugs her sister. "I know how difficult that was for you."

"I'm going to call Simona right now," Donovan announces to everyone. "We have to make sure Lukas gets out of jail before something bad happens to him."

Scene Two - The State Penitentiary

"What are you going to do?" Lukas asks Tony, as they stand in the locker room just off the gym in the prison. Lukas had gone into the washroom to wash his face when Tony reappeared. Lukas is trying to stand his ground with Tony, but he is secretly worried that Tony will attack him again, or worse. So far, Tony is just blocking him from leaving the room. "Beat me up again? You've already done that. And guess what? I'm still here."

"Yea, you are," Tony smirks back to him, feeling his blood pressure slowly start to rise. He can't believe that Lukas is talking to him the way he is. "I thought I taught you how to speak to me. I guess I was wrong. You need to be shown again how to have respect."

Lukas laughs out loud at him. "Respect? You're nothing but a macho pig. You will never have my respect."

"Is that so?" Tony moves closer to him. "Like I said, I'm going to have to show you what respect is."

Before Tony realizes what's happening, Lukas sucker punches him in the stomach. Lukas bolts to move around Tony, who kneels over in pain. Just as Lukas reaches the door, Tony's strong arm pushes the door closed and he comes up behind Lukas.

"You're going to pay for that," Tony sneers, as he pushes up against Lukas' butt. "In fact, I know exactly how you're going to pay," Tony chuckles, as he uses his free hand to start to unbutton his jumpsuit, causing Lukas to gulp.

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

"Thanks for meeting me this morning," Natasha takes a sip of her coffee as she sits across from Kim and Tyler, who both agreed to see Natasha for breakfast. "As soon as I got home from New York, I knew I had to see you two."

Kim and Tyler look at one another slowly, knowing that Natasha is there because Blake donated his lungs to Jacob, and now Jacob is obviously doing better following the transplant.

Kim looks back over at her best friend. "We assumed it was about Jacob," she tells her, as Natasha sets her coffee cup back down to the table. "He's doing better?"

"He is," Natasha tells them both. "He is still in New York, at the rehabilitation center, but his doctors told Shane and I that he was out of the danger period. He is still rehabbing there and he will come home when he's fully ready."

"That's great news," Tyler replies to her, trying to sound positive even though he feels his heart in his throat. "We couldn't be more pleased, right Kim?"

Kim fights the tears swelling in her eyes, feeling the same way as Tyler. "Yea, this is great, great news."

"I know how hard this has been on you both," Natasha says back to them. "I guess, I just wanted to thank you, again, for being so selfless and agreeing to save my son."

A tear finally falls down Kim's cheek. "Tyler was right at the hospital, we had to make something positive come from Blake's accident," she tries to keep her composure. "Two children dying would have been worse than …."

Natasha reaches over and grabs her hand. "Shane and I owe you so much," Natasha bites her lip. "We will never forget what you did."

"We'd like to see Jacob, when he's home," Tyler tells her. "If that's okay?"

"Of course it is," Natasha nods her head back to them. "He should know you both. You should be in his life."

"I'd like that," Kim wipes her tear out of her eye.

"Then it's settled," Natasha smiles to them. "As soon as Jacob is home, we'll arrange the first visit."

Scene Four - Monument Lake Bible Camp

The morning air is already warm on Monument Lake as Dawn and Jonah sit across from each other in a row boat. "A couple more and we'll be in the middle of the lake," Jonah tells her, as they each complete two more quick rows. They lift their paddles and look around them, amazed at the beauty that surrounds them. No one else from the camp is awake yet, so there is no noise other than some birds chirping, and some of the small waves crashing into the side of the boat.

"You were right," Dawn looks over at him. "The morning is the best time to come out here. It's so peaceful."

"I told you," Jonah winks back to her. "God's at his best in the mornings. Every time I come out here, I am reminded of what he is capable of."

Dawn uneasily nods back to him. While she is, so far, enjoying her time at the camp, she isn't very religious. In her mind, Mother Nature is the one to thank for her surroundings, not God. She won't dare say anything to Jonah, because it is clear he believes what he believes.

"You gotten quiet on me," he tells her. "Come on, you have to open up. That's what these life sessions are all about. I'm here to help you. That's why you came here, right?"

"Yea, I guess so," Dawn replies to him. "If I am honest, I didn't want to come here. It was my parent's decision."

"But, now that you're here, aren't you having a good time?"

"I mean, it's beautiful here," she tells him. "Getting away from the city has been nice, I have to admit."

"Why did your parents send you here?" he asks her, already knowing the answer. He is fully aware that the majority of the kids that attend the camp are questioning their sexuality and the camp is away for them to clear the fog from their head. "God must have told them you belonged here."

"It's complicated, I guess."

"You have a girlfriend?" Jonah asks her, as Dawn quickly looks up in surprise that he knows. "It's okay. Most of the kids here think that they are gay."

"You don't believe them?"

"Nah," he laughs a little. "God created Adam and Eve. That's how it goes. Everything around you is about a man and a woman. Every living creature; that's how they stay alive. Procreation."

"I can't help who or what I am attracted too," Dawn tells him, slightly annoyed that he is trying to make light of who she is.

"Don't worry," Jonah smiles to her. "It's only your second day here. You'll see the light. Trust me. God put us together for a reason, Dawn. You'll see."

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

"Have you heard from Dawn?" Shelley asks Andy as they sit across from one another in the back booth of the coffee house, hoping that he has heard from Dawn since she has not. Shelley isn't surprised that she hasn't heard from Dawn, but she has realized how much Dawn means to her because she misses her. She just hopes that she is enjoying her time away and trying to make it a positive experience for herself.

"No, I haven't," Andy replies to her, before he takes a sip of his coffee. "But, to be honest, I'm not sure that they would allow her to have her cell phone. It sounds like the camp is all about life lessons and clearing the fog from your head."

"Because they think being gay is a fog in your head?" Shelley sarcastically asks him as Andy chuckles. "Well, I just hope that she takes this time to get her head in a good space. She was pretty upset with her parents before she left."

"She was," Andy agrees with her. "I don't think I've ever seen her so upset before, if I'm honest."

"Me either," Shelley nods back to him. "But, that's why it could be good for her."

"I just wonder how Barbara will feel when Dawn comes home and is still gay," Andy admits to his friend. "We both know that some camp won't change who she is."

"Well, isn't this cozy," Barbara announces as she comes up to the table, having spotted the two when she first walked into the coffeehouse. Barbara was going to ignore them but something in her told her to approach their table. "What are you two talking about? How to ensure my Granddaughter stays a lesbian?"

"Good morning Barbara," Andy fakes a smile on his face. "We were talking about Dawn, but rather, how you will react when she is still gay when she comes home."

Barbara starts to laugh back to him. "Don't be absurd. This bible camp is the best thing that could have happened to Dawn. God won't hurt my Dawn that way. Unlike you and, what's his name? Reese?"

Andy stands up and glares at Barbara, who gulps back to him. "Don't you ever mention my husband's name again," he whispers to her, stunned by the nerve of the woman to mention his deceased husband's name. "You will never understand what we shared and it's not your place to even try to comprehend it."

"You're scaring me," Barbara admits to him as she grabs her cross necklace and holds it tightly.

"Good," Andy glares at her. "Maybe that'll make you realize you can't dictate who people are. Now get away from me before I say or do something I will regret."

"God bless you," Barbara quickly says before she scurries off.

Andy sits back down as he tries to calm himself down. "Are you going to be okay?" Shelley asks him, having never seen Andy get that way before.

"Yea," he tells her, trying to calm down. "I'll be fine. I shouldn't have gone off on her like that, it's just…"

"I get it," Shelley replies to him. "You don't have to apologize to me. Her reaction just made me realize that Dawn will need our support more than ever when she gets back because that woman, she isn't going to accept Dawn as a lesbian. Not now, not ever."

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion

"Can you please let me know about the apartment as soon as you can?" Kim says into her cell phone as she stands in the living room of the lavish mansion and she pours herself a glass of red wine. She knows that it's early to have a drink, but she can't help. Breakfast with Natasha, while it was nice, it was another remind of what she has lost; her son.

She takes a sip of her wine and immediately scolds herself for not being happy for Natasha; she knows that the she and Tyler made the right decision to save Jacob's life because two dying children is better than just one, but she can't help but still feel it sting. Her heart is broken and she doesn't know if or when she will ever be ready to move on. After her phone call ends, she quickly hangs up and takes another sip of her wine.

"I couldn't help but hear your phone call," Bob announces to her, as he moves into the living room and spies her drinking. He knows better to say anything to her about having a drink this early in the day because he knows what she is going through. "I wish you would change your mind about moving out of the mansion."

Kim turns and sighs. "Why Bob?" she asks him. "I happen to get a call this morning that our divorce is finalized. I am no longer your wife."

"Yes," Bob nods back to her. "I got a call from my legal team as well."

"Then why would I stay living here? You owe me nothing anymore."

"You shouldn't be alone right now," he replies to her, realizing that she is still lashing out at him. "You need to be around people while you grieve."

"Ha!" Kim sets her wine glass down. "That's funny. You know why? Because, I am alone, Bob! I'm all alone in this world and there's not a damn thing anyone can say or do to change that!"

Bob moves closer to her as she starts to cry. "Damn it! I'm so tired of crying all the time."

He puts his hands on her upper arms and then pulls her into a hug. "You're grieving the loss of your son, Kimberly. Please, stay with me for a while longer. There's no need for you to rush away at a time like this."

Kim closes her eyes and feels his strength around her. "Fine," she whispers as she tries to stop crying. "If it'll make you happy, I'll stay."

"You're not alone," he whispers back to her. "Please remember that. You are not alone in this. I'm right here, where I'll always be."

Scene Seven - Monument Lake Bible Camp

"How was rowing this morning?" Cheresa asks Dawn, as she comes out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around her naked body and Dawn is pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

Dawn turns to face Cheresa and can't help but notice the woman's long, toned legs. She takes a sip of her juice before she replies to her. "It was… fine."

"That sounds convincing," Cheresa chuckles, as she grabs a cup from the cupboard and pours herself some juice. "What happened? Was Jonah okay?"

"He was fine," Dawn waves her hand in the air before she shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know, there's just something about him…"

"He's a bible thumper who mentions Jesus every second?"

"Well that too," Dawn smirks back to her before she gets serious again. "But it's more than that. I…I don't trust him for some reason but I can't place it."

"Trust your gut," Cheresa replies to her quickly. "If you get an off feeling about him, then something is off. Trust me, I've learned that in my life."

Dawn uneasily nods back to her knowing that it is easier said than done considering Jonah is her life coach. "Thanks, are you done in the shower? I'd like to get cleaned up."

"Yea, it's all yours."

Scene Eight - The State Penitentiary

"What do you think you're going to do?" a worried Lukas asks as he is pressed up against the door and Tony is standing behind him. "You think you're going to rape me in here? Will that make you feel like a man again?"

"Shut your mouth," Tony grunts at him, as he leans forward to Lukas. He puts his hand around Lukas' neck and with his other hand, he starts to unbutton Lukas' jump suit. "You're going to be my bitch. You're going to respect me, because you have none of that right now."

Lukas bites his lower lip, wondering what he should do. He feels Tony's breath on his neck so he closes his eyes and then elbows Tony in the chest. Tony moans in pain and hovers over. "You asshole!" he grunts.

Lukas turns and looks at him. "You're disgusting," Lukas spits back to him.

Tony gets up and grabs Lukas and throws up into the mirror over the sink, causing it to shatter. Lukas' face starts to bleed from the fresh cuts. Tony comes up behind a weak Lukas and removes his jump suit. Tony then pulls down Lukas white boxer briefs and moves up behind him. "Now, you'll find out…"

Suddenly, two security guards open the door and see what's happening. "Hands in the air Tony!" one guard yells as he draws his gun. "Move away from the other inmate now! I said now!"

Tony rolls his eyes as he slowly puts his hands up and moves away from Lukas. The guard moves over to Tony and pushes him up against the wall. "You'll be in confinement for this," he whispers as he handcuffs Tony.

The other guard moves over to Lukas, who is bleeding still. "You'll be fine," he whispers to him. "Will Coutts told us where you were," he tells Lukas.

"I…" Lukas starts to say.

"No, don't speak," the guard tells him. "Not until you've been seen by a doctor. And, I have good news. You've been acquitted. Once you get checked out by the doctor, you'll get to go home. You're a free man."

But Lukas doesn't hear the man's words as he faints, from the blow of his head into the mirror.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Lukas is reunited with his loved ones
- Vinny tries to comfort Daisy
- Felicia worries about Tyler

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