Episode 502 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: October 28, 2018


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After the Robertson Enterprises photo shoot, Max rigged some scaffolding to fall on Adam, not thinking of how severe his father would be injured. Leah and Jeff found Adam under the debris and rushed him to the hospital, where Robin wondered how this happened. Max arrived and worried that he might have killed his father
- Felicia went to the boutique and started smashing jars of the facial cream, as she blamed Dominick for Blake's death. She dropped her purse and her pills scattered on the floor. Kim, meanwhile, arrived outside the boutique still seeking revenge on Dominick for his role in Blake's death
- Tyler and Daisy began seeking each other's company as they grieved for Blake and Jemma respectively. Vinny, meanwhile, felt like Daisy was blaming him for Jemma's death
- Cory and Natasha married in a simple ceremony

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Well, Felicia isn't answering her cell phone," Dominick announces to Robin, Max, Leah and Jeff as he comes into the waiting room as they are all awaiting news about Adam's surgery. None of them can really believe that Adam is having surgery as a result of some scaffolding falling on him after the photo shoot. The more Dominick thinks about this facial cream, the more he wonders if it is jinx in some capacity; first the accident during the ice storm was involving a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck and now, Adam's accident during a photo shoot for the Christmas campaign.

Leah sighs. "I wish we could track her down," she tells her father. "I'm worried about her."

"I know that we are concerned about Felicia right now," Robin stands up from her chair. "But, we should be focused on Adam right now. He could die! Felicia is probably just out for some walk or something."

"Robin is right," Dominick replies to everyone. "I'll keep trying to find Felicia, but in the meantime, we have to put all of our energy into Adam. Has he come out of surgery yet?"

"Not yet," Max chimes in, feeling horrible about what he has done. He knows that he can't say anything, however, because he will be in big trouble. He just hopes that Adam pulls through. "Craig did say that the surgery would take a while. It sounded all very complicated."

"I think I'm going to go to the chapel to pray," Robin announces to everyone as she starts to move to the waiting room.

"I'll come with you," Max tells her, moving up next to her as they leave together.

Leah sighs and looks back at Jeff. "Thank God we found him when we did," she whispers to him.

"I know," Jeff replies to her quickly. "There was so much blood…"

"We can't think about that," Dominick tells them. "We have to stay strong and believe that Adam will pull through this. I'm going to try to call Felicia again, I'm worried about her."

"Okay, we'll be here," Leah replies to her father, wondering where her mother could have disappeared too.


"So, tell me again," Robin says to Max as they walk to towards the chapel. "You have no idea how or why Adam was at the boutique? We were supposed to meet at the Pampa Grill."

Max shuts his eyes briefly as he recalls a model bringing him Robin's phone that she forgot at the shoot. He used her phone to send him a text message telling Adam to meet her at the boutique instead of the restaurant. Of course, he deleted the message after he sent it because he didn't want anyone to know what he had done.

"I have no idea," Max lies to her, as he feels his heart rate. "I left right after you did. I didn't see him there, so I can't answer you."

"This is just so weird," she stops and looks into his eyes. Max can see the worry in her eyes making him realize that she really does have feelings for his father. "I wish I could understand how this happened."

"Sometimes accidents happen," Max grabs her hand. "But, together, we will get through this. I'll be right by your side throughout this entire ordeal. I'm not going anywhere."

Robin pulls Max into a hug and he gets a slight grin on his face that she is turning to him. While he never meant for things to go this far, he can't help but be happy that she is in his arms right now.

Scene Two - The Victors Mansion; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"I'm afraid your Aunt isn't home," Vinny tells Trenyce as they move into living room of the lavish mansion that Vinny lives in with his wife. He has a large fire roaring as he sips on a whiskey, as the weather has started to turn to the chillier side. "Can I get you a drink? I'm not sure when she will be home exactly."

"I thought she would have been here," Trenyce admits to him, as he pours her a glass of wine. "I haven't seen much of her since Jemma's memorial service. I'm glad it was just family and there wasn't any drama with it."

Vinny nods back to her. "Daisy didn't want a big production," he tells her as he passes her the red wine. "She is really having a difficult time with Jemma's passing."

Trenyce takes a sip of the wine and looks back at him. "It's more than Jemma dying, you know that right?" Trenyce asks him. "It's the fact that Frederick raped Jemma which is how she was conceived; it's that Jemma killed Frederick and none of us knew it; and it's the fact that she never got to make up with Jemma, because they were at odds when she died. It's all of those things wrapped into one beautiful disaster."

"You're forgetting one thing," Vinny takes a sip of his whiskey. "She blames for Jemma's death."

"What? That's crazy," Trenyce gasps at the idea that Vinny is to blame for Jemma's death. "She was pegged between a car and a building; you had nothing to do with that."

"I know," Vinny replies to her quickly. "But, if I hadn't gone into Jemma's hotel room and found that clothing…"

"Then Daisy's brother would still be in jail for something he didn't do," Trenyce explains to him, even though he already knows what she is saying is true. "She has to realize that the truth about Jemma killing Frederick was for the best."

"You and I know that," Vinny tells her. "I just wish Daisy did. Because, she is shutting me out and I don't know if or when my marriage will ever be back to normal."

Scene Three - Tyler's Townhouse

Tyler walks over to his bar and pours himself a brandy before he takes a quick sip. He's only wearing his pj bottoms as he wants to have a relatively early night. He has been exhausted since Blake's death; he knows that grieving is taking its toll on him, he just hopes that he starts to feel normal sooner rather than later. As he pours himself his drink, he stops to wonder where his mother is; it's not like Felicia to be out this late at night.

He gets a slight grin on his face when he thinks about being at Wild Night earlier in the evening and Daisy sat with him. He didn't know Daisy very well before the ice storm, but since Jemma's death, they have been spending some time together and he actually enjoys it. She is one of the few people who understands what he is going through, since they are both grieving losses from the accident that happened during the ice storm.

He turns his head when he hears someone knock on his door. "Who could that be?" he asks himself as he moves to the door and sees Daisy on other side. "Daisy, come in," he says quickly shutting the door, since he is shirtless. "I wasn't expecting to see you again tonight."

"I know," Daisy replies as she looks at his chest. "I wasn't ready to go home yet and I found myself coming here. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not," Tyler licks his lips. "I was just having a night cap. Can I get you one?"

"Sure, I'd like that," Daisy nods back to him, as she takes off her jacket and throws it over an arm chair. She turns around as Tyler passes her a drink.

"It's funny," Tyler smirks back to her. "I was just thinking about you before you knocked on my door."

"Good thoughts, I hope?"

"Very good thoughts," he tells her. "It's funny how tragic events can bring people together. I didn't really know you very well before all of this happened, and now…"

"We understand what the other is going through."


"Is it bad that I don't want to go home?" she asks him, thinking about how she is still upset with Vinny for going through Jemma's things when she told him so many times not too.

"No," he moves closer to her. "You're going where you want to be. There's no shame in that."

"I'm glad you think so."

Without thinking, Tyler leans in and kisses Daisy on the lips. The kiss only lasts for a moment before she pulls away.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have done that," he looks into her eyes. "I don't know what I was thinking."

"It's fine," she uneasily smiles back to him. "But, I should get going. Vinny will start to worry about me."

"Yea, of course," Tyler tells her. "We'll reconnect again soon."

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

"I'm afraid Kim isn't home right now," Bob tells Andy, as they move into the living room of the mansion. Bob wonders why Andy is visiting Kim so late at night; he hopes that everything is okay with Kim, since she doesn't really confide in him as much as she used too.

"Do you mind if I wait for a while?" Andy asks Bob, who shakes his head no. "I haven't seen much of her lately, but I know that she is still struggling with Blake's death. I just want to make sure that she is okay."

"She will appreciate that," Bob replies to him quickly. "And, you know, for what it's worth, I do think that she is getting better. She seems to be in better spirits lately."

"Really?" Andy asks him in surprise. "That is good to know. I don't think she will ever get over the pain of losing Blake, I know I haven't gotten over Reese yet, it's just you learn how to manage better."

"I know all too well," Bob admits to him. "When I lost my dear Sofia, I didn't think my world would continue. You know what has helped Kim, though don't you?"

Andy shakes his head. "What is it?"

"She's agreed to stay on living in the mansion with me."

Andy opens his mouth in shock, knowing how devastated Kim was when Bob revealed that he wanted a divorce. He only hopes that Kim knows what she is doing by agreeing to stay on living in the mansion.

"You're not saying anything. I take it that you don't approve?" Bob asks him.

"I just want to make sure Kim doesn't make any more decisions that she will regret," Andy replies to him quickly. "She's been through enough; more than enough."

"Well, that is something we can certainly agree on. I only want to protect Kimberly going forward. No more nonsense."

"I hope you mean that," Andy tells him. "Because Kim needs some happiness in her life. That's all she needs right now."

Scene Five - Robertson Enterprises; The Boutique

Felicia frantically tries to pick up her medication that has fallen all over the floor of the boutique. She arrived at the boutique, wanting to see the space as she had never been before, but she was quickly overwhelmed with thoughts of Blake's death and Dominick's role in it. She started smashing jars of the facial cream, but this caused her to drop her purse and thus, scattering her pills all over the floor.

She struggles to pick up the medication, however, because her hands are shaking so badly as she hasn't been actively taking her pills.

"Damn it!" she yells out in frustration. "I need to pick this up and get out of here. I don't want anyone to know I was here."

She continues to try to pick up the pills with minimal success, and she continues to grow more and more frantic as a result.


Outside the boutique, Kim, who is dressed in all black, looks through the window and doesn't see any form of life inside. She steps back and gets a grin on her face.

"You will pay for killing my son, Dominick," she whispers to herself, as she pulls out a small red can from her purse. She starts douching the edge of the building with the liquid inside the can. While she was at Cory and Natasha's wedding, she saw the fireplace in the living room of the mansion and that's when she got the idea of how she could get revenge on Dominick. She's going to make sure he pays for killing her child.

"You will pay for what you've done, even if it's the last thing I do," she whispers as she continues to spray the building with the liquid.

Scene Six - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Natasha's Home

"Are you sure you're not upset that we didn't go on a honeymoon?" Cory asks Natasha as he passes her a glass of red wine and then sits next to her on the sofa in their home that they share together. He knows that couples go on a honeymoon immediately after getting married, but they agreed to delay the honeymoon since they both have so much going on right now."

"If I was upset, I would tell you that we are going on a honeymoon," she winks back to him. "The most important thing, Cory, is that we got married. We are husband and wife. A vacation together can happen when we have time to get away."

"I'm glad you think so," he smiles back to her. "Because, I spoke to a social worker at the hospital. You know, about how we agreed that we could adopt a child."

"You were serious about starting this quickly," she sits up in the sofa to look back at her husband.

"These things can take time," he replies to her quickly. "I thought the sooner we get on the list, the better. You agree with that, don't you?"

"Of course," Natasha nods back to him. "I want to have a baby with you. Getting on that adoption list was the best thing you could have done."

"Well, let's toast to that," he tells her, picking up his wine glass. "To having a baby together."

"Cheers," Natasha smiles back to him before she takes a sip of her wine.

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Max and Robin emerge from the chapel, just as they see Craig walking up to the nurses station. They look at one another and then move up to Craig.

"Craig," Robin says as they approach him. "You're out of surgery. How did it? Please tell us that Adam is okay?"

Craig sighs and looks back at him. "I was about to come find you two," he reveals to them. "Adam did survive surgery, we were able to stop the internal bleeding."

"That's great news," Max tells him, feeling very relieved that Adam won't die as a result of his actions. "He will make a full recovery?"

"We are expecting him to wake up soon," Craig says back to him. "We won't know all the damage that has been caused until he is awake and we can run more tests, but the worst is over."

"Thank God," Robin covers her mouth.

"I have to get to some other patients," Craig replies to them. "Can you tell Helen for me? I know she's been worried as well."

"Of course we will," Robin replies to him before she looks at Max and hugs him. "Adam will be okay. Thank God."

"Yes," Max holds her, breathing a sigh of relief that he didn't kill his father. He smells her hair as he holds her, which makes him smile a little. "He will be just fine."

Scene Eight - Robertson Enterprises; The Boutique

Felicia finally thinks she has all of her pills collected, so she breathes a sigh of relief and leans up against a beam.

"Thank God," she looks at her shaking hands. "I think I got them all. Now, I have to get out of her. I don't want Dominick to know that I was in here. He will be livid with me. "

She starts to move towards the exit, when another lose beam of the scaffolding suddenly comes crashing down and hits her on the head! Felicia's body crumbles to the floor, as the blow knocks her unconscious.

Outside, Kim finishes douching the building with the gasoline. She takes a step backwards and looks at the building one final time. "This is for my son, you bastard," she whispers as she pulls out a lighter from her pocket and lights it. She throws it at the building, and it quickly engulfs in flames. Kim looks at the building on fire and starts to laugh as she raises her arms in victory, as the flames quickly grow around the boutique.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Shelley tells Dawn about her chat with Helen
- Robin asks Robbie about the accident
- Max realizes that he could be home free

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