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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Max agreed to join the Gen Next House at Roboto and Abby encouraged him to pursue Paige, knowing that with Paige out of the way she could have a chance with Andrew
- After having sex for the first time, Paige learned that Andrew drugged Chris & Helen last fall so she dumped him
- Dawn was released from the hospital
- Bob offered to buy Wild Night from Cory, but he was against the idea. Natasha, however, told him it might be a good idea
- Robbie & Daisy both did a successful job in the debate
- Meggan met Brooke & Greg but struggled to keep the fact that Jeff, not Brad, is the baby's father a secret. Leah and Jeff, meanwhile, made amends after she learned of his affair with Meggan

The Calimo Mansion; The Guesthouse

Outside the guesthouse, there is a large podium with a microphone. Behind the podium, Abby, Andrew, Max, Paige and Cheresa stand with huge smiles on their faces as they are about enter the Gen Next House for the summer as a part of Roboto's latest campaign launch. In front of them, press stand snapping photos of the young models. A large red ribbon is wrapped around the front door of the house.

Soon, Kim, Bob and Tyler move to the microphone as the press starts to take pictures of them. "Ladies and gentlemen," Kim says to everyone, sounding very excited. "We are so pleased that you could all make it today. Today is the dawn of a new era for Roboto as we officially launch the Gen Next House and the Gen Next product line."

"We encourage everyone," Bob comes up to the microphone. "To go to Roboto's website to watch the live feed of the Gen Next House; you can engage with the models we have hired and engage with one another as viewers. Of course, the first three hours of streaming are free!"

"And let's not forget," Kim smiles. "You can buy the Gen Next line everywhere as the products are hitting the shelves in all major retailers today!"

"Are you guys ready to go into the house?" Bob turns and asks the models, who all nod yes. Abby can barely contain her excitement as Max looks over at Paige, who uneasily makes eye contact with Andrew. "Let's open the doors!"

Tyler cuts the large red ribbon out front of the guest house, and the models wave to the cameras before they turn and move into the house. Once they're all inside and the front door closes, Kim returns to the crowd.

"Thank you all for coming today," she smiles as she grabs Bob's hand. "And, enjoy the summer of the Gen Next house!"

Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"I knew that something was going on with Jeff after I saw him at the Pampa Grill alone," Dominick takes a sip of his scotch while he sits behind his desk after hearing Leah admit to him that Jeff slept with Meggan last fall and that they had a minor hiccup in their marriage. Dominick hopes that Jeff doesn't hurt his daughter again because he won't stand for it. "Are you sure you're okay with what he did?"

"I am," Leah nods back to him. "I have to remember that at the time, I was still thinking I was married to Robbie, which must have been torture for Jeff. And, he and Meggan were married when they thought I was dead."

"That's all true enough," Dominick replies to her. "I just hate that he has hurt you."

"We are moving forward," Leah purses her lips together. "Now, I know that you went to visit Mom recently at Raven's Meadow;how is she? Is she getting better?"

Dominick sighs heavily as he recalls how when he went to Raven's Meadow, Felicia started to tell him that she didn't start the fire, despite her earlier confession. It has left Dominick a little rattled because the only reason he agreed to send Felicia away is because he thought that she started the fire, despite having reservations about that.

"She said she didn't start the fire," he reveals to her. "And, I have to tell you, it was very odd."

Leah arches her eyebrow hearing the news about her mother. "But, she confessed? Why on earth would she say that now?"

"I wish I knew," Dominick tells her. "It just made me realize that maybe she is more unstable than we first thought."

"My goodness, I hope she gets better," Leah replies to him. "We spent so many years without her, I don't want to do that again."

Before Dominick can reply, his phone pings. He picks it up and feels the blood drain from his face. "What the hell?" he says as he picks up his tablet.

"What is it?"

"Roboto just launched the new campaign… look at this!"

Leah reads the news and looks back at her father. "What are you going to do about this?" she asks him. "How is Robertson going to compete?"

The Pampa Grill

"I see Brooke sitting at another table, is she going to join us?" Meggan asks Greg and Brad as the three of them are sitting at a table together.

Greg looks over and sees his wife sitting with Robbie, discussing the political campaign that she is running. He can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy; memories of her torrid affair are always present to him, it's part of the reason he is so flirty with Kim.

"She's working," Greg replies to her. "It will just be us guys today. I hope that's okay."

"It's perfectly fine," Meggan says back to him. "How are things at the hospital?"

Greg chuckles back to her and looks over at Brad. "I would much rather discuss you two," Greg admits to them. "Now that you're going to have my son's child, are there any plans for a wedding?"

"Dad!" Brad looks back at him in surprise that he would ask that question. "I can't believe you just asked that."

Greg picks up his coffee and takes a sip. "You can't blame me for being curious."

"It's fine Brad," Meggan tries to tell him. "I'm sure a lot people are wondering the same thing."

"You don't have to answer him," Brad tells her, ignoring Greg for a moment.

Meggan turns and looks at Greg. "I know that we haven't exactly done things in the chronological order here," she says with a sly grin on her face. "Most people date, live together, get married then have a baby. We skipped a few steps," she chuckles.

"Meggan," Brad tries to interrupt her.

"No, it's fine," she looks at Brad. "But Greg, right now, there's no plans for us to get married. Brad and I, we enjoy one another and we are going to be parents, but that doesn't mean that we should be married. Maybe one day, but not any time soon."

"See Brad," Greg pokes his son. "That wasn't too difficult, and we all lived."

Brad smiles back to him. "Can you please tell this information to Mom so we don't have to tell her again?"

"Consider it done!" Greg chuckles back to him.

At the doorway, Jeff stands looking at the scene unfolding in front of him: a very pregnant Meggan having, what appears to be, a good time with the father of her baby and his father. He can't help but feel uneasy in the pit of his stomach; he can't place it but something doesn't feel right to him.

He shakes his head trying to snap out of it. "As long as she's happy," he whispers to himself. "That's all that matters."


"These numbers are really fantastic," Brooke smiles over to Robbie as she shows him her tablet as they review the initial polls after the debate and he is neck and neck with Daisy. Brooke knows that the numbers are more in favor of Robbie vs. Daisy because Robbie is brand new to the race, while Daisy has years of experience. The fact that polls are so close is a testament to how good Robbie did during the debate.

"They are," Robbie agrees with her. "I can't thank you for enough for all the preparation we did together."

"Hey, no need to thank me," Brooke looks back at him. "It's my job, remember?"

Robbie chuckles back to her. "Well, you're doing a very good job."

"Thanks," she replies to him. "You're the one who answered the questions; it just shows that we are a good team."

Robbie grabs her hand and squeezes it, causing Brooke to look him in the eyes. "Yea, we are a good team," he smiles back to her. "But, there's still something else we haven't accomplished yet."

"What's that?"

"We have to find Daisy's weakness," he reminds her. "We have to find out a way to exploit the weakness to ensure I win this election."

City Hall

"These numbers are outrageous!" Daisy yells in a panic as Lukas and Vinny sit on the sofa in her office. Daisy can't believe how close the polls are between her and Robbie; she knew that Robbie did a good job, but she would have thought that her experience would have given her more credibility with the voters. "How the hell did we do so poorly?"

"I wouldn't say you did poorly," Lukas admits to her. "I would just say that Robbie did really well and the numbers are close."

"We have to remember that this was just the first debate, there's still time to get a lead," Vinny tries to calm his wife down.

Daisy takes a deep breath and looks back at the men. "I know you guys are right," she tells them. "I just assumed that I would have done better. Robbie has no political experience!"

"We have to make sure we mention that lack of experience a lot more in the next debate," Lukas tells her. "I'll make a note of that right now."

"Good," Daisy nods back to them. "Because, I can't lose this election. I won't lose it, do you hear me? I won't!"

Wild Night

Natasha slowly opens the front door to the club and moves inside quickly seeing Cory behind the bar doing inventory. It's too early for the bar to be open yet, but Natasha wanted to come see her husband; she hasn't been able to stop thinking about the fact that Bob offered to buy the club from Cory and he turned down the offer. In Natasha's mind, the offer would be a good thing; at least Cory would be home while their unborn child is an infant.

"You look busy," Natasha says as she comes up to the bar and puts her large Chanel bag on the ledge. "I hope I'm not interrupting."

Cory stands up and puts his tablet on the counter next to her purse. "Not at all, I wasn't expecting you," he tells her. "I'm just doing some inventory."

"I can see that," she nods back to him. "I wanted to get out of the house so I came here. I haven't been here in ages."

"Just make sure you don't overdo it," he tells his wife. "You just got out of the hospital and you're carrying our baby."

"I promise," she giggles back to him. "I'm just looking at this place, it's a lot of work to run."

"It is," Cory agrees with her. "But, you know, I love what I do."

"I know that," she tells him. "I guess I can't get it out of my head; my Dad's offer I mean."

"Not this again, Nat," Cory rolls his eyes to her. "I told you, I'm not going to sell my club. This is my baby."

"Actually, this is your baby," Natasha shows off her growing belly. "And, I'd like you to be able to spend evenings and weekends with us."

"Don't worry about that," Cory tells her. "I'll hire a manager to take those shifts. I'll be there for our child Nat. You have to trust me."

"I do trust you," she replies to him. "Wait, Cory, come over here quickly!"

Cory races out from behind the bar and comes up to his wife. "What is it, what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong," she tells him as she grabs his hand and places it on her stomach. "Do you feel that? It's our baby, it's kicking."

Cory's eyes light up with excitement as he looks into her eyes. "That's amazing," he tells her. "You're amazing," he says as he kisses her. "I can't believe we made that together."

"Together, Cory," she smiles at him. "We can do anything together."

The Black House; Helen, Barbara & Dawn's Home

"It's nice to see you out of the hospital," Shelley tells Dawn as they sit on the sofa in the living room of the Black house, with a pot of tea in front of them. "You must be relieved to be out of that place."

"You have no idea," Dawn says before she takes a sip of her tea. "It's just weird being back here. There are so many memories…"

"Of your Grandma?" Shelley asks her as Dawn nods back to her. "Have you gone to see her yet?"

"No," Dawn quickly tells her. "And, I don't know that I will ever be ready for that. I don't know that I can ever look the woman who shot me and killed my baby in the face again. And you know what? That hurts like hell."

"I'm sorry," Shelley moves up to Dawn and hugs her. "We don't have to talk about this if you don't want too."

They exit their embrace as a tear falls down Dawn's cheek. "I'm just … I'm so sad about everything that happened," she reveals to her friend. "And, I have no idea if I will ever feel anything else again."

"You will," Shelley nods back to her. "Just give it time, you have to give yourself time to heal and grieve, Dawn."

"It's just, everywhere I go, I seem to have another reminder of Barbara and my baby."

"Maybe coming back here wasn't the best idea?" Shelley suggests to her. "You know you can come back to my place, right?"

Dawn nods back to her as another tear falls down her cheek. "Yea, I know," she wipes her cheek. "I feel like I have to stay here to face this head on. If I don't, I'll never get over it."

"You're a brave kid," Shelley squeezes her leg. "I hope you know how special you are, Dawn."

Dawn smiles through her tears. "Thanks, I appreciate hearing that right now. I really do."

The Calimo Mansion; The Gen Next House

"I can't believe we are finally here!" Abby dances around the living of the Gen Next House, as Max watches with a grin on his face.

"I brought some drinks for everyone," Paige announces to everyone, as she comes into the living room holding a tray full of red plastic cups. "I think we should toast the Gen Next House and to a summer we will never forget."

"That sounds good," Max says as he grabs a cup while he eyes Paige. He can't help but recall Abby telling him to go after Paige; now that he is actually looking at her in that light, he can't help but realize that she is a babe. Abby notices him checking her out and pats his back as she grabs her cup.

Paige reaches Andrew and passes him a cup. "Uh, thanks," he tells her as he accepts the cup.

"You're welcome," she purses her lips back together as they continue to look at one another.

"Okay," Cheresa stands in the middle of the room, seeing the tense moment between Andrew and Paige. "To having the best summer of our lives!"

"Cheers," the other guests say in unison.

"Now, let's play some music and dance!" Abby giggles as she rushes to the stereo and turns it on.

Robertson Enterprises

Dominick paces back and forth in his office wondering what he is going to do now that the Gen Next House has officially launched. He knows that Kim and Bob went all out with the press release, so it will likely be very successful. He knows that he has to do something to ensure Robertson Enterprises can counter this summer campaign. He knew that this was coming but neither he nor his team have come up with something for Robertson Enterprises yet.

"But what can I do?" he asks himself as he moves to his bar and pours himself a scotch. "I need to do something because I can't let Bob Calimo win. I won't let that son of a bitch take me down."

He takes a sip of his scotch. "It's time to stop playing nice and come up with my new game plan," he says to himself, as the wheels in his head start to turn.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Chris & Trenyce grow closer
- Greg asks Brooke a heated question
- The Gen Next gang have a pool party

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