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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Jeff heard Brad talking about Meggan's baby, so he confronted Meggan, who admitted that she is pregnant. Leah, meanwhile, wondered why Jeff hadn't arrived at the church for their wedding
- Donovan told Andy he wished he and Lukas could be together again
- Shane saved Victoria from being raped on the pier. Later, Victoria suffered from a headache
- Robbie and Cassie had sex again
- Dawn learned that Cory & Natasha were the potential adoptive parents of her unborn child but refused to give her baby to Natasha remembering her affair with Adam
- Bob and Kim grew closer as they realized their scheme to brainwash Felicia into believing she started the fire worked

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"Yes!" Meggan yells back at Jeff, who is grilling her about the prospects of actually carrying a child. "I'm pregnant! I'm going to have a baby."

Jeff feels the blood drain from his face as he thinks back to last fall when he and Meggan made love in her office at MW Investigations. Now, she is telling him that she is pregnant; could he be the father of the baby? The timing would certainly line up with that. He runs his hand through his hair as he tries to control his heartrate. Meanwhile, he also knows that he should be marrying Leah right now.

"When did you find out?" he asks her, trying to figure out all the answers. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why didn't I tell you?" Meggan laughs back at him. "Because, it's none of your business! In case you have forgotten, you're supposed to be at the church right now getting married to Leah."

"The wedding," Jeff continues to feel like he is spinning out of control. He has completely lost track of time and he realises that he is late; the ceremony should have started already. "I'm late."

"You should go," Meggan tells him. "Go be with Leah, that's who you always end up with."

Jeff shakes his head. "This doesn't make sense; this baby, it could be mine! We had sex, you couldn't have forgotten that."

"I was sleeping with Brad at the same time," she lies to him. "Brad and I were together far more often than you and I were. Brad is the father of my baby, not you Jeff. There's no way you're the father. I used the pill after we had sex."

"I have to be sure," Jeff insists. "If that child is mine…"

"It's not yours! I am sure of that," she tells him. "I had a test done already. Brad is the father of my baby. Now again, get out of here. You have a wedding to get too."

"I want to believe you, Meggan," he looks into her eyes. "After everything we have been through, you wouldn't lie to me, would you?"

She shakes her head no as her eyes fill with water. "No," she tells him. "Brad is the father of my baby."

"If you're not telling me the truth…"

"I am!" she yells at him. "You and I have nothing left to say to one another, Jeff. I am pregnant with another man's baby and you're marrying Leah. Now please, go. You have to accept that this how things are now."

Jeff uneasily nods back to her. Why would she lie to him about this? He asks himself as he looks at her. He has to believe, she has no reason to lie. "Okay," he whispers back to her. "Good luck with the baby."

He slowly leaves the living room but pauses and looks back at her one final time before he quickly leaves, realizing he has to get to the church. Meggan waits until she hears the front door close behind Jeff before she gasps out loud and tears fall down her face, hating that she had to lie to him about being the father of her child.

St. Joseph's Church

"I don't think he's coming," a dejected Leah tells Robin and Dominick in the bridal room of the church. They have been telling Leah for a couple of hours now that Jeff must be on his way and he that would be arriving at the church for their wedding, but the fact is: Jeff is not coming. Leah can't believe that he would leave her at the altar like this, but that is what has happened.

"Darling, I'm so sorry," Dominick whispers as he comes up to his daughter and sits next to her on the sofa. "I can't imagine what could have happened that Jeffrey would not show up."

"Me either," Leah admits to her Dad as she fights tears in her eyes. "But something has happened. I just want this day to be over."

"How about Robin and I get the guests to leave?" Dominick asks his daughter, who looks back at him in surprise. "If Jeff isn't coming, there's no point in keeping everyone here. Once everyone is gone, we can get you home. How does that sound?"

"I'd like that," Leah nods back to him. "Thank you, I don't think I can go out there and face all those people."

"No, of course, we'll get rid of everyone," Robin tells her as Dominick stands up and moves over to his other daughter. "I'll send Paige in while people leave."

"Thanks guys," Leah continues to fight the tears in her eyes. "I can't believe I was so dumb."

"Nonsense," Dominick waves his hand. "This is all on Jeffrey and he will answer to me when he finally shows his face."

The Tower's; Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

A short time later, Donovan and Eva, both of whom left the wedding early, arrive outside of Victoria's condo. Eva looks at her son and hopes that they are able to see Victoria as they haven't seen her since she was attacked on the pier the night of Shane's birthday party. Eva can only imagine what the near rape has done to her daughter, after her past with Ernesto, who abused her as a child.

"I hope she's okay," Eva tells Donovan before he knocks on the door. "I've been so worried about her."

"Me too," Donovan replies to his Mom. "But, we are here for her. She has to know that."

Victoria soon opens the door and sees her family. "Darling, are you okay?" Eva asks, immediately seeing how pale Victoria looks. It doesn't help that Victoria has large bags under her eyes.

"I'll be fine," Victoria tells them as she hugs her Mom and then her brother. "I just have this terrible headache that I can't get rid of."

"Do you want to lay down? We can come back later?" Donovan suggest to her as Victoria closes the door behind them.

"No, it's fine," Victoria replies to him. "I have to go to the hospital soon for a shift. I'm scheduled for surgery."

"But, if you're not well Victoria, you should stay home," Eva tells her daughter. "I used to be chief of staff, remember?"

"I'll be fine," Victoria sternly replies to her. "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap. It's just been a trying couple of days."

"Vic," Donovan puts his arm around her. "Why don't you take a few days off? The attack on the pier, it must have brought up memories from Dad. You could use the break."

"No," she snaps again at him. "I told you, I'll be fine. I just need an aspirin and I'll be fine. Look, I hate to kick you out when you just got here, but I have to get ready for surgery."

"Sweetheart, it's fine," Eva tells her. "We are here if you if you need anything. We love you, Victoria. Please remember that."

Victoria uneasily smiles back to her. "Thanks, I'll be fine. I just need to rest, I think. We'll talk soon."

Outside the condo door, Eva looks at her son with worry. "I'm officially concerned."

Donovan nods back to her. "Yea, me too. She wasn't herself. We just have to get her to talk about it; if she keeps her feelings bottled up, they will destroy her."

The Pampa Grill

"Mr. Spinnes, I trust that everything is up to your satisfaction?" Tannis Lee asks Andy, who is looking at the restaurant, which has been closed for a private function. Tannis Lee is the head manager of the restaurant as they look in the center of the dining room, there is one table prepared, with two candles on it. Soft jazz music plays in the background and only a handful of staff are on hand.

Andy, who is pleased with what he sees, turns to Tannis with a smile on his face. "Yea, everything looks perfect. Absolutely perfect."

"Well, whoever this is arranged for is very lucky," Tannis grins back to him. "I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything."

"Thanks," Andy nods back to her before he pulls out his cell phone. "Now, I just have to get the guests to arrive."

St. Joseph's Church

Robin continues to usher some of the guests out of the church, as Dominick nods to her before he escapes back into the bridal room where Leah is still resting.

"Thanks for coming," Robin purses her lips together. "Sorry again about the wedding not taking place."

She stops when she hears her cell phone start to ring. Thinking that it might be Jeff, she quickly opens her clutch and pulls it out. "Hello," she says into the phone as the blood drains from her face. "Mother, what the hell do you want?"

"Lovely to talk to you too," Melissa Young says back to her daughter.

It has been years since the two spoke; not since Robin learned about Melissa's horrible scheme to try to keep her and Cory apart by Rebecca faking a pregnancy with Caroline Fitpzatrick's help.

"I told you that I never wanted to speak to you again, that hasn't changed," Robin snaps back at her, thinking about their past together.

"This call has nothing to do with me or you, for that matter, "Melissa tells her. "It has to do with your brother, Nicholas."

"Nicholas?" Robin asks her back, not having heard from her younger brother in a very long time. Nicholas is Robin's younger half-brother; they share Melissa as a mother, but his father is Melissa's current husband, Phil. "What's going on with him?"

"He's been away," Melissa informs her. "I thought you should know since he is family."

"Away?" Robin continues to ask her questions. "Where did you send him, exactly?"

Melissa chuckles back to her. "I didn't send him anywhere. He decided to join the priesthood."

"You're kidding me," Robin replies in shock. "I didn't see that coming."

"Phil and I didn't see it either, if I am honest," Melissa tells her daughter. "But, you might want to reach out to him and offer your support."

"I will, thanks for telling me."

"It's been great hearing your voice again Robin," Melissa tests the water with her daughter. She misses her more than she thought she would.

"I have to go," Robin cuts her off. "You and I, we still don't have a relationship. Not after everything you have done to me. But, I will reach out to Nicholas. He never did anything but love me."

Before Melissa can reply, Robin ends the phone call. She sighs wondering what could have happened in her brother's life that made him want to join the priesthood.


"What are you thinking over there?" Kim asks Bob as he sits in his office chair and she pours him a brandy. She walks over to him and passes the glass of alcohol.

"Just that Felicia should be moved to Raven's Meadow today, tomorrow the latest," he replies to her before he takes a sip of his brandy.

"She should be," Kim purses her lips together. "You're not having second thoughts, are you?"

"Of course not," Bob looks back at her. "We did what we had to do, Kimberly. After everything that Dominick Robertson did to you and Blake last year, this is the perfect revenge. Felicia paying for the fire is exactly how this should have played out."

"I'm glad you feel that way," Kim replies to him. "Because, we have come too far to turn back now."

"I couldn't agree with you more," he takes another sip of his brandy.

"I have more news for you," she looks back at him as she takes a sip of her red wine. "I know Greg Lawson from some charity work; I don't mind getting friendly with him so we can get updates about Felicia's status in Raven's Meadow. He is the Chief of Staff there, so he'll be overseeing Felicia, I'm sure of that. Dominick will want the best doctor for Felicia's care and I don't want to press Tyler too much in case he gets suspicious."

"You're always thinking ahead," Bob smiles as he stands up and moves up to her and kisses her on the lips. "This is one of the reasons that I love you so much."

"I love you too, Bob."

"I was going to wait for another time, but this seems perfect," he looks back at her as he pulls out a small black box from his pocket. He opens the box to reveal a large blue Rockwell diamond ring. "Marry me, Kimberly. Be my wife?"

Kim looks down at the large diamond ring and then back at Bob with tears in her eyes. "I'd love nothing more than to be your wife," Kim smiles through some tears.

Bob slides the ring on her finger and then kisses her again. "You've made me the happiest man in the world," he grins to her as their lips part.

The Pampa Grill

"Hey, I got your text, it sounded urgent, is everything okay?" Lukas asks Andy, as he moves into the restaurant. Lukas freezes when he sees Andy standing next to a private, candle light, table for two. Immediately, he thinks back to how he and Andy had sex on New Year's but then Andy told him that he wasn't ready for anything serious because of his feelings for Reese. Seeing this set up though, Lukas wonders if Andy has had a change of heart. "What's all this?"

"I have a surprise for you," Andy tells him. "But, before you say anything else, you have to agree to just listen to me. Don't get all bent out of shape."

Lukas uneasily smiles back to him as he walks up to him. "Why would I get bent out of shape? This seems really nice."

"Because," Andy replies to him. "You're going to have dinner, but not with me."

Lukas arches his eyebrow. "If I'm not having dinner with you, then who am I having dinner with?"

"Hi Lukas," Donovan appears behind him, having received a text from Andy after he left Victoria's condo. "Andy set this up so we could have some time to clear the air."

Lukas turns around and sees his ex-boyfriend. Lukas then spins back around and looks at Andy, who puts his hands up. "You promised not to get bent out of shape. Just talk to him, okay? You owe him that much."

Andy moves over to Donovan and mouths the words "Good luck" to him. "See you guys later," he says before he leaves.

Donovan comes up to Lukas. "I know this isn't ideal, but how about we make the most of this gesture from Andy?"

Lukas looks at Donovan and can't help but think he looks handsome in the candle light. He finds himself nodding back to him. "Sure, let's clear the air, once and for all."

The Black House; Helen, Barbara & Dawn's Home

"Well, doesn't it always seem like something gets in the way of a nice wedding in this town?" Barbara asks Helen and Adam as they move into living room of the Black house, having just gotten home from the cancelled wedding of Jeff and Leah.

Adam chuckles back to her. "It wasn't their day, that's for sure."

"I'm going to put some tea on," Barbara tells them as she scurries out of the living room, leaving Adam and Helen alone.

As Helen looks over at her ex-husband, she can't help but recall of Barbara's words at the church earlier where she suggested that Helen and Adam reunite which would make their family completely united again. As they stand together, Helen can't help but still be attracted to her ex-husband.

"I wonder how it went with Dawn," Adam finally breaks the silence. "She had that meeting with the social worker and the potential parents that could adopt her baby."

"I should give her a call," Helen tells him as she moves to her purse to grab her phone, but the ringing doorbell stops her from collecting it. "I wonder who that could be?"

They both into the foyer as Helen opens the door and sees Cory standing on the other side. "Cory, this is a surprise, please come in," Helen tells him, as Cory moves into the house.

"Thanks," Cory replies to him as he notices Adam standing there. "Hi, Adam."

"Hi Cory, what brings you by?" Adam asks him.

"I'm sure you guys will hear about this sooner or later," Cory admits to them, as Babrara emerges behind Adam. "Natasha and I were the potential parents that Dawn met with at the hospital. We are trying to adopt a baby."

"We had no idea," Helen clasps her hands together. "Congratulations."

"Hold off on that," Cory tells her. "Dawn saw Natasha and completely lost her mind. She's still hurt by Natasha and Adam's affair and she told us she would never give us her baby."

"And rightfully so," Barbara pushes her way past Adam and looks at Cory. "After everything that woman did to this family, the last thing Dawn should do is give her anything, yet alone a child."

"Mother!" Helen scolds her before looking at Cory. "I'm sorry about her."

"No, I'm not going to be silenced!" Barbara shouts as she looks over at Cory. "Natasha will not get my granddaughter's child, not if I can help it!"

Cassie's Office

"I thought you'd be at Leah's wedding to Jeff," Cassie tells Robbie as he opens the door to her office and moves inside.

"Nope," he replies to her quickly. "I was invited, of course, but I decided to stay away. The last thing that they needed was a reminder of my past together with Leah. It's her day with Jeff."

Cassie purses her lips together as she knows that she and Robbie have now had sex twice, which seems almost insane. They have known one another for so long, and Cassie has a sorted history with Robbie's sister, but she can't deny that they have a spark between them.

"So, you decided to come see me instead?" she giggles back to him.

"Is that so wrong?" he asks her as he moves closer to her.

"I don't know," she licks her lips back to him. "This thing between us, it's crazy, Robbie."

"I know," he smiles back to her. "And, we shouldn't be doing it. But here we are. You want me as much as I want you."

"Is that what you think?" she asks him moving a step back from him.

"Yup," he looks at her, his eyes full of lust. "That sofa is becoming my favorite place."

She tears open her blouse and smiles at him. "Mine too," she says before she turns around and uses her arms to clear her desk. "But today, you should have me on my desk."

He moves up to her and kisses her passionately as she starts to take his shirt off. His lips find her neck as she lays down and he crawls on top of her.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Hey, good work in there," a nurse tells Shane as they exit the OR. Shane nods back to her as he removes his surgical gloves and tosses them into the trash can. He walks into the locker room and moves to his locker, where he looks at his phone.

"No new messages from Victoria," he whispers to himself, knowing that she missed surgery today. He wonders if she just got the time crossed because it's not like her to miss surgery. Thankfully, another doctor was able to step in for her.

He finishes grabbing his things and quickly leaves the locker room, immediately seeing Victoria walk up to a nurses station. He moves up to her. "Hey, there you are, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Victoria looks back at in confusion. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because you missed surgery," he reminds her.

"Oh," Victoria looks back at him. "Yea, I tried to reschedule because I was running late. Someone was able to cover for me, right?"

"Yea, but it was last minute. Everything worked out though," he tells her. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, Shane," Victoria nods back to him. "Everyone has to stop worrying. I'm perfectly fine."

The Pampa Grill

"So, what I'm trying to say," Donovan looks over at Lukas, as they continue to eat the meal that Andy arranged for them at the restaurant. "Is that, I am sorry for how my relationship with Craig came out. I know you were embarrassed that it happened in a public manner; it was never my intention to hurt you. It's the last thing I wanted."

Lukas takes a sip of his wine as he looks back over at Donovan. For the first time in a long time, he feels like Donovan is being honest with him. Andy's idea for them to sit down and talk it out, is actually working, Lukas realizes. "I appreciate your apology," Lukas replies to him. "I guess it's my turn to say sorry to you. I've treated you like an ass ever since that day in court."

"You were hurt, I get it."

"It doesn't mean that I was right. I'm sorry, Donovan. I really am."

"I forgive you," Donovan smiles back to him.

"Wow," Lukas looks back at him.

"What?" Donovan asks him as he sets his wine down.

"I just can't over how handsome you look in this light," Lukas admits to him.

Donovan blushes a little. "You look pretty good yourself. You have to know that I never stopped loving you, even though you pushed me away for so long."

"That should be a thing of the past, don't you think?"

"I think so," Donovan nods back to him. "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking this," Lukas replies to him as he stands up and walks over to Donovan's chair. He leans down and kisses him on the lips. "How do you like that?"

"I've been waiting for that for a long time," Donovan admits to him as he kisses Lukas again.

Outside the restaurant, Craig is walking by as he heads home from a shift at the hospital. He peers through the window and sees Lukas and Donovan kissing. Suddenly, he feels his heart in his throat as he picks up the pace, not wanting to have a front row seat to the ex-lovers reuniting.

St. Joseph's Church

"Come on, let's get you home," Dominick ushers Leah out of the bridal room, who is still in her wedding dress.

"I can't wait to get home," Leah replies to him. "Thank you again, Daddy, for everything you did today."

"Anytime, my love."

Just then, the front door of the church opens and Jeff comes rushing in. "Leah, my God, I'm so sorry I'm late, but I'm here. I'm here."

Leah glares back at Jeff. "Where the hell have you been? How could you stand up me on our wedding day?"

"You don't understand, I can explain everything. I want to marry you, of course, I want to marry you! What do you say, marry me now?"

"Not until you explain me where you've been," Leah looks back at him. "I have to know why you left me at the altar," Leah tells him as Jeff gulps hard, thinking about his time with Meggan.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan and Lukas officially reunite
- Will Leah listen to Jeff's story?
- Brad continues to pursue Max

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