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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob and Kim leaked the photo of Tyler & Daisy kissing. Robbie & Brooke were thrilled and they kissed. Daisy confronted Tyler, thinking he was responsible. Vinny, meanwhile, fumed to Trenyce that his wife was cheating on him
- Eva told Shane that she would visit Victoria to make sure that she is okay. Brandy, meanwhile, told Craig that he was HIV positive
- Dawn visited Barbara, who continued to remain unresponsive
- Andy had a sexual dream involving Nicholas
- Felicia told Greg that she is dreaming of seeing someone outside the boutique the night of the fire

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"I can't thank you enough for doing this," Andy tells Nicholas as they stand outside of Dawn's room. Andy knows that Dawn has been going through a rough time lately because she lost her baby when Barbara shot her so he asked Nicholas to come by to talk to Dawn. He thought that having the priest discuss what happened could only help Dawn. While Andy looks over at him, however, he can't help but think about his vivid dream that involved Nicholas recently, where they were having hot, passionate, sex. He knows that he has to put that out of his head right now, because Dawn is what is important. "She's been through a lot the last year. Her Grandma convinced her parents to send her to a bible camp after she came out and she was raped there."

"How horrible," Nicholas whispers back to him, secretly looking at Andy's bulging biceps. "That poor girl."

"I know," Andy says back to him. "That's why I thought it would be nice if you could talk to her; she's going through a really bad time now that she lost her child."

"I'll do what I can," Nicholas smiles back to him as Andy knocks on the door and they hear a faint "come in".

Andy opens the door and moves inside. "Dawn?" he calls out, as he sees Dawn resting on her bed. "Hey, it's me. I brought a friend to see you."

Dawn leans up in the bed, her eyes red from crying. Andy sits next to her and hugs her. "How are you holding up?"

Dawn shrugs as they exit their embrace. "As well as to be expected," she admits to them. "I'm not sure I want to see anyone though."

"It's not like that," Andy tells her, as Nicholas comes up to the bed. "This is Father Nicholas Young, he's taking over St. Joseph's for Father Murphy. I thought you could use someone to talk too."

"Thanks Andy," Dawn feels her eyes swell with water.

"I'll give you some time alone," Andy stands up and lets Nicholas move closer to Dawn before he sits on the bed next to her.

"Sounds like you have had a rough time of lately," Nicholas tells her. "If you want to talk about it, or anything, I have a pretty good ear."

"I guess I just don't know why any of this happened to me," Dawn admits to him. "Why would God put me through all of this?"

"There are never any easy answers," Nicholas sighs to her. "I know that it seems like he has been unfair to you lately, and I would intend to agree, but you have to believe that there is a bigger plan for you in the grand scheme of things. And, if you wait long enough, you'll see it."

"I hope so," she manages to say to him. "Because right now, all I feel is this incredible sadness in my heart. And, I don't know if it will ever go away."


"I'm glad Robin told me that Raven's Meadow would be a good place to send Mom," Helen tells Adam as they sit in the living room waiting to see how Dawn handles Andy's visit. Helen recalls how Robin stopped by, and saw Adam hugging Helen, and told her that she would recommend that they do send Barbara to Raven's Meadow, as per Simona's instructions.

"She only wants what's best for our family," Adam nods back to her. "I hope that after talking to her, it has helped you make up your mind?"

Helen sighs a little. "I guess," Helen says back to him. "I was hoping to get Dawn's input on it, but I don't know that she will have much to say about it."

Adam looks back at her and grabs her hand, which causes Helen's heart to skip a beat. "You know whatever you decide, I will support you."

"I do know that," Helen nods back to him. "And, I can't thank you enough for that."

Before Adam can reply, Andy appears in the living room. "Andy, how is she doing?" Helen asks him as she stands up.

"She's talking to Father Young now," Andy tells them. "I think only good things can come from this."

"Thank you Andy," Adam shakes his hand. "You've turned out to be a really good comfort to Dawn, and we really appreciate it."

"Anytime," Andy nods back to her. "I just hope that this is the start of Dawn healing."

City Hall

"Damn it Vinny, pick up your phone," Daisy says into her cell as she waits for Vinny to answer. She knows that the previous day the Sun ran a cover story with a picture of her and Tyler kissing; as a result, Vinny never came home the night before. Daisy realizes that he must have clued into the fact that she has had an affair, but because today is the Election Day, she needs him by her side.

"Still no word?" Lukas asks her as he comes into her office, hearing her talk into her phone.

"No," Daisy throws her phone on the desk. "Let me ask you something, did you leak that photo?"

"Why the hell would I do that?" Lukas snaps at her, annoyed by her question. "I told you I'd keep your secret, and I certainly didn't take any damn pictures of you and Tyler! I had a bad enough time getting the images out of my head!"

"I know, I'm sorry," Daisy sighs in frustration. "I'm just at a loss as to how this happened. That picture, it could cost me this election. And my husband."

Before either one can say anything else, the door to Daisy's office opens and Vinny walks in. "Vinny, thank God you're here," Daisy rushes up to him, having been worried about her husband. "I've been trying to call you."

"I saw," he sneers back to her. "And, I've been ignoring you but I thought I might as well get this over and done with."

"I'll give you guys some space," Lukas tells them as he moves to the door. "I'll come back in a little while with an update on the election results."

"Thanks Lukas," Daisy uneasily says to him as he leaves before she looks up at Vinny. "Before you say anything, I can explain."

"You can explain?" Vinny chuckles back to her. "How the hell can you explain that you've been playing me for a fool, Daisy? How can you explain that you've been fucking Tyler Robertson? Please, enlighten me, I'm all ears!"

The Sugarbowl

Tyler moves inside the coffeehouse desperate for a coffee. His phone hasn't stopped ringing with phone calls, texts and emails asking him for a quote about the picture that was leaked yesterday. He still can't believe that his affair with Daisy was exposed just before the election; he wants to know how this happened and who is responsible.

"How could you do this to me?" a voice calls out from behind him as Tyler collects his coffee. He turns around and sees Trenyce standing there with her hand on her hip. "I thought we were friends! I thought we meant something to one another once upon a time!"

"Trey," Tyler begins to say in his defense. "I'm so sorry that this happened but it did just happen. Daisy and I, we never planned this."

"So it is true?" Trenyce gasps back to him. "You slept with my Aunt?"

Tyler uneasily nods back to her. "And, I hate that I've hurt you."

"Hurt me?" Trenyce uneasily laughs back to him. "What about her marriage? Didn't you care that she was married?"

"Like I said, it just happened," Tyler tells her. "Please, you have to believe me."

Trenyce slaps him across the face as a tear strolls down her face. "I don't have to believe anything," she spits back to him. "But you better stay the hell away from me and my family, or so help me God, you will answer to me! Do you hear me?"

Tyler holds his red cheek as he watches Trenyce turn around and storm out of the coffeehouse as the rest of the customers look at Tyler in confusion.

The Calimo Mansion

"Did you vote?" Kim asks Bob as she moves into her husband's study, knowing that it is the Election Day. "Robbie would probably enjoy knowing you gave him your support."

"I did first thing this morning," Bob replies to her as he stands up to greet her. "Have you heard from Tyler today? I'm assuming with his personal life exploding he won't be coming into work today."

Kim uneasily feels her heart beat a little faster. "I haven't, but I would agree with you," she tells him. "You know, part of me feels bad about what we are doing. Tyler has done nothing but help us at Roboto."

Bob waves his hand in the air. "We can't start feeling sorry for him," he advises her. "If he was close to finding that damn device, then we did what we had to do. No one can ever know that you started that fire last year, Kimberly."

"I know," She sighs back to him. "I just hate hurting him."

Bob comes up to her and hugs her. "We did what we had to do to survive," he whispers in her ear. "We can't start getting weak now, okay?"

"I know you're right," Kim replies as they exit their embrace. "Oh, before I forget, we need to destroy that device once and for all, that way no one can ever link us to the fire."

She moves to her purse and starts riffling through it. "Damn it," she whispers to herself as Bob arches his eyebrow.

"What is it?"

"It's gone," she looks up at him in surprise. "I put the device in my purse after Tyler almost found it and now it's gone. Where the hell did it go?" she asks him in a panic.

Raven's Meadow

"Thank you for coming so quickly, I know how busy you are," Greg tells Dominick as he lets him into his office at the mental hospital. Greg knows that he has wanted to reach out to Dominick to give him the status update on Felicia because he knows that Dominick has been worried about her.

"It's not a problem," Dominick replies to him. "I've been thinking about Felicia a lot since I was last here, when she retracted her confession to starting the fire."

"That's what I wanted to discuss with you," Greg admits to him as he sits across from him. "I just met with Felicia the other day."

"And, how is she?"

"She's much calmer, which makes sense because I've added a relaxant to her drug regime," Greg explains to her. "I did question her, however, about her claims that she didn't start the fire."

Dominick nods back to him. "I mean, I thought she was getting better, but it doesn't make sense why now she is saying she didn't start the fire."

"She said she has been having dreams," Greg reveals to him. "In these dreams, she can see someone standing outside of the boutique while the fire surrounds her."

"That sounds awful."

"It does," Greg agrees with him.

"So, what does this mean? Felicia didn't start the fire after all?" Dominick asks him, trying to figure this all out.

"No, I think she did," Greg tells him. "I think she's confusing her subconscious with reality," he continues to tell him. "That person outside of the boutique, in her dreams, could be a representation of anything, if you think about it."

"If this is the case, what are we going to do? How are we going to get Felicia healthy again?" Dominick asks him, almost worried about the answer.

Greg sighs a little. "It just might mean that we have to be more aggressive in our treatments."

"Aggressive? How so?"

"There are options," Greg tells him. "But, I doubt you'll like any of them. But before I get into that, let's see how she progresses over the next couple of weeks. Her dreams may stop once her system is completely used to the new drugs."

"Okay," Dominick runs his hand through his hair. "Do whatever you have to do get her healthy again. I just want her back; her family just wants her back."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Sweetheart, I'm coming in," Eva announces as she opens the door to Victoria's office at the hospital and moves inside hoping to put an end to this talk from Donovan and Shane that her daughter is still not herself. Eva knows that Victoria has had a trying time this year with her break up with Robbie and her near rape, but she hopes that her daughter is doing fine, despite comments from Shane and Donovan that she has been acting odd.

Brandy looks up and sees Victoria's mother come into the office, so she immediately puts a smile on her face. She has to pretend that she is happy to see the woman standing in front of her, even though Brandy is unamused at the number of visitors that Victoria receives in a day.

"Mom, hi," Brandy says coming up to Eva and hugging her. "What brings you by? I wasn't expecting you."

"I know you weren't," Eva tells her. "I just hadn't seen you lately, and wanted to see how you were doing. You know, I keep meaning to have a family dinner, but trying to get you, Donovan and Natasha all together at once is nearly impossible."

Brandy uneasily chuckles back to her. "We are all busy, I suppose. But, I am fine. I wish everyone would stop asking me that. It's growing old."

"Let me guess, Shane and Donovan have been asking you more often?"

"How did you know?" Brandy asks her back.

"I'm your mother, I know these things," Eva winks back to her. "But, if you're telling me you're okay, then I believe you."

"Thanks for that," Brandy breathes a sigh of relief. "Because, I am fine. But I won't be if one more person checks up on me."

Eva chuckles back to her. "You haven't lost your sense of humour, that's for sure."

"You have no idea," Brandy winks back to her. "I've actually even got a second job. I've started working at Raven's Meadow."

"That seems like a surprise," Eva admits to her, surprised by her admission. "Are you sure you're not over-doing it?"

"I'm positive, Mom," Brandy nods back to her. "Look at me, I'm fine. And, I'll continue to be fine."


"How did the appointment go? Everything going okay with the baby?" Shane asks Natasha as he walks his ex-wife to the elevator. He ran into her as she was leaving her appointment to see how things were progressing with the baby and he decided to walk her to the elevator.

Natasha pauses and looks back at Shane. "Yea, everything is fine, which is still a miracle considering I was told I'd never have another child."

"I still can't believe it myself," Shane admits to her. "But you know, maybe this was the blessing that came from the shooting."

"I sure hope so," Natasha nods back to him. "Speaking of children, I haven't heard from Jacob in a while - have you?"

Shane arches his eyebrow. "Come to think of it, I have not," he tells her. "Which is a little unlike him. I usually hear from him every couple of days."

"I know me too," Natasha says back to him. "I just hope everything is okay."

"I'm sure it is," Shane tells her. "He'd definitely reach out if something wasn't okay, right?"

Natasha uneasily smiles back to him. "Yea, right, of course he would."


"How are you feeling since our last discussion?" Brandy asks Craig, as he lays on a bed in a hospital room and looks back at her. She had to leave her visit with Eva because she had an appointment with Craig because she was the one who told him that he is HIV positive following his one night stand in Las Vegas with Chip, and now he is at the hospital about to get his first treatment for the illness.

Craig takes a deep breath, trying to still wrap his head around everything that has happened. He still can't believe that he was so dumb that he didn't use a condom that night in Vegas which has led to his new diagnosis. He wishes he could go back in time but he can't; instead, he has to face this head on.

"To be honest, I'm struggling with this entire thing," he admits to her, as she wraps his arms with an elastic band. "I can't believe I was so careless."

"The important thing," Brandy purses her lips together. "Is not to beat yourself up over it. What's done is done. All we can do now is ensure you sure you stay healthy."

"Thanks Victoria, I appreciate that," he says as she pulls out a syringe and squirts some liquid out of the end of it. "So, only a couple of these injections and then I'll be on tablets?"

"Exactly," Brandy says. "Now, this might hurt just a little."

"Ah," Craig moans as she injects him with the needle in his arm. She puts all of the medicine into his vein and then removes the need from his arm.

"There," she says with a smile on her face. "That would do the trick just nicely."

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"Thanks again for everything," Dawn says as she waves goodbye to Andy and Nicholas, who are leaving the house from their visit.

"That was nice," Andy tells Nicholas as they walk down the front path. "You really made her feel better."

"I just tried to tell her the truth," Nicholas replies to him. "I appreciate you bringing me here. It's nice to spread some goodness to people who need it."

"I thought Dawn could use," Andy says back to him. "Actually, I think I know someone else who could use your help."

Nicholas arches his eyebrow. "Another friend in need?"

"Yea," Andy nods back to him. "And, this one might hit closer to home for you."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because, he just found out that he is HIV positive," Andy tells Nicholas, who stops and looks back at him, remembering how he told Andy that his partner died from HIV. "I think he could use some support."

Nicholas slowly nods back to him. "I'd be happy to talk to him," he replies to Andy.

"You're amazing, Nicholas, you really are."

They look into one another's eyes for a moment, trying to deny their attraction. Nicholas finally turns back and starts walking again, before Andy catches up to him.


Back inside the house, Dawn walks into the living room where her parents are sitting.

"How was your visit?" Helen asks her daughter.

"It was good," she replies. "Nicholas is a wonderful man."

"It seems like it," Adam tells her. "Did he help you come to terms with anything?"

"Actually, he did," Dawn admits to them. "Mom, I think Grandma should go to Raven's Meadow. She won't get better in jail and that's what she needs, to get better."

"Are you sure?" Helen asks her as she stands up and moves up to Dawn, who nods back to her. Helen pulls her into a hug, overwhelmed that her daughter is telling her this. "Okay, thank you for saying that because I agree, she should go to the hospital."

They exit their embrace and Dawn looks back at her Mom. "Well, go call detective Lopez and tell her the news. There's no time to waste."

Helen chuckles back to her. "I'm so lucky you're my daughter," she tells Dawn before she rushes out of the room to call Simona.

City Hall

"Answer me, Daisy! I want to know all the details about you and Tyler fucking!" Vinny yells at his wife, as he is livid that she has been cheating on me. And, that he had to find out by reading the newspaper.

"It's not like that," Daisy starts to protest to him. "It just…happened."

Vinny laughs back to her. "It just happened? Is that really all you have to say for yourself?"

"It's true, Vinny! I never meant for any of this to happen."

"How many times?" Vinny asks her as their eyes lock.


"How many times did it happen?" Vinny asks her again. "Just once? Twice? Ten times?"

"No," Daisy shakes her head as a tear falls down her cheek.

"Well, tell me! I want to know! I have a right to know!"

"Four or five," Daisy yells back at him. "Are you happy now?"

"God, I've been a fool! But guess what? No more!" Vinny yells at her before he turns and heads towards the door.

"Wait, where are you going? The election results should be in any time now!"

"Do you think I fucking care about your election?" he stops at the door and looks at her. "I hope you lose, Daisy. I hope you lose everything!"

Before Daisy can reply, Vinny slams the door closed behind him causing her to jump. She covers her mouth as she gasps for air, wondering how she will ever make anything right again.

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