Episode 53
A Beautiful New Day
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Scene One
Setting: The Calimo Guest House

A bright sun beam enters the kitchen of the Calimo guest house. Natasha slowly takes a sip of her coffee and looks outside.

“A new beautiful day is here,” she says to herself as she goes to take in another sip of her coffee. She picks up the newspaper and sees no headline that grabs her attention. She slowly gets up and walks to the window and looks outside in more detail. Her mother’s garden is to her left from the window. She can not help but recall the events of the last couple of weeks.

The funeral. Little Noah. So tragic, she thinks to herself. She recalls the day. Warm, but no sunny. Overcast, almost like it was appropriate for the mood. She remembers seeing her brother, Robbie, comfort his wife Leah; Noah’s mother. Jeff was there, Noah’s father. She recalls how subdued Jeff actually was. Never shedding one actual tear until the last of the dirt had been piled on top of the little burial ground. And then, it was only one tear. She can only imagine the water works that was released when Jeff got home.

Her thoughts of the funeral that just passed are interrupted by a knock on the front door. Natasha sits her cup of coffee down and walks to the front door.

“Oh, mother! Good morning,” Natasha smiles as she hugs Sofia.

“My beauty, good morning! I hope I am not disturbing you,” Sofia says entering the living room, not really caring if she was interrupting Natasha or not.

“You are never an interruption mother,” Natasha smiles. “In fact, you are a welcome distraction. I was just thinking of the horrible events that have happened the last few weeks, with Noah’s hit and run, the city manhunt for the driver and the funeral. Poor Leah and Jeff. Have you heard from Robbie on how Leah is coping?”

Sofia sits on the white sofa. “Can I have some coffee with you dear, please?” Sofia asks, as Natasha walks over to pour a cup of coffee. “I have spoken to Robbie, and Leah seems to be doing alright. Today is her first day back at work … two sugars, love … he hasn‘t said that she‘s not handling anything alright. I think she just needs time.”

Natasha hands Sofia the coffee. “Listen hun, oh hot,” Sofia says taking a drink of the hot coffee. “I am here because I need to speak with you on a couple of matters.”

Natasha sits down next to her mother. “This sounds serious.”

“Well, it could be.” Sofia says with a stern look on her face. “With the recent economic crisis, I am a little concerned about the future of Roboto. I know that sales are down, and I do not know how well your father has invested.”

“Mom, you should talk to Dad about this. And after that your stock broker. I am not too sure why you are coming to me …”

“You’re a lawyer my love. I was just wondering what our legal rights are should anything happen.”

“You’re getting way too ahead of yourself Mom. Talk to Dad and your broker. They will have all the right answers for you,” Natasha smiles as she grabs Sofia’s hand.

“I will do just that,” Sofia smiles back.

“Now, what else did you have …”

“Oh yes,” Sofia says taking another drink of her coffee. “I am not sure how you will like this one.”

“Oh dear…” Natasha says rolling her eyes slightly.

“It’s about Robin Navy.”

“Oh Mom! Everything is alright. Cory and I are happy. Taking things slowly, but …”

“I hate to interrupt dear. I know that you are Cory are together, but do not think for one moment I have forgotten that he married that…tramp so quickly after we thought we had lost you.”

“Mother …” Natasha says.

“Oh hunny, you know that I have always adored Cory. You two make a wonderful couple, but that does not explain his actions. Anyways, I am really not here to discuss Cory with you. I am thrilled that you guys are working towards getting back to the level you were once at!”

Natasha smiles. “Thank you. You’re blessing means a lot.” She takes another drink of her coffee. “So, what is it about Robin then?”

“Oh yes, right. It is her first day back at Roboto too.”

“Oh … and?” Natasha asks waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Nothing. I just thought you should know that she’s back at work. But I am having a meeting with your father later to discuss removing her from the company. I do not want her near us or the our company.”

“Oh mother, you really do not have to do this. Robin is fine at Roboto, really. I can handle her. She is taking this entire situation very well, from what I know.”

“Well dear, it will just be better once she is completely removed from our lives. Now, I must get going. Like I said, I have a bunch of meetings today. Thank you for the coffee, I love you!” Sofia says putting her coffee down and hugging Natasha.

“I love you too,” Natasha says, as she watches Sofia leave the house.

Natasha sighs as she falls back into the sofa. She thinks about what Sofia said. That Cory was wrong for moving on so quickly after everyone thought she was dead. Her mind shifts back to her time at the Calimo cabin with Shane. How he stayed with her until her memory had returned. He saved my life, she thinks. She suddenly feels a twinge of anger. Sofia was right! Cory had moved on too quickly. ‘He barely even mourned me!’ she thinks to herself.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the door opening.

“Hey baby,” Cory says as he comes in. “it’s a little brisk out there today. Was that Sofia’s car I saw driving away?”

“Yea, she just stopped by to say good morning,” Natasha says, slightly distant.

Cory moves over and sits next to her. “You okay? You seem a little off this morning …”

“Yea, I am fine,” Natasha smiles.

Cory moves in and puts his hand on her face. “Good, I want my lady to be happy,” he says as he kisses her.

“Couldn’t be better,” she replies.

Scene Two
Setting: The Calimo-Robertson Home; Robbie and Leah’s House

The flat iron does one final piece of Leah’s hair. She shifts into place, then stops and looks into the mirror. She’s wearing a dark blue and white Dolce and Gabana suit with white Jimmy Choo pumps. She is wearing little make up, and no accessories. She tries to smile at herself.

What was she doing? She asks herself. Was she really ready to go back to work and deal with the emails, faxes and phone calls, not to mention, paper work on her desk? She just buried her son. Her beautiful little boy. She remembers looking over at Jeff through out the service. Why didn’t he cry, she wonders to herself. She has seen Jeff every day since the death. She could have asked him, but she never felt like the timing was right. She also knows that her spending so much time with Jeff since the funeral has not gone over very well with her husband, Robbie. ‘I am supposed to comfort you,’ she can hear him saying to her over and over again.

She shakes her head. She has no time to dwell on that now, she thinks. She has to go to work. It will be good for her. Keep her mind off Noah and she can heal quicker.

She opens the bathroom door and slowly walks down the stairs of her large three-story house. She meets Robbie in the living room.

“Hey beautiful,” he says getting up. “You look great.”

“Thanks,” Leah says giving him a quick kiss on the lips. “Have you seen my briefcase?”

“Yea, over in the front closet.” he says. She walks over to the closet to fish out her bag. “Hey, are you sure you ready to go back? You know you don’t have too if you don’t feel ready …”

“Oh Robbie, I know. You have been saying this to me the last few days. ‘If you’re not ready to go back to work, you don’t have too …’” she says mocking him.

“Hey,” he says putting his hands on her shoulders. “Look at me, please.”

Leah looks at her husband.

“I am just concerned, okay? I don’t want you to rush anything. I … I am trying to be a supportive husband.”

Leah smiles. “I know. I am sorry. I am just trying to get my life back. I don’t want to be stuck at home. I need to get out, and start work again. I need to see people and interact. I … need to get back to living. Noah will always be with me, whether I am here or at work. But I need to move on.”

Robbie sighs and looks at her. “I love you. Call me if you need anything?”

“Promise,” Leah says, fighting back a tear.

Robbie passes Leah her briefcase and she leaves the house. “I hope you’re not rushing anything,” he says to himself.

Scene Three
Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Dr. Shane Glubbs sits behind his large desk. He looks at the clock on his desk. He knows that it’s still early, and glad he doesn’t have any patients until later in the day. He prefers having the morning to read over files and do follow up, although he doesn’t like to admit that to anyone. He looks down at his calendar that stretches across the top of his desk. He sees that he was supposed to call Natasha yesterday. How could I forget that? He scolds himself. He smiles when he thinks back to his time with Natasha at the Calimo cabin. His thoughts are interrupted by a knock on his office door. Before he has a chance to reply, Rebecca opens the door and walks in.

“Hey good morning,” she says, putting her Starbucks coffee cup down on his desk.

“Good morning to you too,” he says getting up. “And what do I owe this visit? Or do I have to ask,” he says walking up to her and placing his hands on her shoulders.

“Nothing sexual, if that’s what you’re thinking,” she says coldly, moving away from his attempted embrace.

“Oh … I just assumed …”

“You thought wrong Shane. Listen, this … you and I, it’s over. We can’t keep doing this.” Rebecca says, not looking at Shane in the eyes.

“Whoa, this is certainly coming from left field. I thought we had a good thing going. You gets yours, I get mine …”

“Only, I have a boyfriend, remember?”

“And that’s suddenly a problem, because…?”

“I think Jason knows Shane. I can’t explain it, but the last couple of weeks he has been … different. I do love him, despite my actions.”

“Ah, so you’re feeling guilty. I understand Rebecca, I am okay with this. We were never serious, I knew that going in.”

“Thanks Shane. Funny thing is, if Jason wasn’t around …”

“What, you and I?”

Rebecca laughs. “You never know!”

“Great. Thanks for that,” Shane says, sounding dejected that he lost yet another woman to another man. “See you around, I guess.”

Scene Four
Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Victoria emerges from her personal washroom attached to her office. She has her hair down, her black hair flowing freely. She breathes in. Such a hectic couple of weeks. She still feels shocked that Andy was suggesting that she, of all people, had multiple personalities. The very idea is ludicrous to her. She is a doctor, if something was wrong with her, she would know. Plus, she wonders to herself, whatever would have caused such a disease? She shakes her head, “Nonsense,” she says to herself as she sits at her desk.

She wheels the chair to the filing cabinet. Suddenly, out of no where, Victoria shuts her eyes.


A young girl is playing in her bedroom. It’s Victoria, no older than five years old. She holds up a doll and places it in the centre of a large, old wooden doll house. She smiles and laughs as the doll walks around the house.

Suddenly, her bedroom door opens. A shadow appears to the young girl.

“Daddy!” she says with excitement. “Have you come to play doll’s with me?”

There is no response from the shadowed figure.

The young Victoria suddenly looks scared. “No Daddy, I do not want to go to the bed with you …”

The young girl starts to cry as the shadowed man lifts her up and takes her to the bed.

[End of Flash]

A single tear strolls down Victoria’s cheek. She shakes her head again. When she opens her eyes, Victoria pulls her hair back into a tight, neat, crisp bun. She takes a slow drink of water from the glass on the desk and she sits it down.

She shuts her eyes again. “No, I am in control now. Brandy is here.”

Scene Five
The Church, Confession Booth
“Forgive me father, for I have sinned,” Shane begins sitting in the confessional booth. Shane, while he is religious, does not come to confessional very often. What else was he supposed to do? He feels lost, and needs to turn to someone for guidance.

“I am listening my son,” the priest on the other side says.

“It’s difficult for me father. I do not come here very often. But I felt compelled. I am … suffering,” Shane says slowly. “Not in a serious way. You see, Father, I am in love with the most beautiful woman. She is smart, funny, kind, caring, beautiful … and taken.”

“Ah, I see,” the priest offers.

“She is married and happy. I … I just can not get her out of my mind. I think of her day and night Father. And worse, I have been having sex with another woman to try to cover up these feelings.”

Shane clears his throat.

“That relationship has ended though Father. It just … it made me feel good, but I see now that I can not just cover up these feelings anymore.”

The priest remains silent.

“Thank you for my time Father. Amen.”

“God be with you, child” the priest says before Shane exists the confessional booth.

Outside the booth, Shane takes a deep breathe. He realizes that maybe Rebecca ending the affair was for the best. He can concentrate on work. He can concentrate on friends. He needs to do anything to get Natasha out of his head. He looks down and sees that he has an appointment in about 45 minutes. He proceeds to the door. He opens the door and spots Natasha in the garden of the church.

“Natasha?” he calls out, smiling as he walks towards her.

“Oh Shane!” she says, hugging him. “How have you been?”

“Can’t really complain. What are you doing here?”

“I just felt … lost,” she looks at him. “You?”

“Same, actually.”

“Oh I am sorry,” Natasha says taking Shane’s hand.

“No worries. Listen, I am running late for a meeting. We should do lunch soon, catch up?”

“Absolutely!” she says, hugging him again. “Have a great day Shane.”

“You too,” he says, smiling as he walks away from her. Things are already looking up, he thinks to himself.

Scene Six
Roboto; Leah’s Office

Leah shuts her office door. She looks at the large space and takes a deep breath. She walks to her large dark wooden desk and sits in the chair. She turns on her flat screen MAC and clicks the email icon on the bottom of the screen. 239 new emails it reads. People must not have heard, she thinks to herself. Why else would people continue to email me? She turns her attention from the computer screen. She sees a large picture of her and Noah. She picks up the picture and holds it close to her chest, as she shuts her eyes. She lays the photo down, so the picture is facing into the desk. A single tear rolls down her cheek.

She quickly wipes it away, when there is a knock on her office door and it opens.

“Leah, welcome back,” Bob says smiling and walking towards her.

“Thank you Bob,” Leah says, extending her hand out to Bob. He embraces her arm then lets her go.

“Are you alright? You’re sure you’re ready to come back?”

Leah laughs. “You sound just like your son. Robbie was asking me the same questions earlier.”

“Well, you know … great minds!”

“I will tell you what I told him. I am fine. I need to start living my life again. I need my work. Really. Thank you for your support though,” she says back to him.

“Good, glad to hear. Now, I will jump right into business then.”

Leah sits up, “Sounds serious.”

“Well, it is. You see, with this current economic recession, we are just trying to ensure that everyone knows where they stand within the company.”

Leah suddenly gets a nervous look on her face.

“Oh Leah, no. Not to worry. I am not here to fire you!”

“Thank goodness!” Leah says laughing.

“I was telling you that you’re position is more than secure here. We will not, however, be working on any new fragrances or cosmetic lines. We simply cannot afford those resources.”

“Understood, and I agree.”

“Great. Listen, I want to personally want to give the update to every employee, so I need to be on my way. It’s great to have you back,” Bob says.

Leah stands and hugs her father-in-law. “Thanks Bob.”

Bob leaves the office, leaving Leah alone again.

She returns to her computer and decides to tackle those emails. She clicks one of the emails in the centre of the page. A large ad comes up that reads “ENROL NOW! MOTHER - SON FISHING & HIKING TRIP”

Leah looks at the screen stunned. Tears quickly form in her eyes and she breaks down sobbing. She picks up her phone and dials a number.

“Jeff, thank God! I need to see you,” she weeps.

Scene Seven
Wild Night

Shane parks his car in the Wild Night parking lot. While he was on his way to a meeting, his secretary called him to say the patient cancelled. Now, as he was driving back to work he heard his cell phone vibrate indicating he had received a new text message. Once the car was parked, he grabbed his phone and flipped it open.

“Hey, maybe lunch with Cory and I on Thursday? -- N”

Shane starred at the phone in somewhat of disbelief. He shakes his head. What was he thinking? Of course Natasha wanted Cory to come along on their lunch ‘date’. Once again, he got his hopes up, and once again they were dashed.

He looks up and sees that he is at Wild Night. “Maybe one drink before I head back,” he says to himself opening his car door.


Inside, Pink’s new song “So What” is playing at a reasonable noise level since it’s not at the clubbing hours.

Meggan steps up to the bar. “Hey, what can I gettya,” the bartender asks.

Meggan gulps. She looks at the large display of alcohol behind him. She knows she hasn’t had a drink since Vinny awoke her and there was the large dent in her car. She hadn’t even left the house until today, as Vinny had instructed her to stay inside. She is on a ‘personal leave’ from work. Suddenly she snaps back into it.

“Oh, I am actually just here to pay off my tab … in full,” she says. “I only have a tab because I know the owner.”

“You know Cory? Okay, hold on. What’s the name?”

“Meggan Victors.”

Down the bar, Cassie Nova smirks when she realizes what Meggan is doing. While the bartender searches for the books, Meggan looks over at Cassie and notices the smirk.

“Something funny?” Meggan asks.

“Oh no, not at all. Sorry … just thinking of a joke I heard earlier,” Cassie lies.

“Ah, I see.”

“Great found it!” the bartender says. “So you’re balance is … wow, this is some tab, … $824.75”.

“Okay, here’s my Visa,” Meggan says passing him her credit card.

Cassie smirks again when she realizes how much Meggan’s bill is.

Shane enters the bar and sits down. “Hey, Meggan. Haven’t seen you in awhile. How goes?”

“Pretty good thank you,” she smiles. “I have to be going. Excuse me.” Meggan says collecting her purse and walking out.

“Wonder what that was about,” Shane says aloud. “Hey, I’ll have a brandy on the rocks please.”

“I know.” Cassie says.

Shane looks over at Cassie. “Excuse me?”

“I know … what that was about,” she smiles.

“Oh yea, care to share?” he says scooting over to sit next to her. “Dr. Shane Glubbs,” he says extending his hand.

“Cassie Nova,” she smiles.

“Lovely to meet you,” Shane says smiling, going into his natural flirtatious ways.

Scene Eight

Robin walks up to the large Roboto Tower. She looks up. The bright sun hit her face. She smiles under her large black-framed Gucci sunglasses. She opens the door and proceeds into the Tower. She walks over to the elevator and pushs the 7th floor. That’s where her lab was. She loves being a chemist. She loves being the creative force behind so many of the scents that Roboto produced. She loves being back at work. It had been too long. The entire situation with Natasha and Cory had really taken it’s toll, but she was over being the victim. Cory had chosen Natasha. His wife. The words still burned her. She isn’t going to let that get in her way; she needs to be back at work.

The elevator dings and the doors opened, she gets off and she continues her walk to the lab. She is eager to start working on the new fragrance that Bob approved before her leave of absence. Around the corner, she stops when she hears voices.

“I will be the one to tell Robin that we are no longer producing any new lines right now,” Sofia says confidently.

“No Sofia, I will tell her. You just want to rub another thing in her face right now,” Bob says, with half a smile on his face.

“You know me too well. I still can not believe what that tramp did to Cory and Natasha.”

“Listen though, she is a wonderful chemist. The best. We need her here at Roboto. Personal lives stay out of business. I will tell her about the cuts around because of the recession.”

“Fair enough. You can win this battle my darling,” Sofia purrs as she kissed Bob quickly on the lips.

Robin is left devastated by this news. She stands tall and quickly walks away. She enters the lab and turns the light on. She smiles. She feels wonderful to be back in her work place. In the place she had so many great memories. Suddenly, she gets a great idea.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Bob knocking on the lab door.

“Morning Robin, welcome back,” he enters smiling.

“Thank you. It’s great to be back. I am so eager to start on that new fragrance we had planned before my leave,” she says knowing that Bob was about to can the idea.

“About that Robin, we need to talk.”

“Oh, this sounds serious.”

“With the economic times, we really do not have the financial ability to work on creating an entire new fragrance. You know how it goes. The fragrance itself, the bottles, labels, marketing, distributing; it’s all just too much.” Bob sighs.

Robin’s eyes fill with tears. While she had just heard Bob tell this to Sofia moments ago, she had hoped he was just telling Sofia to keep her at arms length.

“I am sorry Robin,” Bob says.

“You know Bob. I have an idea,” Robin says turning her back to Bob. “I really think that right now women are going to want to feel like everything is normal. Yes, the economy is not perfect, but knowing that they can see a new line by Roboto will give them some kind of comfort. I can give them that new line Bob. I have faith.”

“I have faith in you as well … it’s just …”

“I will fund the entire project. I only ask that I get rein burst if the line succeeds. If it fails, I will take the personal hit. I just … I need this project Bob.” Robin pleads to him.

Bob looks at Robin’s big eyes. While he did not approve of her actions all the time, he fells bad for her. It certainly was not her fault that Natasha did not die in the car accident. He loves his daughter, but he still felt for Robin.

“That’s an interesting idea Robin. I like your ‘go gettem’ attitude. The idea’s a go!” he says smiling.

Robin rushes into Bob’s arms and thanks him.

“You have no idea how much I need this,” she smiles.

“It’s my pleasure. Do me one favour?” he asks.

“Sure,” Robin says.

“Make this the best damn fragrance from Roboto yet,” he smiles.

They are interrupted by the sound of the security alarm ringing.

“Oh my god, what’s happening?!” Robin askes frightened.

Bob runs over to the security panel and pushes a button. “Sorry, I forgot to tell you. The alarms have been acting up. If it goes off again, push this button and everything will be okay again.”

“Oh. Well hopefully that’s fixed sooner rather than later.”

“Yes, well. I must be going. I will except an update on your project later this afternoon.”

“Deal,” Robin says knowing that she had got what she wanted: a project to take her mind off Cory and Natasha.

Scene Nine
City Hall; Daisy’s Office
Daisy sits behind her large desk, looking over new city council reports. She thinks the idea to get the bridge fixed is a great idea, but she can only imagine how the public will react to having to take different routes for the ten months it will take to fix the bridge. She smiles. She loved her job as the mayor. So much has happened in the last few months; her becoming mayor, then being kidnapped by her long-lost twin sister Danielle, escaping only to discover that Danielle had died and her daughter Trenyce had come to stay with her and Chris. Trencye; what a girl she is, Daisy thinks to herself knowing that Trencye had a lot of Danielle in her.

Daisy’s train of thought is interrupted by Vinny entering her office.

“We need to talk,” he says closing the door.

“Oh gee, it must be my lucky day,” she groans. “Hurry up Mr. Victors, I have a busy day planned.”

Vinny sits and smiles. He likes toying with Daisy. While they have never been close, he has never been close to anyone in Twin Peaks other than Meggan, he liked the dynamics of his relationship with Daisy. He helped her escape Danielle’s clutches, so he can use that to his advantage, and he does often.

“Listen, this so called ‘manhunt’ that is out on the driver that killed Noah,”

“What about it?” Daisy asks, annoyed already that Vinny is taking up so much of her time.

“I want you to call it off …” Vinny says slowly.

Daisy laughs. She stops when she looks at Vinny and he’s dead serious. “You can not be serious Vinny! Some driver ran over a little boy and now he’s dead and you want me to call off the search? No way …”

“Daisy. I can not get into further detail about this. You have to trust me on this one. Plus, you owe me …” Vinny says casually.

“Do not throw that in my face Vinny. Come on. Everyone will wonder what I am doing.”

“It’s your call, babe,” Vinny says smiling. “But you know I hold the cards here.”

Daisy looked at Vinny. She hated this, but he was right. She stood up and looked at Vinny in the eyes.

“You listen to me. If I agree to do this for you, that’s it. We are even. Understood?”

“Perfectly,” he smirks. “Later babe. By the way, you look hot as the mayor,” he says on his way out.

Daisy walks over and slams her office door shut. “Damn you Vinny. How the hell am I going to explain this one?”

Scene Ten
The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory finishes hanging his last shirt from his laundry pile. He turns around and looked beside his large king size bed. On the end table there was a picture of him and Robin on their wedding day. He picks up the frame and looks at. He can’t help but notice how happy both he and Robin looked on that day. ‘She’s so beautiful’, he says to himself. He reopens his closet and put the picture frame face down on the top shelf. He knew that his marriage to Robin was a part of his past. Never again should he wake up beside her. A part of him was saddened by this, as he did love her. But he had his Natasha back. The woman he loved for most of his young life. He yawns and thinks he could go for a quick nap.

He lays down and quickly falls fast asleep.


The ringing doorbell continues, as Cory makes his way downstairs. Only wearing his boxers, Cory finally get to the door.

"Robin! What a surprise" Cory says.

Robin remains speechless as she sees Cory in his underpants. She manages to say a few words "I brought breakfast" she blushes.

"Oh great. Come in."

Robin enters and sits on the sofa. She places the bag of muffins and bagels on the coffee table. She keeps looking at Cory.

"I hope you don’t mind my clothes...or lack thereof. The dry cleaning hasn’t arrived yet."

"It’s alright. I don’t mind the views" Robin smiles.

Cory laughs. "You don’t look so bad yourself" he says, sitting next to her. "So, what did you bring?"

[/end of Flash]

Natasha uses her key to unlock the door to the penthouse. She always had a key to the penthouse. It was, after all, the place she and Cory were living before her accident. She drops her large Chanel bag on the end table. Cory must be upstairs, she thinks to herself heading up the large stair case.

She approaches the bedroom and sees Cory fast asleep. She looks at the man. She did love Cory, but Sofia’s words from earlier in the day still rang in her mind. How could he have moved on so quickly? She needed to get some kind of answer from him. Suddenly she turned and looked at Cory as he mumbled something in his sleep.

“Robin … oh, Robin,” he says before rolling over.

Scene Eleven
Patricia’s Condo

Patricia sits on her sofa, twirling her long blonde hair in her hands. It had been days since she had heard from Dave and Vinny. She wonders what was going on with them. She hates that she had been dragged into Dave’s ‘master plan’, as he liked to call it. For someone she had never met before, Patricia was terrified of Dave. How he found out about her past as a call girl was beyond her, and now that he is threatening to expose that secret to her family back east was more than she could bare. So, here she was all alone in Twin Peaks doing his dirty work. She often wondered what his master plan was. She had no idea why he hated Vinny so much. She just knew that Dave’s master plan had come into play soon after Vinny was stabbed and declared dead. Then he turned up alive, and everything was ‘going according to plan’, according to Dave.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing.

“Hello …” she says. “Oh Dave! Thank god! Where have you been? …. I know you’re busy, I am just … Okay, I will not go into it … Vinny? I haven’t spoken to him in a few days … I know you’re watching him … Okay, sounds good. Call soon?” Patricia hung up the phone.

While her phone calls with Dave were always cryptic, she liked them. It was some kind of social interaction for her. She just knew she was sent to watch Vinny. Nothing more. She was bored, at best.

Again her thoughts are interrupted by the door bell ringing. She got up and checked the peep hole. It was Vinny.

“Well, well, well,” she smirks. “Look what the cat dragged in!”

Vinny entered her condo and smiles. “How you doing Patty?”

“Fine. What’s going? I haven’t seen you in weeks,” she replies.

“I know. Been busy. Stuff happens,” he says.

“How’s Meggan?”


“I haven’t seen her either,” she says.

“Her car is being fixed. She hasn’t been out and about.”


“Nothing major. Car is out of town though. In town prices are too expensive,” Vinny lies, knowing the real reason Meggan’s car was shipped out of town was to avoid tying her to Noah’s accident.

“So, what exactly brings you by?”

“Just to say hi, hadn’t seen you in awhile. Everything’s good?”

“Yea, everything’s great.” Patricia says looking at Vinny. What an attractive man, she thinks to herself. She often fantasized about Vinny, hoping that one day he would see her and not Meggan as a sexual creature.

“Good,” Vinny smiles at her. “Gotta go,” he says.

Patricia watches as Vinny departed. Now, to get rid of Meggan, she thinks to herself.

Scene Twelve
Roboto; The Lab

Robin pours a green chemical into a small test tub. She sits the large bottle of chemical on the counter. She reads the label carefully. “Do not leave on heat more than three minutes,” she says. “Perfect.”

She places the skinny test tube over the burner and turns a small timer to three minutes and waits. She is going to create the best new fragrance ever. She is so excited.

Suddenly the security alarm started buzzing again! “Shit!” Robin says startled. She runs over to the security panel, as Bob had showed her. She wrestles to open the panel. Finally, she does. She pushes the button and slowly the security alarm goes off. She takes a deep breath. While she knew it was nothing, she hates the alarm. Suddenly she hears something else.

“Oh my god, the fragrance! It’s been longer than three minutes,” she says rushing over to the test tube. She looks for the off switch on the burner and flicks it. Just as she is about to pick up the test tube, the chemical inside boils over and shatters the glass, exploding inside. Robin’s face and clothing is covered in the green formula.

“Shit,” she said as she opened her eyes. Once her eyes are opened, Robin lets out a scream as the chemical starts to burn her eyes.

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