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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Abby was in a huff when fans voted Andrew and Paige to spend the afternoon together in the Gen Next House as she wanted to get closer to him
- Robin asked Adam if they could officially get back together
- Helen sent Barbara to Raven's Meadow, where Brandy received her. Felicia saw Barbara and thought she looked familiar as Brandy realized she sent Dawn to the bible camp last year
- Kim continued to visit Greg in hopes of uncovering news about Felicia. They flirted as Kim knew Greg found her attractive. She and Bob, meanwhile, worried when the device used to brainwash Felicia was missing
- Daisy was horrified when she was served divorce papers after Vinny learned of her affair with Tyler. Vinny punched Tyler. As a result of the affair being exposed, Robbie won the election
- Jeff saw Meggan and Brad having a nice moment and felt awkward

Tyler's Townhouse

Tyler lays on his sofa with an icepack of his nose, still reeling from the fact that Vinny showed up at his house and punched him because the truth about his affair with Daisy was revealed. He'd still like to know who leaked the image of him and Daisy kissing to the Twin Peaks Sun because they should be held accountable for all the pain that has been caused. While Tyler knows that he was falling for Daisy, he had been trying to respect her decision to end their affair so she could focus on her marriage in the last few weeks. Now, all of that seems to be gone for her; she lost the election and her marriage is on the rocks, which means she must be devastated.

He slowly leans up when he hears the doorbell ring. He moves the icepack to the coffee table, revealing a large bruise on his face. He starts to walk over to the front door, hoping that it's not Vinny expecting to hit him again.

"Tyler, it's me, it's Daisy," a voice calls out from the other side of the door. "Please, let me in."

Tyler opens the door and sees the woman he was falling for. She looks back at him and gasps at the sight of him. "My God, what happened to you?" she asks him as she moves inside. "Wait, don't tell me that Vinny did this to you?"

"I got the bad end of his fist," Tyler replies to her as he closes the door behind her. "I can't say that I'm surprised. If I found out my wife slept with another man, I'd be just as upset as he is."

"That doesn't mean he should be violent," Daisy tells him. "I'm sorry that this has happened."

Tyler shrugs back to her. "Thanks, I appreciate that. For what it's worth, I'm sorry too. I heard the results of the election."

"That's the least of my concerns right now," she looks back at him.

"I know that your marriage is hurting too," he replies to her. "But, I am sorry about the election."

Daisy uneasily nods back to him. "My marriage is also over," she tells him. "Vinny, he's filed for divorce."

"What? Already?" Tyler asks shocked that Vinny isn't even trying to make the marriage work.

"Yup," Daisy nods back to him. "So, as you can see my entire life is falling apart. And, there's not a damn thing I can do to change it."

The Pampa Grill

Bob sits at his table looking over the latest figures that are coming from the Gen Next House; he can't help but have a smile on his face seeing how well this campaign is doing. What's the most ironic to him is that this entire idea came from Tyler, Dominick's son. Bob never would have thought in a million years that his arch rival's son would help him come up with something so profitable, but that is exactly what happened.

Of course, in the back of Bob's mind is the fact that the device that he and Kim used to brainwash Felicia into believing that she started the fire is now missing. Kim had put the device in her purse and when she went to retrieve it so they could destroy it, it was not there. He hopes that it is gone forever, because no one can know that they covered up Kim's role in the fire at the boutique last fall.

He looks up and sees Dominick slowly walking to a table where Eva is waiting for him. Bob gets a smirk on his face as he stands up and moves over to his rival. "Well, aren't you even going to come over to congratulate me?" Bob asks Dominick, who sits across from Eva.

"Bob, this isn't the time nor place," Eva tries to tell him not wanting a scene, but Dominick waves his hand at her.

"No, it's fine darling," Dominick smiles to his wife before looking back at Bob. "I have nothing to congratulate you on, Bobby boy. In case you have forgotten, you and your pathetic company needed a Robertson to give you a good campaign idea because you're all too stupid to come up them on your own. If I congratulate anyone, it will be Tyler."

"Bravo," Bob glares back to him. "Only problem is, your son still hates you, doesn't he Dominick? How does that feel? I'm sure that's like salt in your open wound. You can't even hide the fact that you're in pain over that. Your son, working with me, making me millions of dollars … I don't need your congratulations, the look on your face is everything I need. Enjoy your dinner," Bob sneers at him before he walks away from the table.

Eva looks over at her husband and gulps, knowing that Bob's words would have hit Dominick hard. "Pay no attention to him," she tries to tell him.

"No, he's right," Dominick replies to her as they lock eyes. "My son does hate me and I have no idea how I'm ever going to get Tyler back in my good graces."

The Calimo Mansion; the Guest house aka the Gen Next House

"Okay models, are you ready for the big announcement?" the moderator asks Andrew, Abby, Max, Paige & Cheresa as they stand in the living of the Gen Next House, waiting to hear what is in store for them for the day.

"We are ready," Paige replies on behalf of the entire group. "What's going on?"

"We ran an audience poll," the moderator reveals to them. "About which one of you is their favorite house guest! The winner will get to make one special request for the upcoming Summer Send-off Dance!"

The gang looks at one another in excitement, each one already wondering what they could possibly ask for at the big summer send-off. "Are you ready to find out who the winner is?"

"Yea, tell us," Max shouts back, hoping that he is the winner. He knows that no matter who wins, it will be an ego boost.

"Andrew, you're the winner of the fan poll!" The moderator says as Andrew starts to laugh, and the others high five. "Think about what you'd like at the summer send-off; I'll be around to take in your request."

"Oh my gosh Andrew," Abby gushes to him, excited that he could ask for something really cool. "What are you going to ask for?"

"I don't know," Andrew blushes back to them, still in shock that he won the fan favorite. "I'm just surprised everyone likes me."

"Yea, we are all," Cheresa jokes with him, as the other erupts in laughter.

"Very funny," Andrew laughs back with her. "I dunno, maybe some alcohol at the party would be fun? It would certainly liven things up around here."

"Dude, that's a great idea," Max says coming up and high fiving him. "That's exactly what we should have!"

"I don't know guys," Paige admits to them. "It seems like maybe it's not the best idea."

"Why not Paige?" Cheresa asks her, kind of sold on the idea already. "Think about it, there are cameras everywhere, we are being supervised."

Abby nods back to her, knowing that if everyone is drinking, she could, possibly, be able to get closer to Andrew while he's drunk. "Yea, Paige, I think it's a cool idea. It'll be a final summer party!"

"Okay, okay, you guys convinced me," Paige replies to them. "Andrew, ask for the alcohol at the party."

Raven's Meadow

Kim quickly walks up to Greg's office door at Raven's Meadow and looks to her left and right making sure no one is watching her. When the coast is clear, she opens the office door and moves inside. She shuts the door behind herself before she scurries over to his desk and starts looking on the files that are resting on his desk. She soon finds Felicia's file and quickly opens it. She knows that he hasn't been very receptive to providing her information on Felicia's status, so she came early in hopes of finding her file. She and Bob know that they have to make sure that no one ever finds out about their role in the fire last fall; they have to make sure that Felicia continues to believe she started the fire. And, with the device that they used to brainwash Felicia missing, she is worried that it will be found by the wrong person.

"Okay," she says as she reads the file. "He thinks that her dreams about seeing someone else at the boutique are a figment of her imagination; a cross between her consciousness and reality," she reads out loud. "That's good. It means that he still believes that she is guilty. Wait, what's this?" she asks herself as she continues to read. "If the drug regime doesn't work, he may have to resort to more drastic measures."

She closes the file and quickly moves to the chair when she hears Greg's voice outside of the office. He opens the door and sees her sitting down, exposing her long legs to him.

"Kim, what a surprise," he smiles as she stands up and greets him with a hug.

"I hope a pleasant surprise," she purses her lips together, the wheels in her head turning about what she just read.

"Always," he nods back to her.

"Besides seeing you, I was hoping you'd give me an update on Felicia," Kim tells him, knowing that she has to continue to tell him this or he will get suspicious.

Greg chuckles back to her. "You know that I can't do that," he tells her.

"Is she getting better?" Kim shrugs her shoulders. "Cause if not, I heard that sometimes more drastic measure can be taken."

"Have you been doing research?" Greg asks her, impressed by her suggestion.

Kim nods her head back to him. "I heard that electrotherapy could work," she tells him. "You know, bolts of shock can sometimes be exactly what people need."

"What about you? Do you need a bolt of shock?"

Kim licks her lips before she leans in and kisses Greg on his cheek. He smiles back to her as she moves away from him. "Just think about it, okay?" she asks him, as he uneasily nods back to her.

"I'll definitely think about something," he winks back to her. "Definitely."


"How comfortable are you?" Brandy asks Barbara, who is sitting on the cot in her hospital room at Raven's Meadow. Brandy doesn't hear a response from Barbara, which she isn't surprised about because she knows that Barbara retreated into herself after she shot Natasha and Dawn earlier in the year. In some ways, Brandy knows that this is the best place for Barbara, but she also can't help but remember Victoria performing the rape exam on Dawn last fall, and she knows that Barbara is the one who convinced Dawn's parents to send her to the bible camp.

Brandy turns and looks at Barbara, who is starring forward. "Don't you worry about a thing," Brandy purses her lips together. "I'll make sure that you're comfortable and that you get better. I have some great ideas how some treatments for you."

Barbara looks forward as Brandy fluffs her pillow. "Okay," she smiles back the elderly woman. "I'll be back and we can start you on your medication. Then, I'll suggest some of my ideas to Dr. Lawson. You, you just take some time to get acquainted with your room, okay Barbara?"

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"Detective Lopez, thank you for coming over," Helen greets Simona into the house, as she moves into the living room where Dawn and Shelley are sitting. Helen called Simona over to get an update on Barbara; she wants to understand what, exactly, will happen to her mother now that she has been transferred to the hospital. "Can I offer you some tea or something to drink?"

"No, I'm fine, thank you," Simona nods back to her. "Dawn, I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about everything that happened with you."

Dawn looks over at Shelley, not wanting to cry in front of her. The fact is, she is still in a lot of pain over losing her unborn child. "Thank you," Dawn manages to say back to her. "I appreciate that."

"The reason I wanted you to come over is because I wanted to find out, exactly, what is going to happen with my mother now," Helen tells Simona.

"Well," Simona replies to her. "She'll get a full evaluation at Raven's Meadow; I'll get an update on her conditions and that's what we will submit to the Judge to show that she shouldn't be in jail, but getting help for her illness."

"Do you think we can see her?" Dawn asks her next.

"I'd like to think so," Simona tells her. "But, you'd have to contact her doctor at Raven's Meadow. He or she would be the one to answer that for you."

"And, because she's in the hospital, no charges will be pressed?" Helen asks the next question.

"No charges will be pressed," Simona replies to her. "We'd rather she get healthy instead of punishing her more."

"Okay, great, thanks for your information," Shelley says back to her.

"Most welcome," Simona smiles to the group. "Hopefully this can be the start of the healing process for your entire family."

Robin's Townhouse

"I'm glad that you decided to come back to my place with me," Robin tells Adam as she unlocks the front door to her house and they move inside, having just finished eating together at the Pampa Grill. Robin had just finished asking him if he was interested in getting back together with her when he suggested that they come back to her place. She only hopes that it means that he does want to get back together with her.

"Thanks for saying yes to me coming back," he chuckles as he moves into the living room and she follows him. "I wanted to be alone with you for a while."

"Well, you know," she purses her lips together. "You never did answer my question at the restaurant. Are you ready for us to officially be back together?"

Adam nods back to her. "That's why I wanted to be alone with you," he reveals to her. "I didn't want to just answer your question, I wanted to show you how together I really want us to be."

Robin smiles as she looks into his eyes. "Does that mean what I think it means?"

Adam leans in and kisses her passionately. When their lips finally part, he looks into her eyes. "It means I want you so badly," he whispers to her. "Let me show you how much I want us to be together."

Robin kisses him again. "You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say those words," she tells him as he lips find her neck and she gasps out in pleasure. "Oh Adam, make love to me. Please make love to me."

The Pampa Grill

"I hear congratulations are in order," Meggan says as she approaches Brooke, who is sitting at the bar. Meggan saw Brad's mother sitting alone so she decided to come and wish her well on the fact that she helped Robbie get elected.

Brooke turns and sees a very pregnant Meggan and gets a smile on her face. "You heard correctly," she beams back to her. "Wow, look at you, you're looking good."

Meggan blushes a little knowing that she is getting closer to her due date. "Thanks," she chuckles. "I'm ready for this baby to come out. It's getting more and more difficult to move around!'

"I bet, but these last weeks are the best," Brooke tells her, recalling her pregnancy. "You'll learn to miss them, actually because of how close you felt to the baby."

Meggan chuckles back to her. "I'll have to take your word for that," she winks. "Anyways, I'm just on my way out, but I wanted to say hi."

"Well, thank you for your that," Brooke smiles. "Enjoy the rest of your day, okay?"

Meggan nods back to her and moves towards the exit. As she reaches the foyer, Jeff opens the door to the restaurant and comes inside, immediately seeing a very pregnant Meggan.

"Meg, hey," he says to her, as he comes up to her, while Meggan digs for her car keys in her purse. "Look at you!"

"Hi Jeff," she replies to him. "Yea, look at me. The baby is getting bigger all the time."

"You must be getting closer to your due date," Jeff tells her. "You are glowing, Meggan. You look really happy."

"I am happy," Meggan gulps back to him, as Brooke peers at them as she was about to leave the restaurant, but she is now seeing Meggan and Jeff talking. "Brad is a wonderful guy, and I'm just trying to live in the moment."

"I know we had our ups and downs," Jeff replies to her. "But, you have to know that I want nothing but the best for you and your baby. I would never want anything but the best for you."

Meggan feels her eyes swell with water thinking about the secret that she is keeping: Jeff is really the baby's father. Hearing his words hit her like a ton of bricks. "That means a lot to me."

"I know that you told Leah to forgive me too when she learned about us," Jeff continues to tell her. "I'll always be grateful to you for that."

"It was nothing," Meggan replies to him. "Like I said, I just to move on from all of that craziness."

"Me too, but maybe one day, we could be friends again."

"Yea, maybe," Meggan says with half a smile. "Anyways, I should get going."

"I won't keep you. Good luck with the baby, if I don't see you."

"Thanks," Meggan tells him as he walks away from her. She covers her mouth trying not to cry, but the fact is, keeping this secret is starting to get the better of her. "What am I going to do?"

Meanwhile, Brooke arches her eyebrow, wondering what exactly just happened between Meggan and Jeff.


At a back table, Vinny sits with a glass of bourbon in front of him. He takes a sip, his mind racing about Daisy's affair. He wishes he could think of something, anything, else, but it's the only thing on his mind. He can't believe that she would do this to him, to their marriage. But, he does think he got the last laugh when he served her with divorce papers the same day she lost the election.

"Maybe she can realize what it is like to lose everything," he whispers to himself as he takes another drink.

"I'm glad I found you," Trenyce announces to him as she stands over him. She sits across from him and reaches over and grabs his hand. "How are you holding up?"

"How do you think I'm holding up?"

"I wish there was something I could say or do to understand this," Trenyce admits to him. "I just can't believe that Daisy would do this!"

"You and I both," Vinny replies to her. "But, it's over Trenyce. All I can do is move on."

"What do you mean?"

"I filed for divorce," Vinny reveals to her. "My entire life has been a lie, and I don't want to live it anymore. I won't."

Tyler's Townhouse

"I wish there was something I could do to help," Tyler tells Daisy as he passes her a glass of red wine as they sit next to one another on the sofa.

"I think you giving me a drink is helping," Daisy winks back to him. "Seriously, I can't thank you enough. There's no one else I can really talk to about this right now."

"Trenyce was pretty upset with me," Tyler reveals to her. "She slapped me."

"What?" Daisy gasps. "God, Tyler, I'm so sorry that my family is lashing out at you."

"I'm okay."

"But it's not right," Daisy tells him. "Speaking of, it looks like you should put that ice back on your nose. It's swelling."

"Oh great," Tyler coughs back to her.

"Here, let me," Daisy says as she picks up the ice pack and slowly puts it on his face, causing him to grimace. "Easy, easy."

"You're so good to me," Tyler chuckles back to her as he moves the ice pack from his face and looks into her eyes. "Who knew that the truth coming out would push us back together."

"We aren't together," she reminds him. "We can't be."

"But, we could be," he says as he leans in and kisses her on her lips. They part way for a moment before he leans in and kisses her again.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Tyler makes a discovery
- Greg's idea floors Dominick
- Helen isn't happy to hear about Robin and Adam

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