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Previously on One Day at a Time
-Meggan was about to Jeff that she is pregnant when he revealed that he and Leah were going to make their marriage work. Devastated, Meggan threw Jeff out, having not hold him about the baby
-Trenyce remained at odds with Chris after finding him in bed with Helen
-Bob agreed to Kim's suggestion of hiring Tyler. Tyler, meanwhile came up with an idea of a real-life Big Brother concept for Roboto
-Vinny offered to help Daisy with work since it was an election year, but longed for his marriage to be solid again
-Natasha vowed to prove that Cassie was using Shane. Cassie, meanwhile, decided to throw a birthday party for Shane
-Max learned that Adam was impotent and told Robin that he could be her man
-Craig saw Lukas and Andy together and assumed that they were a couple now, unaware that Andy told Lukas that they couldn't be together because he wasn't ready for a relationship because of Reese

Cassie's Office

Natasha slowly walks up the stairs towards Cassie's office knowing that she has to get to the truth one way or the other about Cassie's relationship with Shane. For weeks now, Natasha has been convinced that Cassie is only using her ex-husband to get back at her; Natasha knows that she and Cassie will never be the best of friends because of their sorted past together and this is exactly the type of stunt that Cassie would do to get back at her. Natasha just wishes that Shane would realize that Cassie is using him so he could throw her out of his life for good.

As she reaches the door to Cassie's office, Natasha braces herself for what will be another heated confrontation. "I have to get to the truth," she whispers to herself. "I know that Cory wants me to focus on other things right now, like adopting a baby, but I can't let Cassie Nova come back into lives and ruin them. I refuse to let that happen."

She pulls out her cell phone from her pocket quickly before putting it back in her jacket and then she opens the door. She immediately sees Cassie sitting behind her desk, reviewing some patient's files.

"We need to talk and it can't wait," Natasha announces as she slams the door behind her.

Cassie looks up from her files and looks at her rival. "I just saw you at the coffeehouse and I told you that I was busy. I wasn't lying," Cassie scoffs at her, unamused by Natasha's constant interferring. "Please see yourself out, Natasha."

"No," Natasha moves closer to the desk where Cassie is sitting. "We are going to get something straight, and I'm not leaving until we do."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"You're back just as I'm leaving," Victoria smirks to Shane, as she walks past his office but stops at his doorway as she sees him getting ready for his shift.

"My last overnight shift," he turns to his friend. "I'm glad it's over. They really are the worst."

"I know," Victoria nods her head. "I guess we are on the same schedule next week then."

"That'll be nice, hey?" He asks her. "How was your shift today?"

"Uneventful, which are the best kinds of shifts. How are you? How was your day?"

He looks back at his friend, whom he kissed on New Years Eve with warmth in his eyes. He knows that they agreed that the kiss was a mistake, but he can't help but enjoy the time he has been spending with Victoria lately.

"It was okay," he tells her. "I met Cassie after work and then went home to sleep."

"Ah," Victoria uneasily nods her head back to him. "How is Cassie?"

"She's good," he replies to her. "Things with us are going well. She has changed since she was in town last. I really believe that. She's actually throwing me a birthday party."

"What? Really?" Victoria asks him in surprise. "You've never been one to make a big deal about your birthday. When we were married, you would never let me make a fuss over it."

Shane chuckles back to her. "I know," he waves back to her. "Cassie wouldn't let it go, so I just decided to agree."

"I know you think things are going well and I don't want to rain on your parade," she tells him.

"But?" He asks her knowing that something is coming.

"But," Victoria smiles back to him. "I just want you to be careful with Cassie Nova. After everything that woman has done to you and your family, you have to keep your guard up."

Shane uneasily nods back to her. "Thanks, I appreciate your concern, but I think we are good."

"I'll always be concerned," Victoria locks eyes with him. "Because, I care about you."

"I know, I care about you too."

"Then, please, be careful."

The Pampa Grill

"I know it's not my place to say anything," Brad tells Meggan as they sit across from one another at a table in the restaurant, recalling how they were going to have lunch together but they were interrupted by the arrival of Jeff. Brad quickly left Meggan's office shortly after, but he is dying to know what happened and what the connection is between Jeff and Meggan. "But, things seems ... I don't know, tense, between you and Jeff earlier. Is everything okay?"

Meggan uneasily looks back at him before taking a sip of her sparkling water. She knows that right before Jeff arrived, Brad had encouraged her to come clean to the father of her baby; she had intentions of telling Jeff the truth about the pregnancy but he revealed that Leah decided she wanted to be with him and not Robbie. Devastated by his admission, Meggan didn't tell him that she was carrying his child.

"Things are fine," she lies to him. "The fact of the matter is, Jeff and I have a complicated history."

Brad uneasily looks back at her as he takes a sip of his beer. "I think I know what that means."

Meggan arches her eyebrow back at him. "And that would be?"

"He's the father of your baby, isn't he?" Brad asks her. "I can tell by the look on your face that I'm right. Did you tell him about the child?"

Meggan feels her eyes swell with water. "No," she replies to him quickly. "And, he can never know. Jeff can never know that I'm carrying his child."

"Why do you say that?" Brad asks her out of concern. "He has a right to know."

"It's a long story," Meggan says back to him. "And, if you're willing to listen, I'll tell you everything."

"Of course," Brad reaches over and grabs her hand. "I'm all ears. What's going on?"


At another table, Kim and Andy sit across from one another enjoying one another's company. The two siblings haven't seen one another in a couple of weeks, so they are enjoying getting caught up.

"I can't believe that Bob agreed to hire Tyler," Andy tells his sister as he takes a sip of his tea. "That seems like a big step."

"It's like I told Tyler when I offered him the job," Kim replies to him. "Bob and I are in a very good place. There's nothing that we wouldn't do for one another."

"You don't know how happy I am to hear that," Andy informs her. "It wasn't long ago that I was telling Bob not to hurt you again or he would answer to me."

"I appreciate your support," Kim purses her lips together. "I know the last couple of years have been difficult, but like I said, Bob and I are in a really solid place."

"Does that mean marriage is in the works for you? I know the divorce went through after Blake's death last year."

"I don't know," Kim admits to him. "I'm just trying to take things one day at a time. If Bob asks me to marry him, I'll certain think of it as an option if and when that time comes. Anyways, what's going on with you? Please tell me you've finally gotten a man in your life!"

Andy chuckles before he takes a sip of his tea as he thinks about his night of passion with Lukas; in the morning, however, he told Lukas that they couldn't have anything more serious because he was still unsure of he felt because of Reese.

"I don't know, Kim," he replies to her. "Even if there was someone, I still have all of these unresolved feelings and issues because of Reese."

"Oh Andy," Kim reaches over and grabs his hand. "You know that he would only want you to be happy."

"I know!" Andy stops himself from shouting. "If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that, but the fact is, only I know what it is like to lose my husband. And only I have these feelings."

"That's completely fair," Kim looks him back in the eyes. "But, don't let Reese hold you back. You deserve happiness; you should have a happy life."

Andy nods back to her. "Thanks, it's just about getting my head wrapped around that, I guess."


"I'm glad I ran into you," Tyler announces to Daisy as he approaches her while she is sitting at the bar alone. Daisy looks back at Tyler and her mind immediately goes back to the night that she and Tyler were thin close to making love. She knows that she stopped it before the act actually happened, but if she is honest, she hasn't been able to get it out of her mind. But, she has to because she is married to Vinny.

"Are you?" She asks him as she takes a sip of her wine. "I'm not sure that we should be seen together in public."

Tyler chuckles back to her. "We haven't seen one another in weeks," he reminds her. "And besides, no one knows how close we've become. They would just think that we ran into one another."

Daisy purses her lips together. "What is it, Tyler? Why are you glad that you ran into me?"

Tyler sighs as he looks at her before he touches her hand. "I miss you," he admits to her. "I know that I shouldn't say that. We almost crossed a line that we shouldn't have crossed, but my God, Daisy, you made me feel alive again when I was only feeling dead. I don't know if I can tell you what that means to me."

"We were both grieving; you your son and me, my mother. We were caught up in something we shouldn't have been."

"No," Tyler shakes his head at her. "You know that it was more than that. It still is."

Daisy looks up at him and their eyes lock. "What do you mean? What are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying," he continues to look in her to her eyes. "I'm falling for you. These last weeks that we haven't seen one another, they've been torture for me. We need to see one another again."

"Tyler, I'm married!"

"You were married the night we almost made love," he reminds her. "Please, Daisy. I'm not asking for an affair. I'm asking for us to spend time together. Can we please have drinks and just talk? I miss you. I think if you ask yourself, you'll realize that you miss me too."

Daisy sighs and takes another sip of her wine. "I do miss you," she admits to him. "But don't let that go to your head."

Tyler grins back to her. "Come to my place? Tomorrow night?"

"How is 8?"

"Perfect," he winks back to her. "I'm looking forward to it."

Bruno's Gym

Vinny moves over to the punching bag while adjusting his boxing gloves. He came to the gym to blow off some steam; he recalls how he was at City Hall with Daisy, desperately trying to get back into wife's good graces when she told him that they need to focus on work right now because it is an election year in Twin Peaks. He understands that Daisy wants to win the election again this year, but he just wishes that she would open back up to him and their marriage; they haven't made love in months and to him, that is unacceptable.

He shakes his head, looking forward to the work out but when he looks at the punching bag he sees Chris there, taking jabs. He watches Chris for a moment before he moves put to the punching bag.

"Looks like we had the same idea," Vinny tells him.

Chris keeps swiping at the bag before he replies. "This is the best work out," he tells him in between punches. "Although, I don't think I've seen you here before."

"I usually work out at home," Vinny takes a swig of his water. "But, I wanted to be out of the house."

The comment makes Chris stop punching. He grabs the swinging back and looks back at Vinny. "Is everything okay with you and Daisy?"

"Honestly?" Vinny asks him as Chris nods to him. "No, and they haven't been okay since Jemma died. See, Daisy blames me for her death because I'm the one who went into Jemma's hotel room and found the clothing that proved she killed Frederick."

"Why would Daisy blame you for her death? Jemma was already in the hospital from the accident in the ice storm. It doesn't make sense."

"I've tried to tell her that," Vinny admits to him. "I think everything just happened so quickly, you know? She found out Jemma was her mother and that Frederick raped Jemma and then both Frederick and Jemma died. Daisy never really had any time to process anything. So, she's just lashing out at me because I found out that Jemma killed Frederick."

"That's rough man, I'm sorry."

Vinny shrugs his shoulders. "I'm trying to make it up to her the best I can," he tells her. "Do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Of course, what's on your mind?" Chris asks him.

"Did anything like this happen with you and Dais when you were married?"

Chris immediately shakes his head. "No, not even close. I mean, you really can't compare. The entire time Daisy and I were married, I was being a player and I cheated on her. Daisy was never one to push me away for any reason other than one that I deserved."

Vinny uneasily nods back to him. "Thanks for being honest with me. I'll keep trying to get through to her."

"Yea," Chris nods back to him. "Daisy is a woman worth fighting for. Don't give up."

"I won't, I believe me, I won't lose my wife over this. I refuse to."

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

Max looks over the latest test shots that he completed for an upcoming ad. He sets the proofs down and thinks back to how he saw Robin in the park earlier in the day and he asked her if he could be the man for her since Adam can't; he has realized that Adam probably hasn't told her that he has a medical condition that is preventing him from being a man for her, but he still had to tell her that he could be a man for her in ways that his father never could. He only hopes that Robin listens to him and takes him up on his offer. He wants nothing more than to be with Robin in every way possible.

He looks over at the door to the studio and immediately gets a grin on his face when Robin comes walks in. "Hey," he says to her. "I wasn't expecting to see you so soon since our run in at the park. How are things at the hospital? You were headed there when we spoke."

"I didn't make it to the hospital," she admits to him as she moves a piece of hair behind her ear. "I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation."

"Really?" Max asks her, trying not to get to excited. "Does that mean you've thought about what I said?"

"I have," Robin nods back to him. "And, you have to know Max, that I'm very flattered about how you feel about me."

"Any guy in his right mind would feel that way about you, Robin. You're so beautiful. I'm so glad that you realize that I could be the guy for you. I can be the man that Adam can't be."

Robin shakes her head back to him. "I don't think you understand," she tells him. "I'm telling you that I'm flattered, but nothing more than friendship will ever happen between us. Ever, Max."

Max looks back at her dumbfounded and gulps hard. "I don't understand."

"I know that you have feelings for me," she replies to him. "And, it's very sweet. But, I don't see you that way. And, I never will."

"Wow, really?"

"Really," she tells him. "Look, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I have to be honest with you. We will never be more than friends. Even if Adam wasn't, and isn't, in the picture, you will never be with me in that way. Okay?"

Max gulps hard again. "Yea, okay," he tells her, trying not to sound disappointed but he is clearly heartbroken. He really thought that he would have his chance with Robin now that he knew Adam was impotent. "I guess I have to deal with these feelings in a different way."

"That would be good," she nods back to him. "Because, you're not to kiss me anymore. You're not to come on to me anymore. You're not to be anything but a friend. Because, if you don't, you won't have job here anymore. Is that understood?"

Max continues to be floored by what Robin is telling him. "Yes, of course. I'm sorry if I over stepped."

"It is fine, just don't let it happen again," Robin smiles back to him, as Max's blood boils. "I'm glad we had this talk, Max."

"Yea, Me too," he lies to her. "Me too."

Twin Peaks Police Station

Dominick uneasily moves inside the police station, dreading the conversation he is about to have with Simona Lopez. He knows that he hasn't been very co-operative with her since the fire at the boutique but that is because he refuses to believe that Felicia could actually be responsive for the blaze. Even though the evidence, Felicia being off her medication and her saying that she started the first, points to her, Dominick believes that she is innocent. He just can't imagine his ex-wife starting fire, despite everything that was going on with the family at the time.

"Mr. Robertson," Simona walks out of her office and shakes Dominick's hand. "I'm glad that you could make it. I wasn't sure you'd come after we saw each other at the hospital earlier today."

"I know, and I suppose I should I apologize," he admits to her. "You have to understand that this is all very difficult for my family and me."

"I can only imagine what this ordeal has done to you and your family," Simona replies to him. "How about you come into my office and we can discuss things?"

Dominick nods back to her and he follows her into her office. He takes a seat while she shuts the door and then moves to her chair. "I spoke to the DA regarding the fire," she reveals to him. "Because, we both realize that if Felicia is the culprit, and it appears as though she is by her admission, that she was not in the right state of mind when she started the fire."

"I appreciate that," Dominick replies to her. "Because, she was off her medication. She has a long know, sorted history of mental illness."

"That's why we are willing to drop all the charges and not pursue this," she reveals to him.

"There has to be a catch," Dominick says back to her. "What do we have to do to make this go away?"

"It is very simple, Mr. Robertson, this can all go away, but Felicia, she has to be committed to Raven's Meadow."

"A mental hospital?" Dominick gasps.

"Those are the terms, Mr. Robertson. Take it or leave it. It's completely up to you."

"And, if I refuse?"

"Then we will seek every legal action we can against Felicia," Simona replies to him. "I don't need an answer right now, but I will need one soon. So, think it over and discuss with your family. But, I need to know sooner rather than later."

"Thank you," Dominick stands up and buttons up his jacket. "I'll discuss and get back to you."

The Pampa Grill

Andy finishes his sparkling water and gets up from his table to leave the restaurant. Kim has already departed as she had a meeting at Roboto that she couldn't miss, so Andy is now on his way over to the Twin Peaks Sun, where he will start working on his article for the tomorrow's edition of the paper.

As he moves towards the exit door, he can't help but see Lukas come into the restaurant. Immediately, Andy recalls how he and Lukas had breakfast together and he told his new lover that their night together might not happen again because of his unresolved feelings for Reese. Lukas seemingly understood, but Andy knows that Lukas was hoping for more from their night of passion.

"Andy, hey," Lukas calls out, as Andy was hoping to walk by without any fanfare. "I'm glad I ran into you."

"Lukas, hi," Andy says, forcing a smile on his face. "Sorry, I didn't see you. I was on my way to work."

"Do you have time to have a quick chat?" Lukas asks him. "I wanted to talk to you about our breakfast together."

"What about it?" Andy asks him back.

"Were you sure about what you said? You don't know if we can ever have a future together?"

Andy nods back to him. "I know it was jarring to hear, but yes I meant it. I just saw my sister, and she told me the same thing that you did; Reese would want me to be happy. But the fact is, I still have to wrap my head around moving on with someone other than my husband. I owe it to myself, and to Reese to do that before i jump into anything more."

Lukas uneasily smiles back to him. "Yea, I figured you'd say something like that," he tells him. "For what it's worth, I think you're a very brace and courageous man for everything you've been through. And, I respect your decision."

"Thanks," Andy smiles back to him. "Because, above all else, I'd hope we could still be friends."

"Of course," Lukas says as he pulls Andy into a hug. "We will always be friends."

The Sugarbowl

Craig moves into the coffeehouse trying to escape the cool winter air from outside. As soon as he has placed his order, he can't help but notice Donovan sitting at the back booth alone. His mind immediately recalls how after they had sex on New Year's Eve, Donovan told Craig that they couldn't have anything more because Donovan still has feelings for Lukas. Craig, of course, was upset by the reaction but later saw Lukas and Andy holding hands. Craig, also remembering Andy telling him that he and Lukas had shared a few kisses, now believes that two are seeing one another, which means, Donovan could be open to the idea of them being a couple.

Craig grabs his coffee from the barista moves to the bar to put some cream and sugar in it. He then moves to the back booth and looks at Donovan. "Is this seat taken?'

Donovan looks up from scrolling Twitter on his phone and shakes his head. "I'm surprised you'd want to see me again," he admits to Craig, who sits across from him. "After how I acted after New Years."

"Nah, it's fine," Craig replies to him. "I knew showing up at your place that night that you still had feelings for Lukas. I guess I had hoped, though, that after our amazing night, you'd forgotten all about him."

Donovan can't help but smirk. "It was fun, I can't deny it," he replies to Craig. "But, I can't change how my heart feels."

"Maybe it will after what I have to tell you."

Donovan arches his eyebrow and looks back at Craig with intent. "What do you mean? What do you have to tell me?"

"I think Lukas has moved on," Craig informs him. "In fact, I'm almost positive of it."

Donovan uneasily smiles back to him, knowing that Lukas has made it clear to him that they will never be together, but moving on? Donovan still was holding out hope that they would end up together at some point.

"What do you mean?"

"Before New Years, I ran into Andy," Craig explains to him. "He told me that he and Lukas had kissed a few times."

"Really?" Donovan asks as his eyes open wider in surprise.

"I was surprised too," Craig continues to tell him. "But, after I left your place New Years Day, I saw Lukas and Andy having breakfast together. And, they were holding hands. So, it seems like Lukas has moved on ... with Andy."

Donovan looks back, trying to take it all in. "I don't know what to say."

"I don't think you have to say anything," Craig replies to him. "I think you should realize, though, that we could still be something great together. Lukas has moved on, there's no reason that you can't."

Donovan uneasily smiles back to him. "Yea, I guess so."

The Pampa Grill

"How long have you been at this bar?" Trenyce asks her Aunt as she grabs a seat next to Daisy, who is on her third glass of red wine, who is still at the bar at the restaurant.

"Why do you ask?" Daisy asks her back, as Trenyce orders a glass of wine herself.

"Because, I've been calling your office for almost an hour."

Daisy chuckles back to her. "I know, I have a ton of work to do, but somehow this bar seems like the place I need to be."

"What is it, Daisy? What's wrong?"

"It's nothing new," Daisy replies to her, waving her hand in the air. "I don't want to talk about it. What is going on with you?"

Trenyce sighs as she takes a sip of her wine, trying to think about how cold she has been to Chris since she caught him in bed with Helen. She still can't believe that she believed him when he said he was going to dump her so they could be together. She has always known that Chris was a player, and once again she got burned.

"You're not saying anything," Daisy interrupts her train of thought. "You still haven't forgave Chris, have you?."

Trenyce chuckles out loud. "I should have known better than to believe anything Chris Michaels had to say," Trenyce tells her. "He played me for a fool, again, and I don't know that there is anything that he can to do to make me forgive him."

"You really cared for him, huh?"

Trenyce takes another sip of her wine. "Cared, being past tense. I don't have the time of day for that man anymore."

"If that was true," Daisy tells her. "You wouldn't be so upset at the mention of his name. Oh, Trenyce, isn't there any way you can find it in your heart to forgive him? You could be missing out on so much happiness."

"Happiness?" She laughs back to Daisy. "With that cheating bastard? No, Daisy, I will never forgive him. Not as long as I am breathing."

Roboto; Bob's Office

"So, there you have it, there is Tyler's idea," Kim finishes relaying Tyler's initial idea for a real life Big Brother type of scenario with Roboto this summer. "He would have wanted to be here, but because of the hesitation with the hiring, I thought I should pitch the idea and then if you approve it, we can move forward with Tyler involved in all meetings going forward."

Bob sits in his desk and thinks about the pitch: a new line, aimed at a younger generation, and during the summer a live-action house where the models can be seen using and enjoying the products. If he had any worry or hesitation about hiring Tyler before, this settles it.

"You're not saying anything," Kim replies to her husband, who continues to sit in his chair. "What are you thinking?"

"To be honest with you," Bob sits up in his chair. "I actually like the idea. I think there are few changes that need to be named, mainly the name. There's no way we can call something TeenLand, I mean we want more than just teenagers to use the products. We should be looking to cater to the younger generation, but that includes 20 something year olds. But, I like the concept of the Big Brother type of house."

"Really? Tyler will be thrilled that you approve," Kim smiles back to him. "I know you were worried about this, but this has to prove that he is here to work. He isn't trying to ruin anything we have going here."

"I'm beginning to think you're right, Kimberly," Bob nods back to her. "And, now that I think about, Tyler working here could be my greatest asset yet."

Cassie's Office

"Say what you have to say and get out," Cassie spits back to Natasha, who is hovering over her desk looking at her rival.

Natasha rolls her eyes. "I know you're using Shane to get back to me. This is typical Cassie Nova; you only want to get back at me because you have some sick kind of obsession with me!"

Cassie laughs in her face. "You think everything revolves around you, don't you?" she taunts her. "You just can't handle the fact that you lost Shane all on your own. And, despite you being married to another man, you can't handle that Shane might want me for me."

"I don't know what Shane wants," Natasha replies to her. "But, I do know that you're only there because of my reaction."

"Then stop reacting?" Cassie laughs at her. "You're so stupid. If you wouldn't give a damn, none of this would be happening! But you can't help yourself. You say I'm obsessed with you, but really, it's the other way around. You're obsessed with me."

"Shut up," Natasha tells her.

"See, just the thought of Shane being with me, wrapping his arms around, kissing me, makes you sick."

"You're evil!"

Cassie laughs back at her. "Because we are alone, I'll confess, I am with Shane to make you squirm. And guess what, it's working. Because, you are never content with what you have. You had Shane, and what did you do? Slept with Adam. You're with Cory, and who are you obsessing about? Shane. You're a whore!"

"I'm done here," Natasha spits back to her. "I'll see myself out."

"Please do," Cassie yells at her as Natasha walks to the door. "And, do me a favour and don't come back!"

Natasha slams the office door closed behind her. Once she is alone, she pulls out her phone, which was recoding the conversation. A sly grin comes over Natasha's face. "Gotcha, bitch."

The Pampa Grill

Brad takes another sip of his beer as he finishes listening to Meggan relay the sorted history between Jeff, Leah, Robbie and herself. He can't believe everything that has happened; so, he now understands why she is so apprehensive to tell Jeff that he is the father of the baby.

"That is some story," he admits to her, taking another drink of his beer. "I get why you're worried. Jeff and gone back and forth so many times."

"Exactly," Meggan tells him. "And, I don't want this baby to cause him to come back to me out of guilt. I have way to much pride for that."

"So, the question still remains, what are you going to do? You can only hide the fact that you're pregnant for so long before everyone will start to notice."

Meggan uneasily nods back to him. "I know, and I've been thinking about that."

"What are you going to do?"

Meggan looks back at him with intent. "Do you want to be a father?" She asks him as he looks at her in surprise. "Be the father of my baby?"

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