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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the bible camp, a heatwave struck so Jonah invited Dawn to his cabin for ice cream and she accepted
- Andrew was upset to learn that Chris and Trenyce were searching for the biological child
- Trenyce admitted she had feelings for Chris. To her surprise, he told her he has feelings for her too. After agreeing to end things with Helen, Chris and Trenyce made love
- Adam revealed to Helen that he wants to ask Robin to marry him. She gave him her blessing
- Victoria told Robbie that they were over
- Cassie walked out on Shane telling him that she was tired of everyone defending Natasha. Cassie, however, knew that having Shane in her life was the perfect way to stick it to Natasha

Scene One - Monument Lake Bible Camp

"Man, it is a scorcher tonight," Cheresa fans herself in her cabin, as Dawn looks in the mirror and tries to fix her hair from the day, even though she's not having much luck. Cheresa looks at her new found friend and wonders why she's fiddling with her hair; after all, dinner time has passed and it will be lights out at the camp soon enough. Plus, it's so hot out, that Dawn should just put her hair up, Cheresa thinks to herself.

"Tell me about it," Dawn agrees with her. "It's been this way all evening. I hope it breaks tomorrow, I hate the heat."

"Do you now?" Chereas chuckles back to her. "Look, Dawn, you're hair isn't handling the heat well. Just put it up, and be done with it!"

Dawn laughs back to her. "You're right," she says grabbing an elastic and pulling her long blonde hair into a bun. "I don't know why I'm fussing anyways."

"Neither do I," Cheresa admits to her. "It's just you and I. What do you wanna do before lights out?"

"Oh," Dawn purses her lips and looks back to her. "Earlier today, Jonah invited me to his cabin for ice cream as a way to cool down. I didn't even think to ask if you could come."

"Nah, I'm good. That guy rubs me the wrong way," Cheresa waves her hand in the air. "But, why did you agree to go to his cabin when you told me the other day that you didn't trust him?"

Dawn looks back at her and wonders that herself. She has to admit, the more time she has spent with Jonah, the more he has grown on her. But, deep down, she does still have an odd feeling about him. Maybe it is because he is so into God and it is off putting to her.

"I don't," she quickly tells her friend. "But, look, he's my life coach here and I'm trying to be nice and be as pleasant as possible. Plus, ice cream has always been my weakness."

Cheresa chuckles back to her. "That's like me and fried chicken," she winks back to her. "Look, have fun. I hope you're wrong about Jonah … just be careful okay? I've come to care about you, Dawn. We are friends."

"Thanks," Dawn smiles back to her as she moves up and is about to hug her. "Wait, I would hug you but it's so hot."

"No explanation needed," Cheresa laughs back to her.

"Just know that the feeling is mutual," dawn replies to her quickly. "You're the best thing that's happened to be coming here. I hope we can be friends once we get to leave this place too."

"We will be," Cheresa nods back to her. "God put us together for a reason!"

Dawn bursts out laughing at her impersonation of Jonah. "You're so bad! I love it."

Scene Two - MW Investigations

Andrew walks through the alley until he sees the back door of MW Investigations. He quickly checks his watch and realizes that it is late enough that there is no way Meggan will still be at the office. He moves up to the door and pulls out a letter opener. He wiggles it into the door and soon, it is unlocked and he is moving inside the office. He closes the door behind him before he slowly makes his way into the lobby, where he doesn't see anyone.

"Just as I thought," he whispers to himself. "She's gone for the day."

He digs into his pocket and pulls out a small flashlight and turns it on as he moves towards Meggan's office door. Inside, he moves to her desk and starts look around, but he doesn't see the file he is curious in.

As he continues to look, he knows that he is looking for information on Chris and Trenyce's quest to find their missing child. He knows that he shouldn't care, but after the way Chris used Savannah to try to get him back and then the way he treated Frederick, the last thing he wants is for Chris to find his child. He knows that it would mean the world to Trenyce, but she will have to suffer for being so close to Chris.

"I wish I could save you from this pain," he whispers, knowing that he and Trenyce grew closer during the ice storm so he isn't sure that he actually wants to hurt her, but he doesn't have a choice. "But, I will be damned if I let Chris get away with everything he put my Mom through. No, that son of a bitch doesn't deserve to have a family."

Suddenly, he sees the file under another stack of documents on Meggan's side table. He pulls the file open and looks inside, using his flashlight to read the paper work. He gets a slight grin on his face as he puts the file back.

"She doesn't have anything concrete yet," he whispers to himself. "I just have to make sure that it stays that way."

Suddenly, he jumps a little when he hears his cell phone start to chime. He quickly pulls it from his pocket and sees incoming text messages coming from Paige.

"Where are you? We were supposed to meet 45 minutes ago?" the message from Paige reads as Andrew feels the blood drain from his face, as he forgot that he was meeting Paige at the Sugarbowl.

"Damn," he quickly says to himself. "I have to get out of here before she wonders where I've been."

He quickly types a message back to her, "Be right there. Sorry running late."

"Okay, that should take care of it," he says to himself as he starts to leave the office, not leaving any trace that he was there behind.

Scene Three - The Black House; Helen & Barbara's Home

"Sorry it's so late," Chris stands at Helen's door as she gets a smile on her face seeing him arrive at her house. He moves inside the house, fresh from making love to Trenyce. He and Trenyce had both wanted to take that next step for so long, it feels great that they finally did. However, he knows that he now has to end things with Helen, which he is dreading because she is a good woman and he doesn't want to hurt her in any way. But, his heart does belong to Trenyce, he knows that now.

"It's okay," she replies to him, as she closes the door. "Late night visits from you usually are pretty fun."

"Heh," Chris nods back to her. "I guess I couldn't sleep and wanted to talk to you."

Helen arches her eyebrow. "Can I get you a drink? We can talk with a night cap, if you'd like?"

"No, I'm good," he replies to her, before he sees two wine glasses already out at her bar. "Two wine glasses? Did you have company already this evening?"

"I did," Helen informs him. "Adam stopped by. He told me that he is thinking about asking Robin to marry him."

"Wow," Chris says back to her in shock. "That seems like it's out of the blue."

"What do you mean?" Helen asks him back, surprised by his reaction. "They have been growing closer for some time now, it seems like it makes sense that it would be their next step as a couple."

"I just mean," Chris begins to tell her. "That with Dawn coming home from the bible camp soon, I would have thought that she would have been his main focus. I mean, you guys as a family will have to be there to help Barbara accept the fact that Dawn is still gay. I don't mean any disrespect to Adam, Robin or their relationship, I'm just surprised."

Helen uneasily nods back to him. "You know, I hadn't even thought of it that way," she admits to him. "We will have to band together as a family when Dawn comes home."

"I think she'll need the support of you and Adam, if I am honest with you," Chris continues to tell her. "Because, she will still be upset that you sent her to the camp and that Barbara still doesn't accept who she is."

"Maybe I should call Adam and tell him to hold off…" Helen replies to him quickly.

"I mean, it's up to you," Chris tells her. "I could be wrong, the news could make Dawn happy and be less upset with everything that has happened."

Helen chuckles back to him. "I think I'll call Adam and see what he wants to do," she tells him. "Thanks for that insight, Chris."

"Yea, anytime," he tells her.

"Well, if you're not interested in the night cap, I think I'll turn in. We'll chat again soon?"

"Yea, sure," Chris gulps, completely forgetting the reason that he was going over to her place in the first place.

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

"Vic," Shane calls out from the bar in the restaurant, as he sees Victoria slowly walking towards the exit. Victoria turns and sees her friend and moves up to him.

"Shane, hi," she smiles to him. "What are you doing here at this hour?"

Shane shrugs. "I could ask you the same thing."

"I was supposed to meet Donovan but he just cancelled saying he wasn't in the mood for company," she replies to him quickly. "I think something is going on with him and Lukas, but I was waiting for him for a while."

"Sorry to hear that," Shane tells her. "Do you want to have a night cap with me? I'm just having a scotch."

"Yea, that'd be nice," she says sitting next to him before she orders a glass of red wine.

"So, why do I get the feeling that something else happened tonight while you were waiting for Donovan?" he asks before she takes a sip of the red wine that arrives at their table. "Is everything okay?"

"No," she admits to him. "Everything is a mess, as usual. Here's the latest, Leah and Jeff's divorce request was denied because the Judge felt like they didn't have a chance to make their marriage work because she was presumed dead so shortly after their wedding. So, they have to make it work for 6 months."

"That's good isn't it?" Shane asks her. "It means you and Robbie can be together?"

"That's what he wants," she reveals to him. "But you know what, Shane? I'm really tired of being his second choice. While Leah had no memory, he pretended to be her husband, he always has to be her knight in shining amour. Now that she is with Jeff, he wants me back? What happens 6 months down the road when Leah wants to divorce Jeff? He'll probably rush back to her. I'm so done being someone's personal yo-yo."

Shane takes a sip of his scotch. "That makes sense," he tells her. "I'm sorry that he's treated you that way."

"For so long I accepted it because I loved him you know? Robbie and I have been through a lot together, but I've just had enough," she tells him. "But enough of that, what's up with you? I'm sure Cassie is happy that you're back in town."

Shane chuckles a little to her. "You'd think."

"She's not?"

"I don't know what to think right now, if I am honest with you," he admits to her. "We seemed to be having a great night until I mentioned Natasha and she lost it. She thinks that Natasha has been out to get her since she got back into town."

"Those two do have a sorted history," she reminds him, even though he doesn't really need the reminder. He knows all too well what has happened between Cassie and Natasha in the past.

"They do," he sighs heavily before he takes another drink. "I was just hoping that we could all start to get along, you know? After the ice storm, it just makes you realize what is important and what isn't."

Victoria takes a sip of her wine before she starts to giggle a little. "What's so funny?" he asks her, before he takes a sip of his scotch.

"Us, you and I," she looks back to him. "How did we end up with such screwed up love lives?"

"I wish I knew," he chuckles back to her. "But, how about a toast…to our screwed up love lives."

"I'll drink to that," she cheers him before she takes a sip of her wine.

Scene Five - The Pier

Natasha slowly walks down the pier trying to enjoy the evening air. It is September, but the air is still rather warm, so she is enjoying it before the winter winds blow in. Being in the mountains, Twin Peaks can get very cold in the winter, so she wants to relish the warm air for as long as possible.

As she walks, she can't help but think about how good her life is right now. She and Cory are planning their wedding, which will be a small affair in the next couple of weeks and Jacob is getting stronger every day. She couldn't happier that her son is doing so well.

Of course, the only blimp on her radar in terms of everything not being perfect is the fact that Cassie is in town and trying to ruin her life. She doesn't understand why Cassie would be telling Cory that Natasha and Shane could have reunited in New York because Natasha knows that Shane and Cassie have been slowly growing closer. If anything, Natasha would have thought that Cassie would be clinging to Shane, because that's what she did in the past.

"I have to figure out what you're up too," she says to herself, as she approaches a bench that looks out at the river. She stops in her tracks when she sees Cassie sitting on the bench looking at the water. For a moment, she considers turning around and walking away but she does the opposite: she approaches Cassie. "Nice night to be near the water."

Cassie looks up at Natasha and looks back at the water as her mind races about what she could want. "It really is," she finally replies to her rival. "I'm trying to enjoy the warm weather while we have it."

"Funny," Natasha says back to her. "That's exactly what I'm doing. I think that might be the first time we have ever agreed on something."

Cassie chuckles back to her. "You are probably right."

"I have to ask you a question," Natasha says back to her. "And for once, Cassie, please just be honest with me."

Cassie looks back at Natasha. "Well, spit it out? What do you want to know?"

"Why did you start to tell Cory that you thought something would happen between Shane and me while we were in New York? Why would you tell him that when you and Shane are growing closer?"

Cassie stands up and looks back at her. "You just don't get it, do you?" Cassie asks her as Natasha shakes her head no. "All you ever do, Natasha, is try to paint me as some evil woman trying to ruin your life. But I'm not even in your life, you keep putting me there."

"You told my fiancé that he should be worried about me and my ex-husband being alone together, I'm pretty sure that qualifies as being in my life!"

"And, before that?" Cassie asks her. "Who was accused me of causing Jacob's illness that put him in the hospital? Who couldn't stay out of Shane's business when he started to see me again? You! You injected yourself in my life but you get all fired up if I put myself in yours. You're nothing more than a hypocrite!"

"If you really want this to end, you'll leave Shane," Natasha replies to her quickly. "Stop seeing my ex-husband and go your find yourself another man. Then, we can finally have peace."

"You can't tell me who I can and can't see," Cassie tells her. "But, it's very typical of you. You've always been entitled. You're a spoiled bitch."

"I'm leaving," Natasha snaps at her. "This is far too beautiful of an evening to stand here and listen to you. Think about what I said, Cassie."

Cassie watches her walk away from the bench, her blood boiling that Natasha is trying to dictate to her who she should and shouldn't be dating. "That's it," she whispers to herself. "I have to get back into Shane's good graces. If seeing Shane is going to hurt you Natasha, then that is exactly what I'm going to do."

Scene Six - Monument Lake Bible Camp

"How did you know that rocky road was my favorite?" Dawn ask Jonah as they sit on the sofa in his cabin, with a couple of fans blowing at them as the dry heat as increased on the muggy night. She takes a spoonful of her ice cream and enjoys the brief moment of relief from the heat.

"God must have whispered it to me," Jonah replies to her. "Actually, it's my favorite too. Guess we have something in common."

"You know," Dawn looks over at him. "You can just say that it's your favorite too. You don't have to mention God all the time."

Jonah looks back at her in surprise. "But, he is my savior," he sternly tells her. "Everything I am, everything I do, is to serve his great good. Don't you ever tell me not to mention him again!"

"Okay, okay," Dawn tries to cool him down. "Calm down. It's okay. I'm sorry, can we just drop it?"

"No, we can't," he says, putting his ice cream down. "This lake, this camp, this is God's work happening here, and you've been resisting it since you got here! You will never lose that damn fog in your head if you don't start accepting what is around you!"

"I don't understand what you're telling me," Dawn admits to him, as she suddenly starts feeling a little scared by Jonah's mood.

He leans over and kisses her passionately on the lips until she pushes him away. "What the hell was that?" she asks him, shocked by his boldness. "Do not do that again!"

"God put us here for a reason," Jonah tells as he moves closer to her on the sofa. "He's telling us something."

"I'm leaving," Dawn says as she starts to stand up. "Thanks for the ice cream."

"You're not going anywhere," he grabs her wrist and puts her back down on the sofa. "Not until you've come to accept God's will."

"You're hurting me."

"Then accept it," Jonah tells her, as he comes up to her again, lust fills his eyes. "Accept it, Dawn."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Lukas visits Will
- Tyler upsets Dominick further
- Barbara has a confession for Adam and Helen

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