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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At Bob & Kim's wedding reception, Adam & Helen wondered where Dawn ran off too, not realizing Natasha overheard them. Barbara & Dawn, meanwhile, talked in the guesthouse. Dawn was unaware that Barbara had packed her gun with her to the wedding
- Tyler overheard Kim and Bob discussing the device they used to brainwash Felicia, unaware of what the device actually was. Later, Kim and Tyler shared a close moment at the reception as they thought of Blake
- Daisy was upset with one of Lukas' ideas as her campaign manager for the election
- Robbie learned that Cassie left town after Natasha saw them kissing
- Nicholas told Robin to tell Adam the truth about Max's role in his accident
- In Las Vegas, Craig got drunk and kissed a guy in a dance club

The Calimo Mansion; The Guesthouse

"When I look around this place, and even the main house, I can't help but wonder," Dawn admits to Barbara, who is still sitting on the sofa in the guesthouse as Dawn walks around the living room and looks at the furnishing. While Adam and Helen always provided Dawn with a good life, she knows that it wasn't nearly as fabulous as being Calimo, where money is never an object. Everything on the grounds indicates that they can get whatever they want, whenever they want it. That is something Dawn has never experienced before, but she can't lie when she says she wishes she had. Every time she is on the grounds, she is reminded of that.

"Wonder what, dear?" Barbara slowly stands up as she recalls how after Kim and Bob's wedding ceremony, Dawn was feeling warm so they went for a walk together and ended up having a quiet moment in the guesthouse. Barbara still can't believe that Dawn has actually been civil to Natasha; after everything that Natasha did to her family, there's no way that Barbara will ever be nice to her. She pats her purse, feeling her gun inside, knowing that she will use it if Natasha threatens her or her family again.

"What it would be like to live in this kind of place," Dawn looks back at her. "You know, where money isn't an object at all."

"Money can't buy you happiness," Barbara tells her. "The way Natasha has lead her life should be proof enough of that."

"Maybe," Dawn replies to her. "But, it would certainly open a lot of doors that others may not have opened."

"Dawn Marie," Barbara says in a stern voice. "Why are you saying this? I thought you had made it clear that you weren't going to give your baby to that woman? By the sounds of it, you are having a change of heart!"

Dawn shrugs her shoulders. "Would it really be so bad?" Dawn asks her seriously. "Natasha has all the money in the world; she could provide this baby with a good life. A life I certainly could never give it."

"She seduced your father and stole him from your mother!" Barbara shrieks. "That is not the kind of woman that deserves to raise a child!"

"Grandma please, stay calm," Dawn tells her, realizing that Barbara is getting worked up. "There's no need to get so upset over this. I still have time before the baby comes to think about what I'd like to do."

"I won't stand for it Dawn," Barbara whispers back to her, horrified by Dawn's admission to her. "I will not allow you to do this!"

Barbara shuts her eyes for a moment and immediately sees Jonah's dead body in front of her again. The room slowly starts spinning as more and more blood oozes from his body. She covers her mouth, unable to open her eyes as the visions haunt her.

Dawn looks back at her Grandmother in horror as Barbara screams out loud at the images she is seeing in her head. "Grandma, what is it? What's wrong?"

Barbara opens her eyes as a tear falls down her cheek. "I can't get it out of mind! No matter how hard I try!"

"Get what out of your mind?" Dawn asks her as she comes closer to her.

Before Barbara can reply, the front door opens and Natasha emerges. "There you are," she says before she realizes that she's walking in on something. "Your parents are looking for you," she says to Dawn. "Wait, what is it? Barbara, are you okay?"

"No," Barbara whispers back to her. "And it's all your fault," she glares back at Natasha, who looks dumbfounded at what Barbara is saying to her.

The Calimo Mansion

Tyler stands with a glass of champagne and he watches as Bob and Kim dance on the dance floor in the ballroom as the wedding reception continues. A few moments earlier, there was a scene between Leah and Jeff that created a stir; they have since left and Bob and Kim insisted that everyone get back to dancing the night away because they didn't want the party to end because of a fight end their wedding night.

As he watches them dance, he can't help but think about his conversation with Kim where they hugged and shared a tender moment where they thought about Blake. He still can't believe that it's been close to a year since their son died, but he is glad that he and Kim are back to being in a good place. After so many ups and downs, he never thought that they would be civil to one another yet alone working together at Roboto on the Gen Next House.

As he takes a sip of his champagne, he can't help but think back to a few weeks earlier in the office after he hired Abby and Paige to be models for the summer campaign, and he overheard Kim and Bob talking about a device. He still has no idea what device they were talking about, but he has been curious about it. He looks over his shoulder and decides to leave the ballroom, which Kim happens to see as Bob twirls her around on the dance floor.

"Maybe this device is in Bob's study," he whispers to himself as he exits the room. He moves down the hallway and finds the doorway into Bob's personal study. He enters the room and looks around. "I love to know what it is."

"I can't place my finger on it," he says to himself. "But I feel like this device, whatever it is, could be bigger than I realize. I have to figure out why my stomach is turning at these thoughts. I have to know what it means."

He moves to the bookcase and starts looking around, but he hears the door to the study open so he slowly turns around. "What are you doing here?"

Daisy purses her lips together. "I saw you leave the ballroom and realized I had to get out of there too," she says slowly coming up to him. "Are you having a good time?"

"Yea, I guess so. Are you?"

"Not really," she admits to him. "Vinny and Lukas are driving me crazy with some of their ideas for my campaign for the upcoming election."

"Well, it is your campaign, I'm sure you can veto anything you want," he looks into her eyes. "Is that the real reason you're here?"

Daisy chuckles back to him. "I wanted to see you," she tells him. "I keep telling myself that our affair is wrong, but I always end up wanting to see you anyways. I guess I have a conflict between my head and my heart."

"It's not wrong," he replies to her. "We have a connection Daisy, it's so obvious."

"I know," she tells him as she turns around. "But we can't do this. We just can't."

He grabs her and pulls her to face him. "I'm sorry, but I don't think it's wrong," he whispers to her as their eyes lock. "And, I think if you're honest with yourself, you'll realize that I'm right."


Back in the ballroom, Lukas grabs another glass of champagne as Donovan leans in and gives him a quick kiss.

"What was that for?" Lukas smiles back to his boyfriend.

"Do I need a reason to kiss you?" Donovan smirks back to him. "I find you irresistible."

Lukas chuckles back to him. "The feeling is more than mutual," he winks back to him.

"How'd it go with Daisy?"

"Ugh," Lukas groans back to him before he takes a sip of his champagne. "I don't know if she will ever fully appreciate me or my ideas."

"Just give her time," Donovan tells him. "She's still getting used to the idea of you working for her. The more time you spend with her, the better things will get, you'll see."

Before Lukas can reply, Vinny approaches the men. He was with Daisy when she suddenly took off, and now, he has no idea where his wife went. Vinny can't help but wonder what is going on with his wife; she has been so hot and cold with him lately, there has to be more going on than just Jemma's death with her. He just wishes that he knew what it was.

"Sorry to interrupt, did you guys see where Daisy went?" he asks them.

Donovan and Lukas shake their heads no. "Was she still upset about my idea for her clothing selection during the election?" Lukas asks him.

"I have no idea," Vinny shrugs his shoulders. "She doesn't tell me everything anymore. So, once again, I have no idea what is going on with my wife."


"Darling," Kim whispers into Bob's ear as their dance comes to an end and they walk off the dance floor. "I just saw Tyler leave the ballroom with an intent look on his face."

Bob grabs a glass of champagne and takes a swig of it. He's on cloud nine right now because he has finally remarried the love of his life. He feels like he doesn't have a care in the world right now.

"Are you concerned about something?" Bob asks her, trying to not focus on anything but the positives right now. "Maybe he was focused on the Gen Next House?'

"Yea, maybe," Kim nods back to him. "The device, it's still in your study, isn't it?"

"With everything going on, I haven't had time to destroy it yet. So, yes, it's in my study."

"I'm going to go and ensure he doesn't stumble upon it," she replies to him. "The last thing we need is for anyone, especially a Robertson, to find out that we brainwashed Felicia into believing she started the fire."

"I love you so much," Bob smiles as he leans and kisses her. "You're protecting us at all times, even during your wedding."

"I'll be back, don't miss me too much," she winks back at him before she scurries off.

As Kim leaves, Bob takes another sip of his champagne and sees Robbie standing at the bar. He wonders what is going on with his son as something has clearly been troubling him, and it's more than his disapproval of Bob's choice of women. Bob slowly walks over to his son.

"Having a good time, son?"

Robbie turns and looks at his father. "I am," he nods back to him. "You and Kim, you sure know how to throw one hell of a party."

Bob chuckles back to him. "Why do I get the feeling there's more to your mood? What is it Robbie, what's wrong?"

Robbie signs and runs his hand through his hair. "I never could keep anything from you, could I?"

"Nope, so there's no point in starting now."

"I don't know, Dad, I just feel like I'm at a crossroads in my life, you know? Things with Victoria didn't work out; I'm sort of passive about my job."

"Why don't you leave the silly position at the police station and come to work with me at Roboto?" Bob suggests to him. "You could do anything you wanted."

Robbie chuckles back to him. "Thanks, but I don't know that business is my passion."

"Well then, it's time you find a new passion, Robbie. It's time that you find out what it is you really want to do with the rest of your life," Bob encourages him.

Robin's Townhouse

"Come on Adam," Robin paces back and forth in the living room of her home with her cell phone to hear ear. "Pick up, pick up!"

She's calling Adam to find a time to tell him that Max is the one who is responsible for his accident last fall at the boutique; after she learned the truth, she wondered if she should tell Adam the truth, but after talking it over with Nicholas, she realizes that she has no choice but to tell the truth. Adam deserves to know what his son did to him.

"Damn it, went to voicemail," she hangs up the phone as she looks at her phone. "Wait, he's probably still at Bob and Kim's wedding reception."

She moves over to the bar and pours herself another glass of red wine and quickly takes a sip of it. "If I can't get to Adam tonight, I can still get to Max."

She redials a different number into her phone and puts it back to her ear. "Max, hi, it's Robin," she says when he picks up. "I know it's late, I'm sorry. But I need to see you, it's urgent. Does tomorrow work for you?"

She waits until he checks his schedule but gets a smile on her face when he agrees. "Perfect, see you tomorrow. Sleep well Max," she says before she hangs up the phone. "Tomorrow your life will forever change, just like mine did."

MW Investigations

"I can't believe that you got Max to confess to rigging the scaffolding to fall on Adam at the boutique," Meggan tells Brad, as she lounges in one of the chairs in her office, listening to how Brad is boosting about his victory in the case. She looks over at him and can't help but feel proud of him; she wasn't sure about how he'd work out at the PI Firm, but solving the first case that he was hired to do is a major win for her and the business.

"I sort of can't believe it myself," Brad replies to her. "I mean, I knew I was close to getting him to crack but I still didn't think he'd admit everything to me like that."

"What is going Robin going to do with the information?"

Brad shrugs his shoulders. "Tell Adam the truth, I guess," he tells her. "I'm not sure it's my place to be involved anymore."

"You're right, it's not," she leans up in the chair. "I'm proud of you for getting the truth out, Brad. Your first case is a major success!"

"Thanks," he beams back to her. "I owe it all to you; if you hadn't given me the chance to prove myself, this wouldn't have happened."

She stands up and moves up to him pulling him into a hug. "You're welcome," she whispers into his ear. "For what it's worth, I do appreciate everything you've done around here."

"Good," he looks into her eyes as they exit their embrace. "Because, I'm not going anywhere."

She smiles back to him and is about to say something when he leans in and kisses her on the lips. Their lips part for a moment as they look into one another's eyes. "Sorry," he whispers to her. "I guess I got carried away."

Meggan smiles back to him. "It's fine," she purses her lips together, her mind racing about the taste of his lips on hers. "Everything is fine."

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas; Suite 4301

Craig lays in the large king size bed with his eyes closed. Slowly, however, he finds life again and his eyes slowly start to open. He looks to the clock radio that is resting on the bedside table and he realizes that it's the middle of the night. He sits up in the bed and grabs his glass of water, drinking it down quickly.

He tries to remember what all happened the previous night while he was clubbing. He knows he had a lot to drink; the headache he has is a reminder to him of this. The last thing he can really recall, however, is that his friends encouraged him to hook up with a guy that had been checking him out all night. Craig remembers kissing the guy.

He looks over in the bed and realizes that the guy is fast asleep next to him. Craig jumps out of the bed, startled at first, but slowly remembers how they came back to the hotel room and were making out. Craig looks down and realizes that he's naked.

He looks around the room and realizes that his guests clothing is all over the floor too, meaning he's also naked.

Suddenly, Craig remembers having hot, intense sex with the stranger. "Jesus," he whispers to himself, realizing that he wasn't wearing protection. "I didn't use a condom. How could I have been so stupid?"

He moves into the washroom and fills his water glass. "I'll be fine," he whispers to himself. "One time won't be a big deal. I just have to be careful in the future."

The Calimo Mansion

Kim slowly moves down the hallway as she heads towards Bob's personal study, having seen Tyler leave the ballroom. She doesn't know why she thinks that he might find the device that she and Bob used to brainwash Felicia, but she has to ensure that he doesn't locate it. Then, first thing tomorrow, she and Bob can destroy the device.

"No one can ever find out that I started that fire," she whispers to herself as she slowly walks up to the door of the study. "I have to protect myself and Bob."

She finds the door slightly ajar and looks inside, gasping at what she sees: Tyler and Daisy kissing passionately. Without thinking, she grabs her phone and snaps a couple of pictures of the kiss before she moves back away from the door.

"This might be exactly what I need to keep you in line, Tyler," she says to herself as she purses her lips together.

The Calimo Mansion; The Guesthouse

"What have I walked in on?" Natasha asks Dawn and Barbara, who look terrified as to what is happening. "Dawn, are you okay?"

"How dare you!" Barbara yells back at her. "I'm her grandmother! Of course she's okay with me!"

"I'm sorry, but it seems like you're on edge," Natasha replies to her before she looks at Dawn. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Dawn nods back to her. "Grandma and I were just going to head back to the reception, right Grandma?"

Barbara shakes her head no as she closes her eyes again; images of a dead Jonah continue to flood her brain. "I'm sorry Dawn, but I can't allow you to give this woman your baby! I can't allow it!"

"Grandma, please," Dawn pleads with her. "We can talk about this later, okay?"

"No!" Barbara shouts as she opens her purse and pulls out her gun and points it Natasha and Dawn, who both gasp in horror. "I told you, I won't let this happen and I damn well mean it!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Natasha pleads with Barbara to do the right thing
- Lukas gets an eyeful
- Robbie finds out about Brooke's past

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