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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After witnessing Barbara kill Jonah, Dawn felt faint. Barbara was arrested and Dawn left to get some rest. After telling Shelley what happened, Dawn collapsed
- Adam maintained with Robin that their relationship was over. Max, meanwhile, realized that there was an issue with the couple and believed that his plan to break them up was working
- Cory and Natasha went on the adoption waiting list
- Paige thought Andrew's mood was odd when he was super happy, unaware he was pleased that he had drugged Chris and Helen to make it appear that they had sex
- Lukas kissed Andy and told him he wanted to have a fresh start. Craig, meanwhile, told Donovan that they should be together

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"How long will I have to wait until I find out what is happening with Dawn?" Shelley asks Victoria, who appears in the waiting room of the hospital, where Shelley has been anxiously pacing until she finds out about Dawn. Shelley recalls how Dawn finished telling her about Barbara shooting and killing Jonah, when she collapsed. Shelley knew that Dawn was looking pale, but she assumed that it was because Dawn hadn't had time to eat anything because she was at the police station following Barbara's arrest. Shelley just hopes that Dawn is okay; she knows that her friend and lover has been through the ringer lately, so she doesn't know if Dawn can handle anything else in her life right now.

Victoria looks back at her. "Not too long," she replies to her quickly. "We are running some tests now and we should have them back pretty quickly. I'm glad that you got Dawn to the hospital as fast as you did."

"Me too," Shelley nods back to her. "I called 9-1-1 as soon as she collapsed. I just hope she's okay, she's been through so much lately."

"We will find out soon enough," Victoria tells her. "I have to go check on some other patients, but if you want, you can go see Dawn while we wait for the test results."

"Great, thank you," Shelley manages to smile back to her before she grabs her purse and rushes out of the waiting room and heads towards Dawn's hospital room. She arrives at the door and peers through the window on the door.

She finally opens the door and looks over at Dawn, who is resting her eyes. "Hey," Dawn says when she opens her eyes and sees Shelley standing there. "I want to thank you. I don't know what happened at the condo."

"You don't have to thank me," Shelley replies to her. "I'm just glad that you're okay. I saw your doctor, she said we should have some test results pretty quickly, so we can find out exactly what is going on with you."

"I really think it's nothing," Dawn tells her. "I just forgot to eat and I fainted."

"I hope that's all it is too," Shelley sits next to her. "I don't think we can handle any more bad news right now, do you?"

Before Dawn can reply, Victoria opens the door and comes inside the room. "Victoria," Dawn sits up in the bed. "Do you my test results?"

"Yes, I do," Victoria nods back to her.

"Well, don't keep me in suspense," Dawn replies to her. "What's wrong with me? And, when can I go home?"

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

Adam opens the door to the restaurant and scurries inside, desperate to get out of the cold air that is blowing on him from the winter air. He came to the Pampa Grill to grab some take out, as he knows that it might be a long night at the police with him, Helen and Barbara. He just hopes Barbara comes to her senses and stops claiming that she should be in jail for killing Jonah; he, Helen and Dawn know that it was self-defense.

He waits at the bar for his order and soon, Robin is approaching him, as she saw him come in from her table. He sighs knowing that he doesn't really have time to rehash things with her right now; he just wants her to accept that they can't be together. Of course, he hasn't told her that the accident at the boutique left him impotent and that is the reason he has ended things with her. And, in his mind, she can never know. He just has to convince her that he isn't the man for her anymore.

"Hey, I was just sitting down to some dinner," Robin tells him as she arrives at the bar. "I'd love if you could join me."

As they talk at the bar, Max happens to walk into the restaurant and immediately sees them talking. He quickly moves out of their sight lines, but stays within ears shot of them, so he can listen to what they are saying to one another.

"I'm afraid I can't join you," Adam replies to her. "I'm just here grabbing some take out. I have to get back to the police station; it's a long story, I'll have to fill you in later."

"Dawn is okay, isn't she?" Robin asks him back, worried about what is going on at the police station.

"She will be," Adam sighs thinking about the shooting. "It just seems like my family is a complete mess right now. We are having one tragedy after another."

"I wish you'd let me support you Adam," she reaches over and grabs his hand. "I don't know what happened after the accident that you don't want to be with me, but I still love you and I want to help you with this."

"I told you we can't be together," he whispers back to her as he moves his hand away from hers. "I know that you're hurt, but this is the way it has to be. We can't be together now, or ever again."

Before Robin can reply to him, Adam's order comes up. He grabs his bag and then looks at Robin. "I don't mean to hurt you Robin, I really don't," he tells her. "But, please, you have to respect my decision"

Robin watches as he walks away from her as she shakes her head in confusion, wondering what could have happened to change his mind so drastically. She knows that something must have happened to cause him to change his mind about their relationship, but what could it be?


At another table, Cory and Natasha sit across from one another having late dinner together.

"I heard from the doctors in New York," Natasha tells Cory before she takes a bit of her salad. "They said that Jacob is doing excellent. I was thinking that maybe I should head to New York just before Christmas to see him. You can come, if you'd like?"

"I wish I could," Cory replies to her before he takes a sip of his beer. "But you know, this time of year is busy for me because I have so many Christmas parties booked at Wild Night."

"Of course," Natasha nods back to him. "I'm sorry, I wasn't even thinking about that."

"No need to apologize," Cory tells his wife. "You can go visit Jacob and you'll be home for Christmas? I'd love to spend Christmas with you; it's our first as husband and wife."

"Of course I'll be home for Christmas," she replies to him. "Shane told me he might stay longer, but I'll be home. Maybe by Christmas time we will get an update about adopting?"

Cory sighs a little and looks back at his wife. "Actually, I called to get an update today."

"And?" she gaps in surprise. "Don't keep me in suspense!"

"There are no children available yet," Cory replies to her as the smile leaves Natasha's face. "But, we haven't been on the waiting list for that long. Like I said before, it might take some time before a child arrives."

"Yea, I know," Natasha says back to him, still feeling deflated. "I was just hoping…"

"Don't worry Nat," Cory reaches over and grabs her hand. "We will get our baby. Trust me, I know that this is in the cards for us."


"Wait, so Trenyce saw Chris and Helen in bed together even though Trenyce thought Chris was going to break up with Helen so he could be with Trenyce?" Paige asks Andrew, trying to put the pieces together of the story that Andrew just told her. Paige can't believe everything that Andrew is telling her as it seems very complicated. Between this story, hearing from Leah that she realizes that she has to choose between Robbie and Jeff and everything Dawn is going through, Paige realizes that everyone in her life is going through a very difficult time right now. With Christmas around the corner, she was hoping that things would calm down and loved ones would come together.

"Yea," Andrew gleefully replies to her. "I'd like to say I felt bad for Chris, but I think he's getting exactly what he deserves."

"Why would you say that?" Paige asks him, a little taken aback by his admission.

Andrew shrugs his shoulders and realizes that he has to back pedal with her because he doesn't need her suspicious of his behavior. "I mean, I've heard stories about how he has been a womanizer for a long time," Andrew tells her. "Trenyce told me some stories and I remember from when I was younger. It just seems appropriate that Helen and Trenyce would bust him for cheating."

Paige uneasily nods back to him. "I guess," she tells him. "I think it's pretty sad for Helen and Trenyce, to be honest. No one should have to go through that. They are probably upset."

Andrew suddenly has guilt pains in his chest about hurting Trenyce in the way that he has. He never meant for her to be caught in the crossfire, but he couldn't go on and not make Chris pay for hurting Savannah and Frederick.

"What are you thinking?" she asks him, as she can tell he has something on his mind.

"I don't know," he admits to her. "Just that while I don't like Chris, I guess you're right; Trenyce and Helen didn't deserve this."

"No, they don't," she tells him. "But what's done is done."

"That's true," he looks back to her. "Look, Paige, you have to keep this between us. No one can know what I just told you."

Paige arches her eyebrow back to him. "Of course not," she tells him. "I'm not about to gossip about other people's misery."

Andrew nods back to her. "I'm glad I told someone, and I'm glad I can trust you."

"I'm glad you can trust me too," Paige purses her lips together, not realizing that Andrew is the reason for the mess between Chris, Trenyce and Helen in the first place.


Lukas sits at a table with a beer in front of him wondering what he should do next. He recalls how he has kissed Andy a couple of times now because he wants to move on from the mess with Donovan and Craig. As he takes another sip of his beer, he knows that he has to move from Donovan because he can't get over how embarrassed he felt during his trial when Donovan admitted to being in bed with Craig the night his father was shot. Had Donovan been honest with him, he wouldn't have felt so ashamed, but he can't forget that feeling of everyone in the court room staring at him because Donovan was in bed with Craig that night.

"We can never be together now," he whispers to himself as he takes another swig of his beer. "And Andy, he's hot and I know he thinks I'm hot, and he's been single for a while now. There's no reason why we can't be together."

"Hey, am I interrupting?" Donovan asks Lukas as he comes up to his table. "I was just about to grab some take out and saw you here; I thought I'd say hi."

Lukas doesn't look up at Donovan. "Hi back," he manages to reply to him. "I'm not sure we have anything else to say to one another."

Donovan sighs before shaking his head at him, surprised that Lukas is still holding such a strong grudge against him. "I wish you weren't so stubborn," Donovan admits to him. "I love you, Lukas. And, even though you're upset, I will wait for you because I think one day you will realize how silly this entire situation has been."

Lukas chuckles a little back to him. "Great," he finally looks Donovan in the eyes. "So, now my feelings are silly? You know what, Donovan? Don't bother waiting for me, I'm ready looking to my future and it certainly doesn't include you."

Donovan smirks back to him. "Fine," he shrugs his shoulders. "I won't make the same mistake again, Lukas."

"Okay, good," Lukas nods back to him as Donovan scurries away from his table. A part of Lukas does hate that he is hurting Donovan, but on the other hand, he can't help but think he is giving Donovan what he got back from him. "Now, to find a way to get Andy to come around," he says to himself, before taking another sip of his beer.

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

"I'm surprised you're not at work," Craig announces to Andy as he sees his friend in the back booth of the coffeehouse. "Usually you're working on your article for the morning edition of the Sun."

Andy watches as Craig sits across from him, knowing what he is saying is true, but he hasn't been able to focus on writing since he and Lukas have shared a couple of kisses lately. It has been so long since he has kissed a man, not since Reese was still alive, that Andy had almost forgotten what it was like. He didn't think he was ready to be in that position again because he has been mourning his husband, but he can't deny that he has enjoyed the kisses with Lukas, whom Andy is very attracted too.

Andy chuckles back to him. "Yea, I need back over to the paper and finish my article," he admits to him. "It might be a late night, so I thought I'd grab some coffee."

"You seem distracted about something," Craig replies to him. "Do you want to talk about it? It might help to get it off your chest."

Andy arches his eyebrow. "If I tell you something, you will promise not to say anything to anyone? I don't really want this to get out yet because I don't know what it all means myself."

Craig chuckles back to him. "You certainly know to get a guy's attention," Craig tells him. "But, of course, anything you say to me will always stay between us."

"Thanks," Andy nods back to him. "You know, I've been really…isolated, I guess, since Reese passed away."

"Isolated? How so?"

"I mean, in the dating world," Andy tells him. "I haven't even looked at a guy in that way because I have been mourning and not wanting to disrupt Reese's image in my mind."

"But? Are you saying that you're interested in someone now? You know that Reese would only want you to be happy," Craig tells him.

"I know that," Andy agrees with him. "And, I don't know if I am interested or not, but I have kissed someone a couple of times."

"That's a great start," Craig smiles back to him. "He's obviously on your mind and you're obviously thinking about the kisses."

"Yes, I am."

"Okay, you have to tell me, who is this guy? Anyone I know?" Craig asks him before he takes a drink of his latte.

Andy blushes and looks down into his coffee cup. "Oh, come on, don't get shy on me now," Craig chuckles before Andy looks up at him.

"It's Lukas," Andy whispers to him. "Lukas and I have kissed."


Robin slowly opens the door to the coffeehouse hoping to grab one of their brownies to take back to her place. She feels like she wants some comfort food since Adam, once again, told her that they can't be together anymore. In Robin's mind, something must have happened either right before the accident at the boutique, or since the accident, that is making him push her away.

"I just need to figure out why he is pushing me away," Robin tells herself as she grabs the bag with her desert in it. As she turns to leave, she sees Max walk into the coffeehouse. Immediately, her mind goes back to how his story seemingly changed about the night of the accident. While it was a minor detail, she can't help but wonder if he knows more than he is letting on.

"Hey Robin," he smiles as he comes up to her. "Are you staying for a bit? We could catch up? I feel like I haven't seen a lot of you lately."

"I'm actually not," Robin replies to him quickly. "It's been a long day and I have an early start tomorrow. Is there something you wanted to talk about in particular?"

"Not really," Max admits to her. "I just wanted to see how you're doing."

Robin shrugs. "I'm okay," she tells him trying not to cry. "Okay, I'm not fine. I'm really upset because your father has ended things with me and I have no idea why."

"Wow," Max replies to her as he hugs her. "I'm sorry, I had no idea."

"I just wish I knew what was going on with him. And, I wish I knew everything about the night of the accident. Are you sure you can't remember anything else?"

"No, I don't," he tells her. "I wasn't there, remember?"

"Right," Robin waves her had in the air.

"As for my Dad, he just went through a traumatic event, maybe he just needs time to adjust? Plus, you know what is going on with Dawn, right?"

Robin uneasily nods back to him. "That's why I should be with him right now. He should be leaning on me!"

"I hear you," Max replies to her. "Just give him time, maybe he will come around. And, if he doesn't, then maybe this is for the best. You don't deserve someone who will throw you away at the sign of any trouble. You deserve someone who will stop at nothing to be with you."

Robin uneasily smiles back to him, not realizing he is talking about himself. "Thanks for the encouragement Max. Anyways, I'm going to head home. See you later?"

"Yea, call me if you need anything…I'm always here for you," he smiles to her as she slowly walks way. Max keeps smiling as he realizes that causing the accident at the boutique was the best thing he has ever done because Adam has ended things with Robin. "I couldn't have planned this any better."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Police Department

"I think that was very sweet of you to bring Helen some food," Simona Lopez tells Adam as they sit in her office. Adam returned from the Pampa Grill with the take out so Helen could get something into her stomach, while they waited for Barbara to answer some more questions. Now, Adam is back to an update from the detective.

"We are family," Adam finally replies to her. "So, what did Barbara say while I was away."

"More of the same," Simona admits to her. "She said she shot Jonah and she didn't want to hear anything about self-defense."

"I guess we should get a lawyer?" Adam asks her.

"That might be a good idea," Simona tells him. "Look, while you're here, there's something else I'd like to talk to you about."

Adam arches his eyebrow. "Okay, what's up?"

"The fire at the Robertson Enterprises boutique," she begins to tell him. "It did a lot of damage to the building. There's really nothing left."

Adam nods back to her. "I heard about that. I'm not sure what this has to do with me."

"Well, I won't be able to investigate your accident," Simona informs him. "If there was any evidence at all, it would have been destroyed in the fire. So, we have to rule it as an accident."

Adam can't place it but something in him is upset by the news, even though he always believed that it was an accident; after all, who would purposely try to hurt him? "Well, I can't be surprised," Adam replies to her. "What happened to me was an accident, and nothing more."

Scene Five - The Graveyard

Leah slowly walks through the cemetery, trying to stay warm as the winter day is rather chilly. She soon arrives at the tombstone with Noah's name engraved on it. She leans down and reaches out to touch Noah's name before she stands back up.

"You always loved Christmas," she bites her lower lip. "It's hard to believe that another holiday is here and we will be celebrating without you. I miss you so much, Noah. I hope you know that."

She looks up as a light snow fall begins. She fights the tears in her eyes as she knows she is wrestling with who she wants to be with: Jeff or Robbie. She came to see her son in hopes of figuring it out. She looks back at Noah's tombstone.

"I wish you were still here, you would just listen," she smiles. Suddenly, a single cherry blossom falls down from the tree above Noah's tombstone. Leah bends down and picks it up as a single tear falls down her eye. "This is a sign," she smiles to him, remembering another time at the grave when a cherry blossom fell. "Thank you, Noah. Thank you."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"You're not saying anything Victoria," Dawn tells her doctor as she looks at Victoria, who is holding her file in her hand. "Please, tell me what is wrong with me? Tell me when I can go home?"

"You can go home tonight," Victoria finally replies to her. "There's nothing seriously wrong with you."

"Thank God," Shelley breathes a sigh of relief as she grabs Dawn's hand and squeezes it.

"Do you remember when you had your medical exam following the rape?" Victoria asks Dawn, who looks back at her with worry but nods her head. "You told me that you were late and I told you I would run a pregnancy test in 6 weeks or so if you still hadn't had your period."

"I remember," Dawn replies to her quickly.

"Well, the reason you've felt so faint and uneasy is because you're pregnant. You're going to have a baby, Dawn."

Dawn feels the blood drain from her face as she realizes that Jonah raping her has left her pregnant. The monster that violated her in the most horrific way has left her with a child growing inside of her. She looks back at Victoria as a tear falls down her cheek, in shock by the news she just received.

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