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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane told Cassie he appreciated everything she has done for him. While everyone was singing 'Happy Birthday' to Shane, Natasha interrupted and played the conversation she taped of Cassie admitting to being with Shane to only make Natasha uneasy. Shane was shocked and looked to Cassie for an explanation
- Victoria lashed out at Robbie when he tried to reach out to her again
- Tyler and Daisy had sex while Trenyce and Chris tried to calm a worried Vinny down. Paige, later, heard Chris tell Trenyce he couldn't remember the night he was with Helen
- Brad told Cheresa that he was going to be a father
- Dawn returned home and was thrilled to see Barbara out of jail

The Pampa Grill

A few moments earlier, the restaurant was filled with the sound of laughter, happiness and the singing of 'Happy Birthday'. Now, it is so quiet you could hear a pin drop to the floor. Shane continues to glare at Cassie, waiting for her to explain what Natasha just played to everyone in the room; a recording of Cassie admitting that she is only with Shane to make Natasha squirm. A part of Shane is in shock for trusting Cassie again and the other part of him is livid.

"I'm waiting," he tells her again, his blood boiling. "What the hell was that?"

Cassie folds her arms across her chest before looking back at Natasha. "Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted?"

"Yes, it is actually," Natasha replies to her. "I wanted to expose you for the lying cheat that you are! If you think you can just come back into our lives and expect everyone to sit back and play nice, you have another thing coming."

"I asked you a question!" Shane yells at her. "How could you do this? Wait, never mind, I already know."

"Oh, get off it Shane," Cassie snaps at him. "Do you really think that I would be so desperate, after all these years, as to want to be with you? You all talk about everything I have done to you, but what about what you and Natasha have done to me?"

"I beg your pardon?" Natasha asks her shocked by Cassie's response.

"You heard me," Cassie spits. "Shane and I were happy once, he pursued me, in case you forgot that," Cassie reminds her. "And what were you doing, Natasha? I'll tell you, you were going back and forth between Cory and Shane. The moment you decided you wanted to end your marriage to Cory to be with Shane, I became the bad guy even though you were ruining my relationship with Shane."

"That's not…"

"I'm not done," Cassie cuts Natasha off. "So, you and Shane got together and I left town. Then what happens? You cheated on Shane with Adam. Your marriage ended because you couldn't keep your hands off another man. Now, you're back with Cory, your first love…and what are you doing? You're obsessing about your ex-husband. You're a pathetic excuse for a woman," Cassie lashes out at her. "And you," she turns her attention to Shane. "You can be mad at me all you want, I don't fucking care. I'm so tired of you and everyone in this town putting that whore on some sort of pedestal so she can look down upon the rest of us. It's disgusting."

"That's enough Cassie," Shane yells at her. "Natasha didn't force you to go to the great lengths to hold on to me all those years ago, and she certainly didn't make you use me to get back at her. You claim you've changed, but you're the same monster you always were."

Cassie breaks out into laughter. "If you believe that, you're just as delusional as Natasha is," Cassie tells him. "Happy Birthday, I'm out of here."

"Good riddance," Natasha glares at her, before Cassie stops and looks at her.

"If you think this is over, you have another thing coming," she warns Natasha before she takes off.

Natasha looks at Shane once Cassie has exited the building. "Shane, I'm so sorry," she tells him as he comes up to her and hugs her, as Cory comes closer and sees them embrace.

Tyler's Townhouse

Daisy rests her head on Tyler's bare, toned chest, which is still glistening with sweat as they just finished making love for the first time. Tyler has a grin on his face as the sex was better than he ever imagined; the two of them had been growing closer for months and even almost made love a few weeks ago before Daisy put the brakes on it. Tonight however, was a completely different story. Daisy wanted him as much as he wanted her.

"That was amazing," he whispers to her, as he caresses her naked back with his hand. "I wanted you so badly."

Daisy remains silent as she lays on his chest and she closes her eyes as a tear falls down on his chest. He leans up thinking she is quiet, causing her to sit up.

"Hey, are you okay? You're awfully quiet," he says looking into her and noticing that she is crying. "What's wrong?"

Daisy stands up and starts grabbing her clothing. "This was a mistake, Tyler," she says, putting her pants back on. "A horrible, horrible mistake."

"Why would you say that?" Tyler asks her, not sure where this is coming from. "We've been growing closer for months."

"This is why!" Daisy yells back to him as she holds up her left hand and shows him her wedding ring. "I'm married! If Vinny ever finds out."

"He doesn't have too," Tyler tells her as he holds her for a moment and looks into her eyes. "Just stay calm, okay? We can get through this together."

She collapses into his arms as tears flood through her eyes. "I just feel like I have no idea who I am anymore," she says through her tears. "And that scares me to my very core."

The Pampa Grill

The party has split up and various guests have moved on to their respective dates since the Shane, Cassie and Natasha confrontation. Trenyce moves up to Vinny, who looks at his phone again, still worried about when Daisy will arrive at the party; he almost realizes that there isn't a point in her showing up at his point since the party has sort of broken up.

"Still no word from Daisy?" She asks him, as he shakes his head back to her. "I'm sorry. Do you want me to try to call her to see if she answers to me?"

Vinny sighs back to her, wondering if he has done something to upset his wife. He wouldn't be surprised if he has done something; ever since Jemma died, Daisy has found ways to punish him since she believes that he is responsible for her death.

"If you don't mind, that would be great," he manages to say. "I wish I could say that I know Daisy well enough to know that she would contact me if something was wrong, but we have been drifting apart for some time now."

"Don't mention it," Trenyce nods back to him as she pulls her phone out of her purse and dials Daisy's number. She puts the phone to ear as she makes eye contact with Vinny. She soon hangs up the phone. "It went to voicemail," she tells him. "So, she's not avoiding you."

"I guess that's the good news," he manages to say with a smile on his face. "It still doesn't explain why she is so late. And, at this point, is it even worth her coming to the party after everything that has happened?"

"I think we should wait here for a bit longer to see if she shows up," Trenyce tells him. "I'll wait with you."

"Let's give it 30 minutes and then call it a night."

"Deal," Trenyce hugs him. "But, if we are waiting for another half-hour, we are going to have another drink."

Vinny chuckles back to her. "Sounds like a great idea."


"I'm not sure why you're telling me this," Andrew looks back at Paige, who has just told him that she overheard a conversation between Chris and Trenyce earlier in evening when Chris told Trenyce that he couldn't remember the night that he was caught cheating with Helen. Paige remembers Andrew initially telling her the story, but this added information seems really puzzling to her. Why wouldn't Chris be able to remember that night? It doesn't make sense to her.

Paige shrugs her shoulders back to him. "I don't know, I just thought it was interesting, I mean don't you?" she asks him. "You're the one who told me that Trenyce caught Chris in bed with Helen; it seems odd that Chris claims he can't remember. I mean, what could have happened that he wouldn't remember that?"

Andrew tries to keep his cool. As he continues to get closer to Paige, the more he hates that he is lying to her about drugging Helen and Chris that night to make it seem like they had sex. And, he has seen how upset Trenyce has been by this lie. He didn't realize at the time how so many people would be hurt by his actions. Now, he can't just go back and reveal the truth because he knows that everyone would hate him.

"Maybe Chris is lying," Andrew suggests back to her. "I don't know, I don't really know what else to say about it."

"I just thought it was odd, that's why I brought it up," she tells him. "We can change the subject, if you'd like."

"I have an idea," he licks his lips as he leans forward and kisses her. "How about we get out of here and spend some one on one time together."

Paige blushes as their lips part. She recalls how she recently told Cheresa that she isn't ready to have sex but it is clear that Andrew is. "If by one on one you mean going to the Sugarbowl for a hot chocolate, then yes."

Andrew forces a smile on his face. "It's not what I had in mind," he winks back to her. "But I can respect that and say, the hot chocolates will be my treat."

"Great, let's go!"

The Lawson Mansion; Greg, Brooke, Abby & Cheresa's Home

The Lawson mansion is a large home that is on the upper hill of the river bank. 12 rooms, a pool, an entertainment room and a 6 car garage are included in the lavish estate. Cheresa opens the door of the home and moves inside, with Brad following in pursuit. They had been at the Sugarbowl when Brad revealed to his adopted sister that he was going to be a father; excited for her brother, Cheresa insisted that they go home so he could share the news with their family together, mostly because Cheresa wanted to see their mother's reaction.

"Hello," Cheresa calls out in the large foyer before turning the corner and moving into the expansive living room, which is very modernly decorated. "Oh good, you're all here."

Greg Lawson stands up from his arm chair, putting some patient files down on the coffee table in front of him. Greg has been a doctor at Raven's Meadow hospital for years; it is how he and his wife, Brooke, have made their millions. A mental health doctor can make a lot of money, and there are never a short of patients who need assistance.

"Cheresa, what is this all about?" he asks his daughter, as he moves up to her and kisses her on both cheeks.

"Yes, darling," Brooke Lawson, Greg's bombshell wife, says coming up behind her husband. "You normally don't make such an announcement when you return home."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, but Brad has some exciting news!" Cheresa smiles as all eyes move back to Brad, who clears his throat.

"Is Abby here?" he asks his parents. "I'd rather just say this once."

"I'm right here," Abby, the middle child of the Lawson's, explains as she walks into the living room with a protein shake. "I have a meeting tomorrow to take some headshots, so I was making a shake for dinner."

"I wish you'd eat something and not drink your dinner," Greg quips at her. "But, we can talk about that later."

"What is this news?" Brooke looks back at her son. "Don't keep us in suspense."

Brad looks uneasily back at his family, wondering how they will feel about him going to be a father. Of course, the difficult part of this lie, is well, that he has to lie to them. He hasn't made it a habit of lying to his family, especially when they've given him so much. But, he knows that he has to do this for Meggan.

"Come on Brad, you can tell them!" Cheresa encourages him to be honest.

"Okay, okay," he puts his hands up in the air in defeat. "It's just … well… I'm going to be a father. I got a girl pregnant!"

He looks back as the blood rains from Greg and Brooke's faces. "You did what?" they ask in unison.

The Black House; Helen, Barbara & Dawn's Home

"I think we should go into the living room," Dawn looks back at her mother, father and grandmother, who are all waiting for her to tell them why the Jonah nightmare might not be over as they all want it to be. Dawn knows that she has to tell them that she is pregnant with his baby and that she has decided to give the child up for adoption. She has to do it tonight before she loses her nerve.

"Dawn," Helen replies to her quickly before looking at Adam and then Barbara. "You're scaring me. What is it? Why do you think this nightmare isn't over? Jonah is dead and your grandmother is out of jail. There's nothing preventing us from moving forward now."

"I wish that was true," Dawn bites her lower lip. "Do you remember the day Grandma was arrested? Dawn asks Adam, who nods back to her.

"You didn't feel so great at the police station and went to see Shelley," Adam reminds her of what happened.

Dawn nods back to him. "Yea. Well, at Shelley's, I fainted."

"What? Are you okay, Dawn?" Barbara gasps at her revelation.

"Shelley took me to the hospital and the doctor said that I was fine," Dawn reveals to them. "But, she did tell me something; something that I wasn't expecting."

Helen shakes her head in confusion. "What did the doctor tell you?"

Dawn braces herself for the shock she is about to lay on her family. "I'm pregnant," she manages to say to them. "I'm carrying Jonah's baby."

"Oh God," Barbara cries out. "No! This can't be happening! It can't be possible!"

Wild Night

Cassie opens the door to the nightclub and quickly moves inside, desperate for a stiff drink. She can't believe that Natasha exposed her for using Shane at his birthday party. In some ways, Cassie thinks to herself as she sits at the bar and orders a double bourbon, she is happy that the truth is out, now she doesn't have to pretend to enjoy being around Shane anymore. Not that she didn't enjoy the sex; Shane was always a talented lover, but she couldn't stand his attitude or the placement of Natasha on a higher pedestal.

"Rough night?" Robbie asks Cassie, as he sits next to her at the bar.

"You must have left the party early," she takes a sip of the drink and then looks back at him. "How about you? You don't look so great yourself."

"Gee, thanks," Robbie uneasily smiles back to her, thinking about how Victoria lost her cool on him when he attempted, one final time, to get back together with her. He didn't realize she was so close to snapping; he had never seen Victoria in that state before. "Looks like we both needed a night cap."

Cassie takes another sip and then looks back at Robbie. "You'll probably hear this sooner than later, so I might as well tell you. Shane and I are over."

Robbie chuckles back to her. "He dumped you at the party you threw for him? That doesn't seem fair."

"Life isn't always fair," Cassie reminds him. "I have your sister to thank for that."

Robbie smirks back to her. "You and Natasha will never be friends, that's for sure. But, she's not here right now."

"I should go," Cassie tells him. "The last thing Natasha would want is for us to have a drink together."

"And let me drink alone?" he asks her. "We aren't hurting anyone by having a drink. How about we have a toast? To life not being fair?"

"Here, here," she toasts his glass before looking back at him with her big eyes.

The Pampa Grill

"Shane, wait," Victoria calls out to her friend, who is about to leave the restaurant. Shane can't wait to get out of the restaurant; he feels like he is the laughing stock of the entire town right now. "I know you want to get out of here, but I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I'll be fine," Shane says back to her. "I just have to get out of here. I feel like I'm suffocating."

She pulls him into a hug for a moment. "I know what you mean," she whispers into his ear. "I had a run-in with Robbie earlier. I lost my cool with him."

"I had no idea," Shane replies as they exit their embrace.

"I didn't want to ruin your party by telling you," she admits to him. "I'll be fine, I think I'm going to go for a walk before heading home."

"A walk, at this hour?"

"Yea, it'll help me clear my head," she tells him.

"Do you mind if join you?" he asks her. "Some air would be nice."

"Of course," she purses her lips together. "I'd enjoy the company."

"Shane, do you have a moment?" Natasha comes up to the two of them as they are about to leave. "I wanted to talk to you before you left."

Victoria looks at Shane and nods. "I'll meet you at the pier for our walk, okay?"

"Thanks Vic," he smiles back to her as Victoria leaves the restaurant. Shane looks back at Natasha. "I suppose I should say thank you."

"I'm sorry that I exposed Cassie so publically," she admits to her ex-husband. "I just couldn't handle seeing her all over you tonight. It was making me sick."

"I get it," Shane nods back to her. "But, yea, it sucks knowing that everyone thinks I'm a fool."

"No one thinks that, Shane," Natasha tells him. "I'm just glad that you know the truth."

Shane uneasily nods back to her. "Yea, me too. Thanks for always being in my corner."

"I always will be," she smiles back to him. "Go for your walk, we'll talk soon."

"Thanks," he says before he leaves the restaurant.

Natasha turns around and sees Cory approaching her; she can tell by the look on his face that he isn't happy with her. "Are you ready to leave?" she asks her husband as he arrives at her.

"More than ready," he replies to her coldly. "Let's get out of here."

"What's gotten into you?" she asks him as they move outside towards their vehicle. "Why are you so grumpy?"

"Why?" he turns and lashes out at her. "Because, how many times did I tell you to leave well enough alone? But no, you couldn't do it. You had to keep pushing and pushing until you ruined Shane's birthday party!"

"I saved him from Cassie!" she defends herself.

"You very well may have, but you couldn't have picked a worse time to do," Cory rolls his eyes at her.

"I don't get why you're so upset with me!"

"I'm upset with you because you don't seem to care who you hurt in the process of trying to get back with Cassie," he tells her. "I told you so many times that you have to try to put this behind you, but you can't. You're obsessed! It's disgusting, Natasha. It's really disgusting!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Vinny grills Daisy when she finally arrives
- Robbie and Cassie have a wild night
- Will Dawn's family support her decision?

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