Episode 54
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
- Vinny used his power over Daisy to get her to call off the ‘manhunt’ for the driver that killed Noah
- Robin returned to work, only to suffer an accident
- Cassie & Shane met at Wild Night
- Rebecca dumped Shane, thinking that Jason knew of their affair
- Chris had a check up with Victoria and found her behaviour odd

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Leah walks down the long corridor of the hospital. She can’t believe that she is back at TPGH, just weeks after her son Noah had been here. She fights off the tears as she tries not to think of Noah at this moment. This is a completely different situation. But really is it? A loved one is in this hospital. This place. She hates the hospital now. The place that failed to save Noah. She brushes a tear from her cheek as she finally sees Cory sitting in a waiting chair.

“Hey,” she says, sitting next to him. “How’s Robin?”

“Don’t know. Shane’s in with her now,” he says calmly, even though his stomach is in knots.

“What happened exactly?” Leah asks, placing her hand on Cory’s shoulder.

“Not entirely sure. She was at work. Some kind of minor explosion in the lab. I just got a call that she was here. She has to be okay Leah, right?” Cory says finally looking at her in the eyes.

Leah looks a Cory. He looks like he is a man in love. His face filled with anguish and concern.

“She will be okay,” Leah forces herself to say. “Where’s Natasha?”

“At home. She knows I am here … they called me first, you know?”

“Of course,” Leah smiles. “Listen, she’s tougher than anyone gives her credit for. She will be fine.”

Suddenly Shane emerges in the small waiting room holding the hospital clip board. He closes it and looks up.

“How is she?” Cory asks impatiently standing up.

“She’s … okay,” Shane says slowly.

“What’s going on Shane? That did not sound convincing,” Leah replies standing next to Cory.

“She’s sleeping right now. She will be awake soon. When she awakes …” Shane says slowly.

“What!? What? Please just tell us Shane,” Cory pleads with Shane.

“Sit down, okay? I will explain this to you both.” Shane says gesturing to sit down in the waiting room chairs.

Cory and Leah sit. Leah grabs Cory’s hand as they brace to hear the news from Shane.

“When Robin awakes, she will not be able to see,” Shane says slowly.

“How did this happen?” Leah asks startled.

“She was working in the lab. One of the chemicals she was using was highly toxic. According to the police report the security alarm went off, which is the cause of the chain of reactions. This chemical that Robin was using could only be on the heater for approximately three minutes. The security alarm took about five minutes. This resorted in the chemical exploding. This chemical got into Robin’s eyes … and now she will be blind,” Shane says trying to remain calm, although he knows the news is devastating his friends.

Cory stands up and walked over to the window. “My God. This can not be happening!” he says in a rage. Leah walks over to Cory and puts her arm around him.

“Is this condition going to be forever?” Leah asks still trying to console Cory.

“We do not know. Her vision could come back tomorrow, her vision could come back in three years, her vision may never return. There’s just no predicting this.”

The conversation is interrupted by a nurse.

“Sorry to interrupt Dr. Glubbs, but it’s about Robin Navy.” she says, as all three look at the Nurse with more interest. “She’s waking up.”

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Dominick Robertson enters the hospital front doors. He searchs for the elevators, as he heard from Cory which floor and room Robin is in. Dominick has not been in Twin Peaks since Leah and Robbie were remarried in the winter. Now its spring and he is back, but for another problem with one of his girls. He knows that he should have come back more often to help Robin deal with the devastating break up with Cory. He loves his girls, but he never really felt at home in Twin Peaks. Partly because of Bob Calimo. He thinks that Twin Peaks is only big enough for one tycoon. Still, he wishes he had been there for both Leah and Robin more.

He spots the elevators and rushes over. He catches one, and the door closes. Sofia, who just enters the hospital sees Dominick on the elevator and quickly turns around. She quickly turns pale. She knows that she had only come to the hospital to get an update on Robin so she can report back to Natasha. But the sight of Dominick again so soon after the wedding sends shivers down her spine.

“No one can know … not now, not ever,” she says to herself as she regains her composure and walks over to the elevators. The secret that Sofia has been keeping for so long was always in her mind. And one that she always is going to keep.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks High School

Trenyce enters the cafeteria and drops her books at a table. She sits down in front of them and sighs. She is so glad that senior year is almost over. She is over high school. She hates the teachers. She hates the rules. She hates the early mornings. She looks around. She hates this high school too. Since moving to Twin Peaks, she has not really made many friends. In fact, she only talks to Andy and that was because he has a huge crush on her. Still, she likes that Andy pays attention to her. She likes that he would come and talk to her. She smiles when she sees Andy walk into the cafeteria. She quickly looks away, pretending not to notice his entrance.

“Hey,” he says sitting down across from her. “How goes today?”

“Pretty good. Spanish class sucked. Senora Martinez can be such a bitc…”

“So it’s been that kind of a morning,” Andy smirkes , amused by how every situation Trenyce is in, she is the victim. “How were Chris and Daisy this morning?”

Trenyce smiles . She really got a kick out of making her Aunt and Uncles life a living hell. Growing up with Danielle, Trenyce had always heard how terrible Daisy was. While, Daisy has always been nice to her, changing her mind about her Aunt now would almost be a betrayal to her mother, Trenyce concludes. So she is still trying to cause friction at home.

“Amusing. They tried to make me eat eggs again,” she laughs .

Andy didn’t understand. “You and I had IHOP last week,” he says

“Don’t’ remind me,” she says . “I am still paying for that.” she says looking at her body.

“Well I think you’re beautiful the way you are,” he smiles back.

And that is exactly why Trenyce didn’t care if Andy was her only friend in town.

“Listen, I have an afternoon spare. I am going to take off … wanna hang out later?” he asks .

“Yea, that’d be cool. Call me,” she replies .

“You know I will,” he winks back.

Scene Four - Patricia’s Condo

Patricia takes a long drink of her hot coffee, trying to think about the real reason Vinny would have sent Meggan’s car to an out of town body shop. Patricia’s long blonde hair was neatly pulled back into a long flowing ponytail. She bites her bottom lip, a nasty habit that she had, when she was deep in thought.

‘There has to be something to this,’ she thinks to herself. ‘Something doesn’t make sense …’

She shakes her head and picks up the Twin Peaks Sun.

“Manhunt still on for Hit-&-Run Driver”

She re-reads the top headline. ‘Meggan’s been drinking a lot … could she be the driver?’ Patricia gets up. She grabs her coat and car keys and heads for the door, knowing that she has to get to the truth.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Chris knocks on Victoria’s office door and enters.

“Hey Vic,” he says, sitting down in the chair in front of her desk .

Victoria fails to respond; only a sly smile comes across her face. Victoria, still is under ‘Brandy’s’ control and is not about to let Chris Michaels be aware of her current situtation. She has to act like Victoria, just long enough to get Chris in and out of his check up.

“How are you feeling today,” she finally spoke as Chris looks on, slightly confused by Victoria's behavior.

“Pretty good, you know? Only here really cause Daisy likes to make sure everything is okay,” he laughs.

Brandy does not find Chris amusing, but she forces a little chuckle. It is at that very moment that Chris realizes that something is off with Victoria. He has been seeing her for years as a doctor, and knows her as a friend. He can’t place his finger on it, but he knows something is not right.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Shane walks into the hospital cafeteria. He goes over to the large coffee machine and places his change in. He is soon drinking a nice, hot coffee. If there was one thing he hates about his job, it is delivering the bad news. He knew the moment he saw Leah again that she still had some kind of resentment that Noah died. While the boy dying was surely not his fault, he can not help but believe that somewhere deep down Leah blames him. And now Robin’s blindness. He shakes his head. He takes a drink of his coffee and notices an attractive blonde on the other side of the cafeteria. He walks up to Cassie.

“Hey stranger,” he says . “Remember me?”

Cassie looks up and sees Shane, the man she met at Wild Night a few days earlier.

“How could I forget?” she smiles .

Shane sits down next to her. “You okay?”

“Fine, why do you ask?” she says smiling.

“You are in a hospital cafeteria …” he winks .

“Ooooh,” she chuckes. “I was volunteering in the children’s ward this morning.”

“Wow, good for you.” Shane says impressed.

“Thanks. It’s nothing, just something I love to do. What’s your story? Why are you here?”

“I work here,” he said putting his head down.

“A doctor huh?” she says . “You keep getting better!”

Shane laughs, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Single, great profession, attractive … what’s not to like?” she confesses.

Shane blushes a little. “Oh now, did I make you blush? I am sorry.”

“No, its okay,” he reveals. “Just flattered. Had a rough time of lately, you know?”

Cassie grabs his hand. “I am not asking for anything serious. How about a date? Just to see how it goes?”

“I’d like that,” Shane says, hoping that finally, maybe he can start to get over Natasha.

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks Police Department

Robbie sits at his large desk. He loves being a cop; he loves saving lives and helping people. He loves doing justice. This case he is working on, more than ever. He wants to catch the creep that was driving the car that killed his wife’s little boy. He wants to do justice for Leah. He thinks, somehow if he could send the driver to jail things between him and Leah will get better. While he knows she is grieving, he can’t help but feel the distance between him and Leah while she is leaning on Jeff, Noah’s father, more than him.

His eyes continue to search the police report, desperately trying to find something that he has missed. Something. Anything. One clue to help him have a direction to lead on. It seems pointless though. Suddenly it dawns on him. He knows where to turn.

He picks up the phone. “Hey, it’s Calimo. Do we have Noah’s clothing still? … We do? Perfect. Send it to the lab. Yea, we are looking for paint chips. I want to see if any paint chips are his clothing. If we can get a paint chip, we can trace the colour, model and possibly even year and make of the car that hit him. … Thanks. Put this on a rush,” he says slamming the phone down.

This could be the break Robbie is looking for. His thoughts are interrupted by a knock on his door. He looks up to see Daisy.

“Hey Daisy, what’s up, come in, please,” he says standing up greeting his friend.

“Thanks Robbie. I know you’re very busy, but we need to talk.”

“Sounds important, what’s up?”

“It is, and it’s not a friendly visit, I am afraid. I am here as mayor.”

Robbie laughs “Okay, Mrs. Mayor, go on. I’m all ears.”

“Well, before I begin,” Daisy says crossing her legs. “I have already cleared this with the commissionaire, but I wanted to be the one to tell you the news.”

Robbie sits up in his chair. “What’s going on Daisy?”

“I have called off this ‘manhunt’ for the driver that killed Noah,” Daisy announces, trying to have as much power and assurance in her voice as she can.

Robbie could not believe his ears. “You did what?” he asks, trying to remain calm.

“I know this case hits close to you and Leah, but please hear me out,” Daisy pleads.

“Oh, I will hear you. You better have one hell of a good excuse for this,” his rage building.

“Honestly, it’s been weeks and you still have no new leads. I am tired of reading the top headline in the Sun that there’s this Manhunt. People in the city are scared. They are scared to let their children go play in the park. They are scared to walk their dogs down the road. This ‘manhunt’ is turning Twin Peaks upside down,” Daisy says , still unsure of her response … but knowing that it was the best thing she could come up with after Vinny ordered her to end the manhunt.

Robbie puts his head in his hands and starts to laugh.

“And to think, I voted for you Daisy …” Robbie says ending his laugh and looking at her with pure rage. “You best leave now, before I say something that could ruin our friendship.”

With that said Daisy stands up and walks out of the office. Robbie picks up a large desk mantel and throws it across the room.

“Damn it!” he yells he frustration.

Scene Eight - the Towers; Kim, Jeff & Andy’s Apartment

Andy walks out of his bedroom and checks the mirror in the hall. He plays with a few pieces and then smiles , he knows he looks good. He is headed over to see Trenyce. While he knows she has a temper and some what of an attitude, he likes her. He likes that she is different and that she doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

Kim opens the front door and drops her large Coach bag on the end table. She takes off her sunglasses as well.

“Anyone home?” she calls, hoping to hear Jeff’s voice.

“Not for long,” Andy yells back turning the corner and seeing Kim.

Kim smiles at the sight of Andy. “Hey you,” she says hugging him. “Where are you off too?”

“Just over to see Trenyce,” he replies back to her.

Kim looks at him. “Again?”

Andy doesn't respond.

“Come sit down on the sofa with me, please. I want to talk to you before you go.” Kim sits on the sofa.

Andy takes a deep breath and sits down next to Kim.

“Am I in trouble?” he asks.

Kim laughs and put her hand on his leg. “No. Of course not. But you are spending an awful lot of time with Trenyce.”

“Yea, so … we are friends. Is that cool?”

“Of course it is. I just want … I guess what I am saying is … And I don’t really want to know if you are, but if you are …”

“I am so lost Kim, just say it” Andy says.

Kim takes a deep breath. “Sex, Andy is a funny thing.”

“Oh God!” Andy groans.

“Now, just hear me out, okay?” Kim says smiling. “If you and Trenyce … or any girl for that matter go down the path of sex … I just want you to know that you need to use protection. Okay? I know it maybe weird coming from me, but even if you ever need to borrow condoms, ask me okay? Promise?”

Andy smiles and hugs Kim. “Promise.”

“Good. Weird conversation over!” she says laughing.

“Good, I gotta jet.” Andy says getting up and leaving the apartment.

Kim leans back into the sofa. She loves having Andy around. She has not yet told him, or Jeff for that matter, for Andy’s 19 th birthday, which is quickly approaching, that she is planning to officially adopting him as her brother. She worries how Jeff would react, considering everything that has happened with Noah. She wonders where Jeff was, hoping that he isn’t alone.

Scene Nine - The Graveyard

A light rain falls as Leah sits on a bench in the graveyard. A few meters away is her son’s grave. The dirt still fresh, just a few spurts of grass are coming in. She sits in her long black trench coat with large black framed D&G sunglasses and her matching D&G bag. The light rain causes her to put up her hood on the jacket. She opens her bag and pulls out a cigarette. She doesn’t smoke, but she bought a pack to help take some of her edge off. She tries the lighter. The third time it finally lights, as the light rain kept putting out the flame. She looks over at the grave of Noah. Tears fill her eyes quickly.

“Hey,” Jeff’s voice is heard in the distance.

Leah fails to move. She sits still watching the grave, hoping that there will be some kind of movement. Jeff sits next to Leah.

“I got here as soon as I could,” he says looking at the grave with Leah.

Without saying a word, she passes him the cigarette. He inhales a large drag of the cigarette. With this other hand, he grabs Leah’s hand and holds it tightly.

Together, in silence, they watch the grave and sit in the light rain sharing the cigarette.

Scene Ten - Main Street

Natasha opens her Burberry umbrella as she steps out of her office and onto Main Street. She is leaving work early. She has no further appointments, and her mind is more focused on Robin and Cory. It has been hours and Cory has failed to call to give her an update. Even Sofia has seemingly forgotten to report back. She slowly starts to walk towards her car.

Across the road she looked up and saw Wild Night, the bar that Cory owns. She quickly remembers having her wedding reception there. She smiles at the memories. Suddenly she stops in her tracks. The front door to Wild Night opens and Shane and Cassie come out, hand in hand. Natasha shakes her head. What on earth was this odd feeling in the pit of her stomach? Why would she get this odd feeling in her stomach seeing Shane with another woman, which appears to be a date?

Scene Eleven - Main Street

Cassie laughs at one of Shane’s bad jokes. He proceeds walking her to her car.

“This was a lot of fun,” she looks up at him smiling.

“Yea it was. And it was afternoon. Who knew that the bar scene was this much fun so early!” Shane winks at her. “Listen though, Cassie. I would love to take you out on a formal date. No bars. Maybe dinner, a movie?”

Cassie gets the biggest smile on her face, “I would absolutely love that,” she says.

“Great. I will call you with arrangements?”

“Perfect,” she says.

Shane turns to leave, but Cassie pulls him around gives him a small peek on the lips. Shane quickly pulls back.

“Sorry,” she says.

“No, its okay. Just think we should go slowly.” he whispers.

“Yea, me too.”

Scene Twelve - The Sugar Bowl

Chris enters the busy coffee house and orders a large dark roast. He walks over to the side bar to add cream and sugar.

At a table near the side bar, Helen and Adam are sitting together, each enjoying the other’s company.

“So, have you heard anything from Victoria lately?” she asks taking a slow slip of her mocha.

“No nothing. Not surprising though, she’s made it pretty clear that she wants nothing to do with me, or us.” he says.

“Yea, she’s been acting so weird lately. Do you think Andy’s suggestion that she had D.I.D. could be true?”

“I have no idea. She will not let me get close enough to her to understand,” he says. Adam thinks back to his time with Victoria. They were happy together, but he fell for Helen almost immediately. Still, he feels partly responsible for her current state.

“I guess we can only hope she gets the help she needs,” Helen says.

A stunned Chris can not help but overhear their conversation. Suddenly, he remembers his recent check up with Victoria at the hospital. Suddenly, it makes sense to him. Victoria does have D.I.D. he tells himself.

Scene Thirteen – Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin sits in her hospital bed. The room is pitch black, at least to her. In reality, the sun is creeping through the blinds on the window creating shadows on the wall. Robin sits in the blackness, somewhat of a pit of never-ending blackness. No flickers of light. No suddenly shades of grey. Nothing but blackness. She can hear the clock ticking on the wall. Tick, tick ... tick.

She wishes she could cry. Or scream. Anything. Being blind. How on earth was this happening to her? She was working on her new fragrance the previous evening when the explosion happened. And now, this. Blackness. She thought she took the news rather well. No hysterics. No tears. No drama. She thinks Cory seemed more upset than she was. She had already known something wasn't right when she opened her eyes and could not see anything. She remembers moving her hands to her face to see if she had some kind of bandages on her face, but she did not. She knew then, that something was going on. Something more serious.

So this is her new life. Sitting in the room. The blackness. Waiting for Cory, or Leah, anyone to come and tell her that they are going home. But what am I going home too? she wonders. A life of sitting in a room. Sitting the blackness? Shane has told her that the chances of regaining her vision are very good, but he has no idea of predicting when or how. So she is playing a waiting game. With her vision. With the blackness. Her only hope is that she is going to win the game. Tick, tick … tick.

Scene Fourteen - The Calimo Guesthouse; Natasha’s Home

Natasha emerges from the upper level of the guesthouse, changed from her working day clothes. Now she’s in a pair of jeans and a white satin top. She still can not shake that feeling in her stomach of seeing Shane with Cassie.

Her thoughts shift when she hears her cell phone ring.

“Hello,” she answers. “Cory … oh no! That’s terrible, will she be okay? … Yes, I understand. Yes, of course Cory … Okay. Take her home. I understand that you have to be there for Robin,” she said lying through her teeth. “Okay. See you later.”

Natasha hangs up the phone and fights back the tears. She knows that Cory has to be there for Robin now that she was blind, but it all goes back to what Sofia told her. That Cory had moved on too quickly, while she was presumed dead.

Suddenly, there is knock on her front door. She quickly wipes any forming tears away and opens the door.

“Jason! Come in,” she says, ushering her friend out of the rain.

Jason, who still has a slight limp from the gun shot injury, enters. “How’s it going?” he smiles at her.

“It’s okay. How are you? I have missed you.”

“Ah, everything’s pretty good, I guess. Not great.”

“What’s going on?” Natasha asks concerned.

“Nat, I think I am leaving Twin Peaks. Things just are not shaping up for me here. I think I am going to go home.”

Natasha is stunned. “Really? Are you sure Jason? I love having you here …”

“I am positive. You know, just because I am not here, doesn’t mean we can not keep in touch. Talk and stuff?”

Natasha gets misty. “You promise me to call me, often, okay?”

He hugs her. “You better believe it.”

“Thank you so much again Jason. You saved my life. I owe you so much.”

“It was my pleasure,” he winks at her.

Scene Fifteen - Main Street

The rain picks up from a light rain and turns into a heavy down-pour. One of the first rains of the season in Twin Peaks. The street is empty, as everyone is inside hiding from the downpour. All accept one man. A man walks slowly down Main Street, wearing a long black trench coat that reaches his feet. He has a black hat on and a large black umbrella. A large bolt of lightening flashes in the sky, revealing the figures face … it’s Jackson!

Scene Sixteen - The Towers, The Penthouse

Cory opens the penthouse door and guides Robin inside. She is wearing large black goggles to protect her eyes. She has a long walking stick, although with Cory holding her, she does not use it.

“I got you, I got you,” he says closing the door.

“Thank you so much for all this Cory,” she says slowly, taking off her own jacket.

“No problem. Come sit down,” he says showing her the sofa. “I’ll go make some tea.”

Cory emerges into the kitchen. Robin sits on the sofa and smiles. While she had not planned anything, she is glad to be back in the penthouse, the place she called home with Cory for so long. Cory quickly returns.

“Water’s in the kettle, should be ready soon,” he says sitting next to her.

Robin finds Cory’s hand. “You have no idea how much this means to me Cory. You taking care of me, letting me stay here with you.”

“Hey,” he says turning towards her. “Of course I am here for you. I will always be here for you Robin, whenever you need me. I am not going anywhere, I promise,” he says hugging her.

Robin smiles as she embraces the hug, thinking that maybe she has a chance to save her relationship with Cory after all.

Next On One Day At A Time
- Leah confronts Daisy
- Chris & Trenyce have a heated moment
- Natasha’s plan may put Robin in danger
- Two friends say goodbye to Twin Peaks

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