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Previously on One Day at a Time
- While Leah was getting ready for their wedding, Jeff overheard Brad and Cheresa talking about Meggan's baby
- Robin hired Brad to look into Adam's accident after Max apologized to her for everything he had done to try to get her to notice him
- Abby told Brooke she wanted to be a model. Tyler, meanwhile, launched a search for models for the Gen Next House at Roboto. Abby decided to apply
- Cory & Natasha went to the hospital to meet the mother of the potential baby they could adopt and were shocked to learn she was Dawn
- Daisy wasn't happy with Vinny for hiring Lukas to be her campaign manager but agreed to test it out

St. Joseph's Church

Leah slowly paces back and forth in the bridal room of the church trying not to worry too much about the fact that Jeff still hasn't arrived at the church for their wedding. She grabs her cell phone from her purse and realizes that the wedding is scheduled to begin in 20 minutes. She throws the phone back down on the sofa and turns to Robin, frustrated by Jeff's tardiness.

"Still no sign of him?" she asks, trying not to sound frantic. Leah just has no idea what could be keeping her husband.

Robin stands up and moves closer to Leah. "No, but try not to worry. I'm sure he will be here any time now. He knows how important today is. He probably just got caught up in traffic."

Leah uneasily nods back to her sister and forces a smile on her face. "Yea, you're right. It's just not like him to be late. He's usually early for everything."

"Which is why he will be here," Robin reassures her. "There's no way he would miss re-marrying you. He loves you."

Leah genuinely smiles back at Robin. "He does, doesn't he? You're right, he will be here, I must have pre-wedding jitters."

Robin chuckles back to her. "We'll get through it together. Do you want a glass of champagne while we wait?"

"Sure," Leah nods back to her. "That might be the thing to help me with this edge."

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

Jeff quickly parks his car in the driveway of the large estate and rushes up to the front door and starts pounding on it. As he does, he can't help but think back to a few minutes earlier when he was the Sugarbowl and he overheard Brad and Cheresa talking about how Brad is the father of Meggan's baby; Jeff is shocked that Meggan is pregnant with another man's child, it wasn't long ago that they were happy and together. He can't place it, but something isn't sitting well with him. He has to know if he is the father of this baby, since he knows that he and Meggan made love last fall. If he's the father, it could change everything. He had no idea Meggan was even seeing this Brad guy, let alone having a child with him.

"Meggan!" he yells as he bangs on the door. "I need to talk to you! Please, open the door!"

Meggan finally opens the door, still wearing her dress that she had on at the wedding. She was feeling out of place at the wedding because of everything that has happened between her and Jeff, so Lukas drove her home from the church. She hasn't been home 10 minutes before Jeff starting banging on her front door.

"My God Jeff," she looks at him as he walks into the foyer. "Are you trying to break the door down?"

"We have to talk," he tells her as she follows him into the living room. She notices that he's already wearing his tuxedo, which means he is probably on his way to the church now.

"It seems very important," she replies to him. "What is it? What couldn't wait on the day you're planning to marry Leah?"

Jeff turns and looks back at her. "Is it true? Are you pregnant?" he asks her as Meggan gulps hard, somewhat shocked that he has learned the truth.

St. Joseph's Church

"How is your Mom doing?" Andrew asks Paige as they walk slowly through the foyer of the church. Andrew knows that Leah is worried because Jeff is running late to the ceremony.

"As well as to be expected," Paige replies to him. "It's not like my Dad to be late, but I suspect that he will be here any time. Meanwhile, it gives us time to talk."

"Oh, have I done something to upset you?" he asks her, hoping that things between them are still good as they seemingly have been recently.

Paige blushes back to him. "Of course not," she tells him. "Unless, you have done something that would upset me and you haven't told me? Is there something you're not telling me, Andrew?"

Andrew gulps back to her, knowing that he has been struggling with the fact that he drugged Chris and Helen last fall to make it appear that they slept together. At the time, he thought he would feel great by ruining Chris' chance with Trenyce, but slowly he has seen how hurt Trenyce has been by thinking that Chris cheated on her. And, now he can see that Paige is interested in why neither Chris nor Helen can remember that night, so he is feeling pressure from her as well.

"Of course not," he uneasily chuckles back to her, hating that he is lying to her. "You know that I'm an open book."

Paige arches her eyebrow wondering why it took him awhile to reply. "Then, I have no reason to be upset with you."

"I guess there is something that I've been meaning to talk to you about," he admits to her as their eyes lock. "I don't want to pressure you, but I am ready to take the next step with you. I want to show you how much you mean to me, Paige."

Paige blushes again. "I've gotten the sense that you've been ready for some time," she tries to smile back to him. "Just know that I'm not sure I'm ready for sex yet. I don't want to rush into anything, because it will be my first time."

"I get it," he grabs her hand. "I don't want to pressure you, but I am more than ready."


"I am sorry to hear about your mom having to go to Raven's Meadow," Trenyce tells Tyler as they sit next to one another in a back pew, as the two friends are catching up while they are waiting for the wedding to begin.

"Thanks," Tyler nods back to her. "It's a shitty situation, but I feel like she needs the help if she was off her medication. She obviously needs more care, you know?"

"Doesn't make it any easier," Trenyce grabs his hand. "And, what about any new women in your life? Any think of interest on that front?"

Tyler chuckles to himself, thinking about how and Daisy finally made love after months of build-up. Afterwards, however, Daisy told him that they couldn't be together because of her marriage to Vinny. He still hopes that they can be together once the dust settles. But, he knows that he can't tell Trenyce that he slept with her Aunt.

"There was a woman," he reveals to her as they lock eyes.

"What? Who is she? Tell me everything!" Trenyce excitedly replies to him.

Tyler chuckles. "There's nothing to tell," he replies to her. "We can't be together. It was over before it began."

"I don't believe it," Trenyce tells him, not realizing who the other woman is. "She would be a fool to let you go. Give it some time, you never know what will happen."

"We'll see," Tyler smiles back to her. "We shall see."


"I'm glad that you went to the meeting with Dawn and her social worker," Helen tells Barbara as they sit next to one another. "I think she needs all the support she can get right now."

"I couldn't agree more," Barbara nods back to her, having just told Helen about how Justin O'Connor arranged for a meeting between Dawn and the couple who is waiting to adopt a baby. Barbara is glad that Dawn asked her to go with her because she is still trying to make up for her role in everything that her granddaughter has been through in the last year or so. "It makes me think that we can get through this, you know? After all, Dawn will give the child up and then, hopefully, this family can move forward."

"That's what we want," Helen grabs her mom's hand. "I think we all want to move on from this nightmare. I think something good has come from all of this though."

Barbara looks back at her in surprise. "What good has come from this?"

"This family," Helen smiles back to her. "We are finally back together. We are finally all on the same page."

"If only you and Adam would reunite," Barbara sighs, as Helen looks back at her in surprise. "Then, this family would really be together again."

Helen finds herself looking over at Adam, who gives her a quick wave. She knows that he has ended things with Robin because he is impotent, but she wonders if that means she and her ex-husband could get back together. She shakes her head, knowing that he still feelings for Robin.

"That remains to be seen, but it doesn't matter because this family is united. And, there was a time when that didn't seem possible," Helen tells her mom.

The Pampa Grill

Dawn takes a bite of her chicken-spinach salad as she thinks about her meeting at the hospital where she met the potential parents for her baby once she put it up for adoption. She was, and still is, floored that the interested parents are Cory and Natasha. After everything that Natasha did to her family when she had an affair with Adam, there is no way Dawn could give her baby to Natasha.

"I thought I saw your car outside," Natasha announces to Dawn as she arrives at her table. "I was hoping we could talk; you left the hospital so quickly."

Dawn puts her fork down and takes a sip of her sparkling water. "I was hungry," Dawn admits to her. "I sometimes forget that I'm eating for two now."

"It's good that you stopped and ate then," Natasha tells her. "I know it was a surprise to see Cory and I in the social worker's office."

"That's putting it mildly," Dawn replies to her. "I never knew that you and Cory were trying to adopt."

Natasha nods back to her. "When I fell on the ice a couple of years ago, I was told that I couldn't have any more children. I'm so thankful each and every day that I have Jacob, but Cory really wanted to have a child. So, we decided to adopt. We had no idea that you were the mother that wanted to give up her baby for adoption. You have to believe me when I say that."

"I don't know what to think," Dawn admits to her. "All I know is that after all the hurt and pain you caused me and my family, I can't give my baby to you. I won't do that."


"No!" Dawn yells at her. "This is my baby, not yours. I get to decide what's best for him or her, and you are definitely not what's best for my baby!"

Natasha stands back up clearly gutted from what Dawn is telling her. "I'm sorry I bothered you," Natasha whispers back to her before she turns around and quickly walks away from her, biting her lip to try to prevent herself from crying.


"You guys have to help me," Abby looks over at her parents, Brooke and Greg, as she passes them some of new latest test modelling shots that she has taken since the casting for the Next Gen House came out from Roboto. Abby knows that this could be her big chance to make it into the modeling world, which is something she wants more than anything else. "Which shot should I submit for the Roboto campaign?"

"I tend to like this one that shows your dress," Greg tells his daughter before he takes a sip of his wine. "It shows that you're more than just a pretty face."

Brooke shakes her head no. "And, I think this up close one is the best shot. The way your eyes are captured in the light is beautiful."

"Ugh," Abby groans. "You're supposed to help me pick one!"

Brooke chuckles as she squeezes Greg's leg. "Looks like we weren't much help at all."

"How, sweetheart, are you absolutely sure that this is the path you want to go down with your career?" Greg asks his daughter, who looks up at him with intent. "I know you're passionate about it, but modelling can have a lot of hardships attached to it."

"I am positive," Abby stands tall to them. "I want this more than anything else in the world."

"Okay," Greg nods back to her. "Then, I will support you. If you need anything from me, or my connections, you'll have them."

"Oh Daddy," Abby squeals as she rushes over and hugs him, as Brooke looks on with a grin on her face. "Thank you so much. You won't regret this, I promise you that!"

"I'll hold you to that," Greg chuckles back to her.


At the bar, Brad keeps his back to the restaurant as he doesn't want to see his parents of sister see him. He came to the bar for a very specific reason and can't be distracted by his family.

He looks to the seat next to him, which is being occupied but the customer went to the washroom. He knows that the kid sitting there is Max because he followed him there. He is trying to get information from the young man about the accident from the boutique last fall. Brad recalls how Robin recently hired him to look into the accident; of course, there is little evidence to go off because fire that destroyed the boutique, so he has to try to get the information in other ways. His first step is to try to befriend Max in hopes that he will eventually open up to him.

Max soon reappears and orders another beer as he sits next to Brad. "Is that beer any good? I've never had it myself," Brad says as he takes a sip of his beer, which is a different brew than the one Max is drinking.

"Yea, it's alright," Max nods back to him. "I like it more than the blonde you're having."

Brad chuckles back to him. "It's not often a guy says he doesn't like blondes."

Max laughs back to him. "That's a completely different story, man," Max winks back to him. "I'm actually a fashion photographer, so I see all sorts of beautiful women."

"Oh yea?" Brad acts surprised. "Sounds like a pretty sweet gig."

"I can't complain," Max replies before he takes a sip of his beer. "Being surrounded by girls all day definitely doesn't hurt."

"Yea," Brad nods to him. "But, there's always at least one special girl, right? That's the point."

Max puts his head down, trying not think about the special girl in his life because Robin has broken his heart. "Nah, I say, the more the merrier. At least for right now."

Brad chuckles back to him. "I'll drink to that, bubby," he says as they cheers one another and Brad looks back at Max with intent.

St. Joseph's Church

"I'm sorry that I missed you the other morning at the coffeehouse," Daisy tells Andrew as she grabs a cup of water and takes a sip. She is beginning to wonder when the ceremony will start as they are definitely late now. Daisy recalls how she and Trenyce were catching up when Daisy left right before Andrew and Paige arrived. "How are things with you?"

"Not bad," Andrew replies to her. "I think things are finally starting to go in the right direction."

"Does that mean you have moved on from the nonsense that Trenyce and Chris had anything to do with your mother's death?"

Andrew sighs a little. "Yea, I think so," he replies to her. "I mean, I know it was an accident. It's just, it's hard to forget everything Frederick told me about Chris and Trenyce, you know? But after everything that has happened, I think I have to move on."

Daisy arches her eyebrow. "Well, now I'm curious," she looks back at him as he feels some sweat beading on his forehead. "What has all happened, Andrew?"


"I'm positive that he will be here anytime," Paige says as she exits an embrace with Leah, in the bridal room of the church.

"I hope so," Leah replies to her daughter. "It's not like Jeff to be late. I just hope nothing bad has happened to him."

"I'm sure it's nothing," Paige waives her hand. "But, I will say that we are officially late. The ceremony is supposed to be starting right now."

"I'll try to call him again," Leah says as she moves to the sofa and picks up her cell phone. She puts it to her ear and looks over at Paige. "Straight to voicemail."

"Which always happens when he's driving," Paige reminds her. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be here anytime. Come over here, let me touch up your lipstick before he arrives?"

"Sure," Leah tries to smile back to her. "But, if he's not here soon, I'm going to call Robbie because I'm getting worried about him."

"Trust me," Paige tries to convince herself and her mother. "Dad will be here. He has to be."

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"Don't keep me waiting, Meggan," Jeff looks at his ex-finance in the eyes. "Are you pregnant? Are you going to have a baby?"

Meggan turns around from him and closes her eyes. A single tear falls down her cheek but she quickly wipes it. If she tells him the truth, she thinks to herself, will he realize that he is the father of her baby? Will he realize that Brad is lying to everyone on her behalf?

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Jeff asks her, growing impatient. "It's a simple question, Meggan: are you pregnant?"

"Yes!" Meggan finally yells back to him as she turns around. "I'm pregnant, I'm going to have a baby!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan worries about Victoria
- Meggan lashes into Jeff
- Kim gets information about Felicia

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