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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Felicia arrived in Raven's Meadow and started to have dreams about seeing someone outside the boutique the night of the fire. Greg, meanwhile, told Dominick it might take a while for Felicia to be stable as her new medication would take time to kick in
- Paige agreed to stop looking into Helen and Adam's un-remembered night of sex to appease Andrew
- Natasha survived surgery but Cory learned she was 8 weeks pregnant
- The Black's were relieved to learn Dawn survived surgery but upset to learn that her baby died in surgery
- Leah told Jeff she needed time to get over his lies about his affair with Meggan

Raven's Meadow

"Please Dominick, come into my office so we can discuss Felicia," Greg tells Dominick as he opens the door to his office and welcomes him into his office. Greg knows that Dominick has been worried about his ex-wife since she was brought into Raven's Meadow, so isn't surprised that Dominick has continued to want constant updates about her. It's not the first time that Greg has had concerned family members arrive at his office, so he is happy to take the time to discuss the situation with him.

"Thank you again for seeing me," Dominick replies to him as he moves into the office. "I know you probably think I'm overprotective, but the fact of the matter is, I need to ensure Felicia is getting the help she needs."

"I understand completely," Greg nods back to him. "There's no need to apologize at all."

"So, how is Felicia? Has she been making any progress at all?"

Greg smiles back to him. "I'd like to think she is more stable now," he reveals to him. "She seems calm and she is more alert, which is a good thing."

"Has she said anything about the fire at all?" Dominick asks him. Deep down he knows that, at first, he was still is having a very hard time believing that Felicia started the fire at the boutique but the evidence, including Felicia's confession, speaks for itself. He knows that Felicia must have started the fire; there's no other explanation.

"She has made reference to some dreams that she has been having," Greg informs him. "But, until she is completely stable, I can't really ask her too much. I don't want to overwhelm her; it's already an adjustment for her being here and being on the new medication. If she gets too worked up, it could be a setback for her."

"That makes sense," Dominick nods back to him. "I'm just glad that she is doing better. I was very concerned about her when she was in the Twin Peaks Genera Hospital."

"That's understandable," Greg tells him. "Tell you what? How about you come down to the second floor with me and you have a quick visit with her; you can see for yourself that she is doing better?"

"I'd like that very much," Dominick smiles back to him. "After you, please."

The Calimo Mansion

"Any word on Natasha this morning?" Kim asks Bob as she walks into the living room of the mansion, which has been transformed back into its usual space following their wedding from the previous day. Kim knows that her wedding night to Bob was interrupted by the news that Barbara Mills had shot Natasha and Dawn; they had got word that Natasha survived surgery and she is expected to make a full recovery, but they also learned that Natasha is pregnant, which is a surprise because after a fall last year, she was told she would never have more children.

Bob looks up from his coffee and nods back to his wife. "I just got off the phone with Cory," he reveals to her. "They are expecting Natasha to be discharged this morning. I'll head down there shortly."

"I'm sure she will be excited to find out that she is pregnant," Kim replies to him. "After all, it is a miracle considering her medical condition."

"It is a miracle for the entire family," Bob tells her. "I don't know what we have done to deserve all these blessings, but things are finally going well for us, the shooting aside of course."

"And, we have to ensure it stays that way," Kim informs him. "Which is why I have to find out what is going on with Felicia at Raven's Meadow. I suppose I should make another appointment with our friend, Greg Lawson."

Bob stands up and moves closer to her. "I love that you're taking charge of this situation."

Kim smiles back to her husband. "You came up with this idea of brainwashing Felicia to believe she started the fire," she looks into his eyes. "You did that to save me, Bob. I haven't forgotten that. I just have to make sure that no one ever knows what we did. No one will ever learn the truth, so if that means I have to befriend Greg Lawson to get details, I'll do it."

Bob leans in and kisses her on the lips. "Keep me posted, and I'll do the same with you about Natasha."

"Deal," she licks her lips before kissing him again.

The Cascade Apartments; Apartment 507; Andrew's Apartment

Andrew moves into the kitchen of his apartment, which he can afford since he was given a large sum of money from Frederick's will, only wearing some grey sweat pants. He opens a cupboard and pulls out a glass and then fills it with some water. He takes a drink as he of the water as he wonders about his relationship with Paige. He knows that she had been wondering a lot about Chris and Helen's night together last fall and why they couldn't remember it; thankfully, he has seemingly convinced her to let it go because he was getting upset by her questions into it. He realizes that he is only upset is because he drugged Chris and Helen to make them think that they had sex.

He finishes the water and sets the glass down on the counter top as he sighs heavily. He wishes he could go back in time and not drug Chris and Helen; at the time, he wanted to make Chris pay for hurting him and Savannah, but as time has gone, he has hated seeing how upset Trenyce has been, and if he's honest with himself, even how upset Chris has been.

"I never meant for it to go this far," he whispers to himself as he runs his hand through his hair. "But, I can't go back, I can only go forward. And that means, taking my relationship with Paige to the next level."

He knows that she has been apprehensive to have sex for the first time, but he really wants to take that step with her. He is a young man, after all, and he can't wait to be with his girlfriend in that way.

"Tonight is the night," he tells himself. "We have to be together."

He moves over to the small table in the center of the kitchen and picks up his telephone. He sends Paige a text. "Netflix and chill tonight?"

Within a few moments he gets a response. "Netflix and popcorn? I'm in!"

He smiles at her response, knowing that he will he will try everything he can to get her to end the evening in his bed. It could be the best way to move on from everything that has happened the last few months.

MW Investigations

"Hey, I was hoping I'd see you this morning," Brad announces to Meggan as he walks into her office with two take out cups from the Sugarbowl. "I brought you a decaf hazelnut latte."

"That's my favorite," she stands up to greet him, recalling the last time that she saw him, they shared a tender kiss after he successfully helped Robin with her case.

"I know, that's why I brought it for you," he winks back to her. "I hope you wanted one."

Meggan chuckles before she takes a drink. "I always want one of these," she laughs back to him. "Especially with the extra-whipped right now."

"So, I got it right!"

"You certainly did," she nods back to him. "I'm glad you came by this morning. This is exactly what I needed."

"Good," he continues to look at her. "Because, I want you to be what you need."

"Brad," she stops him but he comes up to her.

"Don't tell me to stop," he replies to her. "You know I haven't been able to stop thinking about our kiss the other day. Maybe this is a sign that we can finally move on together. We can finally move forward. Isn't that what you want?"

"It is," she admits to him. "More than anything, I want to move on."

"Then let me in," Brad looks into her eyes. "Because, I could be the way that you move on."

Before she can respond, he leans in and kisses her again. Meggan finds herself responding to the kiss and kissing him back.

The Pampa Grill

Jeff slowly moves into the restaurant and peers inside, immediately seeing Leah sitting at a table with a coffee in front of her. Jeff recalls how he got an invite to have breakfast with his wife today, which was rather surprising because the last time they saw one another, she told him that she needed time to absorb the fact that he slept with Meggan last fall, could have been the father of her unborn child and was late to their wedding as a result. He only hopes that the breakfast invite means that Leah has finally decided to put this all behind them.

He moves up to the table and uneasily opens the chair so he can take a seat. "Good morning," he says as he sits across from her.

"Morning," she coldly replies to him. "I ordered you a coffee."

"Thanks," he replies to her as he takes a sip of his coffee. "I was surprised to hear from you since you last told you needed time to adjust to everything that happened last fall."

Leah nods back to him. "I have taken time," she tells him. "I went to see Meggan."

Jeff looks up at her in surprise, wondering what Leah could have said to Meggan. He hopes that his wife didn't upset Meggan considering she is pregnant with a child. "You went to see her? Why?"

"Because, Jeff," she tells him sternly. "I had to get her point of view of what happened last fall. I had to know for sure what was going through your mind when you slept with her."

"And?" Jeff asks her uneasily. "What did you uncover?"

Leah sighs back to him. "She told me exactly what you told me; that you were adjusting because I was still undecided about being with you or Robbie and the two of you had unresolved feelings for one another. And, she told me that Brad Lawson is the father of her baby."

"I'm glad she collaborated my story," he nods back to her. "What does this mean for us?"

Leah shrugs and looks back at him. "It means…"

"And, Leah, this will never happen again," Jeff cuts her off her, desperate for her to understand. "You have to believe me. I love you, I don't want to be with Meggan. Not now, not ever."

"I know," she nods back to him. "And, I believe you."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, I forgive you Jeff. I realize I played a role in what happened. And, I'm willing to move past this. But it can never, and I mean never, happen again."

Jeff gets a smile on his face as he moves around the table and kisses Leah. "You have my word baby," he tells her as their lips part. "Nothing like this will ever happen again."

"I love you Jeff," Leah says with some tears.

"I love you too, more than you'll ever know."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Cory slowly moves up to the hospital room and peers through the small window on the door way. The sight inside the room brings a smile to his face as Natasha is in the bed wide awake. There was a moment after he found out she had been shot that he was worried if he would ever get to see Natasha's face again; now, she is sitting in the hospital room awake, and, more importantly, pregnant.

He opens the door and moves inside. "Cory," she tells him as she smiles to him. "I'm so glad you're here."

"You have no idea how scared I was, we all were," he tells her as he sits next to her in the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"My shoulder is sore, but otherwise, I'm fine."

"That's good," Cory nods back to her. "The doctors have told me that you should make a full recovery."

"I'm guessing I'll still have to have some rehab on this shoulder," she says to him. "How is Dawn? Tell me she's okay?"

Cory uneasily looks back to Natasha, knowing that the Blacks are going through a rough time right now. "She survived surgery, yes," Cory tells her. "But, there is some bad news."

Natasha shakes her head in confusion. "What is it? What happened?"

"The baby," Cory whispers back to her. "It wasn't so lucky."

"Oh God," Natasha cries as she covers her mouth. "That poor girl; she's been through so much and now this? She must be a wreck."

"She hasn't woken up yet," Cory tells her. "But they are expecting her to make a full recovery."

"I don't think anyone ever gets over the loss of a baby," Natasha replies to him. "God, I hate that this happened."

"Well, I do have some good news for you," he says back to her as she looks at him quickly. "During your operation, the doctors found something. And, it's nothing short of a miracle."

"What is it? What did they find?"

"You're pregnant Natasha," Cory tells her as he grabs her hand. "We are going to have a baby!"

"I don't understand?" Natasha admits to him. "They told me I wouldn't have a baby because of my fall last year. How did this happen?"

"I don't have all the answers," Cory replies to her. "But, it's a miracle Natasha. You and I, we are going to be parents after all."

"Oh Cory," she pulls him into a hug as a tear falls down her cheek. "This is the best news that could have come from this nightmare."

"And the nightmare is over," Cory tells her. "We can focus on the baby and all the good things we have in our life."

As they exit their embrace, Natasha looks at her husband. "I love you so," she whispers to him.

"Good," he winks back to her. "Because, I love you too."


"I just wish that she would wake up already," Helen tells Adam as they sit in the two chairs in Dawn's hospital room, as their daughter lays in her hospital bed fast asleep. They know that Shane told them that dawn might stay unconscious for a while, but the waiting is starting to eat away at Helen. She just wants to see Dawn's eyes again because when that happens, she will finally believe that her daughter will be okay from the shooting. On the other hand, she knows that when Dawn wakes up, she'll realize that the baby didn't survive and she will be devastated.

"I know," Adam replies to his ex-wife. "I just keep telling myself that her sleeping is the best thing for her right now. It will help her heal."

"How are we going to tell our beautiful baby that her child died?" Helen asks him as she bites her lower lip. "How can we have that conversation?"

Before Adam can reply, they hear Dawn murmur a little, so they both turn their heads to her hospital bed and see her start to open her eyes. "Dawn?" Helen rushes to her daughter's bedside. "Baby, can you hear me?"

Dawn slowly opens her eyes and sees Helen on one side of her and Adam on the other side. "Where am I?" she asks them, as she tries to remember everything that happened.

"Don't try to talk too much," Adam advises her. "You went through a traumatic experience, there was an accident and you're in the hospital."

Dawn looks around the room, still trying to place everything together. "Grandma," she says back to her parents. "She had a gun…"

"Don't try to remember everything that happened just yet," Helen tries to tell her, as Dawn continues to put the pieces together.

"She…she shot me! She shot Natasha!" Dawn says in a rushed voice, as Adam tries to keep her calm.

"Yes baby," Helen replies to her. "But, like I said, let's try to stay calm, okay? You're fine. You're going to be fine."

Suddenly, Dawn looks down and sees her flat stomach and immediately gets tears in her eyes. "My baby?" she cries to them as she lays back into the bed. "What happened to my baby?"

Helen and Adam look at one another and gulp. "We are so sorry," Adam whispers back to her. "The baby, it didn't make it. But Dawn, please look at the positives, you're going to be fine."

"Oh God," Dawn groans as tears steam from her eyes. "My baby! Grandma killed my baby! Oh God," she cries as she lays in the bed as Adam and Helen try to keep her calm, but the tears continue to flow without stopping.

Raven's Meadow

"So, we are approaching Felicia's room," Greg tells Dominick as they walk down a hallway of the hospital and get closer to the place that Felicia is staying. "You have to understand that she might be excited to see you; we have limited her interaction with others so far. Now that her medication has been stabilized, we will look at her allowing her to interact with the others."

"Understood," Dominick nods back to him. "It'll just be nice to see her so I can see for myself that she is doing okay."

"Here we are," Greg stops and unlocks a door and opens it. He allows Dominick to enter before he follows.

Dominick looks around the room and sees Felicia sitting in a completely white room. The table that Felicia is at, the chair she is sitting on, the small cot in the other corner; all white. In Dominick's mind, it's just like the movies.

"Felicia," he calls out, as she slowly turns and sees her ex-husband.

"Dominick?" Felicia stands up and rushes up to him and hugs him. "I'm so glad to see you."

"Me too," he holds her for a moment as Greg watches their every move. "I had missed you."

They exit their embrace. "Me too, how are the children?"

"Everyone is fine," Dominick nods back to her. "How are you? You're looking good."

"I feel much better," Felicia admits to him. "But, Dominick, I don't belong here. I didn't start the fire."

Dominick feels the blood drain from his face hearing her words. "What do you mean?"

Felicia shakes her head quickly. "I can't explain it," she starts to become more frantic. "But, I remember seeing someone outside the boutique. Someone else was there … they must have started the fire!"

"Okay, okay," Greg interjects. "Felicia, why don't we have some quiet time? I don't want you to get overly worked up."

"But…" Felicia starts to protest, as Greg ushers Dominick out of the room. Felicia comes up to the closed door and pounds her fist on it. "I didn't start the fire! Please, you have to believe me!"

Outside, Dominick is unable to hear Felicia's pleas as the door is sound proof. He looks at Greg and arches his eyebrow, wondering why Felicia is recounting her confession now and why she got so worked up so quickly. "I thought you said she was getting better?"

"I believe she is," Greg replies to him.

"Then why is she retracting her confession?" Dominick asks him as Greg shrugs his shoulders. "My God, I hope she is getting better. But, she was so upset just now," he says before he looks back at the door to Felicia's room. "Why are you saying this now, Felicia? What is going on?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robin finally gets Adam alone
- Brooke finally meets Meggan
- Kim meets with Greg to get an update

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