Episode 52 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Trenyce played mind games with Chris and Daisy
-Noah made a plea to Jeff for his parennts to stop fighting. Leah got legal advice from Natasha. Jeff learned, and lost his temper.
-Meggan learned Vinny was having lunch with Patricia again, and got drunk. On her way home, she hit Noah with her car, and left him on the road

Scene One
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; the ER

Leah and Robbie sit on chairs. Leah’s eyes dark and damp, tears still flowing from her eyes. Red flashing lights reflect off the walls behind them.

Across from them, Jeff paces, unable to remain still. While he tries to be strong, he too has tears in his eyes. He can’t stop thinking about his child. His little boy. In the ER, being worked on by numerous doctors. The thoughts disgust him. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Is he being punished for fighting with Leah? Or has he been an unworthy father? The thoughts in his mind traumatize him. He finally sits down and starts crying. He places his hands over his face, and sobs into them.

Kim, who was sitting in a chair, moves over to the chair next to Jeff’s and puts her arm around him. “It’ll be alright,” she says softly, breaking the silence in the room.

Leah looks over and sees Jeff. The sight of seeing the grown man cry brings more tears to her eyes. God wouldn’t be so cruel as to take her son away from her, as she just found him again...would he? she wonders. She tries to remember the brief times she had with her son. She briefly flashes a smile, but it quickly fades when she sees a nurse rushing out of the emergency room.

She gets up. “What’s going on?” she asks.

The nurse quickly rushes back into the ER. “Damn it! What’s going on,” Leah cries, walking over to the window of the room. She sees doctors hovering over Noah, who’s strapped on to a bed. She sees a large bag of blood hooked up to an IV cord. Next to that, is a compressor, slowly moving up and down. The sight of seeing the tubes in her son causes her to have more tears. “Please stay strong,” she whispers at the window.

Shane turns around and spots Leah. A grim look remains on his face. He exits the ER.

“Shane, how is he? He’ll be alright, right? Please tell me something,” Leah pleas through her tears.

“Come in here. I’ll talk to everyone together,” Shane says.

Leah slowly moves into the waiting room, and sits next to Robbie, who immediately puts his arm around his wife.

Jeff looks up. “What’s going on Doc? How is he?”

Shane closes Noah’s file, and looks at Jeff, and then to Leah. “There’s no easy way to tell you this...” he begins. Leah buries her head into Robbie’s arm, as tears flow. “Noah suffered major head trauma. The car must have come full impact with his skull. The skull is fractured.”

Jeff continues to cry. “What does that mean?” he gets out, slowly.

“We are doing tests for brain damage now,” Shane says. “But the chances are high. If he has brain damage, the chances of a full recovery are slim.”

Leah looks up at Shane. “So there’s still a chance he’ll be fine, right?”

“Yes, but not likely,” Shane responds.

“We’ll take that right now,” Jeff says. “This is good news until we get the results back.”

“There’s more,” Shane says. “He’s lost a lot of blood. Because he’s so young, this is very dangerous. We have to watch. The loss of blood has weakened his immune system. Any bug could end his life at any time,” Shane continues.

“I need to see him,” Jeff says. Leah looks up, but realizes she should let Jeff see him. Jeff notices Leah. “No, we want to see him,” he says.

Leah gets up and embraces Jeff. “Thank you,” she cries.

Scene Two
Setting: The Victors House; Vinny and Meggan’s Home

Vinny arrives at home. He pulls the car into the driveway, and pushes the button under the dashboard for the garage door. He pulls in, and quickly spots Meggan’s car in the stall next to his. He looks once, and then turns his head to shut off the car. He quickly looks back and sees the cracked windshield, and the large dent on the hood of the car.

He opens his door and looks at the car in closer detail. “What the hell happened?” he asks himself, as he bends down and sees the bumper of the car. Another huge dent, and traces of blood. “My God...Meggan!” he says rushing out of the garage.

He enters the kitchen and sees Meggan’s coat lying on the floor. He races upstairs, and he opens the door to the bedroom. Meggan is fast asleep on the bed.

“What the hell happened,” he asks himself, shutting the door to let his wife sleep.

Scene Three
Setting: Wild Night

Cory is behind the bar, taking a few notes of what he needs to order. He looks over and sees Cassie Nova sitting at a booth. Her striking red hair is hanging off her shoulders. A low cut tight white shirt is what grabs Cory’s attention. Cassie looks up and sees Cory looking at her. She flashes a quick smile, and shifts her eyes again.

Intrigued, Cory walks over. “Hey, I’m Cory,” he says offering his hand to her.

Cassie flips her hair behind her back, and smiles up to Cory. “Cassie Nova,” she smiles.

Cory sits down, in the booth. “May I?”

“I guess it’s too late to say no,” she laughs.

“Are you new in town? Forgive me, I own this place, and I’m pretty sure I’d remember a woman as beautiful as you in here before.”

Cassie blushes. “Yea, I’m new. I’m opening a restaurant on Sade Drive.”

“Oh, that’ll be great. I’ve been hoping someone would open there. You’ll make a killing once we have last night here.”

“I suppose,” she smiles.

“Well, I hope you enjoy your time in town. Come back around soon. You’ll meet a lot of the regulars in here,” Cory says after he spots Natasha enter the club.

“Thanks Cory. It was a pleasure to meet you,” she smiles.

Cory gets up and walks over to Natasha.

“Hey baby,” he says kissing her.

Cassie looks over her shoulder and sees the kiss. “Figures he’d be taken,” she says to herself.

Scene Four
Setting: Twin Peaks High School

Andy enters the high school. He looks around, as the “Welcome Back” banners are already up, despite school not starting for another couple weeks. He walks down the hall and realizes that he’s in his final year of high school. He’s a senior. He smiles at the thought of being ’in control’ of the school. He’s deep in thought, that he doesn’t see her standing there. He walks right into her, causing her to spill her water on her bright yellow dress.

“What are you doing?!” Trenyce yells. “Why aren’t you watching where you’re going?!”

Andy blushes. “I’m so sorry,” he says. “I just wasn’t looking.”

He bends down and picks up her book and pencil. He hands them to her, and looks into her eyes. He stops and admires her for a second. Trenyce’s big brown eyes, although they have a look of fierceness, are beautiful. The way her lips curl when she’s upset. His heart flutters for a moment.

“Hhhere you go,” he stutters out.

Trenyce grabs her book, “Thanks,” she spits and then continues to walk towards the office.

Andy, still in awe, quickly gets up and rushes to catch up to her. “I’m Andy, by the way,” he says.

Trenyce glares at him. “Good for Andy. You’re in my way,” she snaps, as he’s blocking her way into the office. “Do you mind? I’d like to register as quickly as possible. My afternoon is booked.”

Andy laughs. “What’s up with the attitude?”

Trenyce raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me? You’re the one running into me and ruining my dress. I have every right to have an attitude.”

“Well, can I at least walk to into the office?”

“Whatever,” Trenyce says.

Andy opens the door for her. As Trenyce enters, she quickly smiles to herself.

Scene Five
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo

Jason walks around the living room, his cast from his leg is off. He looks out the window and sees a man and a woman holding hands walking. He quickly turns around and shuts his eyes. The image comes back to him as soon as his eyelids shut. The image of a half dressed Shane and a naked Rebecca kissing in his office. Shane’s hand cupping her breast. Rebecca enjoying it. He opens his eyes and shakes his head.

‘How did this happen?’ he asks himself, trying to fight back some tears. He continues to stare at the wall, deep in thought.

Rebecca enters the living room and sees Jason staring at the wall. She walks up behind him, and puts her hand on his shoulder. “Jason?” she calls, wondering what’s going on his mind.

Jason shuts his eyes, and tries to gather his composure. Once again, he’s haunted by the images of the sex in the office. He opens his eyes and turns to Rebecca.

“Nothing, I’m fine...” he says coldly leaving the room.

Rebecca stands in the living room, feeling jolted. ‘What’s gotten into him?’ she wonders to herself, as she turns and studies the wall he was looking at. ‘Dear God...could he know about....?...no, it’s impossible,’ she thinks. ‘Isn’t it?’

Scene Six
Setting: The Victor’s House; Vinny and Meggan’s Home

Vinny enters the living room, and flips on the radio, before sitting down. A news bulletin comes over the airwaves about Noah’s hit and run accident. Vinny is stunned, and quickly gets up and shuts off the radio. He stares at the bar, and gets a nasty idea in his head.

‘It can’t be, could it?’ he thinks to himself as he walks back to the garage. He enters the garage and walks back to Meggan’s car. He looks again at the large dent on the hood, and again wonders if the story he heard on the radio could have happened because of Meggan.

‘She wasn’t drinking today....she wasn’t drinking today,’ he tells himself, walking back into the house.

He walks upstairs and enters his bedroom. Meggan is still crashed on the bed. He walks over to the bed and begins to shake her.

“Meggan! Wake up!” he says, shaking her.

Meggan moans and rolls over. She looks at Vinny, with her glossy red eyes. “What time is it?” she asks, quietly, trying to hide her eyes from the bright light.

“It’s mid afternoon,” Vinny said. “What happened Meggan?”

Meggan rolls back over. “Nothing happened. What are you talking about?” she says, attempting to go back to sleep.

Vinny turns his wife over, and grabs her arm. Meggan gets out of bed and walks behind Vinny, as he takes her downstairs into the garage.

“Look at the car,” Vinny says. “What happened?”

Meggan gets a look of shock over her face. “Oh my goodness, Vinny! What happened to the car?” Meggan says walking towards the car. She places her hand on the hood, and feels the dent on the car. She turns to Vinny, with tears in her eyes.

“You don’t remember what happened?” he asks her, moving towards her.

Meggan looks back at the car. She puts her head down, and turns and embraces her husband. “No,” she says, shedding some tears.

Vinny comforts his wife. “Everything will be fine,” he says.

Scene Seven
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; The ER

Jeff and Leah slowly walk up to the doorway. Shane stands in front of the door.

“Now please realize, he’s not the little boy you remember. There’s a lot of bruises and scraps,” Shane cautions the parents.

Leah wipes another tear, as Shane opens the door. Leah moves takes a step and stands in the doorway. Jeff emerges behind her, and puts his hands on her shoulders. “Are you alright?” he asks her slowly.

Leah looks up at him. “He....looks...so helpless,” she cries.

“He’s being strong. Come on, let’s go sit by him. He needs to know we are here for him,” Jeff says.

They walk slowly into the room, and Leah sits next to Noah, and takes his hand. She slowly kisses his hand. Jeff stands over his son, and fixes his hair a little.

“Your hair was a little messy, buddy,” Jeff says to his son. “Just wanted to fixed it for you,” he says trying to fight his tears.

“We love you Noah. And you’ll be fine,” Leah says. “We are here, if you need us.”

“Don’t be afraid buddy, like your Mommy said, we won’t leave you.”

Suddenly Noah’s monitor’s start making a beeping noise. The young boy’s body starts shaking. Shane and two nurses enter.

“He’s going into shock, Doctor,” a nurse says.

Shane looks at the monitor, and turns around “You guys need to leave, now,” Shane instructs Leah and Jeff.

Leah becomes hysterical. “What’s going on? Shane!” Jeff pulls Leah out. A nurse shuts the door. Leah and Jeff stand at the window watching Shane try to help Noah.

Suddenly his heart monitor flat lines.

Leah and Jeff watch, helplessly. Jeff starts crying. Leah stops crying, in shock of what’s happening. Shane looks over at the parents through the window. He turns back and records the time of death. Leah sees the nurse slowly pull a sheet over Noah. “No!” she cries, falling to her knees in tears. Jeff moves down with Leah, holding her as they cry together.

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