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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob and Kim got engaged
- Craig was upset when Lukas and Donovan reunited
- Robbie and Natasha planned to stop Bob & Kim's wedding. Robbie, meanwhile, continued to sleep with Cassie in secret
- Brad continued to investigate Max's connection to Adam's accident
- Shelley asked Cheresa if she had feelings for Dawn
- Daisy & Tyler had sex again

The Calimo Mansion

Kim slowly walks down the large staircase of the mansion that leads into the front foyer. Bob is waiting on the base of the stairs wearing a tuxedo. Kim looks at her fiancé and wonders what he has planned for their evening; he bought her the dress that she is wearing and advised her that the surprise that he had planned was going to take place that evening. Based on the dress and Bob's attire, she believes that it must be a romantic dinner for two, probably to celebrate their engagement. Kim loves surprises, so she is excited about everything that Bob might have planned.

"You look amazing," Bob tells her as she reaches the base of the staircase and he grabs her hand to kiss it.

"Thank you," she replies to him as she looks into his eyes. "This dress is incredible."

"You're incredible," he smiles back to her. "I hope you like the surprise I have waiting for you."

"I'm sure I will," she purses her lips together. "Is the car waiting for us?"

"Car?" Bob asks her back.

"I assumed we were going to have a romantic night on the town," she admits to him as he leads her to the French doors that lead into the living room of the mansion.

"You thought wrong," he winks back to her as he opens the door and she moves inside, seeing friends and family mingling in the party.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Bob announces as he moves in behind Kim. "My fiancé is here; we can officially start this engagement party!"

"Engagement party?" Kim gasps as she looks at everyone and then back to Bob, as the crowd claps for the happy couple. "You did all of this for me?"

"I sure did," he leans in and kisses her quickly. "Now, grab a glass of champagne and enjoy the evening because this is all for you!"


"Kim certainly looked surprised," Vinny tells his wife, as they each hold a glass of champagne. Vinny was pleasantly surprised when Daisy agreed to come to the party with him since he knows that they have been going through a rough patch since Jemma passed away last year. Recently, however, they did almost share a kiss which makes Vinny think that they are slowly getting back to normal in their marriage.

"Yea, she did," Daisy agrees with him before she takes a sip of her champagne. "It's nice to see them happy again."

Vinny looks at his wife and hopes that they can be happy together again. "I agree," he nods to her. "Life is too short to be unhappy."

"Are you happy, Vinny?" she asks him.

"For the most part yes," he tells her. "I love you Daisy. I don't want anything to get in the way of our marriage. I hope you know that."

"I know that," she tells him as he pulls her into a hug. As he holds her, Daisy can't help but see Tyler standing across the room. She closes her eyes for a moment and recalls how he showed up at her office the other day and they ended up having sex again. She hates that she gave in to him again, but she can't deny that she is very attracted to him. He is an escape from her life and she feels like she needs that right now. she and Vinny have been so distant lately, mostly because of her belief that he is responsible for Jemma's death. She opens her eyes and looks at Tyler longingly.

Across the room, Lukas grabs a drink and then looks over and spots his sister hugging her husband. Lukas arches his eyebrow when he notices Daisy looking over at Tyler.

"What is that all about?" he asks himself as he takes a sip of his champagne.


"It actually sounds like it would be a lot of fun," Cheresa tells Andrew as they each grab a glass of champagne and move into the gardens of the Calimo estate. It's a warm April evening, so they can walk through around the yard during the party. Andrew has just finished telling Cheresa that Paige has decided to be a part of the Gen Next House at Roboto this summer; he has mixed emotions about it because on one hand he is happy that Paige is going to have this experience, but on the other hand he is upset because he will miss her all summer. Although, they have been disagreeing more often because of her new found interest in Chris and Helen not being able to remember their night together last fall, which Andrew know is because he drugged them to make it appear that they slept together.

"Yea, I guess it does," Andrew shrugs his shoulders. "It's weird you know? Like, I told her that I'm ready to have sex with her and she admitted that she's not ready, which is cool, but I mean, an entire summer without her?"

"You're scare you'll met a girl who is ready?" Cheresa asks him.

"I guess, I dunno."

"Well, why don't you apply for the Gen Next House?" Cheresa asks him. "You could be with Paige all summer in an once in a life time experience."

"Paige suggested that as well," Andrew reveals to her. "But being on camera all summer? I dunno, it doesn't seem like it's my thing. Are you applying?"

"My sister did," Cheresa tells him. "But like you, I'm not sure that it's my thing."

"What if we did it together? If you apply, I will apply."

Cheresa chuckles back to him until she realizes that he's serious about it. "You're not kidding?"

"Like you said, it could be an once in a life time experience," Andrew replies to her. "What do you say? Let's have a summer experience?"

Cheresa takes a sip of her champagne. "Fine, you convinced me! I'll apply, after all, we might not get selected!"

Andrew chuckles back to her. "Exactly! Okay, we agree though, we are really doing this?"

"We really are!"


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Shelley asks Dawn as they walk into the living room of the mansion, with the party in full swing. Shelley recalls how Dawn asked her to come to the party with her so she could escape, but Shelley wonders if Dawn is over-extending herself. Dawn is very pregnant now and she doesn't want Dawn to overdo it.

"I'm sure," Dawn replies to her as she grabs a glass of sparkling water. "I can't stay inside and do nothing until the baby comes. Being out is good for me. Besides, it's nice to see people happy for a change."

"I just know that you may run into Natasha here," Shelley says back to her. "I don't want you to be caused any stress."

"I can handle Natasha," Dawn waves her hand back to her friend.

"I'm sure you can," Shelley chuckles back to her. "I just don't want to be stressed out."

"Thanks for being concerned," Dawn smiles back to you. "You've been such a good friend."

"I try," Shelley winks back to her. "And as your friend, I think you have to hear what I'm going to say even though I don't think you're going to like it."

"Uh no," Dawn laughs back to her. "What is it?"

"I am not saying that you should give Natasha your baby," Shelley starts to tell her. "I get why you are opposed to that, but I do think you should think about what she is saying within regards to moving on from the past. The affair between her and your Dad happened a long time ago; putting that behind you would be good for you, and your health."

Dawn uneasily nods back to her. "I know, I know," she admits to Shelley. "I was thinking about that too. As much as I hate to admit it, Natasha did make a good point. I don't want her to adopt my child, but I should find a way to be civil, at least."

Shelley pulls her into a hug. "You're a special young woman Dawn Marie. Never forget that."

"You won't let me," Dawn chuckles back to her.


"Darling, are you having a good time?" Bob comes up to Natasha, who takes a sip of her champagne. Bob hopes that his daughter will be able to come to terms with the fact that he is marrying Kim again because the wedding will happen and he wants his family to support his decisions.

"As good as I can," Natasha tries to smile back to her father. "You know how I feel about this wedding, Daddy. I wish you would reconsider."

"That's not going to happen," Bob tells her. "And I'd like to have your support."

"I'm trying," Natasha replies to him, wondering if she and Robbie could come up with a way to stop the wedding from happening. "I just don't want to see you get hurt again and that's exactly what I think will happen if you marry Kim."

Before Bob can reply, Natasha sees Dawn and Shelley walk past her. She looks back at Bob in surprise. "You invited Dawn Black to this party? Do you know what she is putting me through right now?"

"Natasha," Bob moves closer to her. "I need you to calm down. Tonight is a party, a celebration of my love for Kimberly; I think you could show Ms. Black that you're the bigger person and really do want to put the past behind you. Be the bigger person."

"I'm trying Daddy," Natasha admits to him. "I really am trying."

"I know you are," Bob says. "And, even if she never comes around to letting you and Cory adopt her child, there are other children that need homes."

"I know you're right," Natasha nods back to him. "I have to be the bigger person."

He pulls his daughter into a hug and holds her for a moment. "I love you Natasha."

"I love you too," she smiles to him as they exit their embrace. Just then, she looks at the door way and sees Cassie quickly walking in the foyer. She shakes her head in shock; she can accept that Dawn is at the party, but Cassie Nova? No, Natasha won't stand for it. "Excuse me for a moment?" she says to Bob as she quickly moves towards the foyer.

"That went better than I expected," Bob thinks to himself as Natasha leaves his side, hoping that his conversation about being the bigger person will rub off on Natasha's feelings towards his pending marriage as well.

The Black House; Helen, Barbara & Dawn's Home

"Barbara isn't coming to the party?" Adam asks Helen as he stands in the foyer waiting for his ex-wife to finish getting ready so they can go to the engagement party together.

Helen emerges wearing a black cocktail dress which Adam immediately notices. "No, she's doing some of her community service tonight," Helen says as she collects her purse.

"That dress is amazing on you," Adam smirks back to her. "Like, wow."

Helen chuckles back to him. "You've always been a flirt," she winks back to him, as she recalls how they shared a kiss a few days earlier. Helen knows that she has been looking at her ex-husband differently lately because Barbara had told her that she and Adam should reunite. The kiss that they shared was special and it definitely made her think about their past together.

"I can't help myself with a beautiful woman," Adam says as she approaches him. They lock eyes for a moment. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about that kiss the other day."

"You haven't?" she asks him. "I'm surprised."


"You're in love with Robin," Helen reminds him. "You only pushed her away because of your accident."

"I know," he nods back to her, knowing that the accident left him impotent. "But, I can still think about the kiss we shared, can't I?"

"I suppose you can."

"Are you telling me that you haven't thought about it?"

"I didn't say that," Helen looks into his eyes. "I have been thinking about it."

"Me too," he licks his lips as he leans in and kisses her again. Helen responds to his kiss and they part ways for a moment. Adam grabs her and pushes her up against the wall, kissing her again.

"Adam," she gasps as their lips part. "God, I want you," she says as they kiss again.

"I want you too," he says as his lips find her neck before she pushes him back and they lock eyes again.

"I think…"

He looks down and then back up at her with a grin on his face. "That I'm healed? Yea, I think I am," he says before he kisses her, feeling his aroused state . He picks her up and carries her up the stairs, their lips never leaving one another.

The Calimo Mansion

The party continues to play out in the living room of the mansion as the guests mingle with champagne and appetizers. Robin grabs a glass of champagne and takes a sip of it as she sees Brad approaching her.

"I didn't think you knew the Calimo's," Robin purses her lips together as the PI smiles back to her.

"I don't really," he admits to her. "But I heard that you were here and I wanted to talk to you."

Robin arches her eyebrow. "I'm assuming this has to do with Max," she replies to him, knowing that she has hired Brad to see if Max had anything to do with Adam's accident last fall. Robin knows that it might be a long shot but after some of the comments that Max has made, she has to know if he did anything to Adam to try to get her to be dating Max instead.

"Yea, it does," Brad tells her. "I told him that I was interested in you."

"You did what?" Robin gasps back to him. "Why would you do that?"

"Because, he told me that he has done things that he isn't proud of," Brad reveals to her. "I had to tell him that there was a chance for you and I to see what his reaction was."

"And?" Robin asks him. "How did he react?"

"He wasn't happy," Brad tells her. "I think I'm close to getting him to reveal whatever he is hiding. We are close to knowing the truth."

"Please don't stop until we know the truth," Robin pleads with him. "My future with Adam could depend on it."


Craig finishes one glass of champagne and immediately grabs another, taking a healthy sip of it. He looks over and sees Donovan and Lukas sharing a laugh together, which is making his blood boil. He feels like he has been a fool when it comes to those two; he should have known that they would end up together, despite him having feelings for Donovan. He really thought that after he and Donovan spent the night together on New Years that he would have a real shot with him. Now, they are back together and Craig feels like a fool.

"I was dumb," he whispers to himself as he takes another sip of his champagne. "I should have known that they would end up together; they always do."

He pulls out his phone from his pocket and searches through his contacts until he finds his travel agent. He dials the number quickly. "Jake, hey, it's Craig," he says into the phone. "I got that email about there being a plane ticket sale to Las Vegas," Craig continues to say. "I'd love to go. Can you book me a return ticket, including hotel? Any tickets to any gay clubs would be greatly appreciated too."

Craig smiles as the travel agent confirms that he will book his trip. Craig hangs up the phone and takes one final swig of his champagne, realizing that his trip to Vegas could be just what the doctor ordered - a weekend away to forget the mess his current life is.


"I see Vinny over there," Lukas tells Donovan as he finishes his glass of champagne. "Do you mind if I go and talk to him? I have some good ideas for Daisy's campaign that I wanted to run by him."

"Of course not," Donovan nods back to him. "I'm just glad that you have found something that you're passionate about."

"Besides you?" Lukas smirks back to him before he kisses him quickly. "I won't be long."

Lukas moves over to Vinny, who is grabbing another glass of champagne. He wonders if he should mention the fact that he saw Daisy looking at Tyler, but he decides not to test the flames with his sister. He knows that Daisy agreed to keep him on as a campaign manager but if he screws up once, Daisy would fire him. He has actually been enjoying the work thus far.

"Lukas," Vinny turns and sees him approaching. "Are you having a good time?"

"Yea, I am, how about you?" Lukas asks him back. "It's good to see you and Daisy together."

Vinny uneasily smiles back to him. "Every day we get closer," Vinny tells him, as Lukas looks around the room and happens to see Daisy watching Tyler again. He realizes that something must be going on there, but what could it be?"

"That's great," Lukas returns his focus to Vinny. "Because, I think I know some ways that we can help Daisy win the election. If you don't want to talk shop tonight, that's fine. But let's meet again soon?"

"I'd like that," Vinny smiles back to him, as Lukas continues to wonder what Daisy is doing looking at Tyler.


"I can't believe you're here," Robbie says to Cassie as he pulls her into the foyer of the mansion. He had seen her about to enter the living room of the party, but he pulled her back for a quick moment. He knows that once he enters the party, he has to pretend that he and Cassie don't get along because of her history with Natasha. Robbie wanted to have a moment with her because he has been enjoying seeing her.

"Neither can I," Cassie admits to him. "But, I got the call about the party and I thought I would come. Besides, I knew that I'd get to see you."

Robbie chuckles back to her. "Yea, but we can't be together, you know? No one knows about us."

"That's part of the turn on," Cassie purrs to him as she runs her hand over his chest that is covered in his tuxedo. "Having you watch me all night but you're not able to touch me. Or kiss me. Or make love to me."

"It's torture," Robbie nods back to her. "But I think you like teasing me that way."

"Of course I do," she tells him. "Cause the next time we get together, you'll be raging to go."

Robbie chuckles back to her as he leans in and kisses her passionately.

"What the hell is going on here?" a flabbergasted Natasha asks as she stands in the doors of the living room. Robbie and Cassie freeze and look at a fuming Natasha. "Answer me!" Natasha yells. "What the hell do you think you're doing with my brother, Cassie?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan gives Lukas some advice
- Robin is in for a surprise
- Daisy and Tyler come face to face again

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