Episode 530 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: February 27, 2019


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Jeff & Leah finished planning their wedding. Meggan and Brad, meanwhile, continued to tell everyone that he was the father of her baby
- Daisy wasn't thrilled with Vinny when he hired Lukas to join her team
- Cory & Natasha agreed to meet with the mother who wants to give her baby up for adoption
- Dominick told Simona that they would send Felicia to Raven's Meadow when she was healthy enough
- Andy told Craig that he and Lukas were not a couple; Donovan overheard

St. Joseph's Church

"I just can't believe this day is finally here," Leah tells Robin as they sit in the bridal room of the church. Bright sun light is shining through the stained glass window, giving the room a warm glow. Robin moves up behind her sister, who is applying a light shade of pink lipstick to her lips.

"After everything you and Jeff have been through, I am so happy that today has arrived," Robin tells her as she leans down and squeezes her sister's shoulders. "I wish we could all be as happy as the two of you are."

"Are you talking about you and Adam?" Leah turns to face Robin, who puts her head down. "You never know how things will work out."

"Today is about you and Jeff and the love you to have," Robin smiles back to her. "Let's not dwell on Adam and I."

Leah stands up and moves up to her sister and hugs her. "Just think about how much Jeff and I have gone through to get to this point. The road to love is never easy or smooth. The same can be said for you and Adam."

Robin wipes a tear out of her eye as they exit their embrace. "I think it's time we get you into your dress, what do you say?"

"I can't wait," Leah gushes. "I just hope Jeff likes it."

"He will love it," Robin grabs her hand as they move to the changing room. "He has too!"


"Nice day for a wedding, huh?" Lukas announces to Meggan as he comes up to her wearing his tuxedo. He hasn't seen his sister since he got his new job but he is excited to share the details with her. He is, however, rather surprised that they are at the wedding. He would have thought that after everything she and Jeff went through, she would have not wanted to be there for his wedding to Leah. And, recently, Lukas warned Jeff about hurting Meggan again, so the invites are pretty surprising.

"Beautiful day," Meggan uneasily replies to him as she hugs him quickly.

"Are you going to be okay?" he asks her. "I know today can't be easy for you."

"I'll be fine," she tries to put a brave face on. Inside, however, she feels like her heart is breaking. She's at the wedding for the father of her baby; he's marrying another woman. She realizes that this is exactly why she has Brad claiming to be her baby's father; she doesn't want to stop Jeff from being happy. "It's just a hard pill to swallow."

"I can take you home if you'd like."

"No, I'll be fine. I have to do this. It'll be good for me to see this. Besides, I'm meeting Brad after, and I am very happy with him."

Lukas arches his eyebrow at the comment knowing that this romance with Brad seemingly came out of nowhere. "We should still have a talk about this Brad guy," Lukas tells her. "I didn't even know you were seeing him, and now you're carrying his child!"

"You're pregnant?" a shocked Daisy asks as she comes up to her siblings. "I had no idea. Congratulations."

"Thanks," Meggan uneasily says back to her. "Not many people know, so if you could keep the news to yourself."

"Of course," Daisy nods back to her before she looks back at Lukas. "I heard that we will be working together."

"You heard correct," Lukas replies to her.

"Wait, what?" Meggan asks in surprise. She knows that Lukas doesn't get along with Daisy, and despite her asking him to get along with their half-sister, she didn't think he would. To find out they are working together is a pleasant surprise.

"I was just about to tell you," Lukas tells Meggan. "Vinny knows that I have a political background, so he hired me to be Daisy's campaign manager for the upcoming election."

"That's great," Meggan smiles back to them. "Maybe this is just the thing that will bring us together?"

Daisy uneasily chuckles back to her before she glares at Lukas. "I guess that remains to be seen."


"There you are, I was beginning to worry about you," Eva tells her husband, as he walks into the church and finds her sitting in a pew. Since the wedding is scheduled soon, Eva assumed Dominick was going to be there much sooner.

"Sorry," he told her. "I had to make a stop at the hospital to see how Felicia is doing."

"And, how is she today?"

"I wish she was here," he replies to her as he sighs a little. "She would love to see Leah marrying the man she loves."

"I know," Eva grabs his hand and squeezes it. "I'm sorry that this is creating so much heartache for you."

"I told Simona that we are moving Felicia to Raven's Meadow," he reveals to his wife. "And, being at the hospital today, they think she is healthy enough to be moved."

"What does that mean?" Eva asks him.

"It means," Dominick locks eyes with her. "Felicia will be moved after the wedding. She's going to Raven's Meadow."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Justin, thanks for arranging this meeting," Cory shakes the social workers hand as he and Natasha move inside Justin O'Connor's office at the hospital. "As you can imagine, my wife and I are very excited at the prospect of adopting a baby."

"Yes," Natasha chimes in as they sit across from Justin. "I never imagined that there would be a child right here in Twin Peaks."

"Its funny how these things work out sometimes," Justin nods back to them. "Now, of course, this is just the initial meeting. There's still a lot of time between now and the potential adoption. I don't want either of you to get your hopes up."

Cory and Natasha look at one another for a moment before looking back at the social worker. "We won't," Natasha says, even though she knows both her and Cory are already very excited by this news. "We just hope it all works out."

"Me too," Justin replies as there's another knock on the door. "That must be the mother. Excuse me," Justin stands up and walks to the door. He opens it and Dawn stands on the other side.

"Sorry I'm late," she says as she walks into the office.

"It's okay, I was just talking with the…" Justin begins to say.

But Dawn cuts him off. "Wait, what the hell are you doing here?" she asks looking at Natasha, the woman Dawn caught sleeping with her father a few years earlier. "Is this some kind of sick joke?"

St. Joseph's Church

Andy walks through the garden, wanting to get some fresh air before moving inside to the wedding. As he walks, he can't help but think about his wedding day to Reese all those years ago; he and Reese never got the chance to have a wedding like this, instead it was a deathbed wedding because Reese was so ill from cancer. He can't help but think about his deceased husband on days like today, but also because he and Lukas had sex recently. He hadn't been with another man since Reese died; it has brought up all sorts of feelings for Andy.

"I just have to let go of this," he whispers to himself. "Reese would want me to be happy."

Before he can say anything else, he feels his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. He pulls out the phone. "Hello," he says into the phone. "Madeline, my goodness, how are you? It's been so long….Yea, I'm well, thanks … wait, what? Are you sure? I don't remember reading anything like that in the will …. Yea, I mean, it's good news. Thanks, we'll be in touch."

Andy hangs up the phone in surprise by what Reese's twin sister just told her over the phone. "Hey, I saw you on my way inside. Everything okay?" Donovan asks his friend as he approaches Andy in the garden.

"Yea, everything is fine, better than fine," Andy looks back at him. "You won't believe this, but I just got a call from Madeline Wilkins."

"Reese's sister? How is she doing?"

"She's good," Andy replies to him. "She told me that Reese had a clause in his will."

Donovan arches his eyebrow. "What did it say?"

"It said that I'm to inherit more money," Andy reveals to him. "I guess he didn't want me to get everything at once, so I'll be getting another lump sum."

"That's great news, right?" Donovan smiles back to him.

"Yea, after everything that's happened lately, I guess it feels like a sign from Reese, that I'm on the right path and that I'm going to be okay."

Donovan pulls him into a hug. "I'm glad you realize that," he whispers to his friend. "He does want you to be happy."

Andy nods back to him. "I'm beginning to realize that," Andy smiles to him. "What about you? Isn't time you be happy too?"

Donovan uneasily nods back to him, recalling how he overheard Andy tell Craig that there was nothing going on between him and Lukas. In Donovan's mind, he and Lukas should try to work through their problems now and be happy with each other.

"I want to be with Lukas," Donovan announces to him. "I just have to find a way to make that happen."

"I hope it does happen," Andy replies to him. "It's been far too long of this back and forth. If I can help in anyway…"

"Thanks," Donovan says back to him. "Let's go inside, it's getting chilly standing out here."


"I hope I'm not interrupting," Dominick announces as he slowly opens the door to Leah's bridal room. Leah is standing in front of a large mirror, looking at herself in her wedding dress. "My, my, my, what a sight for sore eyes you are."

"Daddy," Leah bites her lower lip to try to stop herself from crying. "I'm so glad that you're here."

"I wouldn't be anywhere else today," he says as he hugs his daughter. "Seeing you in a dress like this, I'm so proud of the woman you have become."

"Thank you," she replies as they exit their embrace. "I know today will be difficult because Mom is still in the hospital but hopefully today will be the start of good things happening to our family."

"I hope that as well," Dominick tells her. "Jeff better know how lucky of a man he is."

"I think he does," Leah chuckles back to him before she pulls him into another hug. "But he will never replace you in my heart, Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too, Leah. More than you'll ever know."


Robin holds two glasses of champagne as she moves back towards the bridal room. She stops, however, when she sees Adam and Helen together. She looks at them talking and suddenly feels jealous seeing them. Adam looks over and happens to see Robin. She quickly smiles to him before continuing on towards the bridal room.

"Was that Robin?" Helen asks Adam, only seeing the back side of Robin.

"It was," Adam nods back to her. "She finally seems to be coming around to us not being together."

"I wish you'd be honest with her," Helen admits to her. "You never know what could have been because she doesn't know the full story."

Adam sighs knowing that Helen has often wanted him to come clean with Robin about his impotence, but he doesn't want to burden with that. In his mind, Robin should be with a man who can please her in every way.

"I know," he replies to her. "But, honestly, I'm just trying to move on. We have enough on our plates with Dawn, and ow this baby. Who knows what could have happened in another life, but as it stands Robin and I are over. And nothing will change that."


"I'm glad I found you," Meggan tells Lukas, who is drinking some water.

"What is it, what's wrong?"

"I have to get out of here," she replies to him quickly. After seeing Robin walk through the corridor, she realized what is actually going to happen today; Leah and Jeff will renew their vows, while she is carrying Jeff's baby. The idea has become too much for her to bear. "I thought I could this, but I can't. It's too much for me."

"Say no more," he tells her. "I'll drop you off at home."

"Thanks, let's go."

The Sugarbowl

"All things considering, I think Mom and Dad took the news about the baby pretty well," Cheresa tells Brad before she takes a sip of her latte. The two siblings are catching up over some coffee as Brad knows that he just told his parents about him being the father to Meggan's baby.

"Yea, I agree," Brad nods back to her. "I warned Meggan about this dinner party though; you know how Mom can get."

Cheresa chuckles back to him. "It could turn into a circus if you don't control her."

"I think the first meeting will be fun," he replies to her. "Now, the birth … that could be the circus."

Cheresa laughs back to him. "Have I told you how happy and excited I am for you?"

"Once or twice," Brad winks back to her. "But thanks, I'm happy too."

At the front door, Jeff scurries inside and quickly moves up to the counter to place his order. He wants to have a small coffee on his way to the church so he can stay alert. He was up rather late working out some of the kinks with his vows, and now feels a little groggy.

He thanks the barista and moves to the coffee bar to add some sugar and cream to his coffee. While he stirs his coffee one final time, he can't help but overhear Brad and Cheresa's conversation.

"I am happy too," Brad tells Cheresa. "I never imagined being together with Meggan yet alone being the father of her baby. It's almost more than I can bare."

The words hit Jeff like a ton of bricks. Meggan is pregnant? Since when? And, Brad is the father of her baby? He knew that they were seeing one another, but this seems very sudden.

Jeff bolts out of the coffeehouse, far more alert than he was when he arrived. And, he didn't even have one sip of his coffee.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"This isn't a joke Dawn," Natasha slowly stands up from her chair, as Dawn puts her hand on her stomach. "Cory and I, we are trying to adopt a baby. We just got a call that there was an expectant mother who is going to give her child up for adoption and she agreed to meet with us."

"Are you the mother?" Cory asks her, standing up and noticing Dawn's belly.

"I take it, you all know one another?" Justin asks, clueing in.

"Oh, I know her alright," Dawn grits her teeth. "And there's no way in hell I'm giving my baby to Natasha. Not after everything she did to my family, there's no way in hell."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Jeff confronts Meggan!
- Daisy continues to lash out at Vinny
- Tyler has an admission for Trenyce

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