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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha exposed Cassie at Shane's birthday party. Victoria, meanwhile, lashed out at Robbie after he tried to get back together with her. Cassie and Robbie ended up having a drink together at Wild Night, which was followed by sex
- Victoria and Shane agreed to go for a walk together after the party, but he got stopped to talk to Natasha. Alone on the pier, Victoria was attacked and almost raped. Shane saved her
- Lukas learned Meggan was pregnant and asked her if Jeff was the father. She said no
- Bob placed a device in Felicia's hospital room that told her she started the fire at the boutique. When Felicia awoke, she claimed she set the blaze. Simona told Dominick all charges could be dropped if Felicia agreed to go to Raven's Meadow
- Daisy and Tyler had sex. Afterwards, she told him it was a mistake
- Dawn decided to give her child up for adoption

Cassie's Office

Sunlight peaks through the blinds on the window of Cassie's office. Cassie's head rests on Robbie's bare chest, as they lay sleeping on the sofa. She slowly opens her eyes and bolts up, looking back at Robbie. Suddenly, the previous night's events come flooding back to her; how Natasha exposed her at Shane's birthday party for using Shane to get back at her rival. Cassie then left the party and ended up having a couple of drinks at Wild Night, where she ran into Robbie, who was also having a rough night because he had a tiff with Victoria. The two ended up back in her office having wild sex. As she looks at him now, she can't help but wonder what Natasha would say if she knew that she slept with her brother.

"Morning," Robbie slowly opens his eyes and sees Cassie looking back at him. "I guess last night wasn't a dream, huh?"

"It certainly wasn't a dream," she stands up and collects her clothing. "We had sex last night."

"Don't worry," he leans up on the sofa. "It can stay between us. I don't think either one of us wants members of my family to know that this happened."

Cassie uneasily nods back to him. "I appreciate that," she purses her lips together. "Because, the last thing we need is for this to create more drama for us."

"I couldn't agree more," Robbie replies to her, as he pulls his shirt over his head. "For what it's worth," he grins at her. "I did have a good time last night."

Cassie looks back at him in surprise before smiling at him. "I did too," she admits to him. "But it doesn't mean that it can happen again."

"I know, I get it," Robbie tells her. "Anyways, I have to get going. My father has arranged a family meeting today, and I don't want to be late."

Cassie gulps realizing that Robbie will be seeing Natasha at the meeting. "But don't worry, I won't say a word. I mean it Cassie, this stays between us."

Cassie nods back to him. "Yea, between us."

Twin Peaks Police Station

"How did you sleep last night?" Shane asks Victoria as he passes her a cup of coffee from the Sugarbowl. Shane recalls how he saved Victoria from being raped on the pier last night after his birthday party; they called the police and the attacker was arrested. Because it was so late, Simona told them to go home and get some rest and she would question Victoria in the morning. Based on the bags under Victoria's eyes, however, Shane doesn't think that she got much rest, not that can blame her. After Victoria's past with her father, it's only natural that her near rape would have brought up many emotions for her.

"I didn't really," she admits to him before she takes a sip of her coffee. "I can't thank you enough for everything you did last night."

"Don't mention it," Shane replies to her. "I was just doing what anyone in their right mind would do. I'm just glad I got there when I did."

"Me too," she looks in his eyes as hers fill with water.

"Do you want to talk about it? I can only imagine what last night brought up for you, with your past and all."

She shakes her head no. "I don't think I should talk about it right now," she admits to him. "But, it did bring up a lot of memories for me. Part of me just wants to go home and crawl back into bed and let the day escape me."

"I certainly don't blame you for that," he tells her. "But, you can't keep all of this bottled up. You'll have to talk about it eventually."

Victoria uneasily nods her back to him. "You're right, but for today, I just want to go back to bed."

"How about I drive you home after you're finished with Simona? I'll tuck you in."

Victoria finds herself smiling back to him. "I'd like that, thanks."

"Anytime," he says as she leans her head on his shoulder. "I just want to make sure you're okay."

The Pampa Grill

Jeff moves inside the restaurant looking to see if Chris is already waiting for him. He asked Chris to breakfast this morning to ask him if he will be his best man at his upcoming wedding to Leah. He and Chris haven't always been super close, but they did form some kind of a friendship while they both worked at Robertson Enterprises years ago.

As he moves into the restaurant, he sees Lukas approaching him. Jeff doesn't like the look on Lukas' face, which must mean that Meggan has told him that he has decided to stay with Leah and that they are getting married.

"I hear congratulations are in order," Lukas says as he approaches Jeff.

Jeff nods back to him. "Thanks, even though I'm sure you're being sarcastic," Jeff replies to him. "For what it's worth, I never meant to hurt Meggan."

"But you did," Lukas grits his teeth together. "You did hurt her, you son of a bitch."

"I don't really want to fight with you," Jeff puts his hands up.

"Good," Lukas nods back to him. "Then I'll keep this short: stay the hell away from my sister or you will answer to me, understood?"

Jeff uneasily nods back to him. "I'll do my best."

"You're best better be good enough," Lukas warns him. "Because you will answer to me if you go near her again. Meggan doesn't need any more drama from you. She just wants to move on with her life."

"That's all we all want."

"Good, then it won't be a problem for you," Lukas sneers at him before walking past him quickly. Jeff looks back and sighs heavily. He hates that he has hurt Meggan, but he does want everyone to move on in peace, if that's possible.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Bob slowly moves closer to Felicia's hospital room and looks down the hallway to ensure no member of the Robertson family is around. He knows, from Tyler telling Kim at Roboto, that Dominick is holding a family meeting today to discuss something about Felicia. Thinking that Simona Lopez must have made Dominick an offer to keep Felicia out of jail because she woke up and announced that she started the fire at the boutique, Bob realizes that he has to remove the brainwashing device from Felicia's hospital room before anyone discovers it. He has to ensure no one ever learns the truth about why Felicia is claiming she started the fire.

He peers through the window of Felicia's hospital room and only sees her fast asleep. He slowly opens the door and closes it behind himself. He looks at Felicia and gets a devilish grin on his face.

"My plan worked perfectly," he whispers to himself as he moves closer to Felicia's bed. "Frederick Richardson was a monster, but his idea of controlling people through brainwashing really paid off for Kimberly and I. I'm sorry that you were caught in the middle, Felicia, but I couldn't let Kimberly take the fall for the fire."

He reaches his hand behind the large picture on the wall behind Felicia's bed until he feels the small device. He grabs it and places it in his hand before he looks back down to Felicia.

"You will take the fall for the fire and no one will ever be the wiser," Bob smirks to himself as he quickly moves to the door and leaves the hospital room, having not been seen by anyone.

Dominick's Townhouse

"You've been on the phone all morning," Eva tells her husband as she sets a cup of coffee down on his desk, which is the corner of the living room. She watches him take a sip and knows that he has been busy planning a family meeting to discuss the next step with Felicia. She knows that he has been reluctant to admit that Felicia could have started the fire at the boutique, but Eva wishes he would at least entertain the idea because Felicia was off her medication at the time.

"Yes, I've been calling the children," he finishes taking a sip of his coffee. "We are going to meet tomorrow morning to discuss Felicia."

"Do you think they will all agree that sending her to Raven's Meadow is the best option?"

Dominick sighs before he stands up. "I wish I knew," he admits to her. "Part of me thinks that sending her away is the best thing for her. But, I know that she will hate being back in a mental facility."

"Raven's Meadow is a state of the art hospital, though," she tells him. "And, what is the alternative? The possibility of jail time?"

"I know, I know," he waves his hand in frustration. "I just wish that there was another answer. She wouldn't survive jail, I know that. But, another mental hospital? She was doing so well for so long."

"I'm sorry that this is so upsetting for you," she comes up behind him and puts her hands on his back. "But, we have to think about what's best for her. If she was off her medication, maybe going back to the hospital is what is best for her. Maybe she needs more care?"

Dominick shakes his head in frustration. "I know what you're saying," he tells her as he hugs her. "It's just going to be difficult to tell the children. We just got her back after years of being hospitalized in Switzerland and now she might have to go back."

"We will get through this together Dominick," Eva says as they exit their embrace. "You won't be alone in this."

The Pampa Grill

"I'm glad you could meet me before the rest of the family gets here," Kim smiles over to Andy as they sit at a large table as they are expecting Bob, Robbie and Natasha to join them shortly. Kim looks at her watch quickly and realizes that Bob must be at the hospital right now grabbing the device from Felicia's room; she just hopes that he doesn't get caught because their entire plan could be exposed if that happens. She still can't believe how much trouble Bob has gone to ensure no one finds out that she started the fire last fall; she owes him her freedom.

"Me too," Andy nods back to her before he takes a sip of his coffee. "What is this family meeting about, anyways?"

"Nothing special," Kim replies to him. "Bob just wanted to get everyone together since it had been awhile."

"Okay," Andy uneasily says back to her. "So, there's no special announcement coming?"

"What kind of announcement?" Kim asks him, wondering what he is suggesting.

"An engagement?" Andy asks her back. "Has Bob asked you to marry him again?"

Kim uneasily laughs back to him before she takes a sip of her coffee. "No, he hasn't," she tells him. "I'd tell you if that happened. Why does it seem like the idea would bother you? I thought you were happy that things were going well for us?"

"I'm always happy when you're happy," Andy tells his sister. "It's just after everything you and Bob have been through, you have to understand why I'd be worried about you getting into another marriage with him."

"Don't worry," Kim stresses to him. "I know what I'm doing. And, Bob has done everything in his power to make me be the woman I am today. So, please, try to be happy for me?"

"I am," Andy tells her. "I'm just worried about you. You can't blame me for that."

Kim chuckles back to him. "No, I suppose I can't. You're sweet for worrying, but really, there's no need. Bob and I are in a very good place. I promise you."


"Did you get a call from Dad?" Leah asks Robin as they across from one another having breakfast together, recalling how she got a call from Dominick earlier in the day requesting a family meeting for the following morning.

"About meeting tomorrow morning?" Robin asks her before she takes a sip of her orange juice. "Yea, I guess something has happened with Felicia. I'm curious to know what it is."

"Well, I'm thinking it must have something to do with the fire," Leah tells her. "I just hope that I won't lose my Mom again. It would be so difficult to go through that again."

"Maybe it will be a good news story for you," Robin tries to stay positive. "I have this new theory that I have to be positive about things and good things will happen."

"That's a good philosophy to have," Leah smiles back to her. "Does that mean you've tried to change your way of thinking with Adam?"

Robin sighs thinking about how Adam still hasn't admitted to her the real reason that he ended things with her, but she knows that she has to let that go because she can't go on pursuing him when he has made it clear that they are over. On the flip side, however, she recalls how she saw Max recently and he apologized for everything he had done to try to get her to date him. She hasn't been able to shake the feeling that Max did something very wrong; he never admitted to anything, of course, it is just a feeling she has.

"I'm trying to move on," Robin admits to her. "But, it's Max that I'm worried about. He said something to me recently that I haven't been able to get out of my mind."

Leah arches her eyebrow. "What did he say?"

"He apologized for all the things he did to try to get me to notice him," Robin reveals to her. "I know that it isn't an admission of anything, but I haven't been able to shake this feeling that he might have done something really bad."

"Like what?"

Robin shrugs her shoulders. "I've always had this feeling that the accident that night at the boutique wasn't an accident at all."

"Robin!" Leah gasps at her sister. "Do you really think that Max would do something to hurt his own father? It seems like a long shot to go from apologizing to you for trying to get your attention to Max trying to kill his father."

"I don't know," Robin admits to her. "I have no proof, of course, and I could be off base, it's just a feeling I have. I just have to find a way to prove it."

"I don't know what to say," Leah replies to her. "If this is true, then you have to find the truth because Max should pay for his crimes."

"I agree, I just don't know how to prove it. But I will find a way, believe me, I will."

"I do believe you," Leah smiles back to her. "You're unstoppable when you set your mind to something."

"Anyways, what's new with you? The last time we spoke, you told me that you and Jeff were planning to renew your vows. Have you set a date?"

"We have," Leah tells her. "It's in March, and that's part of the reason why I asked you here today."

"You have my attention now!"

"Would you be my maid of honor?"

"Are you sure you want me?" Robin asks her. "I was assuming you'd ask Paige."

Leah shakes her head no. "I want Paige to enjoy the day as a guest; I want her to enjoy seeing her parents renew their vows and not worry about the planning and all that."

"Then, if you're sure, I happily accept," Robin smiles back to her. "I'd love to be your maid of honor!"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Are you sure you're ready to meet with the social worker?" Shelley asks Dawn as they sit outside of an office in the northern wing of the hospital. Shelley knows that they have an appointment this morning that Cheresa helped arrange so Dawn can start the ball rolling on putting her baby up for adoption once the child is born. Shelley is glad that Dawn found an alternative after she was told that she was too far along to have an abortion.

Dawn nods back to her. "More than ready," Dawn replies to her. "I'm just glad that Cheresa gave me this idea. She's become such a good friend."

Shelley uneasily smiles back to her; she is happy that Cheresa has become a good friend, and she is happy that Dawn has this option, but a part of her can't help but feel jealous about the relationship between Cheresa and Dawn, even though they are just friends.

"She certainly has," Shelley finally replies to her. "How did your family take the news? It was a lot that you had to tell them."

"It was," Dawn tells her. "But they were all supportive, which is great. My Grandma being out of jail is also a good news story. I just hope that's able to stop blaming herself for what happened. It wasn't her fault."

"It's big of you to think that way," Shelley says back to her. "Not everyone would be so forgiving."

"I'm trying to put this behind me as I much as I can," Dawn tells her. "Holding on to a grudge with my Grandmother wouldn't solve anything."

Before Shelley can reply, an office door opens and a woman emerges. "Ms. Black, we are ready for you now."

"Ready?" Shelley asks Dawn as they stand up.

"As I'll ever be," Dawn smiles back to her. "Come on, let's get this over with."

City Hall

Daisy sits at her desk looking over some files that she has to approve for her electoral campaign that is coming up later this year. She knows that she has to focus on this now because she doesn't want to lose her position as the mayor of Twin Peaks. While she is signing the documents however, her mind is really on the fact that she slept with Tyler the night before. She is still having a hard time accepting that she cheated on her husband. She hates that she did that to Vinny, but at the same time she finds herself longing to see Tyler again today. She scolds herself, knowing that she has to keep her distance from him.

She looks over at her office door when she hears a knock. She immediately feels her heart skip a beat when she sees Tyler standing there.

"What are you doing here?" she asks him as she stands up, secretly thrilled to see him. He looks even more handsome today then the night they had sex, she thinks to herself.

Tyler moves into the office and closes the door behind himself. "I had to see you," he admits to her as he moves closer to her. "I couldn't stop thinking about you last night."

"You can't be here," she tells him. "You have to stay away from me."

"I don't think that is possible," he replies to her. "We made love after months of wanting each other. I told you that I was falling for you!"

"I know what you said," Daisy looks into his eyes and finds herself getting weak. "But, I'm married. Last night, it was a mistake."

"Don't say that," he moves closer to her.

"I have to! I have a marriage to think about!"

"I know you're married," Tyler tells her. "If you really want me to go away, I can. But, I meant what I said, I have fallen for you. Last night was amazing to me."

"I need you to go," Daisy tells him, trying to stay strong.

Tyler uneasily nods back to her. "I'll go, but I'll be here when you're ready to talk. Because, I know last night meant something to you too."

Daisy turns her back to Tyler and bites her lower lip. She waits until she hears her door close as Tyler leaves her office. She covers her mouth as she gasps for some air once he has left. "What have I done?" she asks herself as a tear falls down her cheek.

The Pampa Grill

Lukas moves back inside the restaurant having realized that he forgot his wallet earlier in the day. As he collects it from the wallet from the hostess, Vinny slowly walks up to him, having just finished breakfast alone. He needed to be out of the house after Daisy's disappearing act the previous night.

"Lukas, I'm rather glad I ran into you this morning," Vinny says as he comes up to the younger man.

Lukas arches his eyebrow back to him. "I was actually just on my way out. I was just collecting my wallet that I forgot."

"I won't take long, I promise," Vinny tells him.

"What is this about, exactly?"

"I was talking to Daisy about your work experience and she told me that while you were in Europe you studied politics," Vinny says back to him, as Lukas shakes his head. "Well, I'm here to offer you a job."

Lukas opens his eyes wider in surprise. "I'm sorry, but what?"

"I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but it is an election year in Twin Peaks."

"I heard on the news."

"Well, Daisy and I will be running another campaign this year; she'd like to run for mayor again. I'd like to bring you on board as a campaign manager."

Lukas starts to laugh at Vinny's suggestion until he realizes that he is being serious. "You know that Daisy and I aren't exactly seeing eye to eye currently, right?"

"She'll get over it if you're the best man for the job, which I think you are."

Lukas shrugs his shoulders. "Have you asked Daisy about this? It seems like she might not agree with this decision."

"She trusts me," Vinny tells him. "Listen, why don't you think about it and get back to me?"

"If you think Daisy will be okay with it, then I accept actually," Lukas replies to him. "I've actually been wondering what my next step was going to be and this seems like a perfect option."

"Great, welcome aboard. I look forward to working with you."

"Me too," Lukas smiles to him as they shake hands. "I just hope Daisy feels this way."


Robbie sits at the table where Kim, Andy, Bob and Natasha all are already sitting. He looks over at Natasha and hopes that she can't tell that he was in bed with Cassie the previous night because he knows that all hell would break loose if that happened.

"Sorry I'm late," he tells his family. "I had a late night."

"It's fine," Bob smiles back to his son. "I just wanted us to get together since we very rarely have a chance to do this."

"It was a nice surprise to get the invite," Natasha says as she takes a sip of her coffee. "Is there any special occasion?"

"Other than getting together? No," Kim tells her. "Like Bob said, we just felt like it would be nice to get everyone together."

"Oh, so there's no big announcement?" Robbie asks looking over at Natasha, as they both assumed that Bob had proposed to Kim again.

"No big announcement," Bob chuckles back to him. "If there was, you'd be happy right?"

Natasha looks over at Robbie, who is taking a sip of his coffee and decides to ignore her father's question. She doesn't think that Bob and Kim should be together, after everything they've done to one another, but this isn't the time or place to tell that to her father. "Well, you're awfully quiet this morning. What happened to you last night?"

"Why does anything have to have happened to me last night?" Robbie freezes, wondering if somehow Natasha found out about his night with Cassie.

"She's joking, of course," Bob laughs. "Come on, why is everyone so serious? We should be having a good breakfast. This family has a lot going it's way right now."

"Let's drink to that," Natasha suggests. "The Calimo's finally getting everything they've ever wanted."

"Here, here," they say in union as they toast, as Robbie awkwardly looks over at Natasha and Bob gives Kim a quick smile, letting her know he got the device out of Felicia's hospital room.

The Tower's; Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

Victoria slowly crawls out of bed, having slept for a couple of hours after getting home from the police station. She slowly walks to the kitchen and opens a cupboard and pulls out a glass. She moves to the sink and turns the water on, quickly drinking the glass.

She leans up against the counter as she thinks back to being on the pier the night before and almost getting raped. She shuts her eyes, trying to erase the image from her mind. She opens her eyes and moves her hand to her head as she feels a splitting headache come on.

"Damn it," she whispers to herself. "This is the last thing I need."

She shuts her eyes again and opens them with an intent look on her face. She shakes her head again when her feels the headache pulsing inside. When she opens her eyes again she looks around in confusion. "What's happening to me?" she whispers to herself as she slowly moves back to the bedroom.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The Robertson's meet to discuss Felicia
- Vinny's news surprises Daisy
- Helen upsets Chris

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