Episode 55
Where There's Smoke ...
Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
- An explosion at the Roboto lab left Robin blind. Cory raced to her side, and let her move back in with him while she recovered. Natasha was devastated
- Vinny ordered Daisy to call off the manhunt for the driver that killed Noah
- Cassie and Shane had a lunch date
- Jason told Natasha he wanted to leave town
- Chris realized that Victoria is suffering from D.I.D., while Trenyce flirted with him

Scene One - The Towers, Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Rain clouds hang over Twin Peaks. An intense downpour continues from the previous day. This is not uncommon for early spring in Twin Peaks. Cory Calvin sits at his kitchen table and takes a long, slow drink of his coffee. The smell of the caffeine wakes up him even more. It is early for him, but he needed to be sure he was up before Robin awoke, so he can help her get around. He also wants to meet Natasha first thing in the morning. She is on her way over. They have to talk, she had told him on the phone. With that in his mind, he hears a knock on the door.

“Good morning,” Natasha smiles on the other side of the door.

“Come in babe,” he says welcoming her into the large apartment. “What’s up?”

Natasha comes over and kisses him firmly on the lips. “I missed you last night,” she says slowly.

“Yea … me too,” he replies kissing her back. “Is this really why you wanted to see me though?”

Natasha laughs and sits on the large sofa. “No, of course not. We need to talk about this situation.”

“I know. I know this is rough on you Nat,” Cory says sitting next to her on the sofa and taking her hand, “but I have to be there for Robin. She needs me. It’s the least I can do …”

Natasha smiles. Inside she wants to scream. Robin is supposed to be out of their lives, now she’s right back in … and to make things worse, living with Cory! “I knew you were going to say that.”

“I have to do this Nat, please understand.”

“I have an idea. I have made some calls. I can at least get Robin her own personal attention giver. His name is Will Coutts. He is supposed to be a great at what he does …”

“A care giver? Are you for real Natasha? I just don’t think Robin will want to go for this!” Cory says, clearly taken aback by Natasha’s offer.

“Why? This way you and I can see each other and you do not have to be with Robin 24/7. I will not put up a fuss that she is living her, but at least give me you during the day Cory. I think … No, I know that we need this for our relationship.”

Cory takes a deep breath. He looks at Natasha lovingly. He knows that she just wants to do the right thing. If there’s one thing he knows about Natasha, it’s that she does not have a mean bone in her body. He can tell that she loves him and she just wants to be with him. He smiles.

“This is a great idea,” he says moving closer and kissing her.

“Really?” she smiles back.

“Yea, I will tell Robin as soon as she wakes up …”

They are interrupted by a bell ringing. “Cory! I am awake, can you help me?” Robin’s voice is heard from the upstairs level.

“Speak of the devil, this is perfect timing,” Natasha winks at him. “I’ll let you go fend to her. I will send Will over in about an hour?”

“Sounds great. We can do a late lunch?”

“Call me, I may have clients … but tonight, absolutely,” she smiles kissing him again.

“I can’t wait,” he says as she leaves. Cory hears the little bell ring again. He races up the stairs to Robin’s bedroom.

Robin is laying in bed, her eyes covered by a sleeping mask. Cory sits on the edge of the bed.

“Morning, how’d you sleep?” he asks, slowly removing her sleeping mask. Robin’s eyes are open, but they do not have the same sparkle they normally do, he notices. He finds her large goggles that she needs to wear and places them on her face.

“Pretty good, all things considering,” she smiles back. “It’s really good to be here, with you,” she says finding his hand and squeezing it.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he says back to her.

Scene Two - The Towers; Floor One; Kim’s Apartment

Andy hugs Kim goodbye. He is running late for a study group. Kim reminds him of eating a good lunch before he goes. With the door closed, Kim smiles again at how well her relationship with Andy is going. Suddenly, Jeff appears in the kitchen.

“Hey, morning,” she says noticing that Jeff is unshaved and only wearing his boxer shorts. She admires his toned body for a second.

“Hi,” he says pouring a glass of orange juice. While he was very attracted to Kim and wanted to have sex with her for the first time, he knew the timing was not right because he had just lost Noah. Since that day he had lost most of his sex drive. Still, he couldn’t help but notice how good she looked in a short red robe that was loosely done up, allowing him to see her red lace bra.

“What’s up for the day?” she asks, seeing if he would finally open up to her.

“Not too much, I guess,” he says. Jeff walks over to the window and looks outside. “Great, more rain.”

Kim sighs and sits on the sofa. Jeff notices she has her head down and sits next to her.

“Something wrong?” he asks.

Kim looks up, and get a tear in her eye. “I just don’t know … you continue to shut me out Jeff. Why?”

Jeff looks at her, and remains silent.

“I know you that you lost Noah, and I am trying so hard to be here for you … but you have to let me in, you have to let me help you,” she says grabbing his hand. “I want to be here for you.”

Jeff moves in closer to her and kisses her passionately. “You want to be here?” he asks in between kisses.

“More than you know,” she replies as he kisses her neck.

Kim lays down on the sofa allowing Jeff to untie her robe. She can see through his boxers that Jeff has his sex drive back. He crawls on top of her and allows his hands and tongue to run over her body. Kim slowly arches her back enjoying the pleasure. While his lips are exploring her neck, his hand unclasps her bra, his hand quickly finds her breast. Kim lets out a soft moan and bites her lower lip.

Scene Three - The Robertson-Calimo House; Robbie and Leah’s Home

Robbie finishes his piece of toast and drops his plate at the sink. He looks over at Leah, who is wearing a white blouse with a short grey skirt.

“Have I told you how good you look today?” he smiles at her.

“You just did,” she smiles back.

“You seem to be happy today …” he says, not wanting to bring up the subject that she has been down since Noah’s death.

“I feel really good, so far.” she says to her husband.

She walks up to him, “Hey, I am sorry that I have been so distant lately. It’s …”

“No need to say anything else. I love you and understand that you are going through an incredibly rough time. Just know that I am always here for you, okay?” he says to her.

Leah kisses her husband. “I love you too.”

She turns to get her briefcase. “Any new leads on the driver?” she asks as she finishes getting ready.

Robbie remains silent. He quickly recalls his meeting with Daisy, where she instructed him to drop the case.

“Did you hear me?” Leah turns smiling at Robbie.

“Yea, sorry,” he says coming back to the conversation in front of him. "I got some news about the investigation, actually," he says.

"Really!? That's great, what is it?" Leah asks, eager to hear the news.

"Daisy called it off ... Listen hun, you can't be upset ..."

"Excuse me!? She did what?" Leah says, raged.

"I know, I was as shocked and upset as this as you are ..."

Before Robbie can continue, Leah grabs her bag and heads for the door.

"Leah! Where are you going?"

"To find Daisy, she has some serious explaining to do," she says opening the door and slamming it shut.

Scene Four - Rebecca's Condo

Jason enters the kitchen and sees Rebecca eating some yogurt and drinking some orange juice.

"Morning," she says. "I didn't make anything big for breakfast."

Jason does not respond, instead he opens the fridge and grabs the jug of milk. He pours a tall glass and drinks it all. He lets out a large sigh after, as if he is relieved to have the milk in his system.

Frustrated, Rebecca slams her glass on the table. "Are you even going to say good morning back?"

Jason turns and fakes a smile over at her. "Morning," he manages to say before proceeding to leave the kitchen.

"What is it Jason? What is wrong that you can not even speak to me?" she says yelling from the kitchen at him.

Jason comes back and looks at her. "You really have to ask me that? Better yet, go ask Shane Glubbs. He'll tell you," Jason quips.

Rebecca starts to cry. "God, you do know. Jason, I am ..."

"Save it Rebecca. It's over. I know you've been with Shane. I've got news of my own. I'm leaving town. Going home to get away from you and this entire mess of a relationship." Jason says angrily.

Rebecca gets up and walks over to Jason. Her eyes are wet from her tears, but she is no longer crying. "You're leaving? Jason ... Please. Take me with you. I know I've made mistakes. I know that I hurt you. I know that I've betrayed your trust ... but, I love you. If you want, we can go together and be together."

Jason looks at Rebecca. She is beautiful, he thinks to himself. How can he ever forgive her? How can he trust he again?

"I don’t know Bec. How can I trust you?" he says softly.

She puts her hand on his face. "Baby, please ..." she moves in and kisses him softly on the lips. The kiss is brief as Jason pulls away. "Let me show you that I love you and want to be with you. Let me come with you, back to White Cove."

Scene Five - The Michael's Home; Daisy, Chris & Trenyce's Home

Chris steps out of his shower that is connected to the master bedroom. The hot steam has made his defined chest shine. He enters the bedroom and looks at the king-size bed; it is perfectly made as Daisy has an early appointment and has already left the house. He wonders back, thinking about when the last time he and his wife had made love. He can not remember. This is part of the reason that he continued his affair with Danielle. Still, he feels terrible about lying to his wife about the ordeal, but how would she understand? Now that Danielle is dead, it has been awhile for Chris. He thinks back to Trenyce, and how she let him see her underwear when she was moving in. He wonders what that was about. He is a man, of course, but still even crossing the line with his attractive, under age niece was something Chris would not consider.

He wraps a towel around his waist, and opens the bedroom door. He assumes he is home alone, as the first class of school would have started by now and Daisy has her meeting. He is walking down the hallway when the main bathroom door flies open and Trenyce comes flying out, only wearing a black laced bra and matching panty set.

"Oh, Chris! My god, you scared me" she says, trying to catch her breath.

For a moment, Chris stops and looks at his curvy niece. He tries to regain his composure. "Sorry ... running, late?"

Trenyce tries to take her eyes off her Uncle's buff and toned body, "Yea, just a little," she says resorting her eyes to Chris' face, which is fixed on her body.

"You want me to get you anything ..." he says slowly.

"Um ... no, I am ... okay" she says moving her hand behind her head and playing with her hair. "I should be ... going to get dressed," she says slowly.

"Yea, I need to get to the office too ... " he says trying not to sound too disappointed.

Trenyce quickly opens her bedroom door and shut the door. Chris lets out a deep sigh of relief. What is wrong with me? he asks himself. She's my niece ... my underage niece!

Scene Six - The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory's Home
Robin sits on the sofa. She is alone as Cory is quickly cleaning up from breakfast. She wonders why this has all happened to her. She feels so unlucky in her life. She married and fell in love with Cory, only to have Natasha return and reclaim Cory. Now, she is blind. And who knows for how long? She tries not to cry, even though she can not feel if tears are swelling in her eyes. At least Cory is taking care of her. She can hear a knock on the door.

"Come in," she says, not wanting to disrupt Cory.

Rebecca opens the door "Robin, hey, it's me."

"Oh, Rebecca! I am so glad you are here. I have been so lonely, although Cory has been great."

Rebecca sits next to her sister and hugs her. "So ... honestly, are you okay?"

Robin sighs. "I guess. I mean, I hope this isn't forever, but the doctor's just do not know. It's frustrating. It's scary. I mean, I open my eyes and see black. I see nothing ..."

"Oh Robin, I am so sorry. I wish I could help."

"Just having you here, means a lot to me" Robin says quietly. "And Cory has been a lifesaver."

"I can imagine."

"You sound a little off, what's going on sis?"

Rebecca pauses and looks at her sister. She grabs Robin's hand. "I have some news," she says slowly.

"What's going on? You're scaring me a little."

"Nothing to cause alarm. I have ... I made some bad choices since I have been in Twin Peaks. And I have learned from them, and moving onwards."

Robin smiles. "Well that doesn't sound so bad," she laughs.

Rebecca laughs too. "I have been having an affair."

Robin gasps. "With who? And what about Jason?"

Rebecca takes a deep breath. "Shane Glubbs," Rebecca tells a shocked Robin. "And Jason knows. He forgave me today. We have decided to move to White Cove together. We are leaving tomorrow. That is, of course, you need me here."

Robin gets a little misty. She couldn't believe that she just found her sister and already she was leaving her.

"I will always need you, but it sounds like you and your relationship need this move more than I need you."

"Oh Robin, thank you. I love you. And White Cove is so close, we can visit all the time."

"You better," Robin says hugging her sister again.

Scene Seven - Main Street

Natasha steps out of her car and starts walking towards the legal office. She hides under her umbrella as the rain continues to fall. Across the street she sees a new sign being lifted to the top of a building. It reads 'Capers'. She has heard that a new restaurant was going into the location, and is a little excited to see that it is actually happening. Suddenly, she stops in her tracks. She sees the skinny, blonde woman that she saw with Shane the day before. Natasha quickly jogs across the street and approaches Cassie. "Hey," Natasha smiles. "Is this your place?"

Cassie looks up from her paperwork and smiles. "Yea, my restaurant! Should be opening soon," she beams.

"I'm Natasha Calimo, I work across the street at the legal firm."

Cassie looks at her for a second. "Cassie Nova ... Why does that name ring a bell? ... wait, are you the woman that ..."

"Was believed to be dead?" Natasha laughs. "Yea, that's me. Trust me, it's a long story."

"I bet."

"Do you want to get lunch sometime? And get to know each other?" Natasha asks.

"Yea, I am new to town and do not have many friends, so that would be great."

Natasha smiles. "Perfect!" Natasha digs into her purse and pulls out her business card. "Call me, we'll get together."

Cassie takes the card. "Will do."

Natasha excuses herself and runs back across the street. She opens the doors to the legal office and is happy to be out of the rain. Once inside her office, she realizes that Shane was not on a date, instead he was befriending Cassie because she is new to Twin Peaks. For some odd reason, this justification makes Natasha feel at ease. She takes out a deep sigh of relief. Suddenly her cell phone vibrates, indicating that she got a new text message. She opens the message and it reads:

"Have to cancel tonight. Robin's upset; Bec's leaving town ... she needs me. Love you. Call me later? xoxo CC"

Natasha drops her phone on her desk. Once again, Cory is choosing Robin over her. Just like he did when he believed she was dead. Just like he did when Robin had her drug dependency, and now again. Natasha sits in her chair and starts to cry. "Why does he always pick her over me?" she asks herself as the tears flow from her eyes.

Scene Eight - Roboto Enterprises; Chris' Office

Chris sits in his office chair and leans back. His black silk button up shirt has the first few buttons undone and he has black dress pants on as well. His mind races back to seeing Trenyce in her underwear earlier in the morning. He shakes his head, but soon finds his mind back in the same place. He realizes that he needs to have Daisy that night. He needs to make love to his wife. Maybe then his mind will be out of the gutter with his underage niece.

His thoughts are interrupted by a knock on his door. Adam enters the office, "Hey Chris. You called and asked me to meet you?"

Chris looks at Adam, trying to remember calling Adam. It suddenly all came back to Chris. "Yea, come in, please."

Adam sits down. "Can I get you a coffee or a drink of something kind?" Chris asks.

"No man, I'm good. What's up? I don't have much time before my next class," Adam admits.

"Sure thing. I will cut right to the chase. This is about Victoria Franky."

Adam sits up. "I am listening."

"I think there's a problem with her. Hey, I am going to be right up front with you man. I over heard a conversation you and Helen were having at the coffee house the other day, about Victoria having some kind of D.I.D disorder."

Adam continues to listen intently. "You were eavesdropping?"

"I just happen to overhear," Chris justifies himself. "But I think you're right. I think Victoria has this disorder."

Adam looks at Chris and nods. "Yea, a lot of people have begun to realize this. We realized this because Andy Spinnes put it together. Unfortunately, I do not know what we can do about it. If Victoria will not listen to us, or get help."

"So we do nothing man? I don’t know. Maybe Robbie or Shane can help?"

"Robbie Calimo? I don’t think having a disorder is illegal Chris!" Adam smirks.

"True, I am just worried that if she's not in her right mind, she could hurt someone.” Adam, again agrees with Chris. "Let's do each other a favour? And just keep a close eye on her?"

"Deal," Chris says shaking hands with Adam.

Scene Nine - The Victor's Home; Vinny and Meggan's House

Patricia slowly uses the bobby pin to unlock the back door to the Victors home. She slowly opens the door and closes it behind her. She takes a deep breath. This entire 'breaking and entering' thing was new to her. She needs to get to the truth though. She needs to know if Meggan was the one that was driving the car that killed Noah. She has no idea what she will do with the information once she has it, but she thinks maybe it would somehow help her have a chance with Vinny. She started to care deeply for Vinny when she was nursing him back to health from his stabbing. While she hates being apart of Dave's 'master plan', she needs that pay, and she needs Dave to keep quiet about her call girl past knowing that her parents and brother will never understand.

She slowly creeps around the house. She knows that Vinny is out of the house and that Meggan is gone too. She saw Meggan drive away earlier in the morning. She has to be fast. Where can she find this information? She wonders. She walks slowly up the stairs and enters Meggan and Vinny's bedroom. She walks over to the dresser and looks at a photo of Meggan and Vinny on their wedding day. 'He can do so much better,' she thinks to herself. She puts the photo back and opens the drawer. She rifles through it, but finds nothing but clothing. She walks over to the end tables and opens one side. She picks up a purple book. 'Meggan's diary,' she says to herself. 'This is perfect.'

She quickly places the book in her bag when she hears a car drive back. She peeks out the window and sees Meggan driving a rental car and it is pulling into the driveway. Patricia panics and quickly races down the stairs and exits through the back door, not re-locking it as she had found it earlier.

Meggan opens the front door and drops her bag down and takes a deep breath. She craves a drop of alcohol. She remembers Vinny's warning though: no more drinking. She walks into the kitchen, and in the process walks past the back door. Odd, she thinks to herself, we always lock the doors. She slowly turns the lock and locks the door again.

Scene Ten - Main Street

Kim is walking down Main street, smiling to herself as she hides under her umbrella. She recalls the events earlier in the day, making love to Jeff for the first time. She is blissful. She thinks her life is coming together. She smiles again. Suddenly she stops in her tracks. Across the road she sees a man. She see's Jackson! 'What on earth is he doing back in Twin Peaks?' she asks herself, slightly scared of the man that attacked her.

Scene Eleven - The Towers, Floor Four; Adam and Helen's Apartment

Adam opens the door and drops his bag. He walks over the sofa and falls into it, moving his legs to on top of the coffee table. He endured a long day at the school. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He starts to dose off a little, remembering the conversation he had with Chris. More and more people are starting to believe that Victoria was suffering from a disorder. He wonders how he can get Victoria to see that she needs help ... before it is too late.

Helen slowly unlocks the door and enters the apartment, forgetting to close the door all the way. She smiles as she sees the current state of Adam. "Rough day?" she asks, sliding into the sofa next to him.

"Just long," he says opening his eyes looking at her. "Damn, you're beautiful" he says moving up and kissing her.

She breaks away long enough to say "Why don't we have a romantic dinner tonight, just the two of us?"

"That sounds great," he says moving in for another kiss.

Unbeknownst to them, Victoria is outside in the hallway looking in through the semi-opened door. She shuts her eyes. "Brandy is here," her cold voice says. "I am going to make them pay for hurting you Victoria. Don't worry, they will pay ... tonight," she whispers as an evil grin comes across her face.

Scene Twelve - City Hall; Daisy's Office

Daisy taps her pencil on her desk as she reads the latest report on her computer screen. Looking over the numbers, Daisy is intense and focused on the task at hand: trying to get enough money to properly restore the bridge. She glances at the clock on her desk, it is getting a little late. She should go home to Chris, she thinks.

She looks up when she hears her office door slam shut. "Leah, hey," she smiles getting up.

Leah walks over to Daisy and slaps her across the face! "How could you," an angry Leah demands to know.

Daisy holds her cheek with her hand. "Leah, I can explain ..."

"I am waiting, and this had better be good Daisy. I thought you were my friend!"

"I am your friend," Daisy says getting tears in her eyes.

“Then how could you demand that the police call of the search for the murderer! My little boy is dead Daisy. DEAD!" she whales, as she is now crying.

Leah moves back and puts her hand over her mouth. "He's dead ... dead," she keeps saying over and over again.

Daisy looks at Leah. The state that Leah is in, she is a complete mess. Her mascara is running, her hair is messy. Leah looks like she is on the brink of a complete mental breakdown. "Leah, are you okay? Can I get you water or anything?"

"NO!" Leah lashes out. "I do not want to hear from you or any of your pathetic excuses Daisy. Just know that I hope you one day lose someone close to you only to have your justice ripped away from you too."

Leah grabs her purse and leaves the office. Daisy breaks down. 'What have I done?' she asks herself in midst her tears.

Scene Thirteen - Rebecca’s Condo

Rebecca finishes bringing her last bag downstairs. She sees Jason waiting at the doorway. The condo is near empty, except for things they will send the movers for.

Jason looks at Rebecca and smiles. While he knows she has made mistakes, he loves her with his whole heart.

“Ready to go?” he asks.

Rebecca stops and looks around her condo. She gets a little misty, thinking of all of her time in Twin Peaks. “I can come visit Robin, right?” she asks.

“Of course, anytime.”

She turns to him and smiles. “Yea, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

Scene Fourteen - The Tower's; Penthouse; Cory's Home

Cory sits on the sofa next to Robin. He looks at her. "Do you want me to read to you or anything?" he asks.

"No, just sitting here talking with you helps. I am sorry I got so upset about Rebecca."

"Hey, no worries babe, you know I am here for you."

Robin smiles and blushes.

"Why are you blushing?" he asks.

"You just called me 'babe', like you used too."

Cory smiles a little and grabs her hand. "I do still care for you Robin. I always will."

Robin moves her hand finds Cory's face. She moves it closer to hers, their lips are about to touch when there is a knock on the door. Cory quickly pulls away. 'Someone has rotten timing,' Robin thinks as she hears Cory get up and walk towards the door. He opens it and sees an attractive, young blonde man standing at the door.

"Can I help you?" Cory asks."Yea, I am Will Coutts,"he says shaking his hand with Cory's. "Natasha Calimo hired me."

"Oh yes, please come in." Cory says allowing Will to walk in. Will quickly notices Robin and is immediately taken by her beauty.

"You must be Robin," he says walking over and shaking her hand.

"Yes, I am," she smiles.

"Well, I'll go upstairs and leave some of my belongings," he says walking towards the stairs.

Once Will is upstairs he opens his cell phone as he felt it vibrating. The text message is from Jackson. "Do me another favour?" it reads. Will remembers the last time he did Jackson a favor. Back when he was in with the wrong crowd. He shot Jason, aiming for Rebecca, thinking she was Kim. He puts his phone back into his pocket. No, I am on the good and narrow now, he tells himself. Got a good job, taking care of that beautiful woman downstairs.

Next On One Day At A Time
-> Victoria plays with fire
-> Robin is devastated when Cory leaves to be with Natasha
-> Natasha blasts a defenceless Cory
->Patricia learns the truth!

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