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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob and Kim remarried
- Lukas told Vinny that he had some great ideas for Daisy's electoral campaign. Donovan, meanwhile, told his boyfriend that this could be his chance to make amends with Daisy
- Leah realized that Jeff knew about Meggan's pregnancy
- Paige told Andrew that she will drop her curiosity about Chris and Helen's night together
- Robin was surprised when her half-brother, Nicholas, arrived in town and revealed that he will be posted as the new priest at St. Joseph's. Robin, meanwhile, learned that Max caused Adam's accident last fall

The Calimo Mansion

The ballroom is still the setting for Bob and Kim's wedding reception. The happy couple are dancing on the dance floor, while waiters circle around them serving guests of the wedding champagne and other beverages that they may want to enjoy.

Daisy grabs a glass of champagne as she looks across the room and sees Tyler sitting with Leah for a moment. She shuts her eyes and recalls how they made love, again, recently. She doesn't know why, exactly, she has this pull to him but she can't deny that she is attracted to him. She realizes that she has to end her affair with Tyler; she can't afford to have anyone, especially Vinny, find out about her indiscretion. It would ruin her marriage, and possibly her chances of getting re-elected as the mayor.

"There you are," Vinny announces to his wife as he comes up to the table where she is sitting. "I didn't realize you came back to the table."

"Here I am," she nods back to him, realizing they were dancing before she left to get another drink. "My feet are killing me in these heels."

"Those are my favorite pair too," Vinny chuckles back to her. "I saw Lukas earlier and he was telling me that he has some ideas for the campaign. Do you want to find him to see what they are?"

Daisy sighs back to him, still wondering if hiring Lukas was a good as they don't see eye to eye. "I suppose so," she replies to him. "You know that I'm still on the fence about hiring him."

"Yea, but I think we should give him a chance. He might surprise you."

""Am I interrupting?" Lukas asks as he arrives at the table, having seen them together and deciding to approach them. "I was hoping we could have a moment to go over some of those ideas I had for the campaign?"

"Sure, what are they?" Daisy asks him, as he sits next to his half-sister and Vinny gets a sly grin hoping that Daisy likes the ideas.

"Well, for starters, we should be door knocking during the campaign. There are a lot of folks who can't attend various debates and what now. By you going door to door, you'll show that you don't think that this is a shoo-in win."

"That makes sense," Vinny says before looks back at Daisy, trying to see if she approves."

"What else did you have in mind?" Daisy asks her brother.

"Well, to be honest, I think you're wardrobe needs to be updated."

"What's wrong with what I wear?" Daisy asks him in surprise by his response.

"Nothing," Lukas replies to her. "But, during the election I think we should focus on reds, whites & blues. You know, it will look very patriotic. Those colors represent what we all want: freedom."

"I'm running for mayor, not president," Daisy stands up from her chair. "And, I will not have you dictate to me what I can and can't wear."

Before Lukas can reply, Daisy storms off from the table having heard enough of Lukas' great ideas. Lukas looks back at Vinny and shrugs his shoulders. "I guess that's a no."

Vinny stands up and looks at him. "Give her some time," Vinny replies to him. "She'll come around; for what it's worth, I think it's a good idea."

"Thanks," Lukas uneasily says back to him. "I don't know if she will ever think my ideas are good."


"So, I told him that I would drop it," Paige tells Abby and Cheresa, as they nibble on some food while sitting at their table. Paige just finished telling her friends that she agreed to drop her curiosity about why Chris and Helen can't remember their night together last fall because it was upsetting Andrew. She doesn't know why, exactly, it bothers Andrew so much but she did agree to let it go to them from fighting about it anymore. All she wants to know is what happened that resulted in two grown adults ending up in bed together when neither one can remember. Something isn't adding up, in her mind.

"But you still suspect that something more happened that night?" Cheresa asks her before she takes a bit of her caviar, that is spread on a thin cracker.

"Well, yea, I mean, how do two people wake up next to one another naked and not remember anything?" Paige asks them back. "Something must have happened. I don't know what, but it doesn't make sense that neither one could remember, you know?"

"So, if they can't remember and you want to find out why happened, why does Andrew care?" Abby asks her next, trying to figure it all out herself.

Paige shrugs her shoulders. "He claims that it's none of our business," she tells them. "He gets really upset by us even speaking about it."

"Sounds like he knows more than he's letting on," Cheresa replies to her. "Why else would he get so mad? And, I can say that cause Andrew and I are friends. I've seen his temper first hand; he only gets that way when he cares."

"Please don't tell him that we've spoke about this," Paige tells her friends. "I don't want him to think that I'm gossiping about him behind his back."

"Of course not," Abby says back to her. "This is girl time, but honestly, if he can't be honest with you, you should just dump him!"

"Abby!" Cheresa shrieks back to her sister, startled by her response to Paige.

"What?" Abby shrugs back to her. "I'm just saying; if she doesn't trust him, why would she stay with him?"

"You're only saying that because you think Andrew is hot," Cheresa tells her sister, who shoots her back a glare because Abby knows what Cheresa is saying is true.

"Okay, okay, ladies," Paige waves her hands. "We don't need to fight about it. I'm going to drop this Helen and Chris thing and hope that Andrew and I are still solid. That's all I really want."

Abby rolls her eyes a little wondering if Andrew does know something more about Chris and Helen, and if he does, would that change Paige's opinion of him. Because, she'd be more than happy to pick up Andrew's pieces.

Robin's Townhouse

"Thanks for coming over this evening, I hope it wasn't an inconvenience," Robin says as she pours two glasses of red wine and passes one to her half-brother, Nicholas, who is sitting on the sofa. She called him over because she wanted to see him again but also because she has to get some advice from him. She learned that Max is responsible for Adam's accident earlier in the evening and she has been rattled ever since. She can't believe that Max would go to such lengths to try to be with her; he tried to kill his own father all to be with her. What she does now, however, is what she is confused about.

"I'm glad you called," Nicholas accepts the wine as she sits next to him. "Like I told you when we saw each other the other day, part of the reason that I accepted the posted at St. Joseph's is so we could be closer to one another again."

"I'm glad you're here," Robin replies to him. "I had missed you. I still can't believe that you joined the priesthood."

Nicholas chuckles back to her. "We all have a path to follow and I believe this is my true calling. Now, it sounded important that we talk about something. What's going on?"

Robin smiles back to him. "I found out something today, something that could change everything for my relationship with Adam Black."

"You sent me pictures of Adam, he's a good looking man," Nicholas tells her. "But, I think you told me you broke up?"

"We did," Robin replies to him. "He was in that accident at the boutique last fall where some scaffolding collapsed on him. After the accident, he dumped me. I never knew why but he has pushed me away since then."

"What have you learned that could change everything?"

Robin sighs back to him. "I learned that his son, Max, was responsible for the accident," Robin reveals to him. "Max had a crush on me and was trying to remove Adam from the picture."

"Wow," Nicholas says in surprise. "That seems very bold of him."

"I can't believe it myself," Robin tells him. "But, I heard him confess. I heard him say the words. I just don't know what I should do now. At first, I thought I should tell Adam, but now…"

"Why wouldn't you tell Adam?"

"Because Max is still his son," she says. "At the end of the day, they are family."

"If you want my advice," Nicholas looks back at her. "The truth will always set you free and Adam, and Max. Even if Max is family to Adam, what he did is wrong. He could have killed someone. There should be consequences to those actions."

Robin nods back to him. "You're right," she tells him. "Thank you, Nicholas. Thank you for listening to me."

"Anytime," he says as he hugs her. "That's what I'm here for."

The Calimo Mansion

"You look so happy," Tyler tells Kim, who grabs another glass of champagne before turning to look at her former lover. Tyler hasn't seen Kim this happy in a very long time, which is a nice change of pace considering everything they went through in the last year.

"I am happy," Kim smiles back to him before she pulls him into a hug. "Thank you for being here today. I know that we have had our ups and downs, so you being here is very sweet of you."

Tyler exits their embrace and nods back to her. "I wouldn't be anywhere else," he tells her. "We have been through so much together, we will always be bonded together, but I realized a long time ago that you and I, we weren't meant to be."

"It took us awhile to figure that," she chuckles back to him. "But you're right, I am meant to be with Bob."

"You know what?" Tyler tells her as his eyes swells with water. "I feel Blake's presence today. I feel him most days, but today is particularly strong."

Kim grabs his hands and squeezes them. "I thought it was just me," she admits to him. "Our beautiful little boy, it's hard to believe it's almost been a year since he was taken from us."

"I can't believe it myself," Tyler replies to her. "But, that's why I'm glad I'm here today. I feel more connected to Blake when I'm with you."

Kim pulls him into another hug. "I'll always be here for Tyler," she whispers back to him. "We will never forget our son."

"Never," Tyler says back to her as they exit their embrace. "But, now, you should find your husband and cut your cake!"

"Yes sir," Kim laughs through a tear that falls down her cheek.


"Dawn has been gone a long time, hasn't she?" Helen asks Adam, who is grabbing another glass of champagne. Helen knows that after the ceremony, Dawn indicated that she was warm so she left the reception and went for a walk. Of course, Barbara went with her, but Helen is still growing concerned that Dawn and her mother still haven't returned.

"I mean, not that long," Adam takes a sip of his champagne. "She hasn't missed dinner yet, which you know she'll be back for. She's eating for two these days."

Helen chuckles back to him. "You're right," she nods back to him. "She was hungry during the ceremony, there's no way that she'd miss the meal."

"Yea, and besides, Barbara is with her, right?" Adam asks her as Helen nods. "I can't imagine that anything bad has happened to her; Barbara is in overdrive protective mode these days."

"Okay, okay," Helen chuckles back to him. "I'll stop worrying about her. She's fine. I guess Barbara isn't the only one who is overprotective these days."

"It's understandable considering what Dawn went through last year," Adam looks back at her. "But I really think we are headed for some peace now, Helen. Our family, we can't go through anything worse than what we already have."

"I hope you're right," Helen tells him. "And, I'll still feel better when Dawn gets back from her walk."

Natasha happens to be passing Adam and Helen and overhears that Dawn went for a walk. Immediately her mind goes back to how she found Dawn in the guesthouse during Bob and Kim's engagement party.

"I wonder if that's where she is," Natasha asks herself. "Maybe I'll pop down and tell her that her parents are getting worried about her."


Leah sets her glass of champagne down and looks back at Jeff, who is coming off the dance floor with Paige. Leah looks at her husband with intent for a moment as she recalls how just before the ceremony began, she told him that Meggan is pregnant and he didn't even seem surprised. Leah realized that he must have known about the pregnancy; the question in her mind is now why didn't he tell her? Is he hiding something? Of course, she knows that they have a history together, but there couldn't be more to this, could there? Her mind is also thinking that he was late for their wedding a couple of weeks earlier. She shakes her head realizing that she might be grasping at straws, but she still has to find out.

"Do you mind if we step into the hallway and finish our conversation?" she asks Jeff as he arrives at her, as Paige scurries off to find Cheresa and Abby again.

Jeff looks back at his wife. "About Meggan's baby?" he asks her as she nods back to him. "Is this really the time or place to have that discussion?"

"Why didn't you tell me that you knew she was pregnant?" Leah asks him, ignoring his result to wait to have the discussion. "I mean, it's not like you could be the father. Based on how far long she is, you and I would have been back together at the time she conceived."

Jeff's face goes pale as he takes a sip of this champagne. "My God," Leah covers her mouth in shock realizing that he could have been the father. "You thought you were the father, didn't you? You got Meggan pregnant?"

Jeff looks back at her with intent. "No," he insists. "I didn't. But, I did think I was the father. I did sleep with Meggan last fall."

"While we were together?" Leah turns her back to him, shocked by his revelation; she had to ask him but she never suspected that he would actually admit to being with another woman. "I can't believe you did this."

"It happened once," Jeff reaches out to grab her. "And, then I realized that it was a mistake so I ended things with her."

"When did you find out that she was pregnant?" Leah asks him, still not facing him.

"The morning of our wedding."

"So, that's why you were really late," she turns around, furious that his lies are piling up. "You found out your mistress could be carrying your baby and you choose to confront her then? This is unbelievable."

"Leah, please," he pleads with her to listen to him. "I can explain."

His arm touches her arm and she yanks herself free. Once she's free, she slaps him across the face, causing the crowd to gasp in shock. "Don't you touch me," she tells him. "I can't listen to this anymore!"

Jeff watches as she rushes out of the wedding reception. He caresses his red cheek and sighs heavily, trying to smile to the watching audience in the ballroom.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Tyler snoops around for Bob's device
- Brad kisses his girl
- Bob gives Robbie some advice

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