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Previously One Day at a Time
- Dominick and Leah were horrified to learn that Felicia was in the boutique during the fire. Kim, meanwhile, returned home from starting the blaze
- Bob was thrilled when Kim agreed to stay living in the mansion
- Craig told Lukas that Donovan was key in getting him released from jail
- Andrew plotted to stop Chris and Trenyce from finding their child
- Cory and Natasha were married. Afterwards, he revealed to her that he put them on the adoption list
- Jeff and Meggan shared a kiss

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Victoria, how is she?" Dominick asks the doctor as she emerges from the ICU, where Felicia is after being trapped in the boutique during the fire. Dominick, Leah, Jeff, Tyler and Eva have been worried about Felicia since none of them knew that she was at the boutique, especially during the fire. Dominick is still rocked that he got the call that Felicia was trapped in the blaze. They just hope that she is okay, because they last thing they need is another death in the family; they're all just finally adjusting to life without Blake, Dominick can't imagine what would happen if Felicia were to die on them too.

"Yea, please don't keep us waiting," Tyler comes up behind his father. He knows that he isn't seeing eye to eye with Dominick right now because of his role in Blake's death, but as soon as he heard about Felicia, he raced to the hospital to be with his mother. He can't believe that they are back at this place so quickly after his son's death.

"She inhaled a lot of smoke," Victoria reveals to them as they look on with worry. "And, she has a pretty severe head injury. If I had to guess, I would say that some of the scaffolding that injured Adam Black also hit her."

"My God," Leah gasps at the news. "Will she be okay, though?"

"Eventually, yes," Victoria tells them. "She needs a lot of rest as the head injury was pretty impactful. But once that heals, I do expect her to make a full recovery. I do have to tell you though," Victoria continues to tell them. "After some initial blood tests, it doesn't appear that Felicia has been on her regular medication. Did any of you know that she stopped taking her pills?"

"No, I had no idea," Tyler whispers back to them. "I should have known though! I live with her for crying out loud. No wonder she's been on edge lately."

"Don't beat yourself up, none of us knew what was happening," Leah tells her brother, as Dominick and Eva look one another, knowing that they suspected Felicia was off her medication.

"When can Felicia answer some questions?" Simona Lopez comes up to the group and asks Victoria. Dominick looks back at Simona in shock, wondering what she would have to talk to Felicia about.

"Why the hell do you want to talk to Felicia?" he asks her, not impressed that she is interrupting their family time right now.

"Because, there was a fire down town, Mr. Robertson," Simona replies to him. "I have to ask her questions about what she knows about the fire. Since it was in your building, I thought you'd want to know as well. Or am I wrong?"

"She knows nothing," Dominick replies to her quickly. "There's no way she could have started this fire!"


Jeff pulls Leah aside and pulls her into a hug, sensing that she is worried about her mother, and rightfully so. "How are you holding up?" he asks her as he holds her for a moment, trying to focus on her, even though his mind is on anything but the situation unfolding in front of him.

"I'm okay," she tells him. "Knowing that Felicia should be okay has calmed me down. I can't wait for her wake up, though. We do need answers."

As he holds Leah, Jeff closes his eyes and suddenly flashes back to kissing Meggan the last time he saw her. He opens his eyes in surprise and then looks at Leah. "Yea," he tries to pretend that he heard what she said. "Look, do you mind if I take off for a while? I feel like this hospital has been suffocating me lately."

"I understand," she tells him. "Yea, take off. I'll stay here and try calling Paige. She should know about Felicia."

"Okay, I won't be long," he replies to her as he walks off. Leah watches him leave and wonders why he is really leaving; after all, her mother is in the hospital. It is not like Jeff to be so preoccupied, but he clearly is.

"It's hard to believe, hey?" Tyler comes up to his sister, causing Leah to turn around and look at him. "That we are back here so soon after Blake?"

Leah pulls him into a hug, suddenly not focusing on her husband. "This isn't anything like that," she whispers to him. "Don't worry, Tyler. We won't lose Mom too. We can't."

A tear falls down Tyler's cheek. "I hope not," he replies to her. "Because, I don't think I could handle that. Actually, I know I couldn't."

Scene Two - The Calimo Mansion

"Kimberly," Bob announces to her as she pours herself a glass of red wine at the bar in the living room of the Calimo mansion. "I'm glad I found you, I have news for you."

"Do you?" she takes a sip of her wine as she looks back at him, recalling how she agreed to stay on living in the mansion despite their divorce. "Join me for a glass of wine?"

"That'd be lovely, thank you," Bob nods back to her, as Kim pours another glass of wine and then passes it over to him. "We do have cause for celebration, after all."

Kim arches her eyebrow and looks back at him. "We have reason to celebrate? Well, now you have my attention. What are we celebrating?"

"Have you listened to the latest news?" Bob asks her as she quickly shakes her head no. "The Robertson Enterprises boutique; there was a fire and it is ruined completely. Dominick's precious boutique is nothing more than a pile of ashes!"

"Wow," Kim acts surprised by the news that Bob just shared with her. "Dominick must be devastated."

"That son of a bitch is getting exactly what he deserves," Bob replies to her quickly.

Kim uneasily chuckles back to him. "I suppose he is," Kim agrees with him. "He certainly has made his share of enemies."

"After everything that man has done to this family, he is getting exactly what he deserves," Bob tells her, as Kim takes another sip of her wine. Bob watches Kim for a moment and is rather surprised by her subdued reaction, considering the last couple of weeks, she has said nothing but how she wanted to get revenge on Dominick for his role in Blake's death. "Kimberly, is everything okay?"

"Fine," she turns to face him with a slight grin on her face. "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know," he shrugs his shoulders. "You're being pretty quiet about the fire."

"I don't know what to say," she admits to him. "Dominick's building is gone, we carry on."

Before Bob can reply, Rosario comes into the living room. "Oh, sorry to interrupt," she says, seeing Bob in the room. "I wanted to let you know, Mrs. Calimo, that those black garments that you asked me to wash for you, have been washed. And, they are drying now."

Bob looks back at Kim and chuckles to her. "Thank you Rosario," Kim replies to her as the housekeeping scurries away. "What's so funny?"

"I just realized something," he tells her as he comes up to her. "It was you. You started the fire!"

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

Andrew walks into the restaurant looking to grab his take out back to his place so he can focus on thinking of a way to stop Chris and Trenyce from finding their biological child. He hates that he has to hurt Trenyce in this quest of his to stop Chris from finding the child, but he can't help it; the way he sees it, Chris doesn't deserve any happiness after the way he treated Savannah and Frederick.

As he moves to the bar to pick up his order, he can't help but see Trenyce, Donovan and Andy sitting together at a table. He quickly moves over table, but stands behind some large plants and listens to the conversation.

"I am really proud of you for finally telling Chris the truth about how you feel about him," Donovan tells Trenyce, as he takes a sip of his wine. "Do you feel better about things now?"

Trenyce nods back to her friend. "Yea, I do," she admits back to him. "I mean, it's nice that he seemingly feels the same way that I do."

"Why do I get the feeling there is a but coming?" Andy chuckles back to her, as he takes a sip of his sparkling water.

"Because," Trenyce nervously says back to him. "He told me that he was going to end things with Helen, but he hasn't yet. I guess I'm just worried that he is playing both sides, you know?"

"I wouldn't worry about that," Andy replies to her quickly. "Did you hear about Adam's accident? I am sure that Helen has been at the hospital since then, and Chris probably hasn't had time to meet with her. And, that it wouldn't be the best time for Helen."

Trenyce nods back to him. "That's basically what he said to me."

"See," Donovan agrees with Andy. "He will end their relationship when things calm down."

"I hope you guys are right," Trenyce uneasily smiles back to them.

Andrew quickly moves away from their table and towards the bar to grab his take out. He grabs his bag and moves towards the door, his mind now racing on whether or not he can take advantage of Chris and Helen's relationship coming to a close soon.

Back at the table, Trenyce looks over at Andy. "How are you doing? You have anything new and exciting going on?"

Andy laughs back to her. "Me? I've been so boring lately," he tells her. "Which isn't a bad thing. Seriously, I'm just focused to make sure Kim is okay."

"Is she still struggling with Blake's death?" Donovan asks him, already knowing the answer. He doesn't know if anyone could ever get over the fact that their child died.

"She is," Andy tells them. "I'm worried about her. I don't know if she will channel that energy into something positive or negative."

"All you can do is be there for her," Trenyce informs him. "You've always been there for me, so I know you will do that for her."

Andy smiles back to her. "Thanks, I'll try my best."


Lukas moves into the restaurant but freezes when he sees the table of Andy, Trenyce and Donovan near the foyer. He knows that he doesn't want to see Donovan right now; he knows that he ended things with him because of the confession Donovan made during the trial that he and Craig were lovers the night Frederick was shot and he still hasn't gotten over the humiliation. Lukas knew on some level that they had become intimate but he still hates how the truth came out; He has never been so embarrassed before in his life.

He turns around to leave, not wanting to get into the details again with Donovan, but he runs into Craig, who is coming into the restaurant.

"Leaving already?" Craig asks him, as he saw Lukas park his car a few minutes earlier. "I saw you park, you couldn't have had your order taken already."

"Are you spying on me now?" Lukas asks him back.

"Of course not," Craig smirks to him. "You give yourself too much credit."

"I changed my mind about wanting to be here, okay?"

Craig looks over Lukas' shoulder and sees Donovan at his table. "Ah, I get it now. You're running, like you always do."

"Leave me alone, Craig," Lukas tells him as he tries to push his way past the doctor, but Craig grabs Lukas' arm.

"You can't run from Donovan forever," Craig tells him. "After everything he did to get you out of jail, the least you could do is give him a chance to explain."

Lukas yanks his arm free from Craig's grip and glares at him. "Do not tell me what to do," Lukas spits at him. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving."


At a back table of the restaurant, Cory and Natasha sit across from one another enjoying a late dinner together. She picks up her glass of wine as she recalls her husband telling her that he has placed them on the adoption list at the hospital; now, they just have to wait for a baby to become available. She is rather excited at the idea of becoming a mother again, especially since Jacob is doing so well with the rehabilitation since the lung transplant.

"So, I heard you on the phone earlier," Natasha tells him as she takes a sip of her wine. "I am assuming that it had something to do with the adoption?"

Cory nods back to her. "Yea," he can't hide his excitement. He has always wanted to be a father and he never thought that would happen to him, especially since he hasn't had much luck in the baby department before. "We are officially on the list."

"That's great news, isn't it?"

"Yea, of course, it is," Cory replies to her quickly. "But, there some bad news."

Natasha arches her eyebrow. "What could be bad about us being on the list?"

"Well," Cory tells her as he looks over at his wife. "It might take a while for a child to become available. It's not like a store where they receive new shipments every day."

Natasha chuckles back to him. "I kinda figured it might take some time when we first agreed to do this," she admits to him. "The good news is that we have time to plan and get ourselves organized, you know?"

"I'm so glad you're on board with this," Cory replies to her quickly. "I've wanted to be a father for the longest time. After my baby with Robin was stillborn and then Rebecca lying to me about her baby, I don't know, I was beginning to think that it wasn't in the cards for me."

"And now we have a full deck," Natasha winks back over to him. "And, for the record, as your wife, it's my job to give you anything you want, and that includes a child. I'm glad that we are doing this together."

"Me too," Cory smiles back to her.

Scene Four - MW Investigations

Jeff moves inside the PI firm and quickly moves to Meggan's office, where he can see the light on inside. He opens her door and looks at her reviewing some files on her desk. He knows that he should be at the hospital with Leah right now, but he couldn't stop thinking about Meggan and had to see her, so he rushed over to see her.

"You're burning the midnight oil," he says, causing her to look up at him.

"I didn't hear you come in," she replies to him. "What are you doing here? I heard about the fire at the boutique so I assumed you'd be with your family."

"Yea, Felicia was inside during the fire. She's at the hospital now," he comes into the office and closes the door behind him.

"So, why aren't you at the hospital with Leah? I'm sure she could use your support right now."

Jeff sighs as he moves up to her. "Am I bad a person for being here?" he asks her as she locks eyes with him. "I couldn't stop thinking about you and the kiss we shared."

"Jeff," she pauses as she stands up to look at him. "We can't do this. You have to try to make your marriage work."

He leans in and kisses her passionately again. "But, I can't stop thinking about you," he admits to her as their lips part and she leans in and kisses him again, unable to deny her feelings for him.

"I can't stop thinking about you either," she admits to him as their eyes lock.

"What should we do?" he asks her as she moves away from him.

They lock eyes again and then Meggan rips open her blouse exposing her bra. Jeff kisses her again and lays her down on top of her desk, kissing her neck as she moans.

"Make love to me Jeff," she moans out. "Please, make love to me."

Scene Five - The Calimo Mansion

"You're losing your mind," Kim laughs back to Bob, shocked by what he just suggested that she started the fire at the boutique. She knows that no one can know the truth because she could go to jail for what she has done.

"You come home and have Rosario do your laundry?" Bob replies to her with a grin on his face. "Added in your odd reaction to the news of the fire, and how you've been saying you wanted to get revenge on Dominick…Kimberly, this is brilliant."

"For the last time, I didn't do anything!" she firmly tells him.

Bob comes up to her. "It's me," he looks into her eyes. "You don't have to pretend with me. I'm not going to tell anyone. If anything, I'm so proud of you. You saw an opportunity and you took it!"

Kim looks into his eyes and can feel herself be at ease. After everything they have been through, she knows that she can trust Bob when it comes to Dominick. "I couldn't let that son of a bitch pay for what he did to my son," she finally tells him.

"Of course not," he looks at her. "God, you're amazing."

Before either one knows what is happening, Bob is kissing Kim passionately and she can't help but respond to his kiss.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"You have a lot of nerve asking when you can speak to Felicia," Dominick yells at Simona, as he stands in a waiting room with the detective, Tyler and Eva looking on. "There's no way that she had anything to do with the fire."

"My Dad is right," Tyler agrees with him as he looks at Simona. "My Mom wouldn't have started the fire."

"Let me explain," Simona tells them, trying to calm them down. "We've done an initial sweep of the boutique; we found some pills on the floor of the premise. After diagnosis, we realize that are the same pills that Felicia had been prescribed by her doctor. And, based on what the doctors say, Felicia wasn't on her medication, which means we have no idea what her mental stability was like; I'm not saying she started the fire, but I think based on the evidence, it does lead to some questions that need to be answered."

"What motive would she have to start the fire?" Tyler asks her, upset that Simona is still pressing the issue.

"Well," Simona arches her eyebrow. "Did Felicia know that it was a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck that hit Kim Calimo's car the night of the ice storm?"

"How is that relevant?" Dominick yells back at her, fed-up with people believing he had something to do with Blake's death. It was an accident, he thinks to himself.

"Because, if she thought you were responsible for the death of your grandson, it could make perfect sense that she would want to set the boutique on fire. An unbalanced woman, off her medication, grieving…it makes sense to me," Simona suggests her theories out loud.

"No!" Dominick yells back at her. "I refuse to believe that Felicia is responsible for this! We just need her to wake up so she can prove her innocence," he says before he turns his back to her. "God Felicia, please wake up!" he whispers to himself, knowing that she has to be able to prove that she didn't cause the fire.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy wonders if Kim is guilty
- Eva tries to get through to Dominick
- Tyler and Daisy reconnect again

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