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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Craig told Donovan that Andy and Lukas were a couple after he spotted the two guys sharing a close moment after New Years
- Meggan was thrilled when Brad agreed to pretend to the her unborn child's father
- Dawn agreed to give her baby up for adoption but realized she had to tell her family about the pregnancy
- Tyler and Daisy kissed while Vinny wondered about his wife's whereabouts as she was late to the birthday party
- Natasha vowed to expose Cassie at Shane's birthday party

Twin Peaks Sun; Andy's Office

Andy sits at his desk typing furiously into his keyboard as he is trying to finish his article for the morning edition of the newspaper. As he types, however, he can't help but think about his situation with Lukas and how he slept with him on New Year's Eve. The fact of being with another man, for the first time since Reese passed away, really stirred up feelings for Andy and his deceased husband. Andy knows that Reese would want him to be happy but a part of him feels like he has betrayed Reese. Not sure how to handle the feelings in his heart, he told Lukas that they couldn't be anything more than friends. Andy could tell that Lukas was upset but the last thing that Andy wanted to do was lead him on.

"I thought I'd find you here," a voice calls out from the doorway of Andy's office. Andy looks up and sees Craig standing there holding a coffee from the Sugarbowl. "I brought you a coffee; when I saw your office light on I suspected you might be here for a while."

"You're a life saver," Andy stands up and moves up to his friend. "Thanks. My article is taking longer than I had hoped and I only have an hour before we go to press."

"I won't keep you long then," Craig replies to him. "I was mostly just saying hi since I haven't seen you lately."

"Yea, I know. Been busy I guess. How've you been?"

Craig shrugs his shoulders, still upset that Donovan told him that their night together was a mistake because Donovan still has feelings for Lukas. Shortly after, however, Craig spotted Andy and Lukas together and revealed to Donovan that Lukas had moved on with the man standing in front of Craig. He hopes that it will make Donovan realize that he can move on.

"I'd be better if I could settle down with a guy," Craig admits to him. "I feel like I'm ready for a relationship but I keep hitting roadblocks."

"You know what I think?" Andy asks him back. "It will happen for you when it is time for it to happen. Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it."

"Are you talking from experience?" Craig slyly grins back at him, thinking about seeing Andy and Lukas together.

Andy shakes his head no. "Not currently, no. In fact, I'm hoping that the new year will finally allow Donovan and Lukas to get together. It seems like they should be together, don't you think?"

Craig's eyes open wider in surprise. "I thought…"

Andy arches his eyebrow wondering what Craig is so surprised about. "What is it? Why do you look like you've been sucker punched?"

Craig shakes his head. "Never mind," he waves his hand in the air, realizing that he was wrong about Andy's relationship with Lukas. "I'll let you get back to your article."

"Thanks again for the coffee," Andy tells Craig, who quickly leaves the office, leaving Andy wondering what got into Craig.

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"I'm surprised you left Shane's birthday party so early," Meggan tells Lukas as she comes into the living room and sees her brother pouring himself a scotch at the bar.

Lukas turns around and recalls how he was at the party but he saw Donovan and wanted to leave. The last thing he wanted to do was get into another fight with him over why they are over; surprisingly, however, Donovan was civil with him. Lukas hopes that they can continue to be civil going forward because it would make their lives a lot easier.

"I wasn't feeling it," he replies to his sister before he takes a sip of his scotch. "Besides, I'm not exactly close to Shane or Cassie."

"That's fair," Meggan nods back to him as she moves to the bar and pours herself a sparkling water.

"How come you didn't go to the party?"

Meggan finishes taking a sip of her water before she looks back at her brother. "I'm not in the party mood, besides I have a busy day tomorrow. Did you see Daisy and Vinny there? I think they were going."

"I saw Vinny but not Daisy," Lukas coldly replies to her.

"Oh Lukas, come on," Meggan tries to laugh with him. "You couldn't possibly stay angry with Daisy forever. She is, after all, our family."

Lukas rolls his eyes back to her. "I guess," he sniffs. "I just don't think I will ever be close to her. And, who can blame me? It's not like we grew up together. It's not like we will ever be family with her."

"We could be," Meggan tells him. "We just have to try. Could you try, for me?"

"Ugh," he groans as he walks up to her and pulls her into a hug. "You know I can't say no to you."

Meggan smiles as he holds her in his arms. "It's for our family," she tells him.

"I'll try, but I can't make any promises."

The Sugarbowl

Brad waits for his latte to come up from the barista. He thought he would grab a warm drink before heading home for the night; his mind is still racing knowing that he agreed to pretend to the father of Meggan's unborn child. He was taken aback when she asked him but after he thought about it, he realized that it would be the perfect way to show Meggan how much he actually cares about her. He still hopes that maybe one day Meggan will feel the same way about him; that is something he has always hoped for.

He turns around from the bar and sees Cheresa sitting at the window seat with a hot chocolate. He walks towards his adoptive sister.

"We are running into each other pretty often these days," Brad announces to her, causing Cheresa to look up from her phone.

Cheresa smiles at the sight of her brother, happy to have a distraction from thinking about Dawn. She was with her friend earlier when she agreed to give her unborn child up for adoption. Dawn then announced that she had to go and tell her family what was going on with her. "Hey you, sit with me for a moment?"

Brad sits next to her and then takes a sip of his latte. "Are you okay? You seem distracted by something."

"It's nothing," Cheresa tells him. "Just thinking about one of my friends, who is going through a difficult time."

"You're so sweet," Brad smiles back to her. "I guess while I'm here with you, I can tell you some news that I have."

Cheresa arches her eyebrow back to her brother. "What's up?"

"I'm going to be a father," he shocks her by revealing.

"Are you kidding me right now?" she asks him as he shakes his head no. She jumps out of her chair and hugs her brother. "This is amazing. Congratulations!"

"Thanks," he chuckles back to her. "You're the first person I've told."

"Mom and Dad are going to flip," Cheresa says as they exit their embrace. "Actually, I want to be there when you tell them."

Brad laughs back to her. "It won't be that bad."

"No, it'll be entertaining," she says as she finishes her hot chocolate. "Come on, let's go."

"Where are we going?" he asks her, as he stands up.

"Home, I want to be there when you tell Mom and Dad the news."

The Black House; Helen, Barbara & Dawn's Home

"Well, I won't keep you two any longer," Adam stands up from the sofa and prepares to leave Helen and Barbara for the evening. He had stopped by to welcome Barbara home from jail, which he has now done so he should be on his way. He moves to the foyer to grab his jacket, he can't help but feel happy about how close his family seemingly is now. After everything they've been through the last couple of years, he couldn't be happier that they are coming together.

"It was nice of you to stop by," Barbara tells him as she and Helen follow Adam into the foyer.

"I agree with my mother," Helen purses her lips together. "Next time, we'll just need Dawn here and the family will be complete."

"We should plan a family dinner or something soon," Adam nods back to them. "I'll call you tomorrow to arrange it?"

"That sounds perfect," Helen says back to him.

Just as Adam opens the door, he sees Dawn standing on the other side about to ring the doorbell. "Dawn," Adam says in surprise. "I was just leaving. What are you doing here so late?"

Dawn moves into the house and is stunned to see Barbara standing there. "Grandma?" she asks as she rushes into her arms. "I can't believe you're out of jail. How did this happen? When did this happen?"

"It just happened tonight by darling," Barbara holds her. "Your father was just here welcoming me home."

Dawn exits their embrace and feels her eyes swell with water. "I can't believe that you're finally free. You have no idea how worried I've been about you."

Barbara shakes her head back to her. "Don't you worry about me," she whispers back to Dawn. "I owe you such a big apology."

Dawn shakes her head in confusion. "An apology? For what?"

Barbara bites her lower lip as she tries to prevent herself from crying. "It was me who sent you to that damn Bible camp. If I hadn't…"

"Mom, it's okay," Helen tries to tell her.

"No, it's not okay!" Barbara snaps at her before looking at Dawn. "You'll never know how sorry I am."

"It's fine," Dawn hugs her again. "I'm just glad that you're okay."

"Maybe now we can all start to put this nightmare behind us," Adam says, coming up behind his daughter. "I think that's what's best, don't you?"

Dawn exists her embrace from Barbara and looks at them, gulping hard in the process. "That's just it," she whispers back to them. "This nightmare, it's not over. And, you'll all realize that once I finish telling you what I have to say."

Tyler's Townhouse

The kiss between Tyler and Daisy continues as they sit on the sofa in Tyler's living room. Tyler wraps his hand around Daisy's head and draws her in deeper to his mouth. Daisy finally uses her hands to push Tyler off her, but when they part they look at one another with lust in their eyes.

"Tyler," she tries to catch her breath and control her heart rate. "We can't do this."

She stands up from the sofa and quickly runs her hand through her hair. He stands up and moves up behind her. "I'm sorry," he whispers into her ear. "I know that you're married. I never meant to pressure you."

She turns to face him and their eyes lock again. "You're not pressuring me. It's just…"

"I get it," he tells her. "But, I think you have to admit to yourself that there is something between us. Something very powerful."

"There can't be," she shakes her head. "I am married to Vinny, and I love him."

"Then why do you want me so badly?" he asks her as he grabs her hand and kisses it. They lock eyes again and he leans in and kisses her. They part ways again. "If you want me to stop, I will."

"That's just it," she licks her lips. "I don't want you to stop. I want you so badly, Tyler."

He kisses her again and rips open her blouse, exposing her black lace bra. "Make love to me," she moans as he starts to kiss her neck and they move back to the sofa, Tyler crawling on top of her as she continues to moan in delight.

The Pampa Grill

"Still no word from Daisy?" Trenyce asks Vinny, who puts his phone back into his pocket as he still doesn't have a message from his wife advising where she is. Trenyce can tell that he is worried about Daisy because it is so unlike her to be this late without communicating.

"No," Vinny sighs back to her. "And you know what? I'm really tired of this shit."

Trenyce looks over uneasily as Chris approaches them. "Am I interrupting something?" Chris asks the two of them.

"Daisy is running late and she hasn't called or texted about her whereabouts," Trenyce slowly tells Chris, trying to suggest to him that Vinny is upset.

"You know this is more than Daisy being late," Vinny snaps at them. "She's blamed me for months for Jemma's death, which is insane. It's like she blames me for every fucking thing wrong in her life and I can't take it anymore!"

"I know you don't want to hear this," Chris looks at him. "But try to stay calm. It's not like Daisy to be late for anything. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation."

"That's exactly what I was trying to tell him," Trenyce nods back to him. "We have to believe that there is a reason for her being late."

"I'm sorry," Vinny puts his hands up in the air. "I'm frustrated and I'm taking it out on you two, which isn't fair. If you excuse me, I'm going to go get some air."

They watch Vinny walk away before looking back at one another. "I hope Daisy knows what she's doing," he tells Trenyce. "If she's not careful, she could be throwing away a man who loves her."

"I'm sure my Aunt knows exactly what she is doing," Trenyce snaps at her, as Paige comes up behind the two of them. Paige doesn't mean to overhear their conversation, but she can't help it.

"Some things are unforgivable, and maybe Daisy thinks some of Vinny's actions are just that."

"Are you talking in code now?"

"If you think I will ever forgive you for sleeping with Helen behind my back, you're dead wrong," she spits at him.

"I've told you that I can't remember what happened," Chris tries to her as Paige arches her eyebrow before scurring off. "I'd wish you listen to me."

"I don't care what you've told me," Trenyce looks at him with intent. "I will not move past this. You won't get away with hurting me. Not again."


"There you are," Cassie pulls Shane into her and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. "Are you having fun?"

"I'm having such a good time," Shane nods back to her. "Thanks again for putting at all this together. I'm usually not a big birthday person, but I have to admit, this has been fun."

Cassie chuckles back to him. "See, you have to listen to me more often."

"I do, I do," Shane laughs back to her before he leans in and kisses her. "Seriously, thank you," he says looking into her eyes.

"You're welcome," she purses her lips together. "And, the evening isn't over. In fact, I think it's time for cake!"

"Cake? No, I couldn't!"

"You are and you will!"

"Ladies and gentlemen," Cassie calls out to everyone as she moves to the center of the restaurant. "If I could have your attention please, it's time for cake! But, before Shane cuts the cake, we should all sing to him! Everyone get ready, on the count of three, we'll start singing, okay? 1….2…3…"

The crowd starts to sing "Happy Birthday" to Shane, as a large cake emerges from the kitchen. Shane feels his cheeks flush, not used to the attention.

"You're not singing," Cory pokes Natasha, as they stand in the corner. He can tell that she is upset by what is unfolding at the party. He wishes he knew why she has put herself through attending the party in the first place. "Do you want to leave? We seemed to stop having fun a while ago."

"No," Natasha fumes, as she recalls having an altercation with Cassie a few minutes earlier. She can't let Cassie get away with this plan anymore she realizes. "I'm not leaving. In fact, I can't do this anymore! I have to tell Shane now!"

"Natasha, stop!" Cory calls out after his wife, who bolts for the center of the restaurant. She arrives at Shane, who finishes cutting the first piece of cake.

"Shane, this has to stop!" Natasha yells, as the crowd gasps. "This is over."

"Nat, what's going on?" Shane asks her in confusion as Cassie looks back in glee that Natasha is losing her mind with jealousy, as the crowd looks on in surprise.

"This is what's going on," Natasha announces as she pulls out her phone and hits play. "It's all over Cassie, you're busted!"

The recording of Cassie and Natasha's conversation plays out and Shane looks at Cassie in shock when he hears the sentence, "Since it's just us here, I will admit that I'm with Shane to make you squirm."

Natasha stops the recording and looks at Shane with intent. "I'm sorry, but you had to know. I couldn't let this go on anymore; Cassie is using you, this recording proves that. She's still the sick woman she always was!"

Shane looks at Cassie and fumes. "Care to explain yourself?" he grits his teeth together at Cassie, as the large crowd watches with anticipation.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Shane and Cassie come to blows
- Cory is not happy with his wife
- Dawn lays a shocker on her family

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