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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah invited Jeff and Robbie over and revealed that she had finally made a decision of whom she wanted to be with
- Max told Adam that he would be there for Robin during their break up
- Trenyce was livid with Chris and Helen after she caught them half-naked and assumed that they had sex
- Adam and Helen grew closer with all the drama going on with Dawn and Barbara
- Shelley suggested to Dawn that she not keep the baby
- Andy told Craig that Lukas kissed him. Lukas, meanwhile, told Donovan not to wait for him because they will never get back together
- Shane and Victoria started confiding to one another
- Brad Lawson, Meggan's old college friend, was in town and surprised Meggan. She asked him to dinner, even though she knew he used to have feelings for her

Scene One - The Claus House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

"Don't keep us waiting," Jeff pulls his hands out of his pocket as he looks over at Leah and then quickly to Robbie. "Who have you decided to be with?"

Leah sighs heavily as she knows that she has been soul searching for a couple of weeks now about which man she wants to spend her life with. Since she came back from Santa Barbara, she thought that she was married to Robbie but when her memory came back and she tried to divorce Jeff, she was told by the Judge that they had to make their marriage work for at least 6 months; she has been enjoying spending time with Jeff more and more in this time of rebuilding. That being said, these weeks of her trying to decide who she wants to be with have been some of the most difficult of her life because she does care for both men very much.

"This hasn't been easy," she says slowly back to them. "Because, you are both such special men and I feel so incredibly lucky to have been loved by both of you. The fact that I even have a choice doesn't seem fair."

"We only want what's best for you," Robbie tells her before he looks over at Jeff. "No matter what you decide, Jeff and I will be just fine. We have to be, right?"

"Right," Jeff nods back to them. "We thought we lost you once, so just knowing you're alive and you're well is all we really need. And, Robbie and I, we haven't always seen eye to eye but we are in a better place now."

Leah feels her eyes swell with water. "See, it's that lucky thing again," she puts a smile on her face.

"Okay," she takes a deep breath. "For so long, I thought Robbie was the love of my life," she says looking at him. "And, you were. You defined a certain part of my life that I will always cherish. But, I have to tell you, since I have been back with Jeff, trying to put this marriage back together because of the court order, I have fallen in love him all over again. I have realized why I married him in the first place."

Robbie feels his heart move into his throat at her words. He tries not to get choked up, but he can't help it. "I'm sorry Robbie," she moves up to him and grabs his hands. "A part of me will always love you, but I want to be with Jeff. I want to make my marriage work."

Robbie quickly hugs her and then looks back at her. "Be happy, okay?" he says move he quickly rushes out of the room, feeling gutted. He has to get away from the situation right now so he can process everything that has happened. He never believed he would lose both Leah and Victoria.

Leah looks over at Jeff, who smiles back to her. "I can't believe this," he admits to her. "You want to be with me? You want to make our marriage work?"

"Of course I do," she says coming up to him. "As long as you'll still have me?"

He lifts her up in the air and twirls her around as they both laugh. "Of course I'll still have you. I love you!"

"And I," she smiles back to him. "Love you more than I can say."

He sets her down on the floor again and moves up to her and kisses her passionately.

Scene Two - The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"Brad, hi," Meggan opens the door and lets her friend inside the house. "Sorry that we aren't going to do anything more special on New Year's Eve."

Brad turns around once he's in the living room and flashes her a smile. He recalls getting a text message from Meggan asking him to ring in the New Year together and he didn't miss the chance to do just that. Even though he had a crush on her long ago in college, since he has seen her, he can't help but still have a very strong attraction to her.

"No worries," he smiles. "Sometimes low key is perfect. It'll give us time to reconnect."

"Yea, I'm glad you feel that way. I'm not sure I could handle anything major tonight," she tells him as she recalls going to the prison to see Brett recently and he suggested that maybe she is pregnant, which is why she is feeling ill. She hasn't been able to get that idea out of her head, so she has decided that tonight she will learn the truth, once and for all.

"So, what did you have planned?" Brad asks her.

"Well," Meggan looks back at him. "I'm not sure how you're going to feel about this, but I want to do this."

He receives a box from her that she passes him. He looks down and is shocked by what he sees. "A pregnancy test? You think you're pregnant?"

"I'm not sure, but let's find out together?"

"Uh, sure," he shrugs his shoulders. "Who is the Dad? Why didn't you tell me you were involved with someone? I wouldn't have flirted so much with you."

Meggan chuckles. "I'll fill you in while we wait for the test results."

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

The restaurant has been transformed into the annual New Year's Eve party. There are some large tables that are filled with appetizers, waiters wearing black tie serving champagne and music playing so people can dance the night away.

Trenyce grabs a glass of champagne and quickly takes a mouthful of the liquid as she looks across the room and sees Chris having a talk with Daisy. She is still livid with him for sleeping with Helen the night he was supposed to break up with her; if Trenyce hadn't walked in and caught them half dressed, she realizes that Chris would still be lying and cheating on her.

She finishes the glass of champagne in her hand quickly grabs another before she spots Helen grabbing some food. Trenyce finds herself walking up to the other woman in Chris' life.

"Happy New Year Helen," Trenyce forces a smile on her face.

"Thank you," Helen replies to her, feeling apprehensive about seeing Trenyce since the last time they saw one another, Trenyce was still livid with her and Chris. "I hope things have calmed down for you since the last time we saw one another."

Trenyce shrugs. "I'm just trying to move on from the mess of that situation."

"That's good," Helen nods back to her. "I wish I could remember, but honestly, I can't remember a thing about that night. I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"It's not your fault," Trenyce tells her. "I've learned my lesson, and I'll never get over what Chris did to me," she tells her, as she looks over at Chris. "Anyways, no hard feelings, enjoy your night."

"You too," Helen uneasily smiles back to her.


"I don't know what to tell you," Daisy tells Chris as they stand, each holding a glass of champagne. "If you don't remember that night, I suggest that you think of a way so you can remember. Trenyce is really upset with you and rightfully so. She opened up to you and then she caught you in bed with another woman. How do you think she was going to react?"

"I know," Chris huffs back to her. "I'm just at a loss as to what could have happened. I hate that this is happening."

"Like I said, you can make it right, if you can remember what happened," Daisy tells him. "I see Vinny over there, I'm going to see my husband. Happy New Year, Chris. I really do hope this works out."

"Thanks, Happy New Year."

Daisy quickly moves across the room over to Vinny, who passes her a fresh glass of champagne. "That looked intense," he tells her, having seen her talk with Chris.

"You know the drama with him and Trenyce," she replies to him. "But, enough of that. I want to celebrate the New Year with my husband. I can honestly say that I've never been so happy for a year to be over."

"It has been a long, hard year," he agrees with her. "But, here we are. I hope that we will always be together."

"Why would you think otherwise?" she asks him as she suddenly sees Tyler grabbing a glass of champagne. Her mind goes back to how they almost had sex a couple of weeks ago. Daisy shakes her head and turns her attention back to her husband, as he pulls her into a hug.

"I don't know," he whispers into her ear and Daisy looks at Tyler again. "I've just felt so distant from you since Jemma died. I want us to get back to normal."

"We will," Daisy whispers back to him. "I promise you, we will."


"Oh excuse me," Andrew says to a young woman at the food table, as he goes to grab a plate. "Here," he passes her the plate that they were both going to grab.

"Thanks," Cheresa smiles back to him. "I'm Cheresa, I'm relatively new to Twin Peaks."

"Ah," Andrew nods back to her. "I didn't think I recognized you. I'm Andrew Pherson. How are you liking Twin Peaks so far?"

"I can't complain," Cheresa replies to him. "I got an internship at the hospital and I have good friend here."

"Who is your friend? Maybe I know them? It's a pretty small town."

"Dawn Black," Cheresa replies to him.

"Oh yea, I know her. She's my girlfriend's best friend," Andrew informs her. "Paige, is my girlfriend, she's just over there."

"Oh, that's awesome. I don't mean to intrude, but could I come back to your table and meet Paige? I'd love to know a few more people in town."

"Of course not," Andrew replies to her. "We could all use more friends in our lives."


"I'm glad I found you here," Lukas says to Andy before he passes him a glass of sparkling water.

"Thank you," Andy accepts the drink before looking back at Lukas. He can't deny that Lukas looks very handsome in his tuxedo, and his mind immediately goes back to how Lukas kissed him a few days earlier. While Andy has been torn about the kiss, he can't deny that he liked it. "Why are you happy you found me?"

"It's New Year's," Lukas replies to him with a grin on his face. "I'd like to think that you're a part of my new year and my new beginning."

Andy chuckles back to him. "I appreciate the flattery," Andy tells him. "But, I'm not sure…"

"Don't speak about that," Lukas says back to him before he leans in and kisses him on the lips. Andy is unable to deny his attraction to Lukas and kisses him back. They finally part ways. "Do you really want to deny that there is something between us?"

"No," Andy admits to him.

"Good," Lukas licks his lips a little. "Let's go back to my place and really start the new year off right…"

Andy sets his glass down before he leans in and kisses Lukas again, unable to deny his attraction to him any longer. "Okay, let's go."


"Did you like the Christmas present that I got you?" Max asks Robin, as he comes up to her, as she looks out the window of the restaurant as she sees a light snow falling.

"It was very thoughtful," Robin turns around and sees him standing behind her. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he smiles to her. "I'm glad you liked it. I wanted to get you something special."

Robin uneasily smiles back to him, remembering Cory telling her that Max might just be a horny teenager. "I appreciate the gift, Max, but, like I told you, you can't kiss me anymore, okay? We can be friends, we are co-workers, but we won't be anything more."

Max feels his heart sink into his stomach at her words. "I thought…"

She stops him quickly. "I don't know what you were thinking," she tells him. "But I am telling you, we are only friends. I will never see you as anything more okay?"

Max nods back to her trying to hide his pain. "Yea, sure. Happy New Year Robin."

"Same to you, Max."


"I saw Robin here tonight," Helen tells Adam as passes him a glass of champagne. "You could try to make amends with her if you wanted too."

"I don't want too, but thanks for the advice," he chuckles back at her. "I know you're only trying to help, but Robin and I have to stay broken up. We can't be together."

Helen shakes her head back to him. "I will never understand you," she admits to him. "But, I guess it is your choice."

"Dawn needs us right now," Adam tells her. "You know the hell she has been going through."

"Of course I know," Helen takes a sip of her champagne. "But that doesn't mean you have to put your life on hold."

Adam uneasily nods back to her, knowing that he is keeping the secret of his new medical condition of being impotent and that is why he is pushing Robin away. "What is it Adam? I can tell that you're thinking about something. Is something else wrong? Tell me!"

"Fine!" Adam cracks, knowing that he will probably feel better if he tells someone. "There is another reason why I am pushing Robin away."

"What is it?" she asks him. "You know what whatever you tell me will stay between us, right?"

"The accident," he begins to tell her. "It left me with a medical condition."

Helen arches her eyebrow. "Are you okay?"

"I'm impotent Helen," he whispers to her, feeling embarrassed by what he just said. He hasn't told anyone else since he found out because he can't believe that this is happening to him. "I can't make love to a woman. I can't keep Robin in a relationship like that. It's not fair to her."

Helen pulls him into a hug. "I'm so sorry Adam," she tells him. "I can't imagine what you're going through right now. But, you know what? You have to tell Robin the truth. You have to let her make this decision. It's not fair of you to make it for her."

"No," Adam replies to her quickly. "I can't tell her, I won't tell her. This is how it has to be! And you, you can't tell anyone."

"I won't," Helen promises him. "It's not my place to tell. Just think about what I said, okay?"


"We are getting closer to midnight," Shane tells Victoria, as they stand close to one another with a glass of champagne each.

"We are," she purses her lips together. "How was your time in New York?"

"It was great," Shane replies to her. "Jacob is doing so well. I'm glad that I got to spend Christmas with him."

"That's great," Victoria replies to him. "I know Natasha didn't stay as long."

"No, she came back for Christmas. So, it was nice having time for just Jacob and I."

"I bet," she replies to him. "I'm glad that he's doing so well. This year has been pretty hard on him. Where is Cassie tonight?"

"Yea, I'm looking forward to the new year not being so hard on anyone. And, Cassie is at home. She wanted a quiet night in."

Victoria nods back to him. "Looks like we are in the count down," she tells him, as the crowd starts to count down. "Happy New Year, Shane."

"Happy New Year, Vic," he looks into her eyes and finds himself moving closer to her. As the crowd yells "1, Happy New Year!", Shane's lips touch Victoria's softly.

Scene Four - The Tower's; Floor Three; Shelley's Condo

"It's New Year's Eve, are you sure you don't want to go out?" Shelley asks Dawn, as she turns from the "Rockin' New Year's Eve" telecast and looks at her friend, who is sitting on the sofa. Shelley knows that Dawn has been going through a difficult time as of late, but she still thinks that they should try to do something fun so try to get out of the rut that they are in with all the darkness that has been surrounding them lately.

"Yea, I'm sure," Dawn replies to her. "It's already after midnight anyways. Happy New Year Shell."

"Same to you, Dawn."

"Thanks, it has to be a better year, right?"

Shelley chuckles as she moves over to Dawn and sits next to her. "I'd like to hope so. You've been quiet tonight. What are you thinking about?"

"Honestly?" Dawn asks her back as Shelley nods to her. "Our last conversation has been replaying in my mind over and over again."

"I see," Shelley replies to her. "The one where I asked if you want the baby or not?"

"Yea," Dawn tells her. "And, I realize that I don't want the baby. I can't have Jonah's baby. I just can't…"

"You don't have to explain," Shelley grabs her hand. "I get it. So, what do you want to do?"

Dawn bites her lower lip. "I want to have an abortion. That's the only answer."

Scene Five - The Cascade Apartments; Apartment 305; Donovan's Apartment

"Who could that be?" Donovan asks himself as he slowly walks over to this apartment door as he heard a loud knock. He's only wearing his pj bottoms as he didn't want to have a late night out, despite it being New Year's Eve. After everything that has happened with Lukas, he just wanted to forget this year ever happened and hope for a better new year in 2019. He opens the door and sees Craig standing on the other side. "Craig, this is a surprise."

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" Craig asks him as he admires Donovan's toned chest.

Donovan shrugs back to him. "I was just about to go to bed," Donovan admits to him as Craig moves inside the apartment.

"What? It's New Year's Eve, you should be celebrating."

"I don't feel like I have much to celebrate," Donovan replies to him. "But, starting today, I'm moving on. No more pity party."

"That's good to know," Craig tells him. "Because, Lukas is doing the same thing."

"What does that mean?"

"Andy told me that Lukas has kissed him a couple of times," Craig reveals to Donovan, who looks back at him in surprise. "So, I'm glad that you're moving on since Lukas is."

"Yea, I have too."

Craig moves closer to him and kisses him. "Maybe it means…" Craig says as he kisses Donovan again. Donovan responds and kisses him back passionately.

"Still wanting to go to bed?" Craig asks him as their lips part.

"Only if you'll join me," Donovan replies, his eyes full of lust.

"I thought you'd never ask," Craig kisses him back.

Scene Six - The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

Andy throws off his shirt before he looks back at Lukas, who is unbuttoning his shirt. Andy rushes up to him and kisses him passionately.

"You're so eager," Lukas smiles as their lips part for a moment and Lukas' shirt comes off his body.

"It's been too long for me," Andy says, his eyes looking at Lukas body. "I need you so badly tonight."

"Good," Lukas kisses him passionately. "Because you're going to get it tonight."


Downstairs in the living room, Meggan paces around the living room as Brad sits on the sofa with a beer. She is dying for the results of her test to come back already. It is seemingly the lost 5 minutes of her life.

"You're going to burn a hole in that floor," Brad tells her. "You need to stay calm. If you are pregnant, you should be happy about it. Whoever the Dad is, is one lucky guy."

Meggan tries to smile back to him. "You're sweet," Meggan replies to him. "The thing is, he's not exactly in the picture right now."

Brad stands up and moves over to her. "If he knew that you were carrying his child, he would be a fool not to be involved. You're a beautiful woman Meggan; any guy would be lucky to have you."

"Brad, you haven't changed since college," Meggan laughs at him. "Not that I'm complaining."

"Maybe I feel the same way that I did in college," he looks into her eyes. "I always thought you and I would be amazing together."

Meggan chuckles and pulls him into a hug. "You're so good for my ego. Maybe in another time or place?"

"A guy could only hope," he chuckles back to her, as the timer goes off. "Okay, it's time. Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be," she looks back at him. "I'll be right back."

Meggan scurries out of the room and goes into the washroom. She picks up the pregnancy test and looks at it, quickly covering her mouth in shock. "I'm pregnant," she gasps to herself, as she thinks about her and Jeff having sex in her office a number of weeks ago. "Jeff and I are going to have a baby."

Scene Seven - The Claus House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

"Are you upset that we didn't go out?" Jeff asks Leah, who is resting her head on his bare chest as they just finished making love since Leah revealed that she wanted to be with him, not Robbie. Jeff hasn't felt this content in a very long time.

"Not at all," Leah looks up at him. "I think we just made our own fireworks, don't you?"

"I definitely think we did," he grins back to her. "You made me so happy tonight."

"Good," she replies to him. "Because, you have been making me happy for so long. I'm just glad that we are finally able to move on from this mess. Together, Jeff, we will have the future we have always wanted."

"I love the sound of that," he smiles back to her. "Happy New Year Leah."

"Happy New Year."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy & Lukas, Craig & Donovan face the next morning
- Cory is unsettled by Natasha's determination
-Max learns some information

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